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The Field Physics Series

Gravitation and the Electroform Model:
From General Relativity to Unified Field Theory

by James A. Green. 11th Edition, December 2004 state.
[ ] Large hardback, ISBN-13: 978-1-890121-59-4 (ISBN 1-890121-59-2), 48.00 dollars.
[ ] Small hardback, ISBN-13: 978-1-890121-60-0 (ISBN 1-890121-60-6), 31.00 dollars.
[ ] Small paperback, ISBN-13: 978-1-890121-92-1 (ISBN 1-890121-92-4), 20.00 dollars.
The best short treatment of non-self-consistency theorems for classical General Relativity's Ricci tensor field equations leading to the electroform unified field theory based on vector-boson field equations in flat space with gravitational time-dilation only. Includes strong and weak nuclear forces and experimental analysis, derivation of GR special effect measurements from vector-boson field theory, including the perihelion precession of Mercury, the curvature of light around the Sun, and the gravitational redshift. In classical GR, the force of gravity is not itself described by locally Lorentz covariant field equations, although this is universally true for other forces. Instead, GR has the components of the metric tensor locally Lorentz covariant and specified by locally Lorentz covariant field equations. Furthermore, its equations are not derived from special relativity plus postulates of quantum mechanics, so that quantum mechanics is not built in from the foundation, as in our alternative theory. Measurements distinguishing between the two theories are discussed in connection with measuring the forces between material currents and in connection with the LIGO experiment.
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The Electroform Unified Field Theory by James A. Green, 3rd edition.
[ ] Small hardback, ISBN-13: 978-1-890121-00-6 (ISBN 1-890121-00-2), 36.00 dollars.
GR non-self-consistency theorems leading to unification of field theory via generalized vector-boson field equations in flat space with gravitational time-dilation only. Includes applications to cosmology.
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Papers on Unified Field Theory by James A. Green, 3rd edition.
[ ] Small hardback, ISBN-13: 978-1-890121-01-3 (ISBN 1-890121-01-0), 51.00 dollars.
Papers on GR non-self-consistency theorems, unification of field theory via generalization of the electroweak model, applications. Details of the electrostrong theory of the strong interaction, including the application to the deuteron binding and exploration of alternatives. Black holes in the electroform model as supermassive black rotators, properties of black supermassive rotators. Electroform model theory of galactic jets and quasars. Electroweak interaction papers.
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The Physics Series

Thermonuclear Fusion in Stars by James A. Green, 2nd edition, August 2003.Stellar Astrophysics Software on CD-rom.
[ ] Hardback, ISBN-13: 978-1-890121-81-5 (ISBN 1-890121-81-9), 50.00 dollars.
With stellar structure software. 374 pages, 119 illustrations.
The nuclear astrophysics of fusion processes with cosmological background, now including STARCAL software with nuclear astrophysical modeling of stars based on distance, visual magnitude, and spectral type supplemented by a structural model selection and choice of chemistry. The book includes derivation of a L=(3/5)ct = 8.1 billion LY Red Limit visibility for the Hubble Space Telescope based on observational time-delay L/c in the Hubble constant solutions for a universe of constant density, typically H(t) = (2/3)/t, so that H(t,L) = (2/3)/(t - L/c). Picking L such that c = H(t,L)L yields 8.1 billion light-years (2484.6 Mpc) as the limit of telescopic vision, where whole well-formed galaxies appear to race away at the speed of light, since this limit corresponds to a time well after galaxy formation took place. Also included are cosmic cycle theory, helium abundance theory, galaxy formation for ellipticals, barred spirals, and spirals, star formation in early galaxies, stellar lifetime models for the main sequence in galactic disk and halo stars, stellar structure theory with superior handling of the luminosity partition (radiative, conductive, and convective components of energy transport luminosity), calculation of critical mass thresholds for stars to turn on various stellar nuclear reactions, sophisticated theory of the classical novae, polytropic stellar modeling, stars with radiation pressure, field theory of nuclear processes, nuclear reaction theory, new insights into weak-interaction decay asymmetry and field theory, non-resonant and resonant nuclear reaction theory, red giant expansion theory, double-star measurements, the parallax, and observational foundations.
Stellar structure software optionally includes bolometric corrections, so that you can see their effect on results! Computes L/Lsun, R/Rsun, M/Msun, absolute magnitude M from m, distance, and spectral type, then derives standard model stellar structure variables from the center to the surface, including radiation pressure vs. gas pressure, density, and temperature. In addition, the stellar structure software includes collapsed object computation software for white dwarfs, neutron stars, supernova cores, and exotic objects with or without stellar rotation. The 2nd edition software can compute the age of the Sun from basic specifications for its observable features, by depleting the core of the Zero Age Main Sequence model for the Sun of hydrogen until the observed thermonuclear luminosity equals the computed thermonuclear luminosity. The evolution of a star is treated from star formation time through the normal lifetime and up to the initial core collapse, after which the program computes alternative post core-collapse branch paths such as ejection of planetary nebulae, supernova features, formation of white dwarfs, and so forth. Several variants of the program are provided. The 2nd edition has also been corrected for spelling and typographical errors that somehow got into print in the 1st edition, and has been size-reduced ( 8.5"x5.5" ) to improve the price. Source code is provided on CD-rom and in part online, not in the text.
2nd Edition Software ReadMe Notes
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Cosmology: From General Relativistic to Electroform Cosmology, 1st edition,
by James A. Green,
[ ] Large Hardback, ISBN-13: 978-1-890121-15-0 (ISBN 1-890121-15-0), 78.88 dollars.
[ ] Large Paperback, ISBN-13: 978-1-890121-73-0 (ISBN 1-890121-73-8), 69.00 dollars.
Includes transition from general relativity to unified field theory with applications to cosmology and astrophysics, plus key papers on star formation, star formation in galaxies, supernova processes, cosmic cycle theory, Red Limit Theory, Big Crunch Theory, and mythic imaging in nebulosities with global symmetries of celestial sphere mythic imaging in constellations and nebulae.
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Supernova Vignettes, 3rd edition, by James A. Green,Software on CD-rom
[ ] Large Hardback, ISBN-13: 978-1-890121-11-2 (ISBN 1-890121-11-8), 61.07 dollars.
[ ] Large paperback, ISBN-13: 978-1-890121-72-3 (ISBN 1-890121-72-X), 54.07 dollars.
Supernova core collapse, nuclear shell ignition, dynamics, supernova vulnerability studies, energy partition theory of supernovae. STARCAL software produces supernova reports for progenitor stars over a mass threshold of 6.23 solar masses, including supernova burst energy, and characteristic observable effects and hazards. The program derives the mass from the distance in light-years, the visible magnitude, and the spectral type. For nuclear luminosity modeling the user must specify the stellar structure model to test and select a stellar chemistry or specify one in detail.
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Galaxy Formation, 1st edition, by James A. Green,
[ ] Large Hardback, ISBN-13: 978-1-890121-13-6 (ISBN 1-890121-13-4), 39.79 dollars.
[ ] Small hardback, ISBN-13: 978-1-890121-34-1 (ISBN 1-890121-34-7), 27.04 dollars.
Galaxy formation based on the He++ to He+ phase change pressure jog, with formation via the gravitational binding energy of ellipsoidal clouds at the transition temperature, and structure theory via the Jeans Length criterion for standing waves in a hot plasma disturbed by a pressure jog. The theory explains structural characteristics of spiral, barred spiral, and elliptical galaxies.
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CHANDRA: Chandrasekhar Sets of White Dwarfs & Supernova Cores Software on CD-rom
2nd edition, by James A. Green. With stellar structure software.
[ ] Large Hardback, ISBN-13: 978-1-890121-12-9 (ISBN 1-890121-12-6), 52.86 dollars.
[ ] Large Paperback, ISBN-13: 978-1-890121-69-3 (ISBN 1-890121-69-X), 45.86 dollars.
Stellar structure software and theory. Calculation of the white dwarf and supernova core structure with programmable chemistry. Uses upper and lower sums in integrals to fix quantities between limits. Software included on CD-rom, along with C++ source code, so that the user may build in his own equations of state for special applications. Includes rotating stars.
Now includes Star Sketch software for the Main Sequence stars for astrocartographers. Allows one to compute luminosity L/Lsun, mass M/Msun, radius R/Rsun, and the absolute magnitude M directly from measures of the distance, visual magnitude m, and spectral type or surface temperature. Optionally includes the effect of bolometric corrections for atmospheric absorption, so you can see their effect on these numbers. Optionally, the stellar chemistry may be specified from a list of options, and the central temperature, central density, central pressure, radiation pressure, and gas pressure computed. Also includes STARCAL software for modeling regular stars from their distance, visual magnitude and spectral type plus choice of structural model and chemistry for nuclear astrophysical modeling. Includes supernova progenitor reports, forecasts, and effects.
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The Engineering Series

Optimal Edge Detection and Digital Picture Processing, 1st edition, by James A. Green.
[ ] Large Hardback, ISBN-13: 978-1-890121-17-4 (ISBN 1-890121-17-7), 56.00 dollars.
[ ] Large Paperback, ISBN-13: 978-1-890121-50-1 (ISBN 1-890121-50-9), 43.20 dollars.
Advanced Fourier optics with optimal edge detection based on spacial filtering with prolate spheroidal wavefunctions and their discrete digital equivalents, effect of noise, blurred edge performance, filter functions, examples, competitive filters, computed comparisons with other popular edge-detection filters.
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The Effects of Thermonuclear Weapons, 5th edition, by James A. Green. Software on CD-rom
[ ] Hardback with software, ISBN-13: 978-1-890121-20-4 (ISBN 1-890121-20-7), 35.00 dollars.
Models for fireball, blastwave, and other effects with derivations and software. Application to asteroid destruction and asteroid path deviation, comet destruction, and impact effects. Upgraded and corrected 5th edition with more performance measures, including underground cavern size, crater dimensions, underwater burst wave heights, seismic effects, Richter magnitude, and more. The October 2001 update includes a report file generator for easy review of interactive results using a notepad editor. Based on commonly available declassified data from the Department of Defense and the Department of Energy. Applicable to the detection of nuclear explosions from space for test ban treaty verification.
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Electromagnetic Radiation: Fundamentals & Applications, 2nd edition
by James A. Green.
[ ] Hardback, ISBN-13: 978-1-890121-96-9 (ISBN 1-890121-96-7), 65.79 dollars.
The foundations of electromagnetic field theory with microwave, antenna, optical, and laser applications. Includes magnetron theory, array antennas with beam- and null-steering, and advanced devices. The 2nd edition features improved typography, superior illustrations, and other improvements.
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Medical Image Processing: The Mathematics of Medical Imaging, 2nd edition,
by James A. Green
[ ] Small hardback, ISBN-13: 978-1-890121-80-8 (ISBN 1-890121-80-0), 49.20 dollars.
Image reconstruction from projections in computerized tomography, CT, PET, ECT, ultrasound, NMR image techniques, methods, and fundamental data. Improved attenuation correction compensation algorithms for PET and SPECT. 2nd edition edited by industry experts.
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Calculus for the Systems Architect: An Essay on the Eternal, 1st edition, Software on CD-rom
by James A. Green. Revised & Corrected Feb. 22, 2005 state.
[ ] Large Hardback, ISBN-13: 978-1-890121-22-8 (ISBN 1-890121-22-3), 59.00 dollars.
[ ] Large Paperback, ISBN-13: 978-1-890121-98-3 (ISBN 1-890121-98-3), 52.00 dollars.
Includes software on diskette, single-variable calculus with applications to control systems and our view of the universe. Also includes material from the history of pi and classical navigation in addition to differential and integral calculus for the practical worker.
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The Literature Series

Astronomical Maps: The Structure of the Celestial Sphere, 1st edition, Software on CD-rom
by James A. Green. (Astrocartography)
[ ] Large Hardback, ISBN-13: 978-1-890121-40-2 (ISBN 1-890121-40-1), 44.29 dollars.
[ ] Large Paperback, ISBN-13: 978-1-890121-30-3 (ISBN 1-890121-30-4), 37.29 dollars.
Includes star name maps, maps of coloured stars, magnitude, spectral type, and distance, maps of meteor radiants, precession of the equinoxes, celestial sphere symmetry maps, constellations, asterism details, tables of standing-wave celestial sphere global symmetry elements, and astrophysical detail maps incorporating stellar distances, spectral types, visual magnitude, and derived stellar features such as stellar radius, luminosity, and absolute magnitude. Includes STARCAL software for astronomical cartography that can be used to correct old star maps, as it computes quantities with and without bolometric corrections for atmospheric absorption of starlight.
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Letters on Unified Field Theory, 4th edition, by James A. Green,
____ISBN-13: 978-1-890121-02-0 (ISBN 1-890121-02-9), Large Hardback, 49.00 dollars. Review Notes.
Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems, 1st edition, by Galileo Galilei
____ISBN-13: 978-1-890121-51-8 (ISBN 1-890121-51-7), Large Hardback, Smyth sewn special 100.00 dollars. Review Notes.

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