Press for Solitary Man by Neil Diamond.
Einstein's Nose Over Mariner Valley Topped by Me & My Filly: Lost Horizon
Between the time when the oceans drank Atlantis and the rise of the sons of Aryas,
there was an age undreamed of.

Press for Mars images..
Sirtis Major Planum on Mars.
Press for Mars images.
Press for Maps of Mars.
Is There Life on Mars? Press for Maps of Mars.

Mars seems to mirror the Planet Earth's continents West to East and its Politics of Ecstacy.
Press for Rebel Mars.
Above: Acidalium with Nillacus Lacus seems to show beardless sex star Westworld Man in a surgeon's mask
at the birth of Chryse (Planet IV), while Syrtis Major Planum represents a bearded look of the East.
Three women's bottoms in garter belt and hose haunt our hero. Chryse: Hold easy sterile dust on the Red Planet.

See Mars Photos with Speculative Literary Impressions and the Mars viewer Google Mars [Images].

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Life After Death and Poker on Mars
Where does one go after or as one dies? A crash landing on Mars could certainly break a leg. On earth, death in the violent world outside a well-designed prison or jail with its inmates under lock and key might involve entering the Vortex of a hurricane or of a tornado, or finally the Vortex associated with the gathering Big Bang. According to calculations of mine, the universe itself will expand to an outer limit of extension, then collapse into a ball until it explodes again in about 221.5 billion years, in a way that conserves its baryon number.

Press for the 11th Edition of Gravitation and the Electroform Model.
Also see Flash Gordon Commoonism.
I was an "Arthur Frame Vortex 4" when I put the 11th edition of Gravitation and the Electroform Model together, placing the "4" appearing in galaxy M51 (Vortex 4) into the lower left corner of the cover. A factor of 4 in the grav-magnetic coupling μ was a stepping-stone to the revolutionary transition from classical General Relativity to unified quantum field theory, which turned out to be connected to unitary mythos in cosmic long-range world order and signs of higher intelligence in the universe. Coincidentally, the M51 scene seems to mirror my 2nd expedition to my 7th engineering haven in which I escaped with my life and legal papers from my elliptical, cigar-smoking and suddenly grizzley bear 1st wife, zipping away from our last nervous encounter in a car with fiance possibility Angel #4, leading shortly to a return to Tampa (Mira in the constellation Cetus on the Celestial Sphere) and a disco encounter with potential fiance Angel #5 on the far side of the galactic disk to initiate the Tampa hunt for a third wife, which made the adventurous expedition a wonderful 7th Voyage of Sinbad or quest of Jason and the Argonauts, actually a celestial dream come true. I had helped secure 2 houses for divorcing women, but was still reved up for more of the same, and anyway certainly had to secure funds for child support payments. Later, working out the mathematical physics of the universe led to a spectacular haunting from the cosmic mind-mirror associated with the celestial sphere supplemented by weather vision haunting at lower altitude characteristic of mythic imaging in nebulosities.
However, aging led to a determined concentration on a quest for eternal life, as one does not gladly wrinkle up, shrivel, and die. Thus a focus on life extension was developed that led to therapies for obtaining rejuvenation and physiological immortality in the flesh that are still under development. We envision a world where sex is for self-expression, and further childbirth is regarded as a relatively painful incovenience made unnecessary by the End of Evolution and its development of supporting technologies involving Engineered Negilible Senescence, contraceptive techniques, and Internet. Thus Tune In, Turn On, and Drop Out mythology in the constellations and planetary surfaces became associated with SMI2LE - Space Migration, Intelligence Increase, and Life Extension.

The Martian Chronicles of Cydonia Mensae with The Face on Mars high mass spirit fill-M projector.
Or Am-on-ray with Ray-T-mu-Harmachis Living 4-Ever (The Egyptian Book of the Dead).

The City (left) of the Face On Mars (a spirit and a god) and the D&M sphinx (right, also a spirit and a god).
A pair of rays from the city spans The Face to make an arc at a distant penis
which might symbolize divorce or The Necktie on The Face on Mars, or The Penis Size Limit.

The Arc of the Covenant and the Outer Limits of the Law seem to be associated with this arc.
After the Divorce of the Force, under the Rule of Law you can still chin up for yourself.
The rays remind me of a telescope and my theorems on limits of telescopic vision.
As high school kids we would often drive way out of town to smooch with our dates.
The image seems to com-mu-nic-ate that D&M com-mu-NisM is not for pigs in the Big City.
Planetary lure: "How you gonna keep em down on the farm, after they've seen Pairee".
The scene is suggestive of the earliest writing on the foundations of Memphis 5,000 years ago.
Music[2]: Stuck Inside a Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again by Bob Dylan.

The D&M sphinx to one side of the Face on Mars. Rolling Stones of Mesa Oil & Petroleum.
Joe Palooka or Mike Nomad makes out with his somewhat embarrassed mate Joe.
A rocky hard-on formed Aeons ago.

The Face on Mars, a cerebral cortex spirit, hovers above his frog-like self, a limbic system god.
His genitals are shown close to his heart, and he seems to be watching Joe Palooka and Jo
for entertainment like a man studying videos from Erotic Hots Study Guide.
Press for Erotic Hots Study Guide.

Back in The City, a mass of pyramids seems about to fall on a meanwhile happy pig beast.
This seems to be associated with the core of the high mass spririt fill-M projector
and the force that can crush a new infant through breaking hips into the world outside the body.

These photos were taken by the Viking I orbiter and published by Randolfo Rafael Pozos in The Face on Mars (1986).

Press for Analysis of Seasonal Angles around the Face on Mars. TriStar: Remember Grandad's Mesa Oil and Petroleum.
"Go melt back in the night...everything inside is made of stone" - Paint It Black by the Rolling Stones.

For a good view of Cydonia Mensae, see The Face on Mars: Evidence for a Lost Civilization by Randolfo Rafael Pozos, 1986 by Chicago Review Press ($12.95), Photographs of the Surface of Mars, "The City", section 11, pg. xi.
Check D&M pyramid, The Face, and More. Check context visibility using Google Mars.

Also see Devil Girl from Mars movie mythology from The Erotic Hots Study Guide and from fam9.
Music[2]: Circle in the Sand by Belinda Carlisle, 2000 Light-Years from Home by the Rolling Stones.

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