CHANDRA Code for Collapsed Objects

See the 2nd Edition of THERMONUCLEAR FUSION IN STARS by James A. Green.See C/C++ source code chandra.cpp, output file chandra.txt, the instructions chanread.txt, and the executable module chandra.exe, which may be compiled from the source code using Borland's 3.1 version compiler. These have all been packed into Otherwise, executable code must be purchased with C/C++ source code on CD-rom from Greenwood Research. It is sold with Thermonuclear Fusion in Stars, Supernova Vignettes, and CHANDRA.

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Stellar structure software for Windows, with executable module chandra.exe, source code chandra.cpp in C/C++ (Borland C++ 3.1 format), and chanread.txt readme file. You will require WinZip to unzip Download WinZip or search CNET. CHANDRA is stellar structure software for collapsed objects by the method of Chandrasekhar and Fowler, including white dwarfs, neutron stars, and objects with more exotic equations of state. (See CHANDRA C/C++ source code chandra.cpp via, together with links to the executable module chandra.exe, sample output, and instructions.) It includes rotations and chemistry selection, preparing an overall report file chandra.txt and a smaller report presented to the screen of your terminal. If specified, CHANDRA also generates a detailed center-to-surface structure file stellara.txt for variables like temperature, pressure, density, and so forth. This download module includes the source code file chandra.cpp, which the user may modify and recompile to handle new equations of state, modified gravitation model, as desired. The complete set includes the book CHANDRA: Chandrasekhar Sets of White Dwarfs and Supernova Cores by James A. Green, available for $52.86 from Greenwood Research Books & Software, or from many other bookstores and dealers. The book CHANDRA includes the executable and source code software in C/C++ on CD-rom, plus a tutorial on the theoretical astrophysics treated by the software, letters from Dr. S. Chandrasekhar himself to the author James A. Green written while the program was being composed, and a free copy of the old 5th edition of Gravitation and the Electroform Model in an appendix.
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S. Chandrasekhar's work on white dwarfs, together with my calculations for the mass of the Sun's hydrogen-burning core, show that the Sun will explode when the core collapses, emitting a planetary nebula and leaving a white dwarf remnant. See fusion.txt. See also Planetary Nebulae and the Future of the Solar System and White Dwarfs and Novae.