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Christmas: A TriStar Poker Chip God and Centaur Witness
as Theseus and the Minotaur

The poker chip of Theseus in the Cave of the Minotaur in NGC 2264's Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho, its off to work we go... My solid state professor Dr. Henry Unruh Jr. offers encouragement and a terminal for Chandra collapsed core calculations. And of course, Henry the Horse dances the Waltz. Press for Winter Sky location.

A Visionary Encounter Beneath Orion's Fireaxe Resume Gemini: A scene from
The Fox Fur Nebula near S. Monocerotis above the Cone Nebula in NGC 2264.

From Colours of the Stars by David Malin & Paul Murdin, Cambridge U.P., 1984.
Back to the Anvil of the Big Bang. The material that endowed the moonship
with "Isaac Asimov" lift in The First Men in the Moon [Wiki] was Cavorite,
which reminds me of caveolin or the coal black binding of my MSEE Thesis.

The double star S.Mons left of this scene is a pair of pre-supernova progenitors with
heavy iron cores. As a TriStar in the bosom of the Father to my Solid State
Mr. Ed professor, I was equipped with a computer terminal Ara for stellar modeling,
and recomputed the Chandrasekhar Limit for collapsed objects and supernova cores.
The scene is from the vertical NGC 2264 strip beneath Gemini and parallel to Orion.
James Anton Green III = James Anton Green "de Turd".
My CHANDRA software could derive the masses of collapsed objects such as supernova cores sharply, computing masses between upper and lower bounds, and included chemistry and rotation.
Klatu Barada Nikto: TriStar and Embers of the December Son.
Back to Relative-a-Tee, iron supernova cores in Supernova Vignettes, and Jumping Jack Flash from Hot Rocks.
Green writes CHANDRA to recompute the Chandrasekhar Limit
and model collapsed objects from white dwarfs to neutron stars.
After ADA at Telos, "canonized" and back to Dr.Henry Unruh's
WSU Graduate Physics Seminar and astrophysical modeling in C.

My Missouri philosophy expert Grandma Green gave my first training in functioning as a professional sex star when she taught me magic poems as a child. She slipped me this one when Granddad was in the other room:

Grandma Green VersionWikipedia Version
"Eenie meenie, miny mo,
Catch a nigger by the toe,
If he hollers, make him pay
Fifty dollars every day."

Eeny, meeny, miny, moe,
Catch a tiger by the toe.
If he hollers, let him go,
Eeny, meeny, miny, moe.

Reference: The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind by Julian Jaynes.

I charged fairly high as an engineer later, but never did regard the boss as a piston of big business to be satisfied by running my tail for him, although it points a mule's ears up. With that, one can even evesdrop on his brain waves and subvocal thought process, reliably at close distances. I was a nerve-deaf nerd scientist until I was 40, so I was never on a transponding wavelength until then, and was filtered out by ladies and masters of "conscience" carefully evesdropping on acquaintances, hence I was virtually exclusively in the arms of conventional women. I could not hear hotties attempting to ventriloquize into my brain with test vibrations or humorous quips. (Transexual beings often use their sounding-bouy neuromancer radar to deflect non-transponding virginal nerve-deaf beings incapable of transceiving vibrations, explaining why inexperienced youngsters are quite unconscious of their existence in a parallel universe.) Anything like that was strictly a rare experiment between close personal friends or an encounter with the wife. Perhaps I errored in my opinion of the boss in some cases, explaining some of my frequent transitions in the field of engineering. I always figured him for a man devoted to his wife not particularly for tight binding with the professional staff, who had better be technical experts from the university. However, the officer core has been fond of oaths of fealty sworn by the light of a red lantern at midnight in many places. Preliminary subvocal brainwaving could filter out undesirable, dangerously cold specimens, who could continue in the grace of childlike wonder.

Shine Your Heavenly Body Tonight... You must be my Lucky Star, for you shine on me wherever you are...

One Year of the Moon in 2.5 minutes. Honeymoon Lunes and a Look-See from Center Stage.
The moon is a magic lantern decorated with celestial sphere mythology from the constellations.
Aristarchus corresponds to Orion, Frau Mauro to the Horologium, the moon dog to Aquarius and Canis Major.
Note that the book on the dog's back vanishes before the best bottom in town shoots a lady out
beneath the gaze of a Marx-like girl watcher center stage in a beret next to his blackbeard partner.
Back to the technical worker and to love, and on to the Fall in 12 mansions of the moon.

The New Moon and the Myth of the New Employee Starting Over
(Who is Finally Shit Out of Luck, Writes a New Resume, and Restarts Elsewhere & Elsewhen)

Porgy and Bess mythology on the moon. Press for lunar phases.
The best ass
of the moon
is the last one
to be wiped out.

Starts as a pet,
returns as a beret
with the beard of
a reflecting sage
on center stage.

Com-moon-ism is a common theme everywhere on Earth because of the mythology of the new man of the new moon which becomes visible as the full moon reveals itself in phases and erases him with the terminator in the final phases of the lunar show as the first phases are blacked out. It has inspired titles like The Koran, the Bible, Porgy and Bess, Romeo and Juliet, and From Here to Eternity. The lunar movie seems to start with a first lune episode in which our man appears after a round rump introduction as a hot lips engineer or Hound of the Baskervilles and a teacher sent from God "Marxistically" equipped with a well-studied book or thesis to face and educate bearded and determined pistons of big business. Then it finishes with a last lune episode in which one "Russianly" swoops in over the far horizon beneath the Floridian peninsula as Aristarchus armed with long hair and equipped with good-humored cracks on one's lips to win Bessarion's fantastic bottom but be shot down at "Golgotha" and fall busted to Tycho as the handmaiden of binding Frau Mauro with a lear on one's face and one's rod in one's hand like a spirit of "sedition". "Flash Gordon" seems to describe the initial phases as "Deadline at Noon" and the final phases as "The Curse of Belfagor". Thus a quiet, well-studied volume of practical literature toted in at the crack of dawn on the actor's back may be better equipment for success and lasting elevation than a conversely smart volley of comic lines hooted from the lips of the actress, though both have some lasting merit and winning properies. A career illuminated by clarifying literary light on one's back at the Sermon on the Mount phase is revealed in a universal vision as more subtantial and enduring in addressing difficulties than progress as a Comedian of Calvary full of clever and winning things to say on one's lips at the final Golgotha crap-out phase until the orbit of progress once again rolls the stone out of terminating darkness on the opposite horizon to shine on the flip side scriptures of one's grave at first with rounded radiances of delight and grinning cheer above the vanished Sun. A dismissal from work was usually referred to as "termination", after the astronomical term "terminator" applicable to the line of later phases of the moon moving across its disk, blacking out the light of earlier phases. Perhaps the best mythic photos of it are in Cherrington's book from Dover, Exploring the Moon through Binoculars and Small Telescopes. There are moon maps online such as Google/Moon that include enough detail for you zoom down on mythic detail in craters. If you inspect the "behind" crater of the dog of the New Moon (Langrenus Crater "Lan-green-us" Crater), you will find the mythic image of a mouse or a rat in the center of the crater, well below the book of Proclus on the back of the Moon God, the dog of the new moon that may be associated with Canis Major. It may indicate that you can write the resume on your back with a mouse in your "grasp" and enjoy perpetual motion over many cycles of travel. "Proclus" itself, a crater highlight on a corner of the book on the moondog's back, might refer to my masters thesis, which reminds me of the mythology of Theseus in the Cave of the Minotaur. Books and articles can help "SoViets" get on board with their documents that open up like a "V" by helping them to rationally master problems that they face by thinking about them and then publishing articles and books. This might be tagged the path of MarxisM. On the other hand, "SoViet" is also used to refer to the cultivation an angel by stallionesque stud forces, a process often producing more spectacular angels. In my case, it seems optimal edge detection produces doubled lines around an edge, a line doubling effect that can cause the new moon to become visible as a pair of round, lovely buns of com-moon-ism as the edge splits into two round butt cheeks. That is, the Dicke-Shanmugam algorithm filtering an optical image with an ideal analytical filter would resolve edges as doubled lines, as a crack around the true edge. My computerized version of it using digital filtering theory produces the same result in a 2D space of pixels. The filter is the unique one that concentrates the most image energy in a pre-specified resolution interval around the edge. To this my mythology seems bound at The Edge of Forever, as it is also to the problem of cosmic cycles. At first the edge of the new moon resembles a cutting-edge axe blade, then a pair of bottom cheeks and a smile running through Langrenus Crater, the butt end of the dog-like moon god with his edge detection "MS" thesis on his back. I was at 1036 Murray Court, a Valhalla featuring a circular drive resembling a crater, when Steve Freidman and I decided we could work together at Honeywell in Tampa (star Mira), he as my technician and I as his engineer. However, massive blackbeard Jupiter Steve was detoured around to make it with lovely Bessarian Jean, with whom I shared the Cup of Crater as the wine glass of the Hyades with Aldebaran as its red highlight star was shared by dancing Orion and his love Andromeda with her smile in the stars as Perseus, the Plieades, and Aries. I detect The Edge of Forever in the rim of the new moon and in the blade-edge of Gemini, which to me seems to be the cutting edge of my fireaxe resume Profile. This axe edge forms the top part of the Arc of the Lord (the Winter Crescent including Sirius, Procyon, Pollux, Castor, Menkalinan, and Capella) around Orion as he sinks down in the Spring at the position of the setting sun showing an All Hail of Rainbow glory around himself as the Big Dipper (Charles Wain, Ursa Major) seems to empty its beer over the world like the Spring Rain. There is also my result that a magnetic-like coupling

μ = 1/(c2 ε)

exists for every field of force in local coordinates with a static field coupling ε that reflects the local synchronism of forces required by The Principle of Relativity. This seems to be mirrored globally in astral plane mythology by μ and ε codes in the constellations. The Communist Movement includes Red Star symbolism reminescent of the red shoulder-star of Orion, Betelguese, and μ-stars within constellations on star charts seem to have suggested the "mu" in "Communism", which we find instead of "Commoonism". "Mu" also symbolizes the sex act connection, lovely buns "M" on the verge of penetration by the phallic spirit "u". Thus "communism" suggests that the common bond of the sex act, of sexuality, is primary. "NisM", of course, also suggests the animal magnetism of the sex act, which we find gently mirrored in astral plane imagery and on the surfaces of moons and worlds. Thus the strength of magnetic binding is characterized by a constant μ, or "mu" in the literature, descriptive of a binding force between currents in electromagnetics. Orion seems to have a mu-star at the front of his engineer's hat Auriga showing his concentration on "mu", the coupling strength, characteristic of an electrical engineer, physicist, or Zeus of thunderbolts, or alternatively on the binding current of love concerning his lover Andromeda (Jean, also appearing as Corvus and Aquila) with her smile in Perseus, the Pleiades, and Aries.

In 1967 from Evergreen Press: The Moon as a Man on a Motorcycle. These days I am taking telomerase activators and inhibitors in a monthly cycle.
Ghost Rider: The Moon as Man on a Motorcycle
Coming Through in Phases.

High Art with Bourgeois-Wah Fantasy
as Meat Science Essays.

The lunar side show seems to show me as the moon dog or moon god of the New Moon going to Honeywell in Tampa for a Honeymoon, where I was supposed to link up with Steve Friedman, the technician assigned to me, who is shown as the black bearded fellow in the Sea of Rains (Mare Imbrium). My resume described me as looking for friends, an so Honeywell DCPD introduced me to Steve, the black bearded fellow in the Sea of Rains on the moon. Steve was a very heavyset ball of a man, a Jew, and equipped with a full beard, somewhat resembling a big heavyset Hassidic Jew or perhaps a Russian coachman. So the lunar image also seems to be the story of a Jew (Steve) and a Man (me). Steve reminded me of Sebastian Cabot from George Pal's 1960 production of The Time Machine by H.G.Wells, starring Rod Taylor. The rotating disk spherical section parasol of the Time Machine in the movie reminds me of the rim of the New Moon. I had read most of the Old Testament and even a Haggadah before I met Steve, but although I am familiar with many elements of Judaism and am myself circumcised, I have just visited Jewish temples and their bookstores a few times, have never passed a Bar Mitzvah, and do not speak Hebrew. I have merely carefully examined Hebrew script in a dual-language Haggadah (An Israel Haggadah). Steve Friedman did speak Hebrew. He could demonstrate modern Hebrew, as spoken in Israel, which I thought was interesting to listen to for a while. I interviewed with a neck tie on, which is often used to signify The New "Deal" as the circumcised penis. It goes with a mate wearing lipstick and a pearl necklace, and at North High, where I went to school 1964-1967, the boys wore neckties and danced with lovelies in their lipstick and pearls. Perhaps 95% of the students (school officers) were circumcised in Wichita's largely Christian community. Some of our boys were breasted she male types, no doubt, but these did not go to gymn class with regular guys, and it was easy to miss it that they existed, although you might have been smooching with one last week on a blind date. I wondered if perhaps Steve Friedman viewed me as a Christian dog to have its balls removed, as I came on clean-shaven and looking like a Senator in my interview. The full moon shows Aristarchus [Images] with a smile and a cheerful crack swooping in over the horizon from the Far Side beneath an image of the peninsula of Florida above the Bessarian bottom of his true honeymoon mate. "Speak of the Devil", Steve said one time, himself resembling a ball with a black beard to look impressive, rather than merely overweight. He was probably conscious of resembling the black beard in the Sea of Rains (Mare Imbrium) on the Moon, facing down a new pet, and was certainly a substantial man with a certain gravity about him. The moon mythology suggests that the heavy-set blackbeard man, a piston of big business, got himself a new pet friend engineer with a Lan-green-us crater on the seat of his pants, but was disappointed when the new hire came jaunted in behind him finally as Aristarchus with the Besst bottom in town under his grin, proposing to unite, so that he exerted himself to dig that new dog out of Bessarian's behind with dismissal. Then mustachioed engineering manager Jerry Strehl as Crater Euler could figuratively shoot Aristarchus (me) down, so Aristarchus fell out of the bottom of his best 7th heaven gal Bessarion Jean) as a new bitch with big tits stroking a hard-on to be flushed down to Tycho. That's how I left Honeywell DCPD (now Sypris) after working on switching power supplies. However, I was able to do 100 pull-ups and 52 handstand presses at the time, and was in fine athletic condition on a tuna and grapefruit with vitamin pills diet; my pectorals were the 100 push-up/set variety. (That I used disco to function as a King of Angels in dance with wine and song was irritating to some bosses, although it is the natural motivation of the single socialist worker to earn enough money properly court another socialist worker.) I kept dating that gal until I had to leave Compro, after which I ran out of money and had to get back to Mom and Dad's suburban home in Wichita for another round of resume writing. Thus one's own life can seem to be connected in heavenly visions to a true love by a miracle which explains how things go in the scheme of things, showing how we may turn on, tune in, and drop out in cosmic "perpetual" motion like the constellations, which rise, cross the meridian, and vanish in transfigured form like the myth of Lost Horizon. One of my hobby projects at the time was to write Thermonuclear Fusion in Stars, full of ultimate equations that made me feel tuned in to the shining spirit of space and time at The Edge of Forever. Fidel Castro used the black beard we find in the Sea of Rains on the Moon, and so did many other famous men for arranging a stable "Captains Couragous" look for themselves such as Kenney Rogers and Craig Venter. It emphasizes that they are to be solidly planted above and not to fall like chagrined "toureds" with big tits and hard-ons into murky waters like Witch-It-Haws. However, the clean-cut sexuality revolution may be better than taking a shot like Crater Autolycus while flashing a jewler's loop focused for sinking daggers into the hearts of cosmic birds of peace. I note that Steve Friedman always drove a motorcycle to work, never an auto. Crater Autolycus resembles a bullet hole in his forehead, as if he were a victim like Goliath. He jeered at me a little on my way out, a bit like a baboon, as the ANDVT power supply with the transformer coil Steve had wound was not as efficient as the design showed it should be, but a little off spec due to a transformer power loss problem, which was not his fault. If I had thought to have Steve wind a dozen transformers with varied parameters, we probably would have come in with an on-spec power supply for which we could have issued Steve a Certificate of Achievement that might have been the basis for a raise. Recently, when the moon was 3/4 full, a baboon-shaped cloud formation appeared near the moon, which was just then showing Steve's image in The Sea of Rains.

Bioscientist Craig Venter's blood was processed early on to decode the human genome. Press for Craig Venter videos.
Craig Ventor, resembling
Professor Cavor from
The First Men in the Moon

A Hard Science Tease
Gradually Reveals.

There are boys who don't want to seem to be a sucker for anything (especially male pregnancy), while other fellows will tell you they can always negotiate a deal clean-shaven, lean, and crisp. I mean, there's Lenin, and there's Lucky Luciano, or Lenin in a wig ("toupe") or peruck (payback wig). There's toothy traps and there's succor for your flesh, seems like. But may be wise, but may be wise, but tryin' to revolutionize tomorrow...: They're wise to their disguise, trying to revolutionize tomorrow. I had indicated in my resume Profile that I was hoping to find friends. However, I disappointed Steve Friedman by not growing a old wise man's beard and joining him like Karl Marx joining Friedrich Engels or Che Guevera joining Fidel Castro or Jerry Shay joining Woodring E. Wright in a unified common style as The First Men in the Moon. We weren't exactly Red Star Hammer and Sickle Communism Russian style at WSU, but certainly seem to be proletarian internationalism as The Wide World of International Business or The Jet Set. We are unified by American English at WSU in the American commune, however. You become more aware of the American commune in Los Angeles, which speaks Spanish quite a bit in many sectors of the city. Now the Red star is Betelguese, the Hammer is Gemini, and I was the One that flew in from far out in those years. Orion seems to present a "Wings Over the World" mythology. So I graduated from Honeywell DCPD larger than life, like a bigger moon dog with a new Fez and a bad neck on that won a hat from the experience, though he failed to align himself with his friend Steve Friedman in The Sea of Rains, which looked relatively foolish. After getting a lovely local Bess in Tampa (Jean) we finally had to split as I got flushed to the bottom and worked in Wichita as a handmaiden of binding to get ready for my next trip, like Aristarchus flying in under the Floridian peninsula on the Moon popping out of the bottom of Bessarion as Frau Mauro, putting her book or resume together around the crater Tyco for the next cycle of employment. However, I was more like the graduate with a new Fez, less busted, better equipped for a new mission, even. Dismissal may make us feel like fallen angels, but we are still pulling for a ride and eager to manage further written communications even when we resemble busted bums. With the jugs high and full, however, we must needs devise a new monikers for ourselves. I was spared that, however. At least I got more than a year's ride (87-89), whereas dismissal as a Rudi after a month might really have been more destructive in its effect. The crater Tycho seems to radiate page rays and I detect a nose at the center of it. My Honeywell employment in 1987-1989 was my 7th engineering expedition, and adventure in 7th heaven or adventure like The Seventh Voyage of Sinbad. It took me again for a ride on its magic swirling ship, actually mirrored up there on the moon and again in the constellations. I had hit The Big Time about the Dream Time when we worked as heroes and really lived it up in a tropical Paradise with wine, women and song included, though we had to fall from it and try again. It was what we were pulling for. A professional life developing equipment and books based on eternally true theorems such as Dr. Sam Shanmugam and Dr. Fred Dicke's theorem on optimal edge detection finally seemed to be roundly mirrored on the astral plane in The Eternal, as Life Extension Medicine was attempting to touch down on physiological immortality based on discoveries such as the telomeric DNA repair enzyme telomerase and associated telomerase activators.

Com-moon-ism on Mars at "Sir-'tis-Major-Planum".
R < 10 on the bottom suggests the Maximum Healthy Tally for the Day.
One had best fetch new stockings and gifts for one's mate.
Note that the term "Com-mu-nick-ate" suggests excommunication of fat old over-eaters
by the lovely well-uphostered harlots of creation in a mythic situation comedy in which
the relatively unattractive party is surrendered to the void in a replay of Porgy and Bess on the moon.

Orion pursues his love Andromeda across the sky as her smile in Perseus-Pleiades-Aries becomes a lovely rump in silken hose with a highlight fashioned from the horn of Aries. It seems to mirror the worker's motive to live it up as a spirited male with the love of his life. On the Far Side, in the Summer Sky, our hero is replaced by Hercules at the zenith, surrounded by three kisses, but tipsy at the top of Ophiuchus. Beneath, the Star Queen appears as a mythic symbol of the male in feministic heat, which is reminiscent of the Fall on the Far Side of the Moon through the bottom of Bessarion to the Frau Mauro condition below.

The Summer Sky's Star Queen in Heat for Her Salt Summit Hero.
Seems to show Winter love vs Summer sexuality.
A generous old crank contributes to his darling fan.

The Visionary Sky beneath the constellation drama often mirrors themes in the celestial sideshow, including humerous visions that relate to sexuality and motives for our movement. See weathervisions and Orion Sky. The Summer Sky seems to contain themes bearing less relation to "back to work" or "back to school" than to steamy summer heat, while the Winter Sky contains such themes.

Press for the Erotic Hots Study Guide.
Har. The "bourg-wah" experience.
First, a greased dildo is bored into one's g-spot.
Then one milks out a maximum "wah" with a hind squeeze.
Hence "bourgeois and self-indulgent" = "bourg-wah" behavior.
Do not allow it to totally dominate your thought processes and ultimate destiny.
Also develop a fondness for the crack of a textbook, and for the intelligence of Internet.
But do not procrastinate. Pursue the victories of employment, love, and passion while youth endures.

Lenin Grad: Soviet Professionalism has an Engineering Thesis in its Backpack and Two-Finger Low-Key Swirl for Its Angels
"Communism" seems to involve cosmic humor concerning the fate of the worker-hero Orion standing in his sickle of stars with mu-orion shining in his engineer's cap Auriga, pursing his true love Andromeda with her smile in Perseus-Plieades-Aries, but mirrored on the moon as the story of a young pup picked up for a ride on the magic swirling ship of the moon, as "commoonism". The young professional sharpens his intelligence, his skills, and works for love and vacations in the steam of sexuality, making his way from world to world with a "CV" (Curriculum Vitae) or resume on his back for managers to crack before they meet him. I think the New Moon "god" or dog is somehow Canis Major, who drives his myth across the sky as book held by Lepus, on which stands the story of Orion. The moon moves in its orbit in a direction opposite to the constellations, from West to East as it goes from New Moon to Full Moon to New Moon again, while the constellations always show the hero Orion crossing the Meridian in the Winter pursuing his angel while the Star Queen in M16 seems to stand on her head at the same time in Serpens Cauda. So, you see, as Karl Marx (Santa Claus) on center stage on the moon would say, it is about the dillema of the revolutionary propertyless proletariat at work and in pursuit of love and passion, visible all around us in the cosmic humor associated with the celestial sphere. Paradise and Pardise Lost. It reminds me of the Odyssey of Ulysses (or of Haywood Floyd), of Jason and the Argonauts sailing on the good ship Argo, as well as of The Seventh Voyage of Sinbad and Michael McClure's poem The Sermons of Jean Harlow and the Curses of Billy the Kid in Star.

A vividly prophetic Zardoz ad from before the events. Love in 1984. Bodies crashed live in 2001 on public TV in New York.
.I am...Author Frame Vortex 4.... I am...Author Frame Vortex 4...Green in a Magellanic Cloud 'Cum Load' Supernova Remnant at the tip of the phallus constellation Dorado.
Above: The grad with his writing and his women vs. the floating self-indulgent bourgeoise in salty water. ZardoZ! The soViet writer communes.
The Green Hill to the left reminds me of Heaven's Gate at galaxy M83 in the southern Spring Sky near Spica in Virgo and next to Corvus.
I married my second wife Jo in 1983 in a scene that reminds me of galaxy M83. The revolutionary cosmic gorilla gets his.
Corvus reminds me of Jean 1987-1989. In the world we hoped to be as secure as professors with tenure.
However, we were more like movie stars who communicate to continue, actor-writers who must think things over to move properly.

The sociodynamics of "Communism" viewed as the consequence of Nism-Dism activity producing she males to replace conventional women includes the XYY karyotype dillema involving male pregnancy that might finally come to fast-expanding group of conquering warriors. Some armies have assembled to enjoy each other's company on the road and to get away from women, including perhaps the army of Alexander the Great. Perhaps vanishment of ordinary women happened in Islam, and to the Russian Empire, and to many other nations and tribes. Surrogate women have sometimes replaced women as usual massively, with surprising results. A society can see all of its women replaced by she males as a consequence of the fortunes of war. As a war heats up, women could flee North, leaving hapless old friends only boys for comfort, which may have happened to the North Vietnamese. Thus women can seem to vanish because they move to escape from violence. Woman can seem to vanish or go bad as a consequence of having to serve to reproduce too much too fast in order to assemble the army, which is hard on women. Something can disturb women until the tribe is sustained entirely from male pregnancy, which seems hard on men to us, frightening, and difficult in its technical problems. Social consequences can seem extraordinary. Old-fashioned women can seem to vanish entirely. It can even become illegal to date them. "Go with God, be safe from Eve-ill" can become the order of the day. Women cannot make men pregnant, however, unless they are gods in drag or she male goddesses. So men often prefer women if they mean to "Save their Souls from Hell", as my father, a XYY karotype child from a Missouri lady, liked to observe with humor, possibly thinking of avoiding warts in the hole and male pregnancy. It seems some cultures have decided to reproduce entirely from captured prisonors. Perhaps this is more likely where all are XYY boys. Ivan the Terrible entertained 50 she males as wives, probably not too good for his immune system. It is possible that women have seemed to go bad, perhaps revolting as fatlings who are "no good", as consequence of she males becoming more popular than they. Out of pique, in some cases. Small fellow populations like some British and Canadian sectors seem inclined to believe that males can never get pregnant. Perhaps males are really less likely to get pregnant there because men are smaller in that neighborhood, although many are homosexual. Or perhaps they are kidding.

We discover notes on CommuNisM instead of notes on CommudisM, probably because of the birth crisis, when it is necessary to undercut with an episiotomy to extract the big communicating head of the infant, whether or not infant extraction is done from a conventional woman or from a lady or surrogate female. Com-mu-NisM (com-fuck-and-undercut) thus refers symbolically to reproductive intercourse and the subsequent birth dillema, when NisM activity with a scalpel is required to facilitate birth without tearing, so that "communism" might allude to the big-brained stage of human evolution outfitted with surgical means. C-section infant extraction under general anesthesia also requires cuts to "M". Birth is a crisis of labor, so that Communism is connected with crises in the labor movement. Perhaps an infant's head may be kept small for birth to avoid the cut, then grown after birth. Preemies may be extracted just after the 3rd month through the anus after compression manuevers, a method at first perfected by some Indian tribes, saving conventional she male structure.

Galaxy M51 mirroring Mizar and Alcor in Ursa Major. Press for Solitary Man by Niel Diamond.
Left: M51 - You Reel Eyes: A Great Galactic Escape to Somebody to Love.
On the first day of Christmas, my true love sent to me... a partridge in a pear tree.

Phases of the Moon. Detail with different magnifications at slower speed.
The Rocky Horror Picture Show: Frank in Stein. A cosmic mind mirror above us.
The socialist worker's movement hitchhiking a worker's ride by writing for work,
falling like an angel to Tycho as a handmaiden of binding,
and restarting, eventually becoming center stage after pratfalls around.
Thus the "were-curr" is transfigured into a Turitopsis nutricula, an eternal mythic being
reminescent of Cuthulhu in The Color Out of Space by H.P.Lovecraft,
or perhaps into a perpetual "Wichita" radiator surrendered to the void
(busted) as the end product of the sexuality revolution
and a learing Father of Lights binding his rays into a book at Crater Tycho.

A Close-Up of the Crater Copernicus mythically imaging Galileo Galilei with Crater Euler featuring Albert Einstein above it.
A Close-Up of the Crater Copernicus mythically imaging Galileo Galilei
blowing out from the Buns of Bessarion with Crater Euler picturing Albert Einstein in profile above it.

In some photos, the crater Copernicus resembles the chin of "Jesus Christ" with the mouth open crying like a wonderful orgasm, while the crater Euler featuring Albert Einstein opposing the arrival of Aristarchus seems to be the nose of "Jesus Christ". The above photo is remarkable for showing the image of Galileo as a Moses with a white beard and a high forehead. The beard of this remarkable Moses seems to have been shot out of the behind of Bessarion in many photos. This seems to be symbolically how the hero was surrendered to the void as his best shot.
Here Galileo and Einstin remind me of the constant μ = 1/εc2 in field theory, the binding strength associated with currents, which seems to come across in the stars in the mu-stars of the constellations. In general relativity, the constant μ = 4/c2 for the grav-magnetic part of the field, which is 4 times too strong for local process synchronization between forces as required by the Principle of Relativity. It also predicts stronger gravitational waves than we expect. In reality, I suppose that μ = 1/εc2 holds for gravitational magnetic forces analagous to magnetic forces associated with currents, which would guarantee proper synchronization in local coordinates of all long- and short-range forces to a light clock in locally Lorentzian systems of coordinates. These reflections lead to my unified quantum field theory of forces based on generalized mirror-image Maxwell's equations in local coordinates. The circumstance that I find myself mirrored in a mythology about it that stands up like my career in the constellations with my theorems mirrored in the constellation μ-stars is of course very remarkable, though difficult for my accompaniment to recognize or acknowledge. On the moon, Einstein, standing on Galileo, seems to oppose me as I arrive as Aristarchus soaring in over the lunar horizon. After all, my model rejects the Einstein Field Equations for gravitation and substitutes a unified quantum field theory that is not so curved-space geometrical as the model Einstein envisioned. Instead it shows how to picture unified field theory in flat space with time modified as described by Einstein's early work with his Principle of Equivilance and clock synchronization in gravitation to determine the time part of the metric and the canonical 2nd-order General Relativity effects. Space is only curved on surfaces like the ball of the moon in my theory: space-time curvature is confined to the time part of metric only. I was able to show how to compute observed 2nd order GR effects in my book Gravitation and the Electroform Model, from a simpler model than Einstein's which includes both long- and short-range forces in a comparatively simple and comprehensible way. Thus "The Death of Wallenstein" was a theme mentioned in Star Names by Richard Hinckley Allen. The death of walling old Einstein books featuring classical General Relativity instead of a comparatively simple unified quantum field theory like I envision may take place some day. I think going my way will ultimately be better for the profession of physics and its witnesses, although we have to change our minds. The "com-μ" binding "mu" associated my model for long- and short-range forces has μi = 1/εic2 for each field of force i, with εi as the binding coefficient of the static part of radial field featuring a field quantum of mass mi that determines how the radial part of the field is extinguished. The factor μ is the factor for coupling between charged currents of source charge. The associated static field in stationary coordinates is characterized after an integration over the source distribution by a static field radial force that is approximately plus or minus (Q/(4πε*r2))exp[-mc2r/((h/2π)c)]. Both fields of force are associated with a speed-of-light propagation delay. Thus I seem to have superceded Einstein as the spirit of the stars at the mirror focus of his universe of laws, though opposed by Einstein standing on Galileo. A celestial sphere featuring com-moon-ism on the moon and mirror images of my career and Nism-Dism love life in the constellations makes the mind-mirror phenomenon including the laws of the universe involving the Legend of Lightspeed μ = 1/εc2 more visible and comprehensible. Allusions from the celestial sphere seem to partly dominate the problem of recognition, however, making the truth difficult to recognize. Perhaps as time goes on if I do not die but become physiologically immortal as consequence of my further work on obtaining more time, I will be recognized as The Eternal who worked out the Laws of the Universe on a "soaring-along" foundation like special relativity has, or as The Spirit of Greenwich Mean Time, who starbusts through the other side of time as a Spirit of Light, always after more time, and taking my friends who follow me along into Eternity to enjoy sweet forevers limited only by the celestial requirement to Turn On, Tune In, and Drop Out, like a constellation side show passing through. It will always turn us on to watch new developments on the horizon as they rise. That this would automatically be too much for most people to acknowlege or even forgive seems obvious, though. One wonders if public recognition will yield in time to anything that will happen, or forever be confined to allusions. It might always be confined to remarks on how to be crazy for yourself according to Jim Green, and dismissed as something like Green's Theorem in Space, an observation useful for a career at Especially Erudite tea parties. My theorems on μ in general relativity and unified field theory are magically mirrored in constellation μ and ε stars in the constellations named in order by intensity since hundreds of years ago, so that Communism with its star symbolism had a magic sense of destiny linked to the stars and to the constellation Nism-Dism love and sexuality drama drawn on the celestrial sphere involving fundamental forces and bindings, as well as to the "career" destiny of the moon god of Langrenus Crater shown with a "Marxian" book of Proclus (Profile pro clues) on his back. The new friend with a "Soviet" book gets a word in edgewise by being under study, and gets on, while Aristarchus rushing in "Russian"-style with verbal cracks gets shot down on the other side of the moon by Einstein (Strehl) in the Crater Euler, falling to the busty masterbating Frau Mauro position. Thus the terms "Soviet" and "Russian" both derive from mythic imagery on opposite sides of the moon, representing the right and left hand forces characteristic of the writer and the masterbator in a fundamental symmetry characteristic of the forces. Right-hand rule forces are associated with strong electric static forces featuring like-charges-repel logic, while left-hand-rule forces are gravitational featuring weak like-charges-attract logic. Both sides apply to the same individual in different contexts, so that humans are Soviet (write) and Russian (sexy), like opposite sides of the moon, according to Flash Gordon and The Curse of Belfagor, although we'll put galactic intelligence on the side of the "A-marry-can" President George Washington pictured in galaxy M100, when it gets down to who still has the woman on his arm and a good piece of butt up front in the highlights of eternity.

President George Washington in galaxy M100, who continues to appear in the clouds on George Washington's Birthday.

The winged vision of the greybeard beret moon god seems to follow a 3-digit number spanning 1000 states,
about the number of lunar periods in a "grandfather" lifetime of roughly 1000/12 = 83.3 years.
Press for Moon Map details.
The moon is a divine "Flash Gordon" object decorated with mythic scene portraits that begins
by cracking a book of Tarsed, or resume of Proclus, or Book of God, or Holy "Curr-an" for a Sermon on the Mount,
a circumstance supplying Curse of Belfagor material for Flash Gordon and the Planet of Death, above.
It is "the world of death with all its gods" mentioned by The Enlightened One.
Yet the New Moon with its bright bottom cheeks and glowing grin seems to portray
the mythic resurrection and the life of "g's-us Christ" in a stone rolled away from his tomb.
Langrenus Crater (52, above) is the g-spot of New Moon,
also conceived of as the "bow-rock" of Mohammed on which he rode to the farthest "mosque".

In my case, the moon seems to portray my 7th engineering employment adventure and 2nd coming to Tampa Bay in 1987 as something like The Seventh Voyage of Sinbad or the voyage of Jason and the Argonauts reminescent of The Odyssey of Homer, also seeming to be drawn in galaxy m51 (above) and the mythic side show presented by the constellations, especially in the Winter Sky but including the entire celestial sphere in a projection of Unitary Mythos characterized by ornamental symmetries seemingly connected with the wave mechanics of virtual standing waves.

The moon viewed from the Southern Hemisphere. It still has a Hardy meets Laurel theme in which Laurel carries a book on his back, and Hardy still shows us some bottom, straight from the shoulder, as if to signal that this is what he works for.

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