by James A. Green, Greenwood Research.
[ ] Large Hardback, ISBN-13: 978-1-890121-15-0 (ISBN 1-890121-15-0), 78.88 dollars.
[ ] Large Paperback, ISBN-13: 978-1-890121-73-0 (ISBN 1-890121-73-8), 69.00 dollars.

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Includes transition from general relativity to unified field theory with applications to cosmology and astrophysics, plus key papers on star formation, star formation in galaxies, supernova processes, cosmic cycle theory, Big Crunch Theory, and mythic imaging in nebulosities with global symmetries of celestial sphere mythic imaging in constellations and nebulae. For an on-line introduction, see Big Bang Helium Abundances with Squeeze-Boom Cosmology and Summary of the Unified Quantum Field Theory.

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List of Illustrations

1. The Overthrow of Classical General Relativity.
  • The First Alert Overthrow Theorem.
  • The Ultimate Overthrow Theorem.
  • Further Observations on the End of Classical GR.
2. The Electroform Unified Field Theory.
  • Introducing the Electroform Model for All Fundamental Forces.
  • The Nuclear Force.
  • The Electroweak Interaction.
  • The Gluon Field.
3. Applications of the Electroform Model to Gravitation & Cosmology.
  • The Metric of Spacetime Around a Rotating Star.
  • The Mechanism of Galactic Jets and Quasar Drive.
  • Electroform Cosmology.
  • Relativistic Big Bang Equations and Ultimate Solutions.
  • Impact on Supernova Mechanism Modeling.
4. Experimental Tests of the Electroform Gravitation Model.
  • The Gravitational Redshift.
  • The Curvature of Light Around the Sun.
  • Radar Time Delay Effects.
  • Solar Oblateness and the Perihelion Precession of Mercury.
5. Mathematical Footnotes on GR and the Electroform Model.
  • Forms of the Matter Tensor.
  • Invalidity of the Einstein-Grossman Simplification...
  • The Gemini Theorem's Cutting Edge.
  • Obtaining Electromagnetic-like Eqn. of Motion from Geodesic Motion.
  • Further Footnotes and the History of the Electroform Model.
6. Electroform Connection to Mythic Imaging.
  • Unitary Mythos and the Legend of Lightspeed.
  • Lightspeed and Geometry in Unitary Mythos - Visionary Starman.
  • Supplemental Maps of Unitary Mythic Imaging.
  • Internal Symmetries of Unitary Mythos.
7. Details of Electroform Applications in Gravitation Theory.
  • Fundamentals.
  • The Field of a Rotating Spherical Shell.
  • The Field of a Rotating Solid Sphere.
  • The Metric of Spacetime Around a Rotating Object.
  • Hydrostatic Equilibrium in Stars.
8. Basic Cosmological Implications of the Electroform Model.
9. The Deceleration Parameter q as a Function of C.
10. Early Stages of the Big Bang.
11. Galaxy Formation V
  • Summary.
  • Material Dynamics.
  • The Galactic Potential Field.
  • Fireball Pressure Drop.
  • Galaxies of the Same Shape Have the Same Mass and Radii.
12. Jeans Criterion Waves and the Galactic Atom II
13. Star Formation in Protogalaxies - The Further Evolution....
  • Summary.
  • Star Formation via a Binding Energy Model.
  • Mythic Application.
14. On the Mechanism of Galactic Jets.
15. Stellar Structure Integration.
16. The Electroform Nuclear Force Model and Deuteron Binding
17. The Electroweak Interactions.
18. Computing the Gamow-Teller Constant.
19. Introduction to Supernovae
20. Supernova Ignition.
21. Nuclear Reactions in Supernovae
22. Neutrino Scattering in Supernovae
23. Supernova Energy Partitions
24. Selections From Supernova Core Implosion Theory.
25. The Classical Novae.
26. Electroform Black Supermassive Rotators.
27. Radiation from Binary Systems in Electroform GR.
28. The Time to the Next Big Bang.
29. The Threshold for the Collapse of a Large Neutron Core.
30. Cosmology and Visionary Higher Intelligence.
  • The World Views of Democritus and Plato.
  • The Visionary Revolution of Heaven.
  • Visionaries and Revolutionaries.
  • Observations on Mythic Imaging in Nebulosities.
  • Bikini Atoll Test B.
  • Mythic Imaging in the Nebulae.
  • The Mathematics of Mythic Imaging in Nebulosities.
  • Physical Cosmology and Our Place in the Universe.

Appendix A. Natural Constants.
Appendix B. Vector and Tensor Identities.
Appendix C. The Fundamental Particles.


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.1 John Cockcroft & George Gamow with Galaxy M101.
.2 Portraits in the knee of the Orion Nebula. M43 & M44.
1.1 The light clock and B-field effects due to synchronization.
2.1 Sliding Bar Arrangement for the Derivation of the Equation of Motion.
2.2 Meson Formation from Broken Lines of the Gluon Field.
3.1 Lift and compression mechanism in galactic jets.
3.2 Supernova Progenitor.
4.1 The Gravitational Redshift Experiment.
4.2 The Einstein-Huygens Wavefront Deflection.
4.3 Computation of Deflection of the Normal Ray.
4.4 Falling-Ray Deflection Added to Einstein-Huygens Deflection.
4.5 Falling-Ray Deflection with C a constant.
4.6 The Oblate Sun.
6.1 S.Monocerotis in NGC 2264 at the NGC 2264 tapestry summit.
6.2 Constellations Along the Milky Way with Mythos of Light & Force.
6.3 Light-Speed Mythos in Speeding Archetypes.
6.4 Pole-to-Pole Astronomical Maps of the Constellations.
6.5 Electromagnetic shower in the BBC. Photo CERN bubble chamber.
7.1 Portrait of the author.
7.2 Field of a Rotating Shell.
7.3 Deflection in the sense of the motion inside a rotating shell.
7.4 Deflection of an Object in the Field of a Rotating Sphere.
8.1 19th Century Photo of Orion Nebula by Ainslee Common.
8.2 Mean Density and Age of the Universe vs. the Hubble Constant.
9.1 John Cockroft & George Gamow belabor a manuscript.
9.2 Stonehenge with stone arc overlaying Winter Crescent from Heelstone.
11.0 NGC 1365, the Swordsman of Fornax.
11.1 Galaxy Mass vs. Disk Shape.
11.2 Apha Grav Coupling.
11.3 Disk Galaxy Shapes and Masses.
11.4 Elliptical Galaxy Mass & Radius vs. Flattening.
11.5 Ellipsoid Flattening Ratio.
11.6 Ellipsoidal Disk Galaxy Shapes and Masses.
11.7 Galaxy M51.
11.8 Pillbox derivation of Galactic Potential from Gauss' Law.
11.9 Pressure drop at galaxy formation.
11.10 Pressure drop in the fireball as a function of kT.
11.11 3 Tilted Spirals in the far South - NGC 7582, NGC 7590, NGC 7599.
11.12 Virgo Cluster of Galaxies.
11.13 Coma Cluster of Galaxies.
11.14 The Centaurus Cluster of Galaxies.
11.15 The cluster CA 0340-538.
11.16 The Coma Berenices Cluster of Galaxies.
11.17 Galaxy M51.
11.18 The Hercules Cluster of Galaxies.
11.19 Messier 60 and NGC 4647.
11.20 NGC 2992 and NGC 2993.
11.21 NGC 6027, a group of peculiar galaxies.
12.1 Galaxy Centaurus A.
12.2 NGC 1365, Swordsman of Fornax with Exordium Theme
12.3 Spherical Galaxies and Standing Waves
12.4 The Relationship of Barred Spirals to the Jeans Length.
12.5 NGC 1365.
12.6 The cutting edge of 4 KLY in NGC 1365.
12.7 Barred Spiral Galaxies - Hale Observatories.
13.1 Spiral Galaxies - Hale Observatories.
13.2 Galaxy M51's NGC 5195 - the Whirlpool Galaxy.
13.3 Galaxy M51 with NGC 5194 and NGC 5195.
13.4 The Face on Mars in Cydonia with M51 imaging themes.
14.1 Galaxy M101 near Alkaid at the Heavenly Gate of Ursa Major.
15.1 The Orion Nebula (the knee of Orion) at the tip of the Sword of Orion.
19.1 "The Vanity of Life" by Cornelius Anthonizoon Teunissen.
19.2 Progenitor Collapse. Wake up. You are under your Lucky Star now.
19.3 Density structure of a modern progenitor core and neutron remnant.
19.4 Metric tensor at the surface of a neutron core in classical GR.
19.5 Nuclear Superradiance of infalling stellar shells.
20.1 Supernova ignition shows in the LMC Nebula near SN 1987A.
20.2 Progenitor collapsing core & Fully collapsed neutron star remnant.
20.3 Nuclear Superradiance as a Function of Shell Compression.
21.1 Binding Energies of Model Stars.
21.2 Ejecta energy in ergs.
21.3 The Abundance Structure of a 20-solar mass Supernova Progenitor.
21.4 Details of the inner 3 solar masses of a 20 solar-mass presupernova.
21.5 Silicon Reaction Energetics. 21.6 Energy per solar mass in ergs in a typical Type II supernova.
21.7 Masses of Reactants near the core.
21.8 Energy Available in Competing Reaction Channels.
22.1 Density Thinning of a Propagating Neutrino Shell.
22.2 Amplification of Nuclear Energy Generation by Neutrino Heating.
22.3 The Veil Supernova Relic near the signature hand of Cygnus.
23.1 Scale of Energies in Ergs for Universe Components and Events.
23.2 Model Binding Energies for Model Stars.
23.3 Alpha particle dissociation energy from iron.
23.4 Energy to Remove the Nth Alpha Particle from an Iron nucleus.
24.1 The Stonehenge Heelstone re the Headstone of S.Monocerotis.
24.2 Burst Energy from a Supernova Core as a function of star mass.
24.3 Total Supernova Burst Energy, Core + Mantle, Type II Supernova.
24.4 The Equation of State for Supernova Core Studies.
24.5 Chandrasekhar Limit Sets with Thomas-Fermi Corrections.
24.6 Chandrasekhar Sets with Shielding and Newtonian & GR gravity.
24.7 Collapsed Object structure for Gravity Models via CHANDRA.
24.8 The Radii of Collapsed Stars.
24.9 Radius vs. Mass in a Collapsed Object.
24.10 Rotating Model Supernova Cores.
24.11 Portrait of the author with the page-wing of B33.
24.12 Position of the Crab nebula M1 above Orion.
24.13 John Cockroft and George Gamow beneath S.Monocerotis.
25.1 The Accretion Disk of a Nova & a Chambered Nautilus.
25.2 The Signature of the North American Nebula near Cygnus' Right Hand.
26.1 Line of Force from a Rotating Supermassive Sphere.
26.2 Forces on Accretion Disk Gases near a rotating star.
26.3 Forces of Lift and Compression in Galactic Jets.
27.1 Pulsar Waveform Sketch for PSR 1913+17.
27.2 Dr.Joseph Weber working on a Gravitational Wave Antenna.
28.1 From a slender volume of space, The Next Big Bang.
28.2 Conceptual First Light from The Next Big Bang.
29.1 That's All, Folks via star-cult symbols of Egyptian mythos.
29.2 Mythic Mirror Imaging in the Viking Lander I first photo.
30.1 The Winter Constellations Orion and Mithra-Andromeda.
30.2 The Spire in the Eagle Nebula M16.
30.3 Bikini Atoll Test B - Mushroom Cloud and Detail of the Pushbutton Finger.
30.4 The Skywalker of S.Monocerotis in NGC 2264.

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