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Press for Dental Trade Alliance Training Courses.
Jim Green's Teeth, January 3, 2010. Brushes & Flosses 4x per day, uses anti-plaque mouthwash, then remineralizing mouthwash or aniseptic mouthwash.
Jim Green's Teeth
January 3, 2010.

George Washington's

Dental History [Links]

Dec 2, 2014 || 1 | 2
How to whiten your teeth
with banana peel.

[Video; Google Videos]

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Basic and Preventive Dentistry
Wikipedia/Tooth [Links/Teeth, Books, Amazon] | Wikipedia/Dental Anatomy [Links/Dental Anatomy, Books, Amazon] | Wiki/Dentition
ADA | Wikipedia/Dental | Wiki/Caries | Wiki/Dentistry [Links, Books] | Wiki/Oral Hygene | Wiki/Toothpaste [Links] | Wiki/Dental Sealant
Caries Bacteria: Streptococcus Mutans | Streptococcus Sanguis | Lactobacillus | Lactobacillus acidophilus | Actinomyces viscosus | Nocardia
"Bacteria collect around the teeth and gums in a sticky, creamy-coloured biofilm called plaque.." - Wiki/Dental Caries | Wiki/Tooth
Plaque can irritate gums (gingivitis) & cause tooth decay. Plaque-filled pockets can form between teeth and gums (periodontitis).
Antiplaque Mouthwash [Links, Books] helps prevent dental caries, brush after use. Wiki/Mouthwash | Plaque [Links, Books, Amazon].
Biotene Plaque-Biofilm Dissolving Mouthwash, based on the enzymes Glucose Oxidase [Links], Lactoperoxidase, and Lysozyme [Links].
Oral Probiotics [Links, LifeExtension; LifeExtension/Oral Probiotic Lozenges, Links, Images] may be used to replace bacteria
in the mouth responsible for gingivitis, periodontal disease and bad breath (halitosis) with friendly oral bacteria such as S. Salivarius.
ACT Restoring Mouthwash - Hardens enamel, restores minerals to teeth. Apply after brushing. Uses sodium fluoride [Links]. Enamel-Pro
Demineralization leads to white spot lesions [Images, Links] & caries. See Remineralization Rinse [Links, Books, Papers, Patents].
Dry Mouth (Xerostomia) makes caries worse, so rinse. See calculus removal [with ordinary & abrasive toothpastes, Links, Books].
Human Saliva [Wiki, Books] is antiplaque, antimicrobial, clears cariogenic sugars, & remineralizes with calcium & phosphate ions.
Tartar Removal [Links, Images] | Antiplaque Toothpaste [Links, Papers] | Fluoride Toothpaste [Links] | Ultrabrite | Life Extension Toothpaste
Toothbrush [Links, Images] | Electric Toothbrush [Links, Images] | Floss Picks [Links, Images] | Flossing brush | Flosser | Water Pick
Calculus (Calcified Plaque or Tartar) Removal : Ultrasonic Scalers [Images, Images2] < $14.00 at WalGreens | Root planing
Halitosis [Links, Images] | Breath Spray [Links, Images] | Anti-Plaque Breath Spray | Antibacterial Breath Spray
Tooth Stains [Links, Images] | Tooth Bleaching [Links, Images] | Tooth Bonding [Links, Books] | Tooth Veneering [Images]
UV Tooth Bleaching systems [Links] are now available at WalGreens, but some consider them dangerous. | Dental Paint
Wikipedia/Dental Floss [Links, Books] breaks up deposits between the teeth harboring bacteria and producing plaque. Floss daily.
American Dental Association Guide to Cleaning Your Teeth and Gums | Amazon/Dentistry || Dental Fear Central | Do-It-Yourself
Arresting Caries [Images, Books, Papers] | Arrested Caries [Images, Books, Papers] | Active Caries [Images, Papers] | Diagnosis [Links]
An antiplaque mouthwash with repeated brushing using a fluoride toothpaste 3-4 times a day can often arrest dental caries. Floss.
The fluoride toothpaste may be spat out, rather than rised out. Eliminate cariogenic sugars & cariogenic sugary or acidic beverages.
The frequency & duration of refined carbohydrate exposure is more predictive of caries than streptococcus mutans counts.
Enamel erosion can result from sucking lemons, swishing carbonated beverages, or from repeated regurgitation of stomach acids.
The pH must be > 5.5, or enamel demineralizes. Carbonated drinks are cariogenic from both sugar and acid, often with a pH < 3.0.
Dentin demineralizes when the pH < 6.4, so old people with gingival recession are more vulnerable to soft drinks and root caries.
Dentin demineralizes roughly twice as fast as enamel, because in contains half as much hydroxyapatite. The root is mostly dentin.
Since fluorapatite has a critical pH of 4.5, compared to hydroxyapatite critical pH of 5.5, we remineralize with fluoride toothpaste.
Then teeth are somewhat less susceptible to damage from weak acids, being enshelled in fluorapatite. See Fluoride Therapy [Links].
pH of Soft Drinks | Tooth surface pH during drinking of black tea | The pH of tea is about 4 to 6.5. | The pH of coffee is 5.0 to 6.9.
A glass of water with a drink can be used to return pH to normal. | Links/pH of drinks | pH beverages | pH meters [Images, Principles]
The pH of 3% hydrogen peroxide is 4.9. | Links/Cleaning teeth with hydrogen peroxide | Links/Peroxide for dental Bleaching [Images]
How to whiten your teeth with banana peel. (Video; Google Videos, eHOW) | Oil Pulling with Coconut or Sesame Oil whitens teeth, cleans gums.
Stimulating Gums | Video/Using a Gum Stimulator | cordless Waterpik Waterflosser appliance ($35.99 at Dillons) for a gum fix.

Tooth Charts and Basic Dental Anatomy
Dental Plan Tooth Chart of Tooth Surfaces [Images/Dental charts] | Wiki/Dental Anatomy [Links, Books, Amazon] | Wiki/Dentition
Head and Neck Anatomy for Dentistry [Links, Images, Video, Books, DVDs, CD-Roms, Software; Links/Tooth Anatomy, Images, Video, Books, Software].
Adult & Baby Teeth | Tooth Map | Dental Anatomy | Universal Dental Codes | FDI | Tooth Names & Codes | Morphology | Drawing | Teeth
Tooth Section [Images] | Tooth Enamel [Links, Images] | Dentine [Links, Images] | Tooth Pulp [Links, Images] | Gums [Images] | Gum Disease
Tooth Surfaces [Links, drawing, Images] | Bicuspid Tooth Surfaces | Tooth Surfaces in Caries Control | 3D Tooth Atlas [Links, Images]
Dental Thirds: Crown - Occlusal 3rd, Middle 3rd, Cervical 3rd. Tooth Root: Apical 3rd, Middle 3rd, Cervical 3rd.
Incisor Crown: Mesial 3rd, Middle 3rd, Distal 3rd. Labial 3rd, Middle 3rd, Lingual or Palatal 3rd. Incisal 3rd, Middle 3rd, Cervical 3rd.
Occlusal surface | Lingual surface | Palatal surface | Buccal surface | Incisal edge | Proximal surfaces [Mesial surface, Distal surface]
Cervical Surfaces are below the Crown of the tooth in the cervical 3rd. See Cervical Caries [Images, Images/root caries] | Occlusal caries
12 Anterior teeth include the central incisor, lateral incisor, and cuspid. 20 Posterior teeth : 4x2 premolars + 4x3 molars. Dental Terms.
Maxillary R&L & Mandibular R&L: Central incisors, lateral incisors, cuspids (canines), bicuspids (promolars), molars (multiple cusps).
Tooth Surface Abbreviations: distal, D; lingual, L; facial, F; mesial, M, incisal, I; occlusal, O. Mesio-Occlusal: MO, Distolingual: DL.
Dental Line Angles : Mesio-Occlusal: MO, Disto-Occlusal: DO, Mesio-Lingual: ML, Disto-Lingual: DL, Mesio-Facial: MF,
Disto-Facial: DF, Mesio-Incisal: MI, Disto-Incisal: DI. Dental Point Angles : MOF, DOF, MOL, DOL, MIF, DIF, MIL, DIL.
The clinical crown of a tooth is that portion of the anatomical crown which is normally visible in the 4-quadrants of the oral cavity.
Enamel : Enamel demineralization [White spot demineralization, Images] | Dental attrition [Images] | Enamel Nomenclature [Images]
Dentin : Morphology, Permeability, Outer, Inner, Odontoblastic, Sclerotic, Carious, Altered, Hypermineralized, Tertiary, Sensitivity
Pulp : Morphology, Pulpal Cells, Vascular System, Innervation, Nociception, Restorative Dentistry and Pulpal Health, Necrosis.
Gingiva : Anatomy, Nomenclature [Images] Dentogingival Complex, Biologic Width. Defective Restorations and Periodontal Health
Dental Caries Anatomy [Images, Books] | White Spot Lesions [Books, Images] | Cavitated Dental Lesions [Books, Images]
G. V. Black Classification of Caries Lesions | Dental Fissures | Dental Pits | Cervical Caries (root caries) | Caries Terms | Caries Anatomy
Class I Caries: [Links, Images] pit and fissure, on occlusal, buccal, & lingual surfaces of posterior teeth, & lingual of anterior teeth.
Class II Caries: [Links, Images] proximal surfaces (mesial & distal) of molars and premolars (bicuspids), the 4x(2+3) posterior teeth.
Class III Caries: [Links, Images] proximal surfaces (mesial & distal) of centrals, laterals, and cuspids (canines), the 4x3 anterior teeth.
Class IV Caries: [Links, Images] proximal (mesial & distal) including incisal edges of the 4x3 anterior teeth.
Class V Caries: [Links, Images] gingival 1/3 of facial or lingual surfaces of anterior or posterior teeth. Cervical Caries [Images, root caries].
Class VI Caries: [Links, Images] Cusp tips.
____Best fixed with glass-ionomer cement [Links, Images], which contains fluoride and is a very caries-resistant dental cement.
Smooth-surface caries [Images] vs. pit-and-fissure caries [Images] || Dental pits [Images], Dental fissures [Images].
Dental Fractures [Links, Images, Restorations, Caps], Crown Fracture [Links, Images, Restorations, Caps]:
Class I = enamel only, Class II = enamel & dentin, Class III = enamel & dentin & pulpal, Class IV = complete loss of clinical crown.
Sealed caries lesions do not progress. (Merz-Fairhurst, et al, "Ultraconservative and cariostatic and sealed restorations", J.Amer.Dental Assoc., 1998; 129:55-66.)
Placement of of sealants over carious dentin may finally result in sealant loss, requiring sealant replacement.
Placement of a resin composite restoration followed by sealant over the margins of the restoration is conservative and effective.
Dentistry | Preventive Dentistry | Dental Emergencies | Restorative Dentistry | Operative Dentistry | Cosmetic Dentistry | Endodontics

Emergency Fillings and Pain Relief
[OTC: Links/Ibuprofen, Wikipedia/Ibuprofen; MedlinePlus/Pain Relievers: acetaminophen (Tylenol), NSAIDs: Aspirin, naproxen, Aleve]
Dental Pain Relief - Links/Nociception [Dental Pain Perception] : A-beta nerves - touch & pressure, A-delta nerves - pain jolt
Antibiotics [Links, Wikipedia, Links/Over-The-Counter Antibiotics, Books, Amazon; Gum Infection, Oral Antibiotic Therapy; Garlic]
Periodontitus [Wikipedia, Links, Images, Books, Amazon]. See also subgingival antibiotics (Arestin [Links/Arestin, Images]).
Gingivitis and Periodontal disease are due to plaque. Calculus is a deposit of mineralized plaque. Use anti-plaque mouthwash & flossing.
Root planing and scaling are typically done by the dentist [tools, pumice] to remove calculus behind gingivitis & periodontal lesions.
Periodontal Remedies: Basic - Listerine, ACT mouthwash; Stronger - Peridex, oral antibiotics tetracycline or doxycycline, minocycline.
Acid in a root canal from an acidic drink such as tea can cause a flare-up of periodontal disease. Avoid acidic drinks then.
Tetracycline stains [Images] are a problem. Control for plaque may include essential oil mouth rinses.
Insertable subgingival antibiotics: Arestin and Atridox; PerioChip, which releases the aniseptic chlorhexidine from a gelatin chip.
Google/Emergency Dental Filling | Google/Emergency Dental Pain | Google/Dental Filler | Books/Dental Filler | Save Knocked-Out Tooth
Store avulsed teeth in milk, saline, or saliva, not in water. Necrotic pulps trigger inflammatory root resorption, leading to tooth loss.
Google/Tooth Pain Relief | Google/Tooth Pain | Google/Dental X-rays [Books] | Books/Oral Medicine [Amazon] | Broken Tooth Repair
Google Books/Dental Emergencies [Amazon] | Google Books/Oral Emergencies [Amazon] | Google/Cosmetic Dentistry [Books, Amazon]
Dental Fear Central | Imako Cosmetic Teeth | Secure Smile Teeth | Temp Tooth | Saturday Night Smile Veneers | Dentanurse
Tempory Teeth | Temporary Dental Cement | Tooth Repair Kit Links | Temporary Dental Fillings | Plastic Teeth Links | Porcelain Teeth
Hiding Tooth Decay | Hiding Teeth | Masking Teeth [Books] | Cosmetic Tooth Masking | Plastics for the Oral Cavity & Mouth | Pre-Fab
Eugenol | Tamparin | Temporary Dental Filling Material | Plastic Dental Caps [Images] | Dental Caps [Images] | Dental Cement [Images]
DenTek: DenTek Toothache Kit: Includes oil of cloves to apply to tooth surfaces before applying Temparin = zinc oxide + oil of cloves.
This allows packing in a useful eugenol restoration for a broken tooth, or an air-tight patch with good binding. "Temporary filling."
This can very considerably relieve pain in a broken tooth starting to come loose from a worsening bite. See Dental Sealants & Coatings.
Coating Eugenol Fillings | Cavity Varnishes [Images] | Cavity Varnishes, Bases, & Liners [Images]: Resins dissolved in solvents [Images].
Natural Resins: copal, colophony & sandarac | Synthetic resins: polystyrene | Resin Solvents: alcohol, ether, acetone | Dental Varnishes
Facial Swelling and Toothache | Anti-Inflammatory Meds | Antibiotics for facial swelling | Ice Bag: Wrap in towel. Ice face 4 times/day.
Garlic as an antibiotic (Allicin): Take 3-5 cloves 3x per day after meals, chew, or mix with mustard, BBQ sauce, or honey and chew, or swallow in small pieces.
Garlic can kill all friendly bacteria in the intestinal tract. They must be replaced with probiotics or acidophilus, to avoid yeast infections.
Tooth Abscess "External drainage may begin as a boil which bursts allowing pus drainage from the abscess" | Maxillary Sinus | Root Canal
Treat with antibiotics: [Amoxil (Amoxicillin, amoxycillin, Moxatag once daily dosing form), rash side effects]. See
See also Clindamycin (Cleocin tablets): (for those allergic to the penicillin group.) Prevents and eliminates infection, stopping bacterial growth.
Metronidazole (Flagyl tablets, capsules, or injections): Blocks bacteria (including anaerobic bacteria) causing their death. Side effects like nausea, loss of appetite, headaches, etc.
Co-amoxiclav (Exclav, Augmentin, Synermox): contains potassium clavulanate and amoxicillin trihydrate. Side effects: diarrhea or nausea.
Pus "The most common agents that induce pus formation are bacteria, such as Staphylococcus aureus. - Wikipedia/Pus"
Tooth Extraction (Buzzle/Tooth Extraction, Wikipedia). Dry socket after tooth extraction, Gum infections after tooth extraction.
Tooth socket with exposed bone & nerves is flushed out (removing food materials), then packed with a medicated dressing. Don't smoke.
Dry socket medications include anti-inflammatory drugs, NSAIDs, antibiotics, ect.
Use medicated mouth wash at home; complete healing may require about two weeks.
Plastic Dental Crowns [Images] | Dental Crowns [Images] | Dental Veneers [Images] | Temporary Dental Cement [Images]
Minimal Equipment Approach: Manual for the Atraumatic Restorative Treatment approach to control Dental Caries | Dental Adhesives
High-viscosity glass ionomer cements [Books] are optimal for ART, such as Fuji IX and Ketac-Molar. See Wiki/Glass-ionomer cement.
Although glass-ionomer cement can bond directly to enamel, a superior bond may be achieved by pre-etching with 30% to 50%
phosphoric acid gel for 10 seconds, a procedure which creates microstructure for embedded resin tags that improve bonding strength.

Glass Ionomer Cement [File, Images, Video, Papers, Books] | Managing Dentin Hypersensitivity | Dentin | Pulp Capping | Gingiva
A temporary posterior prosthesis can be sewn out of cotton fabric to mask a cosmetic problem, but disintegrates on eating when unsewn.
Temparin (DenTek) with Eugenol, Zinc Oxide, Plasticizer, and Glass Ionomer makes a better temporary filling. See Epoxy models.
DenTemp = Calcium Sulphate, Barium Sulphate, Dimethoxytetraenthylene Glycol, Zinc Oxide, Eugenol, Ethylmethacrylate Polymer,
Maximum Strength Dental Repair Material replaces lost fillings and cements loose crowns, used for packing & masking. Drys in an hour.
Superglue: cyanoacrylates were included in the first-generation late 1950s and early 1960s dentin bonding agents. In vitro shear bond
of 10 to 20 kg/cm2 were achieved with cyanoacrylates, polyurethanes, glycerophosphoric acid dimethacrylate & NPG-GMA,
weak and providing poor results compared to the 200-220 kg/cm2 bond strength of composite resin bonded to etched enamel.
Porcelain Clays [Images, Papers, Patents, Books] | Dental Porcelain [Images, Papers, Patents, Books]
Dental Porcelain Restorations [Images, Papers, Patents, Books] | Dental Porcelain Veneers [Images, Papers, Patents, Books]
Adhesives for Porcelain Dental Veneers [Images, Papers, Patents, Books]
Porcelain Dentures [Images, Papers, Patents, Books] | Denture Cement [Images, Papers, Patents, Books] | Porcelain Teeth
Porcelain Glazes [Images, Papers, Patents, Books] | Kiln Design [Images, Papers, Patents, Books] | Dental Porcelain Kilns [Images, Papers, Patents, Books]
Adult Human Teeth [Images, Papers, Patents, Books] | Plastic Human Teeth [Images, Papers, Patents, Books]

Dental Impressions
Wiki/Impression(dental) | Dental Impression Materials [Images] | Zinc Oxide Eugenol | Zinc Oxide Eugenol Impression Material
Dental Alginate Impression [Images] | Dental Compound [Images] || Dental Restorations | Direct Restorations | Indirect Restorations
Kerr Manufacturing Co. Impression Compound | Irreversible hydrocolloid impression material [Images, Jeltrate, L.D.Caulk/Dentsply]
Impression material [Reprosil, L.D.Caulk/Dentsply] | Wax Wafer Bite Registration [Images] | Dental Stone Model Plasters [Images]
Orthodontic Brace [Links, Images, Papers, Patents, Books].

Indirect Technique Restorations with Composite Resin
Indirect composite resin restorations [Images, Video] are less technique-sensitive than direct resin composite restorations [Images, Video].
Dental resins: Bisphenol A diglycidylether methacrylate resin, urethane dimethacrylate, or similar polymers may be used.
Composite resins [Images] are composed of filler particles (0.04 microns to 100 microns) providing strength [Images], and resin.
Larger filler particles provide more strength, smaller filler particles provide more polishability. Filler material silica particles [Images]
are used in microfilled resins [Images], larger quartz or glass particles [Images] in small particle composite resins or hybrid resins.
Small particle composite resins [Images] or hybrid resins [Images] can be etched for micromechanical retention, or silanated
(with silane) for enhancing bond strength. Metal-free fixed partial dentures may be fabricated with new categories of composite resin:
Polymer-glass resins, polymer-ceramic resins, ceromer ceramic-optimized polymer resins, with systems including fiber reinforcement.
Indirect composite resins include Artglass, BelleGlass HP, Clearfil CR Inlay, Coltene Inlay System, Cristobal, Sculpture, Targis,
True Vitality, and Visio-Gem. See vinyl polysiloxane impression material [Images] and extra-hard plaster stone models [Images].
See indirect composite resin laminate veneers, inlays, onlays, jacket crowns, custom denture teeth, & long-term provisional restorations.
Fabricating Anterior Veneers [Images, Video, Papers, Books]. Covering darkly stained teeth with indirect composite resin technique.
Making plaster stone models of dental arches [Images, Video, Papers, Books].
Making an irreversible hydrocolloid impression of a plaster stone model (soaked for 10 min to avoid sticking to the stone).
Injecting a vinyl polysiloxane impression material into an irreversible hydrocolloid impression (alginate) to form a flexible model.
Veneers are formed on the flexible model.
Fabricating Posterior Inlays and Onlays [Images, Video, Papers, Books].
Fabricating Multiple-Unit Metal-Free Fixed Partial Denture Restorations [Images, Video, Papers, Books].

Professional Dentistry [Ask Dr. Spiller]
ADA | Naval | DDS | Dental Anesthesiology [Links, Books, Amazon] | Anesthesia [Images, Books] | Local Anesthesia [Images, Books]
Oral Local Anesthetic Injection [Images] | Local Anesthetic [Wikipedia, Books, Images] | Sedation Dentistry [Images, Books]
Dental Anesthesia [Links, Books, Images] | US Brands | Topical | Benzocaine [Links, Books] | For Injection | Novocaine [Links, Books]
Lidocaine (Xylocaine) [Images, Wikipedia, Books] | How to give an injection [Images] | How to give a dental injection [Images]
Prosthodontics [Links, Books, Amazon] | Periodontics [Links, Books, Amazon] | Orthodontics [Links, Books, Amazon]
Tooth Restoration [Books, Images, Amazon] | Crowns [Links, Images, Books] | Tooth Cleaning [Links, Books] | Calculus [Images]
Dental Restorations [Links, Video, Images, Books, Amazon, Papers, Patents]
Dental Restorative Materials [Wiki, Video, Images, Papers, Books, Amazon]
Dental Composite [Wiki, Video, Images, Papers, Books, Amazon]
Glass Ionomer Cements [File, Links, Video, Images, Books, Amazon, Papers, Patents]
Wiki/Composite Fillings [Links, Books, Amazon, Video] resin-based oligomer matrix used with an inorganic filler like silicon dioxide silica.
Resins: 1) Bisphenol A-glycidyl methacrylate (Bis-GMA) - Telomerase activator, probably quenchable by telomerase inhibitors,
_______ usually low leach rate. [Links, Books, Amazon]. See Resin Restorations [Links, Images, Papers, Patents, Books, Amazon].
______ 2) Urethane dimethacrylate (UDMA) [Links, Papers, Patents, Books, Amazon]. See also Ultraconservative Resin Restorations.
______ 3) Triethylene glycol dimethacrylate (TEGDMA) resins. || Restorative Dentistry [Links, Images, Video, Papers, Books, Amazon]
Cosmetic Dentistry [Books, Amazon] | Veneering Teeth [Books, Amazon] | Whitening Teeth [Books, Amazon] | Tooth Scaling [Images]
Dental Polishing [Links, Video, Books, Amazon] | Dental Veneers [Images] | Dental Bonding [Images] | Dental Implants [Images]
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Endodontics [Links, Books, Amazon] | Occlusion [Links, Books, Amazon] | Dental Anatomy [Links, Images, Video, Books, Amazon]
Root Canal Therapy [Wikipedia, Books, Amazon, Videos] | Endodontic Procedures [Images, Video, Books, Amazon] | Tooth Extraction
Dental Trade Alliance Courses | The Evolution of Dentistry [Books, Amazon] | The Dental Team and Office [Books, Amazon]
Dental Equipment [Images, Books, Amazon] | Preventive Dentistry [Books, Amazon] | Dental Pharmaceuticals [Amazon, Links2]
Operative Dentistry [Books, Amazon] | Pulp Capping Procedures [Images, Books] | Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery [Books, Amazon]
Practice Management Software | Dental Software | Dentrix | Open Dental [Site] | Patterson Eaglesoft | Lab Software
The Dental Laboratory [Wikipedia, Links, Images, Video, Papers, Books, Amazon] | The Digital Dental Practice [Books, Amazon]
Veterinary Dentistry [Images, Books] | Demand for Dental Services | Financing a Dental Practice | Advertising a Dental Practice
Dental Legal Forms | Dental Permission Forms

Dental Problems Guide
Tooth Size and Shape Problems
Abrasion, Aged and worn teeth, Attrition, Chipped Anterior Teeth, Chipped Tooth,
Cosmetic Contouring, Erosion, Extruded teeth, Fractured Anterior Teeth, Fractured Tooth,
High Smile Line, Large Tooth, Long Tooth, Mildly Malformed Teeth, Narrow Teeth,
Peg Lateral Incisor, Severely Malformed Teeth, Short Tooth, Small Tooth, Wide Tooth.

Tooth Position Problems
Anterior Flared Teeth, Crowding, Diastemata, Excessive spacing, Extruded teeth,
High Smile Line, Long Teeth, Luxation, Midline Disharmony,
Migrated Teeth, Multiple Diastemata, Open Bite (mild), Open Bite (severe),
Open Bite/overjet, Spacing, Traumatic Injury

Tooth Coloring Problems
Age-discolored teeth, Coloration, Congenital Tooth Discoloration, Dark teeth, Dark tooth color,
Tooth Discoloration, Endemic fluorosis, Endodontic discoloration, Fluorosis,
Light tooth color, Post-endodontic discoloration, Staining,
Tetracycline discoloration, Traumatic discoloration, White spots.

Missing Tooth Problems
Mutliple Migrated Teeth, Single Migrated Teeth, Mutliple Missing Teeth,
Single Missing Tooth, Avulsion of a Tooth, Traumatic Injuries.

Caries Problems
Carious Teeth, Carious Restoration Margins.

Dental Restoration Repair Problems
Acrylic Veneer Facing, Dislodged Acrylic Veneers, Carious Restoration Margins, Porcelain Fractures,
Ceramometal Fractures, Ceramometal Restorations, Full Coverage Restorations.

Periodontal Problems
Gingival Asymmetry, Gingival Hypertrophy, Gingival Inflammation, Gingival Recession,
High Frenum Attachment, High Frenum Attachment with Diastemata, High Smile Line, Mobile Teeth.

Facial Contours and Skeletal Problems
Asymmetry, Bimaxillary protrusion, Bimaxillary prognathism, Excessive Lip Support, Facial Asymmetry,
Hypogenia, Insufficient lip support, Macrogenia problems, Mandibular prognathism, Mandibular protrusion,
Mandibular retrognathism, Mandibular retrusion, Maxillary prognathism, Maxillary protrusion, Maxillary retrognathism, Maxillary retrusion,
mild Open bite, severe Open bite, Orthodontic therapy, Orthognathic surgery, Prognathism, Protrusion, Retrognathism, Retrusion.

Basic Dental Problem Restoration Techniques
Direct composite resin restorations, Direct composite resin veneers, Indirect composite resin restorations, Indirect composite resin veneers,
Acid Etching, Color Modifiers, Opaquers, Ceramometal restorations, All-porcelain restorations, Porcelatin Laminate Veneers,
Cosmetic Contouring, Gingival Recontouring, Gingival Grafting, Artificial Gingiva, Electrosurgery, Periodontics, Laser Surgery,
Orthodontic Therapy, Orthognathic Surgery, Oral Surgery, Plastic Surgery, Maxillofacial Surgery, Removable Prosthesis, Implant Retained Restorations,
Temporary Splinting, Dental Bleaching, Prophylaxis for Extrinsic Stains; Dental Photography.

Dental Web Page Designs
Links/Dental Web Page Designs | Books/Web Site Design | Wikipedia/Web Site Design
Axsen - Dental Website Designer | Einstein Dental.
Examples: Dr. Huefner, General & Cosmetic Dentistry (educational porcelain veneer smile library with before-and-after demonstrations).
21st Century Dental | Dr. Spiller

Professional Dentistry Videos
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Standard Dental Setup for Pediatric Dentistry
Dental Explorer, Mouth Mirror, Periodontal Probe, Dental Anesthesia, Rubber Dam Setup,
High-speed Handpiece Burrs, 12-fluted carbide burr,
Calcium hydroxide (Dycal, Dentsply), Metacresylacetate (Cresatin, Schein, Inc.), Acid-etch gel, Dental Bonding agents,
Composite resins, Composite resin placement instruments (Fleck's Instrument, Patterson Dental),
Clear plastic crown forms (Crownforms, Dentsply).

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Cosmetic Dentistry [Links, Video, Images, Papers, Books, Amazon].
James Doundoulakis, Warren Strugatch,
The Perfect Smile: The Complete Guide to Cosmetic Dentistry, 160 pp, Hatherleigh Company, Limited, 2004.
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___Bonding, Color Modifiers, Composite Resin, Indirect Restorations, Ceramometal, Porcelain, Laminate Veneers, Acrylic Resins, Bleaching].

Esthetic Dentistry [Links, Video, Images, Papers, Books, Amazon; Fundamentals of Dental Esthetics, Dental Legal Forms].
Kenneth W. Ascheim and Barry G. Dale, Esthetic Dentistry A Clinical Approach to Techniques and Materials, 606 pp, Mosby Inc., 2001.
______Includes principles, materials, orthodontics, periodontics, oral surgery, and maxillofacial surgery.
______Also includes implantology, implant surgery, laser surgery, dental photography, and plastic surgery.
Operative Dentistry [Links, Video, Images, Papers, Books, Amazon]
Theodore Roberson, Harold O. Heymann, Edward J. Swift (Editor),
Sturdevant's Art and Science of Operative Dentistry,
Hardcover, 1032 pp, 5th edition, Mosby, April 13, 2006.

James B. Summitt, J. William Robbins, Thomas J. Hilton, Richard S. Schwartz, Jose, Jr. DOS Santos, (Editors),
Fundamentals of Operative Dentistry: A Contemporary Approach,
Hardback, 599 pp, 3rd edition, Quintessence Publishing (IL), January 31, 2006.
Composite Fillings [Links, Video, Images, Papers, Books, Amazon/Dental Composites]
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery [Wikipedia, Links, Video, Images, Papers, Books, Amazon]
Pediatric Dentistry [Links, Video, Images, Papers, Books, Amazon; Primary Teeth, Restoration of Primary Dentition].
Preventive Dentistry [Links, Video, Images, Papers, Books, Amazon]
Norman O. Harris, Franklin Garcia-Godoy, Christine Nielsen Nathe,
Primary Preventive Dentistry,
7th Edition, Paperback, 576 pp, Prentice Hall, September 19, 2008. []
Restorative Dentistry [Links, Video, Images, Papers, Books, Amazon]
Endodontics [Links, Video, Images, Papers, Books, Amazon]
Leif Tronstad, Clinical Endodontics: A Textbook, Thieme, 2002.
Dental Implants [Wikipedia, Links, Video, Images, Papers, Books, Amazon]
Yamagishi, K, Onuma, K,, "Material Chemistry: A synthetic enamel for rapid tooth repair", Nature, 2005; 433:819.
A synthetic hydroxyapatite in an acid paste replaces crystals in minutes.
[Links/Preventive Dental Materials, Amorphous and reactive calcium phosphate complexes, Enamel Pro]
Dental Materials [Links, Video, Images, Papers, Books, Amazon; Link/Dental Impression Materials, Video, Images;
Links/Restorative Dental Materials, Video, Images, Books; Links/Esthetic Dental Materials, Video, Images, Books]
Marcia Gladwin & Michael Bagby,
Clinical Aspects of Dental Materials, Theory, Practice, and Cases, 3rd ed., Wolters Kluwer, 2009.
Mechanical properties of dental materials: University of Michigan Materials Science, Dentistry.

William J. O'Brien, editor, Dental Materials and Their Selection, 4th edition, Quintessence Books, 2008.
Clinical Problems in Dentistry [Links, Video, Images, Papers, Books, Amazon].
Edward W. Odell, editor
Clinical Problem Solving in Dentistry, 2nd ed., Churchill Livingstone, 2004.
___Exposes medical details and surgical specialty problems not covered in customary dentistry coursework.

Dewey Decimal Call Numbers for Dentistry, starting with: RK, as in Raiders of the Lost RK. No doubt you remember how Indiana Jones tip-toes in the Dental Lab Temple of the HoVeeToes to seize the head of a grimacing figure from a pedestal, substituting a bag of sand after working to get its weight just right for the exchange. Then the pedestal sinks with the sandbag and gets one hell of a ball off. I always get that Abbot and Costello feeling when I go to the dentist, and finding dentistry under "RK" didn't calm my nerves any.

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