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Press for Deaging Lines with Birthdays. The aging explorer develops deaging methods and probes alternative facets of the world, maintains conventional appearance.
Above: March 31, 2013, Calendar Age: 63.88, Math Model Age: 27.28.
I seem somewhat older than the original math model age prediction.
In the cloud cover above the boys from Brazil, a man with a Scorpion tail suggestive of constellation
Scorpius shows himself in a hat on the coast with a raconteur's "Raccoon tale".

My grandparent's generation passed away in 1987 after 38 years and my parent's generation passed away in 2007
after 58 years. My wives checked out, and my brothers are widely scattered in the world. Visions of oblivion loom.
However, the average life span of man should increase astronomically soon, furnishing vistas of unlimited tomorrows,
and oblivions are flexibly programmable. Satellite visions continue to amaze me with their Magical Mystery Tour of wonders.

Heavens to Mergatroid Photos: 1, 2, 3... Infinity
The Ham Physicist and Engineer Jim Green makes his way back to Dr. Henry Unruh Jr., PhD Solid State physicist at WSU.
Also (Swim and Parker, 1957); (Hayflick and Moorhead, 1961); (Landau and Lifshitz).
Deal: Each year I must send the money for world wide web page support to X9 Web Hosting in Coleville, Washington.
I appear in S.Monocerotis above the Cone Nebula in a nebular subillustration of the Orion constellation drama. Astrophoto from Colors of the Stars by David Malin and Paul Murdin, pg.123. The WUF-balloon of the young skywalker is my resume PROFILE, concerning a young engineer about town in the universe. The Henry the Horse figure seems to be my professor in Solid State Physics, Dr. Henry Unruh Jr., who invited me to lecture at several graduate seminars at WSU in the early 1990s. CHANDRA, Supernova Vignettes...
Astrophoto by David Malin from Colours of the Stars by David Malin and Paul Murdin, page 123. Assid Rock[2] Ara TriStar Ride Jokerman.
The HossPitAl Rock near S. Monocerotis seems to be Dr. Henry Unruh Jr., who published in volume 123 of Physical Review and became a Big Star.
I did extensive astrophysics calculations on solid state models of collapsed objects, and developed Thermonuclear Fusion in Stars, ect.
Mythically, it seems I became The Hammer of Stars by backing in and self-publishing results with my hand for typesetting and computers.
Meanwhile, perhaps publishers nailed Henry down like a black hand for paying to have articles typeset and published by other brains. Poker Chip:

I tried to publish an article in Physical Review myself edited by Jack Sandweiss (the horsehead idol?), but decided I might be dented and kept it.
The learing figure in the strapless evening gown facing the two wolves perhaps represents Dr. Hans Bethe, one of the first to develop
supernova mass threshold formulae and associated work on stellar fusion processes, and a close friend of Dr. E.E. Salpeter at Cornell.

The scene resembles an altered-state encounter at Vassar & 15th catty-corner from Fairmount Park, where my first Sandoz LSD hit in 1967.

"Bard-oh! Bard. Sing to him who passes now
quietly slipped from mooring of his clay....
The world of dream was loosed from sleep, and the world of dream was real!"

Music: Drift Away by Dobie Grey.

My engineering library had to go into storage in Tampa, Florida after I failed to find a job there in 1991 after my stint at Telos Federal Systems, so that the above scene resembling a return to solid state physicist Dr. Henry Unruh Jr. as a Great Stone Head of Easter Island in the WSU physics department may symbolize The End of the Line for my engineering development road show and "Whistle Stops on my Presidential Campaign", as Telos management thought of episodes in my historical resumes. (Play History by Judy Collins from Sanity and Grace). I was lovesick tippy and had zigged when I should have zagged, hoping to reunite with Jean in Tampa again, when I might have continued on to Raytheon in Indiana, where as I recall they had a suitable engineering project ready for me worthy of Indiana Jones. A letter to Jean came back one time marked Return to Sender, but the lure of warm Tampa Bay is intense. I experienced Return to Cinder back to Henry-the-physicist Relative-a-Tee "residue" bouying up my "resume" like heat for a hot-air balloon available for rocky levitation of a former student with new work to show. I had studied stellar structure equations and supernovae until I had visions of starfire in my mind's eye.

Supernova Remnant LMC N63A: 2000 Years Old
The mythic supernova remnant LMC N63A in the Large Magellanic Cloud is estimated to be about 2000 years old. Press for Jim Green's 'Greenwich Mean Time' Life Extension formula.
Mythic Rishon Triplet: Higher Intelligence in the Universe
Concentrating in Profile on a Book opened like a "V"
of "Soviet Consciousness" above mass-of-the-ass dames
in heat in a Magellanic Cloud of supernova remnant near
the phallus constellation Dorado with u-quark=VTT.

Cosmic V-Stud with Transsexual Shortstack
including Tonto and The Lone Raccoon.
The u-quark = (VTT, TVT, TTV) has 3 colors
corresponding to 3 rishon triplets, as does
the d-quark = (/T/V/V, /V/T/V, /V/V/T).
Nucleons include uud = the proton, ddu= the neutron.
All quarks are formed from excited states of d, /d, u, and /u,
and all hyperons are formed using excited states of quarks.
Mesons are formed as quark-antiquark pairs.
The leptons are colorless rishon triplets like TTT, /T/T/T,
VVV, /V/V/V and their excited states.

I seem to appear in the Wolf-Rayet nebula to the right of the Wolf-Rayet star S.Monocerotis above the NGC 2264 Cone Nebula in a nebular subillustration of the Orion constellation drama. The WUF-balloon of the young skywalker seems to be my resume PROFILE, concerning a young engineer about town in the universe. The Henry the Horse figure seems to be my 1977 professor in Solid State Physics, Dr. Henry Unruh Jr., who invited me to lecture at several graduate seminars at WSU in the early 1990s. Dr. Unruh worked extensively on magnetized materials and spin in quantum mechanics, so that he is represented as an idol with an iron head in NGC 2264's Wolf-Rayet nebula to the right of the star S.Monocerotis, iron being the most magnetic material. Coincidentally, the supernova progenitor cores I was investigating were made of iron. Since the star S.Monocerotis inspected by two nebular Wolves is haunted by an iron core ghost, perhaps it is a supernova progenitor that is about to explode. A check reveals that S.Monocerotis is a Wolf-Rayet star, a very massive O7-type Wolf-Rayet star that invariably produces a supernova.
Star: S. Monocerotis [associated Wolf-Rayet nebula, Image2]
Constellation: Monoceros beneath Gemini.
Distance: 2500 light-years.
Spectral class: O7, high-metal content Population I star.
Visual magnitude: 4.2 - 4.9.
Luminosity: 250 000 solar magnitudes.
Mass: circa 40 solar masses.
Lifetime: 9.92 x 109(Msun/M)2 years,
= 9.92 x109(1/40)2 years = 6.2 x 106 years.
This is the Population I main-sequence stellar lifetime, so that S.Monocerotis has at least about 1 chance in "six" million of exploding this year, as the "sex" star mythos in the associated Wolf-Rayet nebula may allude to. (A low-metal content Population II star has a lifetime about 16% shorter.) The light from the S. Monocerotis supernova directly beneath Gemini and above the Cone Nebula in NGC 2264 will be spectacular for nearly a year. According to competing description, S. Monocerotis is a binary star (a spectroscopic binary with a period of 25 years) 1000 LY distant, consisting of two stars of 20 and 30 solar masses, both of which are supernova progenitors with main sequence lifetimes of 23 x 106 years and 10.2 x 106 years, respectively. It's a double whammy. Perhaps this explains the two wolves in the nearby Wolf-Rayet nebula. The magnitude of S Monocerotis varies between 4.2 and 4.6, showing a luminosity of about 8500 solar luminosities. The associated star cluster is believed to be from 1 to 10 million years old. I used the WSU physics department computing machinery to prepare CHANDRA [Book], astrophysics software written in C, to recompute the Chandrasekhar limit and associated models of white dwarfs, neutron stars, and collapsed objects in various rotation states. I sent my results to Dr. Subramanyam Chandrasekhar himself at the University of Chicago, who wrote back with tips and references. We sent several letters back and forth. Soon after, I discovered overthrow theorems for classical General Relativity and formulated a unified quantum field theory of forces based on classical vector boson field theory. I even used Chandrasekhar's derivation of the Kerr metric exact solutions to exhibit the problem factor of 4 that I discovered initially in solutions of the approximate linearized Einstein field equations. Again, Dr. Henry Unruh and Dr. Alexander permitted me to lecture on the topic to the Physics Graduate Seminar at WSU in the early 1990s, which I did more than once. Dr. Joseph Strecker, who had suggested generalizing field theory based on classical vector boson models, was present. I managed to compute observed classical GR effects from the unified quantum field theory of forces, finally, including the perihelion precession of Mercury in 1998. The gravitational waves predicted by the unified quantum field theory of forces are weaker than in Einstein's GR, but are difficult to measure. The most probable complete unified quantum field theory including fermions and bosons is based on the Rishon model of Haim Harari (also see Micheal Shupe), in which all particles are derived from spin 1/2 (T,V,/T,/V) particles with associated charges [+(1/2)e, 0, -(1/2)e, 0] and the excited states of the associated colored quarks and antiquarks formed from bound rishon triplets

u=(VTT, TVT, TTV), /u=(/V/T/T, /T/V/T, /T/T/V), d=(/T/V/V, /V/T/V, /V/V/T), /d=(TVV, VTV, VVT),
and colorless leptons (TTT, /T/T/T, VVV, /V/V/V) = (positron, electron, neutrino, antineutrino)

explaining the excited states and decay schemes associated with observed quarks and leptons. All quarks are excited states of u, /u, d, and /d, and all quarks and leptons are made of rishon triplets in which matter and anti-matter rishons do not mix. Thus there are only 2 ground-state quarks u,d and their antiparticles /u and /d, so that s, c, t, and b quarks and their antiquarks are excited states of these. The four rishons (T,/T), (V,/V) are the Earth, Air, Fire, and Water (Anaxamenes) of unified quantum field theory in which anti-matter completely balances matter, eliminating the possibility of anti-matter galaxies and other theoretical anomolies. If the forces between Rishons were properly modeled, we could theoretically solve the associated bound-state problems to determine the mass spectrum of the elementary particles. The masses would be associated with bound-state solutions for relativistic wave equations describing the elementary particles as bound systems of rishons and their excited states. This program applies most directly to the excited states of the leptons, including excited states of electrons and positrons. In this model the Higgs boson (The God Particle reminding us of the Myth of the New Moon) does not exist, but is replaced by the T,V, /T,/V systems of particles forming quarks and leptons and their excited states, the observed systems of quarks and leptons which decay down to stable, lower-energy quarks and leptons forming (protons, anti-protons, neutrons) = (the baryon and anti-baryon nucleons associated with higher-energy hyperons and anti-hyperons), and leptons=(positrons, electrons, neutrinos, antineutrinos) that are associated with higher-energy leptons that are excited states of these. The decay schemes of the observed excited states of quarks and leptons are understood now in terms of bound systems of rishon triplets and their excited states, although exact solutions from relativistic wave equations with potentials providing precise wave-mechanical description with associated mass spectra have not yet been obtained.

Psychedelic Allah returns to the Dome of the Rock beneath the nebula-subillustrated constellation splendor of the Celestial Sphere in the mythic drama of Higher Intelligence in the Universe. Press for Religion.
Music: I Wonder Why by Art Garfunkle.
Mission Aries: Sexual Revolution including
the Far-Fetched Visions of "All-Lah".
The overarching mythic imaging side effects on the celestial sphere were so in synchronism with my lifetime and work here that it resembled a science fiction Nebula Award for having worked out the Laws of the Universe. If you should become the fountainhead of the Laws of the Universe it seems you become entangled in the mythical, magical side of things as well as in the laws controlling long-range cosmic world order, as if the two were connected. Now I seem to exist at the Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out stellar mythic focus of a universe whose laws I managed to mirror in equations. So I seem to find myself at the mythic mirror focus of the Laws of the Universe as "Allah", you might say, as in "Metallah", a star name on the charts at the tip-end of the constellation Triangulum forming a pointer at the tip of the nose of Andromeda, who "met Allah". All-lah's all includes his ass, of course, so there you have it in the above image of S. Monocerotis beneath Gemini: Allah's Ass goes to The Rock, and we speak of The Dome of the Rock, which might symbolize the constellations in the everlasting sky in which Borock rises as the New Moon, showing its buns with a smile. Coincidentally Christian women congregate in cathedrals and churches, some as Angels of the Lord, eagerly sought after by an admiring throng of angel-seekers hungry for fellowship and ecstasy. Note that everywhere "analytical" functions satisfy the constraints imposed by the "residue" theorem concerning their "all-around" properties at great distances from functional "poles", a circumstance I somehow detect in the astrophoto as an allusion. The astrophoto was printed on page 123 of Colours of the Stars, reminding me of George Gamow's title "1,2,3..Infinity", which I read as a young student. Coincidentally, Dr. Unruh (now 85 years old living in Bakersfield, California) published an article in volume 123 of Physical Review on spin waves and specific heats. It established him as a big star, and he served in the Physics Department at WSU for more than 25 years. It took 8 years after his MS in 1952 at Kansas State University to acquire his PhD at The Case Institute of Technology in 1960. Dr. Unruh founded the Jean and Henry Unruh Scholarship at WSU. He finally married a second time, to Josephine. Coincidentally, I had seriously dated Jean and married a Josephine, too, a startling resonance. Was Dr. Henry Unruh Jr, my professor of solid state physics during my graduate studies in electrical engineering and computer science at WSU in 1976-1977, keeping track of me and signaling?

I seem to Turn On in visions as the wing-robe of Orion in the East, Tune In as the Orion constellation complex crosses the meridian, and Drop Out as the Winter Crescent of Stars around Orion forms a rainbow arc in the West above the setting sun. Will I become physiologically immortal at the focus of creation and eternity like The Eternal Our God above? Well, by adding anti-aging makeup and a wig I can seem to be 33.7 at calendar age 62.63 in trick photos, at least. There is now good hope for unlimited life extension [Essay], although accidents can intervene to cancel the Shangri-La experience. At age 66.045 my original equations based on rejuvenation theory predict an appearance corresponding to an age of 16.04. This should happen by the last day of May, 2015, without requiring a feministic pose. The model age 25 should be reached by the end of August 2013, at calendar age 64.3. A fresh and peachy look obtainable with makeup or rejuvenated in reality with growth factor skin creams does seem younger than my photo at the top of this page. See pages 1, 2, 3...Infinity for The Immortality Solution (at this stage of its development). However, I have trouble meeting my original rejuvenation goal of 33.7 in photos without adding makeup and a wig. I then worrisomely resemble Aristarchus on the Moon about to be shot down from the crater Euler and sink to the Frau Mauro level, or perhaps a lost Louis posing as a power behind the throne in 18th Century France.

Press for 2000 Light-Years from Home by the Rolling Stones.
A few days after the Equinox, when Orion rises like a Wing early in the morning...

Love in the Winter Sky and Sexuality in the Summer Sky fume to High Heaven.
Music[2] Jokerman by Bob Dylan, Jumping Jack Flash by the Rolling Stones.

In the Afterlife Beneath a Visionary Sky of Former Time
We transform to a system of coordinates associated with a bearded Centaur, a god, or a goddess riding along on the spinning earth, who can look up to see the constellations, galaxies, and nebulae. What conditions must be satisfied for the witness to behold him or herself as described in the constellations (which Turn On, Tune In, and Drop Out) as they rise, cross the meridian, and set? I think everyone eventually sees a mythic drama featuring Orion heaving the skyhook of Aries high to catch his girlfriend by her garter belt and hose. It is the path of the revolutionaries. Aries comes around to become the highlight on her hose, while Perseus rotates into position to become her bottom, when it was initially part of her smile. The new moon behaves like that, too. Andromeda's smile is found in Perseus, the Pleiades, and Aries. Judging from the star names, the hook of Aries (the horn of Shofar) is a thin mess of writing (including the star Mesarthim), and she is happier to see her lord Orion in person, as evident from an inspection of constellation Perseus. In my case, the mu- and epsilon- codes associated with stellar intensities within a constellation seemed to refer the theorems containing two values of mu for the grav-magnetic field, the one 4 times too large in Einstein's classical General Relativity theory and the one that is compatible with the usual local Lorentz invariance of forces and Principle of Relativity in local coordinates, as in classical electromagneic field theory. The force hook of Scorpius over the galactic core, for instance, has 2 mu- stars in it. This also occurs in contellation Grus. Furthermore, there was actually a constellation resembling a Chrisoffel symbol (Microscopium) being studied by an eye (Piscis Austrinus). Constellation Indus resembled the factor of 4 itself in my theorems. To boot, the Crown of Eternal Life (Corona Australis) is centered on an ear (for engineer) punched through by 4 stars on the rim of that ear with a mu-star where the ear hole would be. The balance constellation Libra is near a mu-star, which indicates that a balance problem about mu is involved. You can see that Centaurus is excited about it, waving his arms over his resume Lupus prepared at his terminal Ara. There are many similar examples. So I find myself at the center of Jim Green's Mythically Mirroring Universe of the Mind, like few other kids would. Virgo, described as Kanya, the mother of Krishna, or The Maiden of the Wheat Fields, was my mother Ruth. Ruth is another designator for the constellation Virgo that appears on star charts. The Andromeda woman was a nurse I was dating, Jean. Pegasus was my first wife Susan, a steed flying upside down that comes around at Thanksgiving to sniff at the hip pocket position in the body of Aquarius, who is diving for the necktie constellation Sculptor to make ready for his next interview at the end of time, when he has to tie a knot and hang on. Susan is also up there in the constellation Lyre, featuring the stars Sulaphat and Sheliak. Taurus is also a necktie constellation like Sculptor, although it predominantly features the cup of the Hyades, on which the star Aldebaran glows like a red highlight on a wine glass with which Orion toasts Andromeda. Incidentally, I did supernova mass threshold calculations that seem to show Aldebaran could go supernova right at the threshold mass I found for its kind of star. So Aldebaran, the old Star of Bethlehem, is about the threshold of a dream of mine. When it explodes as a supernova, men will think of Jean and I, perhaps. And our galaxy the Milky Way will collide with Andromeda galaxy, spinning the constellations into new patterns in which we may still be involved while we are once again youthful and alive millions of years in the future, thanks to the most recent developments in the molecular biology of aging and medicinal chemistry. Medicine will become more important than birth in sustaining human life, but sex will still be a divine self-expression and gesture of friendship between us. Jean is also Corvus, with its pointer star to Virgo, Alchita, somehow signaling through the fifth dimension that I, Jim, went to Wichita. It begins like a little cross as it watches boyfriend distant Orion cross to the far side of the sky. When he vanishes beneath the Winter Crescent of Stars in the position of the setting sun, Corvus rotates into tombstone position, and it is Memorial Day. As her lord vanishes beneath his arc of stars, she turns to stone and becomes The Door into Summer, high in line. I could go on and on about how the celestial sphere seems to be back-focused on my life since Susan filed for divorce. Now I seem to be living in the Afterlife, well into The Grandfather Zone where my lifetime is overhead in the stars, and It's All Over Now, Baby Blue and Desolation Row are Stuck Inside a Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again. I hope someday I can change my tune back to Jumping Jack Flash. I am hilariously somehow Mr. Greenjeans familiar from Captain Kangaroo, which gets around to the Grandfather Clock including visionary time with phases of the moon.

Barrier Penetration: Further Notes
"John 1:18 No man has seen God at any time. The only begotten son, who is in the bosom of the Father, he hath declared him." This seems to be mirrored in the S. Monocerotis Wolf-Rayet nebula, above. The nose of the idol with the iron head seems to be up against the bosom of the smiling figure of light wearing a strapless evening gown while being greeted by the grinning wolves in a way that reminds one of this passage.

Press for my 2013 antiaging program as I approach 64.
The bridge scene over troubled water here reminds me
of a man standing on Gemini in the Winter Crescent
sinking like a starry rainbow over the Western horizon,
over the sun, over the vanishing body of the hunter Orion,
who holds his fireaxe resume Gemini aloft in a gesture of All Hail.
Thus Tune In, Turn On, Drop Out constellation boys finally disappear.
Play Old Man River (1946) by Frank Sinatra.

The S.Monocerotis Rock also reminds me of the Christian hymn with the refrain: "On Christ the solid rock I stand, all other ground is sinking sand." I note that Henry Unruh spoke at the blackboard for more than 25 years to the student body, suggestive of "...and of course Henry the Horse dances the Waltz." Wichita State University is perched high on a hill, while the First Presbyterian Church where my parents were married and that hymn is still sung is down by a sandy river bank. It has also been rendered in Rock and Roll centered in Green Lights as Delerious Solid Rock. Now The First Presbyterian Church is somewhat modeled after The Dome of the Rock, incidentally, because the coffee and tea and rolls or cookies before services are taken from something like The Well of Souls beneath The Main Sanctuary. (See Religion). The chapel where my parents were married is on the first floor to the South, so that I can stand at that spot just by visiting the church. This factor makes the church a magnet for its children, although we are often raised exclusively by public schools. My parents were married there, I was baptized there, but to be confirmed you must master The Heidelberg Confession, which I think of as the Hide-L-Dong confession, as the children of the church have Judao-Christian roots and often wear ties as if they were kidding about "The New Deal". The Senate and the House still massively wear ties. However, the schoolhouse has a lot of prestige, and its students rarely wear them, although most kids there were circumcized when I was a boy. This causes some confusion. I believe many people willed their houses to the church so that they could write for them with church blessing, so that a man's financial authority was often associated with his tie, which is often worn to church and formal occaisions. However, most kinds in the schoolhouse gang do not will their house to the church. Thus the schoolhouse gang is sort of the Democrats (or the Communists), and the church gang is sort of The Grand Old Party, where oldies may encountered aplenty. Many of us have a foot in both worlds. So issues involving financial favors and privy secrets got connected with neckties. The idea that notes had to be kept safe from inspection (a concept important to bankers) is a key point of the Hide-L-Dong confession, seems like. Keeping notes safe from inspection meant that bankers could write to cover for notes. Jet Set friends from abroad are often somewhat confused about this. FDR would use the necktie with his "It's the New Deal" pitch, while The Democratic Party was firmly for financial favors from the bank and a Hearth and Home orientation no matter what. However, to get direct support from the Democratic Party you might have to contribute to their coffers from time to time, as if it were your church. The Head of the Household was classically a male with a tie on that often had more financial authority than a woman or a lovely transsexual boy, a Lady Liberty whom one might also marry, and our nation established "precedents" for this by introducing us to Presidents and First Ladies. Thus, your wife turns out to be your favorite boy is not without "precedent" in American society. However, there are suprises such as boys morphing into she males in a god-to-goddess transformation that can eventually lead to male pregnancy and childbirth from transfigured males. Meanwhile, the schoolhouse concentrates on displaying the union of sperm and egg, with men as sperm donors and women as egg-bearers, so that schoolhouse kids are often expecting to have grown up when women were women and men were men, a time I still seem to recall. On the other hand, we begin speeches with "Ladies and Gentlemen"... and now Internet is charge of the true facts of life including the erotic hots and transsexual medicine, which may have initiated its literary trail with the pregnancy of Catherine of Aragon in the early 16th Century. I remember dancing at the ROXY, however. Preserving X-linked genes is healthy practice. Still, my XYY-karyotype father seemed to be healthy enough and put out a crew of 4 fine XY-karyotype boys with my mother as his partner.

"Stanley KU-brick"
Susan, press for fam4.Press for Winter Sky.Jo, press for fam9.
Music[2]: Greenback Dollar by the Kingston Trio, These Dreams; They Call the Wind Mariah).
[M100 in Coma Berenices (JPG), Spring Sky, Weathervisions2]: Departure Albatross: Gort, Beringa!.

Press for Longevity, Weather Visions, Big Mars, or The Erotic Hots Study Guide.

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