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Marriage at WSU to Susan Hull, nickname: 'Wolfie'. Click for Daughter Dianne in Fam3.The Time Machine (1960) - The Talking Rings.
Above: Jim Green (26) weds Susan Hull in 1975, surrounded by friends and family. Daughter by Susan.
We were married at the interfaith Harvey D. Grace Chapel at WSU just west of Ablah Library.
When Susan and I met, she was living at 1700 Holyoke at the "Historic Holyoke Cottage" (1988), then
we lived together in a 3rd floor apartment at the South end of The Ralston Center at Gardner and 13th Street.
After marrying, we moved into a "White House" student residence at 1602 Holyoke,
then into a blue cottage at 1625 Holyoke, until we bought a house on College Hill at 200 N. Old Manor.

Music: Crocodile Rock by Elton John.

When the rain beats against my windowpane, I'll think of summer days again, and dream of you...
The Harvey D. Grace Chapel at WSU, where Susan and I
were married in the Summer of 1975, equipped with a
Rodney Dangerfield Cone Nebula Lightning Rod spire,
reminiscent of a bud on the Mandelbrot Set and of Krell Lab
doorways of Dr. Edward Morbius in Forbidden Planet,
resembling the educational Krell Machine 3D Viewer
through which Dr. Morbius inspected his daughter Altera.
I think of it as The Cone Nebula chapel [Images]
associated with my NGC 2264 "Orion sky" mythology.

I had a wonderful time with Susan for the first five years before I started to overwork too much, which caused Susan to file for divorce for my not paying enough attention to lonely grievance, primarily. Susan thought we were beginning to look like Kermit and Miss Piggy. I looked for a place to hang myself for the first couple of weeks after our 1981 divorce, but went to Floridian paradise realms instead, remarried, rejoiced, continued to have a wonderful time, on and on... Besides, it turned out that who cares about divorced men is divorced women. However, most of us can never quite regroup like the first wedding for a big family event after years of marriage. Family members perish and by the time we are ready to remarry, it can't be done with so many of us present. Without grandparents for the kids, reproduction goes into suspended animation, but you might still like a wife to go through this with, as usual. My 2nd wife Jo (married 1983-1986) was a lot of fun, however, small ceremony far away or not, and I got to be a step-father for a while and take older children to The Epcot Center, the Kennedy Space Center, and to Clearwater Beach. Dating in 1987-1989 might have led to a 3rd marriage, but severance from Honeywell Defense Communications, then from Compro, somehow upset our new stellar effort.

Left: Susan as she was in the days when we were in love. Press for Dr. Seuss. Right: Kathleen Mayfield. Daughter Dianne Green. Press for Developmental Psychology Links. Press for StorkNet's Guide to the Weeks of Pregnancy and Childbirth.
Press for 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968) - The Flash Movie.
Left: Susan and Cousin Kathleen Mayfield (1956-Present). Right: Daughter Dianne.
In 2003, I still had support obligations in this 1981 Kansas divorce case,
due to employment discontinuities. By 2004, however, I seem to have gotten over it.
Like a Merry Prankster, I intercepted a divorce from Susan, but our daughter is healthy.
Music[2]: April Come She Will, Solitary Man, I'll Follow the Sun.

Press for Pasadena Guide: David's New Stomping Grounds. Press for Phases of the Moon.
Advanced Muppet Show
Susan & Jim as Muppets: Press for the advanced Muppet Show, in which mu-coupling and computing expert Green investigates Virtual Reality with Fuzzy Bear in CYBERAMA after a model Sun beams Green.

Susan & Jim as Muppets


Miss Piggy Profile
The Beyond Within:
Crocodile Rock
Left: David Green Gets Car for Me. Right: Dave playing with Dianne, & Dianne
Music[2]: Ride Like the Wind by Chris Cross, She Has Funny Cars by The Jefferson Airplane,
Don't Give Up on Us, Baby by David Soul.
When I got into trouble without a car, David managed to scrounge one up somehow, and is shown here celebrating his coup for us. Granddad Green got me a car, one time, too. The other picture shows brother David playing with Dianne during one of his visits home to 1036 Murray Court. Dave was and is a fine guitarist, and I used his guitar to learn to play simple melodies myself. I learned to play my favorite Simon & Garfunkel numbers Scarborough Fair Canticle [video] and The Sounds of Silence [videos] as a picker. I also liked to pick Auld Lang Syne, Turn, Turn, Turn, Moon River, and was haunted by Swanee River, which I thought of whenever I saw the star-heart of Cygnus seeming to rotate overhead around the star Sadir (γ-Cygnus) like "the heart of darkness". Today I may reload Anvil Studio from CNET, a PC synthesizer for composers.

Press for House & Facilities Construction according to Bob Vila of Home Again.
Above: Grandad Green's house at Quentin & 3rd Street (401 N. Quentin), with red bud tree.
This place had a dirty clothes chute that you could drop your clothes in from the 2nd floor all the way down to a basket in the laundry room in the basement. I used to watch towels and clothes tumble all the way down that chute with fascination. It also had an apartment in the attic that could be reached by a stairway that pulled down like a trap door or something out of Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson, Grandad's favorite novel. I had breakfast a lot with Granddad and Grandma, usually sausage, bacon, toast, and eggs with coffee and orange juice. Then we would read the paper in the Sunroom on the SouthEast side of the house, which is shown above.

Press for The History of Marriage
Above Left: Mom and Dad Marry on March 10, 1948, in the Chapel of the
First Presbyterian Church Flanked by Best Man Wyman Warren or Sherman Lample.
Above Right: Sherman Lample in St.Petersburg, Florida, 1980s.

Years later I visited with Wyman or Sherman in his living room not far from St.Petersburg, Florida, in the 80s. I do not remember by what trick of fortune I ever managed to find him, so that he could visit with the son of his old friend. He was accompanied by his wife, but had been in a motorcycle wreck, and was in a wheelchair at the time. I think I was with Jean or Jo the day we met. I think it was Sherman, but due to the passage of years, there is some residual uncertainty. Dad occasionally spoke of both men, whose names are suggestive of actors in an archetypal drama between fraternity brothers.

The Longest-Surviving World War II Vetern of the Clan - Uncle John Mayfield, Radar Operator, USS Franklin. Press for US Government on Getting Older: Administration on Aging.
Left: Maternal Uncle John, 1924-1999, a radar operator on the U.S.S. Franklin. (Video)
Right: Mom 1923-2005 in her 70s. Music: Fields of Gold
The above photos of John & Mom were taken after I returned from Florida in 1991. The Uncle John photo was taken in the Mayfield place on 327 N. Fountain, just about three blocks from Grandad Green's place at 3rd Street and Quentin. At the Mayfield place, I sometimes got dressed up like Santa to pass out presents on Christmas Eve. At 3rd Street and Quentin, we had hot dog roasts in the back yard during the Summer, and I remember the keen orthinological interest of my Grandparents in cardinals and other local birds that came to shake their feathers in the backyard bird bath. In fact, Grandad Green liked to refer to the children as "birds", perhaps because he realized we were incapable of analyzing our speech like adults for clues it might contain concerning our activities in the future, or because he considered us to be pre-dee-dee birds who would later be out to do it the bird way, like flying Orionid beings toasting a true love with a holy grail of stars. Uncle John and Grandma Mayfield were very kindly, and John took me to see Forbidden Planet [trailer], Creature Walks Among Us, The Blob, I Married a Monster from Outer Space [video segment], and other movies a child asks to go to. The only forbidden movie was Godzilla, King of Monsters, which they figured would be too much for them and us both. Grandma Green had taken me to see Hansel and Gretel, which frightened me a lot.

Above Left: John's daughter Cheryl and Grandma Mayfield. Music: Sarah Brightman - Scarborough Fair
Above Right: Greg's Wife Barbara next to cousin Greg Mayfield and Brother Rick Green (1950-Present).
Both scenes were photographed at 327 N. Fountain before 1987.

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