Galaxy Disco On High. Astrophoto courtesy Kitt Peak. My Angel #5 appears beside the central 3rd eye of the Magic Swirling Ship of galaxy M51.
Galaxy Disco: High Romance.
Where True Heaven is a Place on Earth.
Coming soon to a paradise near you.
Who wants Galaxy Disco...
Shades of the Force! As Galaxy Disco is defined, a galaxy forms over Oklahoma,
shadowed by a ghostly cloud with it's tongue hanging out...
It must be that spirits On High want Galaxy Disco!
Who speaks for earth? Let's go and do it!

Musical Theme: Baby, You're a Rich Man, Beatles.
Alternate Music: Dancing in the Dark | Proud Mary (keeps on burnin')

Toolkit for Construction of Galaxy Disco:
1) MovieMaking.
2) Disco Equipment.
3) Corporate Organization for Galaxy Disco.
4) The Galaxy Disco Philosophy.
5) Paradise Sites for Galaxy Disco.
6) Transportation and Accommodations for Galaxy Disco.
7) Jim Green's Home Page.

Galaxy DiscoTM is a trademark of Greenwood Research. 1/27/2003.

Suggestions, Volunteers, Pros: Write to Arc Above.