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Left:Jim Green's Engineering Bookcase in the mid-1980s.
Right: Jim Green in 1990.

ABA Electromechanical Systems,
subsequently General Defense (later Radiation Systems) - Engineer.
Pinellas Park FL. near Largo and Treasure Island, Nov/1983-Aug/1984.

At ABA Electromechanical Systems, I provided software and hardware support for a missile tracking system based on 3 pedestal-mounted servo-controlled optical telescopes equipped with smart digitizing video trackers for servo feedback and control. The three dimensional position of the missle in space at any time could be computed after the test from data recorded by the three video trackers. The tracking system employed Motorola 6809 microprocessor hardware, using a 2nd order mode-switched servo with a programmable rate loop inside a position loop (using an optical shaft angle encoder) for control of the tracking telescope pedestal position, and recorded position data on auxiliary video tape recorder tracks along with telescope boresight views of the missile. The tracking system speed and stability characterisics could be mode-switched by changing the loop components using computer-controlled analog switches, so that initial rapid phases of the motion could be dealt with differently than slowly changing end-phase motions in which the three telescope barrels would barely move. I did a complete analysis of the servo system using modern Laplacian methods. Also, I provided mathematical analysis to support exotic radar scanning geometries and helped to devise a weather radar motion control system using a phase-locked loop. 6809 assembly language was used throughout to control tracking system hardware. The initial system design was done by Joe Winner and Bruce Sobut for Eglin Air Force Base. The three-pedestal optical tracking system was developed to test anti-tank missiles. Before I left the firm, it changed its name to General Defense. Years later I noticed that it had changed its name again to Radiation Systems. At the time I was living with my 2nd wife Jo and her children in Dunedin, where we had moved from Palm Harbor after my first year at Alphatype/Berthold.

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