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Zeke Clam
Vision by GuruVision.
Press for Orion's Sky.
The Fantastic Zeke Clam Sex in Space Show.


The background is an astrophoto of the Orion Nebula after
the application of unsharp masking to reveal fine nebular
detail. See David Malin & Paul Murdin, Colours of the Stars
for an extensive study of the Orion Nebula and astrophotography.

Mythologically, the scene seems to show Jean & Jim as star-crossed
in the knee of the Orion Nebula, also sometimes called
The Sword of Orion. The scene mythically echoes Andromeda's
rise above Orion, when Andromeda's smile in Perseus, the Pleiades, and Aries
appears over Orion rising like a wing-robed Phoenix on the horizon on Christmas,
Orion standing erect at midnight then within the great arc of the Winter Crescent.
The Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee theme associated with the Fall of Orion
down the River Eridanus to the Horologium seems evident in this nebular projection,
which is thematically linked to themes defined by nearby constellations, as is
typical on the celestial sphere.

1)Sir James Jeans, The Dynamical Theory of Gases.
The Jeans-length theory of standing waves in a hot plasma was used by James A. Green to deduce many features of Galaxy Formation in spiral, barred spiral, and elliptical galaxies in the book by the same name by James A. Green.
2) Green, James A., Thermonuclear Fusion in Stars.
3) Green, James A., Gravitation & the Electroform Model: From General Relativity to Unified Field Theory, 11th edition. In addition to introducing unified quantum field theory to replace Einstein's classical general relativity, with re-calculation of GR effects from a new basis, in the appendix author Green introduces the reader to the theory of virtual standing waves and unitary mythic imaging on the celestial sphere and its connection to mirror-symmetry and standing-wave symmetry in quantum field theory. Green seems to magically appear with business associates, friends, wives and lovers in the actual celestial sphere scene, underscoring his lesson, like a recipient of the Overmind Nebula Award, somehow in sync with the unflowering image of the universe above us.
4) Green, James A., Astronomical Maps: The Structure of the Celestial Sphere, Greenwood Research. Explains the connection of celestial sphere mythic imaging ornamental symmetries to wave-mechanical symmetries, presents asterism detail in connection with constellation mythic imaging, treats symbol transformation in the march of the constellations across the sky, explains how imaging nebulae sub-illustrate the constellations in a thematically cohesive manner, explains the mythic synchronism of meteor showers and meteor shower radiants, presents charts of the precession of the equinoxes, from the author of Galaxy Formation, Cosmology, and Thermonuclear Fusion in Stars.

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Jim Green's Pearly Gates
Vision by GuruVision
From the Bruised Knee of Orion to The Mythic Image of the Divine Spirit: Eros & Ecstacy the in Space of the Mind. The Secret Passageway to the Zeke Clam Sex in Space Show, 2003 Fully Weened Edition. Adults Only!

My God, Its full of stars...Literary Accompaniment: Principles of Stellar Evolution & Nucleosynthesis by Donald D. Clayton,
Thermonuclear Fusion in Stars by James A. Green,
Colors of the Stars by David Malin & Paul Murdin.
Music: Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, Beatles, Paint It Black, Rolling Stones.

The Physics Behind the Pearly Gates: A factor of 4 leads to Unified Quantum Field Theory.
after Amnesia by Richard Thompson.

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