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Portraits with Olive Oil, Sesame Seed Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Water Wet, Bone Dry, and After Midnight Dry.

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Olive Oil.
Jim Green just out of the shower with Extra Virgin Olive Oil in his hair, and hiding the cheek.
I wish they were as perfect and white as Suzanne Somer's teeth, as shown in her recent Life Extension ad (Dec 2009, page 88). However, I think that would require veneers.
January 3, 2010.
A Tale of Teeth
and Life Savers.

Here the "Human Kinome" shines behind me in a polar plot like the radiance of an etherial projector controlled by Flash Gordon, as the great light of molecular biology launches man on a quest for physical immortality, having armed him with the wisdom literature of DNA and Life Extension medicine. The worst photos from this series look hilariously like Orville Redenbacher or aging Jimmy Carter. This year I acquired the cheek from a gallon of holiday Eggnog, which I must learn to avoid like I avoid ice cream. Teach him all about glycation, then slip him the eggnog at Christmas: You'd think I'd know by now. I must have acquired a stiff upper lip from 1967-1986, when I puffed on cigarettes and a pipe, yellowing my teeth, which are now somewhat lighter, but still not stirling pearl white. I don't notice the stiff upper lip reflex to conceal my teeth until I make a video of myself speaking. Ultrabrite is not enough, and tooth-whitening gel does not quite get it perfect, either. UV whitening might help, but veneers may be required for a movie star grin. My upper rearmost premolars require a fix from cracking down on "Nutcracker Sweet" white Life Savers offered at my bank, which might have suppressed a broad smile. I had better concentrate on writing for extra income in 2010 to fix these things. Incidentally, bad breath can come from beta galactosidase, which is expressed more by senescent cells. Therefore, telomerase activators to repair cellular senescence (including replicative senescence and stress-induced premature senescence), reduce beta galactosidase, helping to eliminate oral malodor in aging specimens.

Christmas: Play Greensleeves.
"Jim Green Revived", just out of the shower with roasted sesame seed oil in his hair.
Christmas Eve, 2009, Chronological Age = 60.63 years,
Model Age (B = -5.2, t0 = 57.967123) = 44.14 years, after 32 months.
Looks a bit like James Mason playing Field Marshal Rommel in The Desert Fox.

Jan 2, 2010: Water Wet with Grapeseed Oil
Jim Green right out of the shower with grape seed oil and water in his hair.
January 2, 2010, Chronological Age = 60.63 years,
Model Age (B = -5.2, t0 = 57.967123) = 44.14 years, after 32 months.
The minor keratosis at the cheekbone in front of the sideburn was induced by wire frame glasses sometime around 1988, and has been removed in January 2010 since this photo was taken by freezing with Compound W Freeze-Off and peeling two to four days later. This is the 2nd time it has been removed after the initial removal sometime around approximately 2006. It was formerly much larger and crustier in appearance, probably due to reactions of skin with copper, sweat, and Floridian sunlight.
Grape seed oil [Index] is used to heal skin around the eyes, according to cosmetics specialists. I thought I might check it for application to the hair by comparison with extra virgin olive oil and roasted sesame seed oil. Grape seed oil is gentler on the skin than extra virgin olive oil, and may have some application as a whole body rub, like olive oil. However, extra virgin olive oil may be superior for life extension in general and has been extensively tested both for application to the skin and for internal consumption. The roasting of sesame seed oil is believed by the manufacturer to improve the taste, but it probably adds undesirable chemicals to the material, such as advanced glycation end products. Roasted sesame seed oil seems to win as hair-darkening formulation. However, I remember Grandma Green's evaluation of Vincent Price back around 1960: "I don't like him. He's too oily."

Water Wet, Dec 29, 2009.
Jim Green shown Water Wet just out of the shower, no oil, in bathrobe and slippers.
Freshly baptized from the River Jordan, we looked rather better than dusty old pirates on the road. I conjecture that the "revivalist" look of a good dunk in the wet waters helped make baptism popular. Looks a bit like a Greek Orthodox Priest converted to a Roman Catholic shave. No wonder, my maternal Grandfather Harold Mayfield strode in at 6' 3" well after the Mayfields planted themselves in Oklahoma following the rush on the Cherokee Strip.

Bone Dry, Dec 29, 2009.
Bone Dry Jim Green, without oil, perhaps as grey as he was at 45.
The growth over the right eyelash (left) was frozen off 1/6/2010 with Compound W Freeze-Off,
as was the keratosis in front of the sideburn. After a skin lesion is frozen it can usually be peeled off
in a day or two. The right eye is now (1/19/2010) completely normal with no sign of the former growth.

See the Early Morning Jan 24, 2010 photos for blemish removal check pictures.
Jim Green on Sept 28, 2007 at North High Class Reunion.
Jim Green & Classmates,
Sept 28, 2007,
at North Reunion.
See Video.

The class of tyrosine kinases in the background includes cell surface receptors for telomerase activators in the cell signaling pathway that eventually reaches the nucleus, where the hTERT promoter for the protein catalytic component of the telomeric DNA repair enzyme telomerase can act to return a senescent cell to its youthful phenotype. The video Galaxy Formation Rap shows me at the end of my first month of telomerase activation, about May 20, 2007, chronological age 58.049, at the model age 57.5349, achieved at a cost of a mere $50.00. I don't seem to have visibly improved since this video 31 months ago, which shows me thinner after a Spring Epiphany diet. The photo to the left from my North High School Class of 1967 Reunion taken on September 28, 2007 shows me dry without oil at chronological age 58.38, theoretical model age = 55.806 after 5 months of telomerase activation therapy. The top photo shows me photographed dry January 2, 2010, Chronological Age = 60.63 years, at the theoretical Model Age (B = -5.2, t0 = 57.967123) = 44.14 years, after 32 months of treatment. At TA-65's B = -8 year/year, I would now be 35.956. There is little visible difference between the two photos, so that perhaps I had better add a mid-course correction and apply telomerase activators directly to the scalp, in addition to applying them orally. However, in both cases my appearance is consistent with the stated model ages, because hair color is not a very good indicator of physiological age by comparison with the measured telomere length. By May 2010 my model age should be 41.9750 after 3 years of treatment, and by May 2011 the model age at B = -5.2 is theoretically 36.7883. Finally, by May 2012 the model age should be 31.6017, but at TA-65's B= -8 years/year I would be at model age 17.28. I might add that after close examination I do get the impression that the rejuvenation process is working and that the rejuvenation rate is about -5.2 years per year. But so far it is not perfectly convincing in casual photos, even after 2.5 years, however well I can diguise myself with hair oil magic. On the other hand, the recently deceased Bruce Branscum was nearly perfectly white haired at the end of his life, showing symptoms of stem cell failure where his hair follicle melanocytes were concerned.

Mr. Moonlight leaves his full beard to your imagination. Hair is typically 50% grey at 50. Press for Moonraker.
Very Dry Captain Midnight Jim Green at 1:30 AM, Dec 29, 2009,
theoretically arriving at model age 44.14 at chronological age 60.63.

It does look better during the day, but at midnight I still look a bit too elderly. (See greyest.)
Scrooged and ace in the hole: Career transmission as a corporate engineering leader. You could wind up a dead man on a dead world. Pray for life, pray for life.
The Moon as a Perpetual Motion Book Crack
Balloon with a bearded Portrait of Dorian Grey,
His Young Sidekick Blackbeard the Buccaneer,
a Youth Zoom to Honeymoon Temptations, and
a Fallen Handmaiden of Binding at Tycho.

This is about as grey as my hair can be photographed at this time, and it is about the time that Avatar came out, starring the catman blueboys. I am convinced that Green the Colorful Magician wants to believe that his scheme works, and he likes to convey that things are going well with it, but thorough examination is best for formulating mid-course corrections. I guess I had really better go the Artandi Labs route and apply telomerase activators (7) directly to the scalp [74s]. I wish I could afford better measurements. Are those telomeres really getting longer? Are my witnesses suitably excellent judges of age? Meanwhile, I'd best attempt to obtain a leaner head for myself. At least Madame Jeanne Louise Calment's extra virgin olive oil treatments seem to have produced a smooth complexion. As a matter of fact, it was perhaps the grapeseed oil treatments applied instead of olive oil that smoothed it out. Grapeseed oil [Links, Wikipedia, LifeExtension] is recommended by the experts for healing skin around the eyes, and I have been using it in one daily application 75% of the time for the past 2 or 3 months. The most youthful look seems to require a dip in rejuvenating waters, and then the cure lasts but for a short time until the evaporation of the watery grace. It makes me take Zs-Nagy's work on cellular dehydration (13) in The Membrane Hypothesis of Aging more seriously as an element in achieving a final solution to the aging problem. By applying roasted sesame seed oil on advice from India, I can darken the hair considerably, a good magic trick. However, age transformation using astragalus membranaceous root extracts is so gradual that it is difficult to see, and hair color measures can be deceptive.
A hide-the-hair response. As a fallen angel, Green comes forward as a maiden of handbinding, in the image of the full moon, about to engineer negligible senescence. Press for Visionary.
Mothers of Invention: Green on Halloween 2001 at 52,
as cheerful physicist and engineer Christiaan Huygens,
inventor of the first piston-and-cylinder engine,
rehearsing Rolling Stones numbers.
"What a drag it is getting old..."
This 76-month experiment costing $60 a month for the telomerase activation does not produce quick satisfaction, and results do not always seem perfectly founded at first, not even after 32 months. On the other hand, the moonwalking old boy can be groomed and made to seem like he is getting younger, while his pals get older. After all I have seen, including the associated scientific papers in the professional literature, I am still optimistic that better results will be obtained. In fact, 2010 has me starting at model age 44.14 and ending at model age 38.95, and 2011 ends at model age 33.76. By then my hair color may have returned to Mycro-Tek (Maltese Falcon) black, if the theory is correct. I may have to settle for doing the experiment as originally planned, and leave the telomerase activator scalp rubs [74s] for a backup to use if I don't get the result I'm after. And remember, activation of DNA repair enzymes won't repair your teeth.
Mycro-Tek's "Xenotron" AdComp Man shows story of "Pro-clues" & jaunts to the other side for Advantage.
Don't miss Jim Green as Cal and David Kenegy or Stan Brannan as Exeter in This Island Earth.
Metaluna: See Moon Map.

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2010 - Soul to Heaven, Body to Earth: The Lunes of Mars and the R < 10 writing on the Wall. Aubrey de Grey, magically mirrored by the God Particle, in Ending Aging. Press for Santa Claus is Coming to Town.
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