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Laboratory Topic Reference Links [Biopharmaceutical Glossaries,, Tools of Molecular Medicine]
Adenovirus transfection of genes (gene therapy) - hTERT or other genes such as c-Myc for hTERT activation may be transfected using adenovirus vectors.
____[Index, QbioGene/Adenovirus for gene therapy applications, Books/adenoviral transfections, Links/Adenoviral Transfections,
____Invitrogen/adenoviral transfections, Amaxa Biosystems, Amazon/adenoviral transfections].
____[CB Harley, et al.; Adenoviral human telomerase reverse transcriptase dramatically improves ischemic wound healing..].
Affinity Chromatography [Links, Images, Video, Books, Amazon].
Analytical Chemistry [Links, Images, Video, Books, Amazon;]. | Periodic Table || Medical Biochemistry [Links, Images, Video, Books, Amazon].
Assay Development (for drug discovery) [Links, Images, Papers, Books, Amazon; Video/Drug Discovery, Video/Assay Development].
Astragalus [Index, MDidea, GAIA Herbals Extract, Images/Extracts, Links, Images, Books, Links/Astragalus Seeds, Growing Astragalus, Links/growing].
_____Green: Telomere Remodeling with Cyclic Telomerase Activation, (7), [81s]; TA Sciences, Index/Telomerase Activators: Alphabetical Index.
_____Geron: Compositions and Methods for Increasing Telomerase Activity and Formulations Containing Astragalus Extracts....
_____ Chipper/Shredder, Images/chipper/shredder, Links, Books/chipper/shredder.
_____Reflux Apparatus [Images, Images/extraction reflux apparatus, images/reflux extraction, images/reflux extraction apparatus].
_____Wikipedia/Evaporators, Links/Evaporation & Separation, Wikipedia/separation process, Books/seperation processes, Bioseparation.
_____Column Chromatography on Silica Gel [Links, Images, Video, Books, Amazon]; Reverse Chromatography on silica gel [Links, Images, Books, Amazon]
_____Fluorescence Spectra of Astragalosides [Links, Images, Papers, Books]; Spectrophotometry of astragalosides [Links, Images, Papers, Books].
_____Mass Spectrometry of Astragalus Extract [Links, Images, Papers, Books]; Books/Organic Mass Spectrometry; Index/Instrumental Analysis.
_____Books/Preparation of Phytochemical Extracts, Books/Phytochemistry, Books/Plant Extracts, Books/Astragalus Extracts.
_____Excipients: Chitosan [Index, Wiki/chitosan, Links, Images] and Sodium Deoxycholate [Links, Books] improve Astragaloside IV bioavailability.
_____Links/Blood Metabolite Measurements, Images, Papers, Books, Amazon; Books/Metabolite Measurements, Amazon; Books/Hematology, Amazon.
_____Links/astragaloside content of astragalus membranaceus from different districts in China; Xi'an roughly 2x Mongolian.
Autoradiography [Links, Images, Video, Books, Books/autoradiography for gel electrophoresis].
Baculovirus vectors [Links, Images, Video, Papers, Books].
Biochemistry and Cell Biology Library | Biochem and Cell Bio Tutorials [Books/Biochemistry, Books/Cell Biology].
Biology index and links | Kimball's Biology Pages [Links, Video, Books].
Bioinformatics [Index, Links, Images, Video, Papers, Books].
Biomedical Protocols [Index, Books/medical biomethods, Humana Press/BioMed Protocols] See Humana Press/Methods in Molecular Biology.
Biopsy [Wikipedia/biopsy, Wikipedia/needle aspiration biopsy, Books/Tissue Biopsy, Books/Biopsy, Books/Needle aspiration biopsy].
Biosafety [Links, Images, Video, Papers, Books, Amazon].
Biotech Business (Books).
Biotechnology Information, National Center for [Books] | GenBank [Books] | Bioinformatics [Index, Books]
Biotechnology Links [Books], Biotechnology Equipment links [Books].
Blood Microscopy [Links, Books, Amazon].
Blood Testing [Index, Links; Links/Human Blood, Books/Human Blood, Amazon; Links/Hematology, Books/Hematology].
Blot Analysis: Northern Blot Analysis [Books, Wikipedia], Western Blot Analysis [Books, Wikipedia].
...Southern Blot Analysis [Books, Wikipedia], Southwestern Blot analysis [Wikipedia, Books].
Capillary electrophoresis, free zone [Links, Images, Video, Papers, Books; Index/Instrumental Analysis].
cDNA libraries [Links, Images, Papers, Books, Wikipedia].
Carcinogens: Known and Suspected [Index, Links, Video, Papers, Books].
Cell | Cell2 | CellBio | Cell Cycle | Cell Types | Bacteriophages [Books].
Cell Culturing Technologies [Books].
Cell Membranes [Books] || Membrane Proteins [Books].
Cell Membranes & Pharmacology [Books]
Cellular Pharmacology, Links [Books] |
Cell Sorting [Images, Papers, Books].
Centrifuges [Links, Images, Papers, Books]
Chemical Scales [Links/chemical weighing, Links/Laboratory Scales].
Chemist Links [Books] | Organic Chemistry Links | Organic Chemistry Sites
ChemLab & Titration | Titration [Books] | The Analytical Chemistry Springboard [Books].
Chemistry, analytical [Books] | Periodic Table.
Chemistry, Medical Biochemistry [Index/Medicinal Biochemistry, Books, American Chemical Society].
Chemical Engineering [Books] | Chemical Engineering News | Pharmaceutical Engineering [Index, Links, Books].
CGH Microarray Technology - Comparative Genomic Hybridization technique - [Flash movie description (Abbott/Vysis), Links].
Cloning for human embryonic stem cells [Books] | Dolly dies young at 6 [Books]
Chromatography [Books] | High Performance Liquid chromatography [Books] | Affinity Chromatography [Books]
Chromosome Microdissection [Links, Images, Papers, Books, Amazon].
Chromosome Nanotechnology [Links, Books, Amazon].
Comet Assay Kits [Links, Books] for DNA damage & repair studies.
DNA Technologies, Nature/Milestones in DNA Technologies [Links, Video, Books, Amazon].
DNA Isolation from tissues and cultured cells [Links, Images, Papers, Books, Amazon].
DNA labeling, nonradioactive [Books].
DNA Microarrays [Index, Books] | DNA microarray tech animation | Intro to DNA microarray tech
DNA profiling [Books]
DNA, Recombinant [Books] | Recombinant DNA Techniques [Books].
DNA Repair Kits from Active Motif for measuring DNA repair activity.
DNA Sequencing - Amplicon Express - [Index, Books, Amazon] and other bioservices, cloning and expression vectors, ect. [Books].
DNA Sequencing and Gene Sequencing at Applied Biosystems - Gene Sequencing apparatus [Index, Books]
DNA Sequencing at high throughput at 454 [Index, Links, Wikipedia/DNA Sequencing].
DNA Synthesizer [Links, Images, Papers, Books, Amazon] Used by Telomolecular Nanotechnologies to create DNA nanocircles.
Drug Design [Links, Books] | Nature/Drug Discovery [Wikipedia/Drug Discovery, Links, Books] Nature/Methods
Drug Discovery On-Line [Links, Images, Video, Papers, Books].
Drug Researcher - Breaking News in Drug Discovery.
ELISA - Enzyme-Linked Immunoabsorbent Assay [Links, Images, Video, Papers, Patents, Books].
ELISA kits - Enzyme-Linked Immunoabsorbent Assay [Links, Images, Video, Papers, Patents, Books].
Embryonic stem cells, human, cloning for [Books] | Dolly dies young at 6 [Books].
Epitope Mapping - Identification of Antibody Binding Sites on Protein Antigens [Links, Images, Papers, Books].
Ethanol [Wikipedia/Ethanol, Links/Laboratory Ethanol, Wikipedia/Solvents]
Euthanasia of Lab Animals [Books] | Chapter 7 || Canadian Lab Rat Rules
Flow Cytometry [Links, Images, Video, Papers, Patents, Books;
____Links/Equipment, Images, Video, Papers, Patents, Books;
____Refs1b: 7.11.4 Flow-FISH Telomere Length measurement, Telomere Measurements, Repeat Diagnostics]
Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization (FISH) [Books, Links, Papers, Books/Telomere FISH, Books/FISH probes, Links/FISH probes].
Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization (FISH) - [Links/FISH kits, Books/FISH kits, Links/short PNA oligonucleotide probes, Links/Vectashield]
FISH Probes for particular telomeres:
__[Links/subterminal FISH probes, Links/chromosome-specific cosmid FISH probes,
__Links/YAC FISH probes, Links/microdissection FISH probes, Links/dsDNA FISH probes,
__Links/genomic FISH probes, Links/nick translation hybridization, Links/chromosomal in situ suppression hybridization].
Fluorescence Microscopes [Links, Images, Video, Papers, Patents, Books,
____Books/Digital Fluorescence Microscopy, Links/Epifluorescence microscope; Refs1b 7.11 Telomere Measurements].
____ [Links/epifluorescence microscope filter sets]
Fluoroimagers [Books, Amazon; Links/Arthur Multiwavelength Fluoroimager, Books].
Fluorography [Books].
Gel Electrophoresis [Books, History & Techniques, Wikipedia, Video: on Agarose Gel, Videos: Gel Electrophoresis].
Gel Electrophoresis, SDS [Books]
Gel Electrophoresis [Books].
_____[Books/Gel Electrophoresis of DNA, Amazon/Gel Electrophoresis of DNA].
GenBank [Books]
Gene Probes [Books]
Gene Sequencing Apparatus at Applied Biosystems [Books].
Gene Therapy [Books] | Viral Vectors for Gene Therapy [Books]
Gene Transfer and Expression in Eukaryotes [Books].
Genetic Engineering [Books] | Genetic Engineering News
Genetic Engineering Organization | Genetic Engineering Glossary
Genomics, Nature [Books/Genomics] | Genethik
Genome Mapping [Books].
Genomic DNA libraries [Books, Links].
Glassware, Scientific and Laboratory [Books] || Surplus Lab || Best Lab Deals
Glycoprotein analysis [Books].
Hapten-labeling protocols (for telomere work using long oligonucleotide probes) [Books, Links, Papers]
Hematology [Books, Amazon, Wikipedia, Links/Equipment for].
High Throughput Screening [Index, Wikipedia, Links, Images, Papers, Books, Amazon].
Human Biological Pathways [Links].
Human Genome: Stillman & Stewart, The Genome of Homo Sapiens, CSHL Press, 2004. [Index, Books, Links, OMIM, Searching OMIM].
___[Also see Human Epigenome Project - Methylation Patterns, (Beck & Olek, The Epigenome), Animal Genome Size Database].
Hydrophobibic Interaction Chromatography [Books].
Immunocytochemistry [Books].
Immunohistochemical staining kits [Books]
In Situ Hybridization [Books, Links]
In Vitro transcription [Books]
In Vitro translation [Books]
Ion-Exchange Chromatography [Books]
Laboratory Safety [Books/Laboratory Safety]
Lambda as a Cloning Vector [Books]
Laser Capture Microdissection [Links, Books, Amazon.]
Laser Tweezers [Links, Books]
Lysate analysis (following cell lysis) [Books]
Lysis Buffers, cell lysis [Links, Wikipedia, Books]
M13 and Phagemid-Based Cloning Vectors [Books]
Mass Spectrometry Links [Books] | - Mass Spectrometry on the Web
Medical & Laboratory Sites || Drug Design [Books] | Pharmacology & Cell Membranes [Books]
Microarrays, DNA [Books] | DNA microarray tech animation | Intro to DNA microarray tech
Microarrays [Books] | Affymetrix | DNA tech links
Micro Computed Tomography (MicroCT) [Images, Papers, Patents, Books], Caliper Life Sciences
Microfluidics [Images, Papers, Patents, Books; Links/Microfluidics firms; Microfluidics technology Images, Papers, Patents, Books].
Microinjection [Books, Links].
Micronization [Links, Wikipedia]. For instance, see Micronized Resveratrol or Micronized Creatine Monohydrate.
Micropipettes [Books, Links]
Microscopy [Books] | Microscopy Links | Scanning Electron Microscopy Links [Books] | USB Microscope Links
Microscopy, Digital Cameras and Image-Processing Software for [Books]
Microscopes, Fluorescence [Books]
Microscopy, Phase-Contrast [Links, Books]
Microscopy, Scanning Probe [Books] | Chantilly's Place Microscopy links | Microscope World
Microscope, scanning transmission electron holography microscope [Books, article]
Microscopy, Staining Fluids for [Links, Books].
Microtomes [Wikipedia, Books], Ultramicrotome [Links, Books].
Mobility Shift Assays [Books]
Molecular Genetics, A Primer [Books] | International Comm. Forum on Human Molecular Genetics [Books].
Molecular Modeling [Wikipedia/Molecular Modeling, Images, Papers, Books].
Molecular Pharmacology, Yahoo links | Links/Molecular Pharmacology [Books].
Molecular Probes [Invitrogen/Molecular Probes, Books, Amazon].
Molecular Tomography [Links, Books] Sidec, "protein tomography" with electron microscopy.
Molecular Visualization [Books] | Molecular Modeling Software Links [Books].
Monoclonal Antibodies [Books].
Nanoflow Liquid Chromatography combined with advanced mass spectrometry for protein characterization, with protein deconvolution software.
Mouse and Hamster Racks [Books/Mouse and Hamster Lab Procedures].
National Center for Biotechnology Information [Books]
NCBI | nature: genomics [Books/Genomics] | Genethik || Proteomics [Books]
Nondenaturing polyacrylamide gels to resolve telomerase reaction products by gel electrophoresis from TRAP assays.
Northern Blot Analysis [Books, Wikipedia].
Nuclease analysis of RNA [Books, Links].
Oligonucleotide Probes and Reagents for Telomere FISH [Links, Books].
Organic Chem Links | Organic Chem.Tutorials [Books], Virtual Textbook of Organic Chemistry.
Organic Synthesis [Wikipedia, Links, Books] Organic Syntheses | Wiley/Organic Syntheses Data Bases & Tools
PCR, Polymerase Chain Reaction, quantitative, (QPCR) [Links]
PCR amplification kits [Books, Links, Fast PCR Tutorial]
PCR, Polymerase Chain Reaction kits, ect. [Books]
Peptide Synthesis, Custom [Books, Papers], Peptide Synthesis [Wikipedia, Books], Peptide Sythesizers [Books, Suppliers]
Phage-Display Libraries [Books]
Pharmaceuticals Engineering [Books] | Pharmaceuticals Industry [Books]
Pharmacology [Wikipedia, Links, Books, Amazon].
Phase-Contrast Microscopy [Books, Links]
Phlebotomy [Books, Amazon, Wikipedia/venipuncture, Links/equipment for]
Pill-Making Machine links | Herb Processors | Early Pill-Making [Books/Tableting Machines].
Ye Olde Pill-Making Machine | Pharmaceutical Machines [Books].
Plant transformation [Books].
Plasmid-derived cloning vectors [Books], addgene (plasmids), addgene plasmids/hTERT.
Post Hybridization Washes and Signal Detection [Links, Books]
Primed in situ labeling (PRINS, a possible telomere repeat delineation technique) [Books, Papers, Links]
Protein blotting [Books].
Protein electrophoresis [Books]
Protein Engineering [Books]
Protein sequencing [Books]
Protein tomography, Sidec, "protein tomography" with electron microscopy.
Quantitative PCR (QPCR) [Links]
Proteomics [Books]
Radiolabeling peptides and proteins [Books]
Radiotracer techniques in medicine (Books) | Books/Radiotracer techniques in physiology | Books/Muscle and radiotracer techniques
Recombinant DNA [Books] | Recombinant DNA Techniques [Books].
Recombinant DNA and Gene Transfer Guidelines, NIH
Recombinant DNA Protocols [Books] | MIT/Recombinant DNA | GuideLines [Books]
Reflux Apparatus [Images, Images/extraction reflux apparatus, images/reflux extraction, images/reflux extraction apparatus].
Restriction Fragment-Length Polymorphisms [Books].
Retroviral vectors [Books, Links, Amazon].
Reverse-Phase HPLC (High Performance Liquid Chromatography) [Books, Wikipedia/HPLC].
Ribonuclease protection assay for mRNA detection [Links, Books].
RNA extraction from tissues and cultured cells [Books, Links, Amazon].
RT-PCR [Links, Books, Amazon, Wikipedia].
SDS Gel Electrophoresis [Books]
Gel Electrophoresis [Books].
Scales, Chemical [Books/chemical weighing, Links/Laboratory Scales].
Scanning Gel Densitometry [Books, Links].
Scanning Probe Microscopy [Books] | Chantilly's Place Microscopy links | Microscope World
Silica Gel Chromatography [Books] - Used to seperate astragalosides from astragalus extract, ginsenosides from ginseng extract, ect.
Site-Directed Mutagenesis [Books]
Size-Exclusion Chromatography [Books]
SNP analysis (Single Nucleotide Polymorphism analysis) [Index/SNPs, Links/SNP analysis, Books].
SNPlex Genotyping System [Links/SNP Genotyping Systems, Books].
Southern Blot Analysis [Books, Images, Video, Papers, Patents, Books, Wikipedia;
____of restriction fragments, in telomere measurement, Ref 7.11].
Southwestern Blot analysis [Wikipedia, Books]
Stains, Electron Microscopy.
Staining, Immunohistochemical staining kits [Images, Books]
Stains, Light Microscopy.
STR analysis (Short Tandem Repeat analysis in DNA studies) [Links].
Tablet-Making Machine links | Wintech Tableting Machine | Indian Tableting Machines
Tableting Machine | Contract Pill-Making
Tab Machines: Nutricap Labs | Torpac Capsule-Filling Machines | Torpac Demo [Books/Piltdown Man]
TaqMan real-time PCR & Gene Expression Assays. [Wikipedia/TaqMan, Links, Images, Video, Papers Books].
Capsule-filling machine links | Taiwan Pharmaceutical Machines
Telomapping [Links, Images, Video, Papers, Patents, Books].
Teratogens dangerous to the developing human. [Links, Images, Video, Papers, Books].
Toxicogenomic Database, the comparative The Comparative Toxicogenomics Database (CTD) elucidates molecular mechanisms by which environmental chemicals affect human disease.
Thermostable DNA polymerase for PCR [Links, Images, Video, Papers, Books].
Toxicology [Wikipedia, Links, Images, Video, Books; The Comparative Toxicogenomics Database].
Transgenic Techiques [Links, Images, Video, Papers, Books].
TRAP assay for telomerase activation. [Links, Images, Papers, Patents, Books].
USB Lab Equipment [Links/USB; Links, Video, Images], USB Microscope Links.
Venipuncture [Index/Venipuncture, Wikipedia, Links, Images, Video, Books; Links/Equipment for].
Western Blot Analysis [Wikipedia/Western Blot, Images, Video, Papers, Books].
Whole Chromosome Painting Probes [Links, Images, Video, Papers, Books].
Yeast artificial chromosomes [Links, Images, Video, Papers, Books].

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These are notes of an MSEE and student of life extension technique. The intent is to construct an expert system pertaining to the lab science associated with anti-aging medicine and related disciplines. For in-person expert advice, consult your physician and health professionals. They can usually do the appropriate laboratory tests to properly diagnose your condition. Note that many of the methods of molecular biology we might specify to test a hypothesis involve chemicals that are neurotoxic or carcinogenic, or methods that are dangerous in other ways. You should avoid doing dangerous experiments without appropriate laboratory safety measures and suitable professional guidance. Also, sometimes unstated rules apply to biomethod protocols, such as a requirement to maintain a constant gel temperature, that can spoil a result. Be sure to wear a face mask around cell lysis buffers and other bioscience chemicals; at least one of them can equip you with a triangle of mole marks around your mouth resembling Darth Vader's helmet.

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