She Male Longevity Notes
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She Male Life Extension and Transsexual Medicine: A Semi-Speculative Exploration
Madame Jeanne Louise Calment at 60, lived to 122.45.
Madame Jeanne Louise Calment

at age 60, aging world record
holder at 122.45 years. (Pics).

Karyotype uncertain.
The First Lady of Longevity.
The longest-lived man was
Thomas Peters, who died at 111
Music[2]: Beautiful Boy by J.Lennon,
Rhiannon by Fleetwood Mac,
Time After Time by Cyndi Lauper,
You're So Vain by Carly Simon,
A Free Man in Paris by Carly Simon,
Photograph by Ringo Starr,
The Cavalcade of France (JLC ghost).
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A number of conditionally life extending telomerase activators are associated with she male transformations, including estrogen (estradiol), stong estrogen bioactivity nutraceuticals, progesterone, nutraceuticals containing ligands of the progesterone receptor, diosgenin (fenugreek, wild yam), black cohosh, and (actually an antioxidant) haritaki, so that we bump into she male special effects in the course of our research into telomere biology. On the average, she males (the ladies of our "church") are mildly life extended specimens that will be better protected in the future against special medical problems associated with "sin".

The Theory of Relative-a-Milky-Tea-Score-Load [Hots Version]
The stellar creation myth of steamy Milky Way tea poured into a the hook of a scorpion's tail appears in the constellations between Sagittarius and Scorpius in the Summer sky, and seems to have suggested the term "relativity". The scorpion's tail runs through Libra to Virgo, from which Leo comes bounding after Orion.
Changing into a she male can make a man physiologically younger and sexier, although he may seem to have vanished into oblivion to face The Perils of Pauline, including male pregnancy, which easily produces a fatal jam that is best avoided with a bikini-cut C-section delivery [Video, Books] foresight, under general anesthesia [Video, Books]. I get the impression that birth may occur through an orfice between the anus and the vulva which is extended with a scalpel in an episiotomy procedure (pronounced e-pees-iotomy) [Video, Books]. In conventional women the need to perform the episiotomy is related to the measured dimensions of the infant's head as determined by a prenatal sonogram. The infant's head can break a set of she male hips, which may be expanded before birth with strong estrogen bioactivity nutraceuticals during growth and development, or with estrogens and progesterone during a long restructuring period. A procedure was developed at one time for sawing she male hips to one side of her dick (a pubiotomy) to arrange a delivery that spared her penis and prevented painful diastasis symphysis pubis (breakage of the pubis at the symphysis under the penis) with possible damage to the urethra. Hip bones contain beta receptors for estrogen, and estrogen dosing in transgender applications ranges from starting doses of 0.625 to 2.5 mg/day. There are rumors that too much progesterone can cause the penis to be absorbed upwards, and too much estrogenic activity can lead to endometrial cancer. The human skeleton replaces itself every 10 years. Sometimes progressively larger dildoes may be used to widen the hips by insertion into the central hole and and later into the anus, and sometimes greased fisting in lubricated surgeons gloves is used. Prophylactics provide superior defense against pregnancy and HPV virus infections. Conventional birth control pills probably prevent she male pregnancy, and morning-after pills are often used for this. (See also male menstration.) Since testicles are the source of male gametes, it may be that testicle removal (94) inhibits she male pregnancy when hormone concentrations somehow convert sperm cells into eggs or otherwise produce an egg than can be fertilized in the male. Testicle removal or tube-tying prevents a she male from making her mate pregnant, but I am still not sure that either of these blocks every possible pregnancy pathway. Indeed, I suspect ectopic pregnancies have been observed in which swallowing semen has induced pregnancy. Note that there are British and Canadian sources which insist that all male pregnancies are from boys who were females at an earlier stage, or from women playing men on the set, although our experience and research suggests that men born males can get pregnant. Today we find many lovely, voluptuous she males on Internet zealously performing in apparently excellent health as ultimo city slickers of transhumanism, formulating she male baseball cards and she male movies for a growing fan club of collectors. Sometimes men are startled to discover that their mothers, grandmothers, cousins, "aunts", or other relatives and friends are actually she male dames in "Cheryl" style instead of ordinary women, or are surprised to observe that they can change into ladies with a cache of flavored prophylactics and/or spermicidal personal lubricants [Images] and special douches in their purses for conservative birth control and readily obtainable orally bioavailable medicines to improve their feminity, with supporting treatises and blogs on the topic available on Internet. See Children from XY or XYY karyotype males are more likely to be XY or XYY males than XX females, which can lead to a "she male boom" of transsexual dames resembling a NisM-DisM chain reaction, an "indian" effect periodically observed by tribes of lost boys or parted gangs of horny buccaneers that sometimes transforms entire nations, at times producing toiling masses of largely XYY karyotype men experienced in transsexual behavior, its consequences, and possibilities. The XYY karyotype can carry on in isolation for generations, but sometimes an X-mutation can propagate, causing an inherited disease like Dyskeratosis Congenita than can get to be a special problem in a population. Sexually transmitted diseases and associated disasters of practice can now be carefully studied and prevented with a laptop computer connected to Internet to reveiw literature, images, and videos of particular revelance to "What? Me worry?" heads. Language acquisition is impacted by the sexual sloganeering of the analysts in many cultures, and there are many fascinating asides involving encoded names and blind dates touching this theme, with many stimulating literary undercurrents under its spell, as well as historic themes involving war, peace, sexual freedom, personal liberty, man's best friend on the moon, the mythology of Mars, and mystic visions seen on holy days. "How is it done?, What goes medically wrong with she males?, and How do you fix or prevent characteristic she male medical problems?" become more frequent questions in the audience of faintly startled and practical men of affairs in the consciousness movement.

Transformation Defense Medicine and the Sexually Programmable Human
It may be desirable to prevent transformations induced by simulations done to get a feel for things. It may be that anal intercourse or anal sex with application of hormones or phytoestrogens such as black cohosh phytoestrogens [List] (26-deoxyactein), or diosgenin from Fenugreek or Wild Yam, can cause feministic transformations that are plush and lovely, including well-upholstered breasts and a fuller, rounder, sexually magnetic bottom "Christy-anne-ly" eager for enthrallment and peachy fulfillments. I have heard that about the time your beard goes away from the she male transformation medicine, or from roosting all day on a vibrator, you may experience some bleeding because your system has switched to egg-laying internally, although I have also heard that she male menstration takes place through the penis, and may be preventable with testosterone boosters that can also function as she male birth control pills. (See male menstration.) She male pregnancy from bare, unprotected anal sex is a possiblity. Breasts may appear at the same time, and the voice may go up somewhat, so that many fellows then go with a flattener for public appearances, if they do not care to retitle themselves and reappear on the set publicly as ladies. Thus a spotless clean-shaven appearance is preferred in a relatively homosexual culture, since some of us must have lost our beards. (Testosterone treatments, however, might restore the beard, if required, and estrogen blockers are available. Both may be useful in she male birth control.) Furthermore, if the body starts to take your penis to make a birth canal supporting the placenta, most transsexual boys would probably like to stop a process than eventually transforming them a pregnant woman who delivers a child through the up-front womb door where male apparatus used to exist, unless special advantages acrue from giving birth to children. (It was rumored that wheat germ taken during growth and development could produce a very large penis that the pregant body refuses to absorb in order to fashion a vulva, so that birth could take place otherwise with the penis left intact.) Childbirth through a synthetic vulva made from the body from the penis could be painful by comparison with childbirth through the vulva of a conventional woman, unless the nerves are deaded with morphine available to a medical expert or perhaps with 20% benzocaine. My pregant wife's sorority friends told me that if men had babies through their dicks, abortion would be sacred. (I seem to detect that the first infant goes through the penis-fabricated birth canal, then the 2nd infant after a 2nd pregnancy may damage the subsequently enlarged penis when the infant is born. There are also indications that enlargement and greasing of the vaginal tract can prevent its destruction, so that she males may deliver several infants via the vaginal route formed from the restructured penis. However, the recommended procedure is usually C-section delivery by surgeons in a clean room in modern times, alternatives being described as home remedies by comparison.)

The Coney Island Radio News Service on She Male Delivery
It is rumored that she males can give birth through the anus just after the 3rd month by beating the pregnant belly in a certain way until the child emerges from a well-fisted or big-dildoed ass. Preemie medical literature suggests that a clamp such as a corset might be used to arrange early expulsion of the fetus. The newborn is still connected by its navel to the placenta, which stays inside, and is nourished with blood through the umbilical cord, which comes out the anus, however. Then the papoose can be transported in a backpack carrier or a hanging arrangement beneath skirts. The umbilical cord is removed after growth and development are complete at about 9 months, and the internal placenta rots out through the anus. The umbilical cord comes out of the mom as the remains of the placenta are eliminated. It is detatched from the infant prior to this. I hear they have to put a finger in the infant's mouth and blow in his nose sometimes, and that the child has to have mother's milk in its mouth some from the 6th month. This is how the she male escapes with her dick and balls in their original condition and has her baby, too. (4th National Bank method.) There is some danger of breaking the back, and preliminary back flexure manuevers may be required. This was rumored. I have seen photos of scars on ladies (who seem to have delived through the anus) upwards from the anus toward the back.
Music: Ring of Fire by Johnny Cash.

Synthetic Women for Childbirth as Usual
Perhaps one takes in the mouth and ass at the same time to induce total sexual inversion including pussy formation, then takes bone growth medicine while working to enlarge the hip cage with estrogenic stimulation and ever larger dildoes, producing a synthetic female from which childbirth proceeds very much as usual. The human skeleton is totally replaced every 10 years or so, and replacing it with suitable estrogen and progresterone levels enables feminine hip formation less likely to objectionably split during childbirth. (Unfortunately episiotomy, or section from the pussy to the anus is standard procedure these days because it reduces fatalities due to overlarge heads, so that there are some uncomfortable cuts; I am not sure whether or not this interferes with the re-emergence of the penis.) Then afterwards one heals and can take DHEA with exercise to upgrade testosterone levels and pop one's dong back out a size larger and fire a some jolly rounds in reply.

It may also happen that an infant rips through the abdominal wall as an enfant terrible, as dramatized in Alien starring Sigourney Weaver. This may be due to a narrow hip structure leading the infant to respond as if no exit at the hip existed. I gather it is usually from not orienting the infant head down in the womb. Then the infant may respond by awakening and clawing his way out the sidewall. This might be avoided by systematic broadening of the hips with ever larger dildoes, and most reliably by standing the infant on his ears, head down. Over delivery, we are still searching Internet for documentary photos, so that these remarks are still somewhat speculative. Delivery of children from she males is only routine in certain "Varangian" tribes or fraternities of men, which lost all their XX women as they gradually became XYY karyotype and she males took over with progressively refined technique for delivery from pregnant males. In reality, I get the impression that XY crossed with XY may result in XYY-karyotype males (seen in 1 about 1000 USA births) with delivery from male pregnancy. XYY males are typically taller than normal males but carry an extra Y chromosome. Still carrying the X chromosome makes XYY more viable by including the X-linked molecule dyskerin which stabilizes telomerase. The primal female XX karyotype could finally only be restored from outside the group, by importing conventional women, or by joining a more numerous tribe containing both men and conventional women. In some social crises, XX-women escape from the tribe, leaving males to reproduce from themselves. Birth from she males might possibly occur though a vulva enzymatically prepared by the body from male apparatus, or by C-section, or possibly otherwise. Delivery through the hips may require systematic spreading of hip bones with a set of progressively larger dildo hip spreaders applied to the vulva, anus, or both (after an episotomy). I get the impression that the vulva where the penis invaginated must be greased and stretched prior to delivery in order to avoid fatalities, and that local anesthesia is required to limit pain. Perhaps it is possible to use a benzocaine preparation for this. Perhaps general anesthesia is used. I get the impression that an enlarged penis may be recovered afterwards using testosterone and exercise. The medicines required to prevent invagination of the penis to prepare the body for birth by restructuring is unknown to me. The fact that male pregnancy is possible may explain a motive for she male testicle removal or vasectomy. Otherwise a she male mate might make her husband or another she male or female companion pregnant by accident. Similarly, she males may desire husbands or she male companions with vasectomies to prevent pregnancies. Marie Antoinette removed the testicles of Louis, the King of France, prior to the French Revolution, perhaps to avoid pregnancy. DHEA (dihydroepiandrosterone, a precursor of testosterone) is useful to perserve perkiness, muscle tone, and libido in she males or males minus their testicles. Catherine of Aragon is the first example of male pregnancy to be recorded and described for medical purposes, but male pregnancy is startling news to most boys. Children may be sired with anal insemination into females, males, or she males, so that douche bottles should be handy to rinse everything out before or soon after intercourse if prophylactics were broken or not used. Semen load incubation laying face down with the bottom elevated is perhaps most likely to lead to pregnancy in these cases. Lack of douche bottles in the environment may make she male pregnancy problems due to involuntary pregnancy more evident, so that they should be readily available to all and sundry anytime. (Douche bottles were formerly more available in Wichita, Kansas than they now are in 2012.) Perhaps fisting may be used stimulate ovulation in "sophisticated" transsexual males, although there is some danger of a fistula. Dildo vibrators may be useful or a hazard in promoting ovulation in males. Thus males may be capable of stimulation for ovulation followed by self-insemination with their own semen. The head coming through without C-section delivery may have a tendency to wreck valued groin apparatus. An episiotomy may be performed by slicing between the anus and the vulva to let the head through in ordinary childbirth from conventional XX-genotype women. Delivery from pregnant she males may feature a secret passage like a bird's, or some similar slicing if delivery is not performed with C-section technique, which I seem to recall was used by Jacquiline Kennedy. It is possible for female or male pregnancies to be "sired" via the anal chamber, with children in a conventional placenta surrounded by uterine material. Perhaps this apparatus is derived from the pancreas in the male. Children are always nourished in a normal human placenta which may have no XX-conventional outlet, however, so that babies may be extracted surgically or otherwise manually by husbands, midwives, and specialists. In states featuring she male "CommuNisM", one may ride ever larger greased dildoes into one's anus or newly available vulva until the hip structure widens and one can give birth through the hips with or without the vanishment of one's cock and testicles. (I am not completely in on the usual course and side effects of male pregnancy, which is somewhat shrouded from casual inspection yet). Male hips grow gradually wider when practicing she male sexuality with elevated female hormone levels. The entire human skeleton is replaced every 10 years from the inside out, which makes thorough restructuring possible. I have heard that pre-widening of the hip structure can be provided by using a sequence of ever larger dildoes. Also, I have heard that the hip structure can snap open for child delivery and then snap back into position, with delivery being performed on an inclined plane, with assistance from friends. Inclined planes may be equipped with a sliding arrangement with a stop permitting gravity assistance in delivery, allowing one to bump the infant through the orfice in a controlled manner with assistance from friends. In some states of the world all are males as "ladies and gentlemen", and in other cases citizens are exclusively she males. "Varangian Communism" may include both forms. Red armies can take it in the ass, while in other armies this may be quite forbidden. In other places men are bearded centaurs, beardless gods, and she male goddesses like Aphrodite [Images] or Dianna [Images] coexisting with conventional XX-karyotype women as usual, much as shown in Parthenon statuary in ancient Athens [Images]. C-section delivery [Images, Video, Papers, Patents, Books] was often less painful as a crisis than birth through a new vulva fashioned enzymatically from a vanished penis. It rumored that pre-greasing of the vulva (perhaps with local anesthesia such as 20% benzocaine) and delivery using an inclined plane is available, also sometimes with the sliding arrangement equipped with a stop to help bump the infant through the orfice. Different arrangements for delivery seem to have been worked out by different all-male or male-intensive cultures. Childbirth is probably more painful and difficult for males than for females, unless special preliminary maneuvers have rendered it less painful and difficult. Secrets of it exist. Peter Pan and the lost boys may become last-ditch she male "mothers of last resort" by a natural process requiring some preparation for childbirth, including perhaps strengthened abdominal muscles and a vulva or bottom pre-dilated for a long time by a series of varnished and lubricated wooden dildo dolls reminiscent of nested Russian wooden dolls [Images]. Male pregnancy itself may require pre-enlarging the hole with such a series of dildos or perhaps via fisting to stimulate ovulation in the male, and may be preventable with testosterone boosters or even with mere exercise. They say the lady needs strong help to get the baby out of the delivery pathway, that it is more than she can do alone, and that she needs to exercise to strengthen up for delivery. Throne-like implements may be used to enlarge the birth passage (which can widen hips) to reduce back pain in delivery. Most gals believe we may be useful for pressing on the belly to assist in delivery, at least. The spine may become more flexible with bouncy seating on larger dildoes, finally allowing it move aside for the passage of a baby's head. I think the testosterone-stimulators and estrogen-blockers described below might prevent internal transformations including sometimes the vanishment of male sexual apparatus from lovely TS/TV darlings intent on enjoying the best of both worlds as ladies without becoming women and mothers, if that is a problem that begins to manifest itself. Incidentally, high estrogenic stimulation can eventually restructure male hips into wide feminine ones more useful to ladies intent on getting children out of their placental nests through whatever passageway. On the other hand, testosterone and estrogen blockers can probably be used to reprogram XX-karyotype women until they more resemble she males or conventional boys. Testosterone can allow women to resemble and function as males, especially if their height is appropriate for that role in society. That testosterone-restructured women can successfully inseminate women is unlikely. A woman would have to develop apparatus to produce XX-sperm, while she normally produces eggs. There are indications that a woman can restructure herself with medicine or exercise or both so that her vulva vanishes and the penis hangs out, such that womanly dames can enthrall other women or men with their erections. Thus a woman could give birth to a child, restructure herself for a penis hanging out, then inseminate her husband, who might also get pregnant as a kind of "payback" scheme, if appropriate restructuring can take place. It's still a Hitchcock mystery to me. You may be able to distinguish womanly dames from she males obtained from boys by inspecting a large number of she male photos. The penis may seem to protrude from between labia or not. I am still gathering information and evidence about what has actually been done using available means.
(1) DIM Anti-Estrogen Caps (Diindolylmethane)
DIM anti-estrogen caps (Diindolylmethane, or 3,3'-Diindolylmethane) are used for protection against high estrogen levels, and are described as normalizing estrogen levels. DIM is anticancer, and is derived from the digestion of indole-3-carbinol [Images] found in broccoli, cauliflower, and collard greens. See also Estradiol, Estrogen, Estrogen Protection, and Estrogen Receptors.

(2) Daidzein from Soy
[Index/Daidzein, Index/Soy, Links, Images, Video, Links, Books, LifeExtension]. Daidzein, like genistein, is a soy phytoestrogen (soy isoflavone). Daidzein, 1,000 times weaker that estradiol, can out-compete for estradiol on estrogen receptors at 50-100 mg/dose x 3 doses/day. It can perhaps be taken to reduce peril of she male transformation from sexual activity, by efficiently competing with estradiol on estrogen receptors to minimize negative health effects associated with strong estrogen binding.

(3) DHEA
DHEA is produced by the adrenal glands and is a precursor of testosterone. Application of DHEA could perhaps help a she male with her testicles removed function much as if she still had them. In fact, with bodybuilding thrown in, DHEA could perhaps help a she male inversely transfigure herself whether or not she still had her testicles. At any rate, it will help she male muscles contract better, which could be a problem for gals without their testicles. It could also help men elevate testosterone to inhibit transformation. "Circulating dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) is converted to testosterone or estrogen in the target tissues. Recently, we demonstrated that skeletal muscles are capable of locally synthesizing circulating DHEA to testosterone and estrogen." - from Sato K, Iemitsu M, Aizawa K, Ajisaka R (2008), Testosterone and DHEA activate the glucose metabolism-related signaling pathway in skeletal muscle, Am J Physiol Endocrinol Metab, 2008 May; 294(5): E961-8.

(4) Fenugreek Extract (check pathway & application)
Fenugreek extract, on the other hand, promotes the expression of DHEA and luteinizing hormone LH to elevate testosterone. LH acts on the testicles to promote testosterone expression. DHEA, on the other hand, elevates testosterone whether or not the lady possesses testicles. However, Fenugreek extract can be useful for men seeking to promote she male transformation, because it promotes breast enhancement with diosgenin and its glycosides while heightening libido from elevated testosterone if applied continuously for 4-12 weeks. It can be used to produce hornier, perkier she males than are obtained from black cohosh. Furthermore, Fenugreek should be useful for lengthening telomeres and improving the performance of other telomerase activators [Index, List] used for life extension. Perhaps Astragalus Verrucosis is another breast-enlarger to rival C. Racemosa's Black Cohosh. This may also be true of Shatavari. See Index/testosterone for other testosterone-elevating supplements.

(5) She male birth control pills [Index/Birth Control; Links, Images, Papers, Patents, Books; Links/She male birth control, Images, Papers, Patents, Books; Links/birth control salves, Images, Papers, Patents, Books]. Spermicidal personal lubricants [Images] have been developed. Prophylactics [Images] do the birth control job effectively, but do not always satisfy the customer. Anticancer, antiviral, spermicidal flavored hot and neutral personal lubricants are desired, but require further research. It might be valuable to include antioxidants and human growth factors valuable for life extension, too, which might be applied in according to a cyclic protocol.

Preventing BPH, Prostate Cancer, Colon Cancer, Polyps, and STDs
Press for the Erotic Hots Study Guide. In addition, we have drugs and procedures for preventing benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) [Index], prostate cancer, and colon cancer, although most colon cancer comes from carcinogenic secondary bile products produced by bacterial infections processing fatty meat. However, colorectal cancer can arise by transformation of an apparently benign colon polyp that might originate from an HPV virus infection associated with genital warts. These are hazards of she male behavior that can be controlled. Genital warts based on HPV must also be defended against. HPV infections can lead to benign or malignant polyps in the colon. Benign colon polyps [Images] can eventually become malignant colon polyps [Images], and are often surgically removed as colon cancer prevention. Also, see defense against sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Bear in mind that huge loads of semen can be associated with painful staghorn stones in the kidneys that must be surgically removed or broken up with ultrasound and excreted through the urinary tract, so never incubate enormous stud wads overnight, but rinse them out of there and/or catch them in flavored prophylactics, cotton balls, cotton wadding soaked in extra virgin olive oil, suitably lubricated soft dog food dipped in extra virgin olive oil, or what have you. Also, see male pregnancy, below. Note that it helps to use lots of extra virgin olive oil to avoid breaking skin cells, which can lead to genital warts or even giant condylomas. Also see antiviral personal lubricants, flavored prophylactics, douche bags, douche bottles, and douching equipment. Note that fecal impaction is dangerous and can cause leukemia on the stud side. On the angel side, there may be danger of Hodgkins Lymphoma. Fecal impaction can lead to blood cancer. Also, applying vigorous deep Greek with the sound of spats could lead to an aneurysm in the brain and a possible hemmoragic stroke, where more gentle moves would lead merely to orgasmic ecstacies. Pre-dilation with a well-oiled dildo or vibrator may help prevent a lee eye or other problem arising from a too-tight or unlubricated bottom. Contusions in the brain may be caused by vigorous oversize cocks. So starting by necking and sucking with a modern dildo or vibrator oiled with flavored and perfumed hot-lube personal lubricants in the pre-douched sex star bottom before applying the main diddlement gently may pave the way for healthier anal intercourse [Images, Video]. This is probably superior to applying old-fashioned "church key" two-fingered lubricated circular swirl or "boy scout" three-fingered lubricated circular swirl as a preliminary loosening measure.

Transformation Technique Medicine
The safest technique for she male transformation is another issue. It may seem to be a valuable adaptation to circumstances to induce to introduce she male transformations. In fact, there are neighborhoods, territories, preserves, resorts, and reservations in which many or even all male residents are she males [Images]. Furthermore, there may exist territories in which all mothers are she males because all XX-genotype females are extinct there, or have fled, so that reproduction must take place exclusively through XY and YY type males except as XX-females are imported from abroad. It may be relatively advantageous at some times to resemble a voluptuous courtesan, rather than a rat in a cold sweat. Although transformation seems to be possible simply by making love and willing it to be so, medicine and body-shaping materials are available to amplify or defend feminine tissues. She male transformations may be associated with youthfulness [Images, Video], escape from male pattern baldness, or rejuvenation, because some medicines for she male transformation are associated with telomerase activation in tissues with appropropriate receptors. Specific human growth factors associated with specific tissues may help with telomerase activation targeting. For instance, Fibroblast Growth Factor 1, (FGF1 or aFGF) activates telomerase in dermal fibroblasts, but not in all other tissues, and basic Fibroblast Growth Factor (FGF2 or bFGF) is also useful, as are EGF, KGF, VEGF, and other growth factors used in skin creams . Maintaining beauty with telomerase activators (7) such as black cohosh extract has rejuvenating effect, although associated butterfly transformations of men can be so drastic that men can seem to have vanished into oblivion, or to materialize as angels above their graves. Medicines such as these below are usually combined with cupping of body surfaces in corsets, girdles, or otherwise wrapped for body shaping in wide belts. A slenderizing calorie restricted diet may be used, such as skim milk with sweetner and grapefruit mixed in a blender, to obtain a narrow waist.
(1) Black cohosh, a telomerase activator (List/BlackCohosh) derived from the buttercup, may be safer and more available than applying estrogen [Index, List] and/or progesterone [Index, List]. Phytoestrogens as aids to transformation may be the safest transformation route for enthusiasts for transsexual feminism [Images]. Black cohosh (optained from the buttercup) is widely available in drug stores. It is used by post-menopausal women to support feminity post-menopause, and reportedly provides better stability against breast cancer than many competing approaches. Note that there may be some danger of penis invagination associated with the use of phytoestrogens. Music: All Shook Up by Elvis Presley.

(2) Diosgenin (a telomerase activator by inducing HIF-1, or Hypoxia Inducible Factor) reportedly not only turns boys into she males, it makes them hornier to boot, having aphrodisiac effect, especially if obtained from Fenugreek, which heightens libido by also elevating testosterone. It is also a phytoestrogen providing better stability against breast cancer than some competing medicines. Diosgenin is available from Fenugreek seeds, Fenugreek extract, and Wild Yam. Breast enlargement from Fenugreek's diosgenin is visible after 4-8 weeks, and is usually fully finished up after 12 weeks when continuously applied. Fenugreek is believed to be valuable for telomere extension by providing the telomerase activator diosgenin and by enhancing telomerase access to telomeres via 4-hydroxyisoleucine's ability to promote insulin production, which acts on insulin receptors to promote phosphorylation of tankyrase 1, which opens telomere t-loops for telomerase access by removing TRF1 t-loop closure protein with poly(ADP-ribo)sylation using a NAD+ substrate obtainable from < 3 grams of niacinamide (nicotinamide). Oral application of Fenugreek used after exercise at 3 grams/day does not cause breast enlargement if cycled two weeks on and two weeks off in a program of telomerase activation for rejuvenation via cyclic application of telomerase activators. On the other hand, Fenugreek may be applied as an alcohol extract to the chest to enhance breast development. Three grams per day of orally applied Fenugreek seed may be taken continuously to obtain breast enlargement in less than 12 weeks for under $9.00 a pound. Best results are probably obtained by also rubbing alcohol extract of fenugreek seed into the breast region.

(3) Progesterone [Index, List] has been widely used to acquire or defend a feminine format. Progesterone skin creams [Images] may be useful. More generally, Estrogenic transformation routes including application of progesterone or medroxyprogesterone. Have been commonly employed. Medroxyprogesterone has been used to transfigure prisoners in some places. Approaches based on progesterone are safer than routes including estrogens because estrogen-induced endometrial cancer can take place as a consequence of too-elevated levels of estrogen (estradiol). High estrogen levels may lead to heart attack and stoke. Progesterone and estrogen are both telomerase activators.

(4) Shatavari, another preparation from India's Ayurvedic Medicine, may be used to acquire breast tissue [Images, Cells, Histology] and feminine effects (check). It probably is associated with telomerase activation, as are most human growth factors, because shatavari influences tissue growth and structural remodeling.

(5) Haritaki (List/Haritaki, Terminalia Chebula), another telomerase activator, is also described as having "alterative" properties by some sources (Pharmacy Escrow). Haritaki is routinely used as a laxative.

(6) Testicle removal leads to the loss of the gland of Ledig that produces testosterone. Many approaches that elevate testosterone work by stimulating the gland of Ledig, for instance with Fenugreek extract. Testosterone prevents muscles from going spongy, and may make it easier to restart a stopped heart in the operating room. However, low testosterone defends she males against male pattern baldness. I think perhaps she males should use dihydrotestosterone inhibitors instead to defend themselves against male pattern baldness, and keep their balls, although there may be some risk of tissue transformations leading to male pregnancy. Then the lady is more vigorously gymnastic and her muscles contract better, although a femine format may still dominate. Then it is easier to get a move on. On the other hand, in some places one is not considered legally a "woman" unless one's balls have been removed, perhaps because testicle removal can change one's scent. Perfumes including female scents associated with pheromones are probably a good idea for transsexual boys, as the lack of proper scent may poison a lover's opinion of one's balls. The genital apparatus should probably be sprayed frequently with apple-flavored apple scent from a perfume bottle, else cherry, butterscotch, chocolate, or peppermint flavoring. Perhaps the testicle removal approach had better be viewed as a crude solution out of pre-technical history. It appeals to enemies who really want to stamp out your race and genotype, or who aim to prevent Fairy Godmothers in mother-of-pearl jewlry from siring children. However, birth control technique for males may include vasectomies, prophylactics, or other less radical measures. On the other hand, testicular cancer might be a consequence of hormone problems that really require removal of one's testicles [Tissues, Cells, Histology] to prevent cancer metastasis and death. Then testosterone patches (or perhaps estrogen, DHEA, or other measures) may be required for proper hormonal balance.

(6b) It may also be possible to move the testicles into the scrotum with one's fingers so that the testicles are not at the right temperature to produce sperm. Then one can get the she male effect by merely pressing the testicles up into a position from which they may be eventually lowered again later on, making castration temporary. I am unclear about whether supplementation with DHEA is useful in a case like this to blockade tired and weak side effects.

(7) Long hair seems to provide signals that assist with feministic transformation and also to provide a hooded sympathetic aura suitable for tasks like fellatio. By conserving musks that provide signal matching, long hair may also improve sensitivity to vibrations supporting feminine intuition and subvocal communications characteristic of tinnitis [Index] (pron tonight us, to knight us, tonight is). On the other hand, to prevent a she male identity crisis from materializing including rechristening with a suggestive she male name and legal difficulties impinging, men have here and there gone to comic extremes of beard-growing and head-shaving or hair-shortening. But then there are situations that make them want to slip out of their skins, so that it is well to know how to get whatever effect best serves adaptation to circumstances.

(8) Corsets [Images], girdles [Images], body wraps [Images], body shaping wraps [Images], body shaping apparatus [Images] and may be useful in acquiring a feminine figure [Images, Books] or in model simulations. See also caloric restriction. Other garments may help maintain a suitable body image, such as fishnet body stockings [Images, favorite] and wigs [Images].

(9) I get the impression hormonal bone remodeling requires years, but osteoblasts and osteoclasts directed by estrogenic signaling can remodel hips into femine shape. The entire skeleton is replaced within ten years in a youthful human as bone structure is refreshed. However, the epiphyseal plates supporting the lengthening of bones like the femur shrivel to epiphyseal lines by age 25 as hyaline cartilage supporting bone growth vanishes, so that human growth and development ends then. Until that time, mineral and vitamin supplements and HGH secretagogues can produce taller, more highly developed children. Iron supplements may be useful in preventing childhood anemia leading to reduced physical development, although high iron becomes dangerous to adults and can cause iron deposits in the brain associated with inflammation and Alzheimer's Disease. However, sometimes feeding children so that they become very tall can have the consequence that children believe that they must have been adopted. I have witnessed she male figures with evidently remodeled hip bones, but this may have taken place between the ages of 15 and 25, before the end of human growth and development. Thus it is uncertain to me whether hormonal hip bone structure remodeling can occur after age 25.

(10) Making Out a lot. Quite a volume of homosexual activity can induce she male transformation. By taking it in the mouth and the bottom at the same time, repeatedly, it may be possible to induce a complete inverse transformation that causes breasts to develop and the penis to shrink and slowly invaginate, so that a synthetic woman is eventually produced (or a small-cocked she male) rather than a conventionally well hung she male. It may be safest for ladies to keep pulling on their dongs to prevent invagination. This may be why ladies from some cultures discourage oral sex (perhaps by biting) and prefer to orient the stallion towards anal sex. Then she males have the up-front key to amuse themselves with, and with two wives a stallion's ladies are never lonely. However, child birth through a she male's transformed apparatus can result later (perhaps with exercise or testosterone) in a larger penis, presenting the stallion with a revenge effect. Perhaps she male cocks are most likely to be hanging out around other ladies and clean-shaven men.
Inverse Transformation
The observation that one woman in eight dies of breast cancer may motivate inverse transformation, or she males may tire of a relatively weaker condition of the muscles, or they may have had their enough of the she male experience, or have become wealthy enough to turn the tables and holler "Hi-O Silver". Inverse transformation technique involving painless and scarless apoptotic removal of well-upholstered, restructured tissue should be clarified. Testosterone probably finally returns the system to normal if no estrogenic disturbances take place. This may happen automatically if the testicles are intact, so that an unstirred and intact boy may usually recover normal form. Breast tissue removal may be a stubborn problem: we are familiar with cases in which dieting alone seemed incapable of adequately restructuring or reducing enormous breasts. Otherwise, perhaps a testosterone patch may be applied. Mere dieting may produce skeletal she males down to big breasts (the last thing to go), as she male transformation involves cellular proliferation of epithelial tissue that is evidently permanent without activation of the genes controlling apoposis by testosterone or other male androgens. These may be activated by bodybuilding exercise and amplified by taking testosterone precursors including DHEA, pregnenolone, or other molecules. The seemingly irreversible nature of she male transformation that has always made it somewhat daunting may be less intimidating if apoptosis allows he man recovery in a controllable way. Conscious individuals may be able to arrange gradual state transitions.

Trinitarian Bottoms (Holy of Holies) [Links] Veterans Day 2012.
I Get No Kick from Champagne...No guide to the underworld would be complete without a discription of the 3 holes in a row effect at the bottom end of some transsexual beings. A search of she male animated gifs turned up one in which a deluxe blonde she male in expensive hose and heels stirred up a busty brunette Oriental specimen with a third hole bottom and no cock, but a vulva, a new central hole, and an anus. Intercourse was through the uppermost orfice between the buns, evidently the orignal anus.

The Puzzle of Transsexual Formatting
The 4-holed "foreign" lass might have been obtained from a boy, perhaps as a result of a natural transformation and remapping process designed to achieve a bio result salutory for the survival of the organism, such as urination, defecation support, or ejaculation for autologous fertilization, so that the highest "holy of holies" is for sexual activity alone, while the middle hole is perhaps where an infant emerges (suggested by episiotomy studies), but anyway you have more holy holes to fathom and understand. This must be a Tabernacle and Viel Hitchcock Mystery. It may be that big loads of semen issue from the middle hole when orgasm is experienced, but this bears checking. Mythically, the Holy of Holies (PBS DVD) is described as the point of greatest concentration of divine energies, corresponding to more vigorous and concentrated sexual energy, no doubt. Perhaps the associated restructuring can happen if the concentration of homeobox protein Nanog is maintained at a high level for a long time in a conventional she male chickadee who is overdone as one topped, perhaps also producing local inflammation via TNF-alpha, which may be highly expressed for local restructuring of veins during some kinds of recovery from varicose veins, or leading to expression of other factors involved in wound healing. I might add that vigorous anal sex without adequate lubrication or prophylactics can produce genital warts or even a giant condyloma, so that casual roughhousing with a lady might lead to "disaster" instead of luscious ecstasies of sublime sexual communion.

The Genotype of a Nomadic Princess
Myths of the 3rd eye come to mind. Perhaps the middle 3rd hole can make a nomadic specimen self-fertilizing to defend a facial racial feature when making out with fellow travelers, and the specimen we are viewing was born as shown, the feature being characteristic of the genome of a Mongolian nomadic princess. Children might sometimes be born in the nomadic she male princess condition. However, it is possible that human males in general can always transform themselves into the holy trinity underbottom she male nomadic princess phenotype with a 3rd nomadic blow-hole bottom for autologous self-fertilization via specific massage, although the condition is rare. Certainly the penis can withdraw from sight via a sexual inversion transformation produced by anal sex that at first produces a breasted she male with a penis and balls, but which can in some cases finally produce an XY karyotype female that can get pregnant and bear children. Thus "mon-goal" logic can tranform us into "nomadic" specimens for purposes of self-defense in a hostile environment or for W-hat-ever "Mahatma" reasons, such as stylistic preference, artistic licence, bias for beauty, or Get-Behind-Me philosophy. In fact, even soldierly-looking males can get pregnant, although long hair seems to assist with breast development. In fact, long hair with deep Greek from behind from a long-term lover might assist with obtaining the busty nomadic princess phenotype we have witnessed. In her we seem to have staged champagne agonies of a busty transsexual, possibly as a typical case involving travel outside national boundaries including a reception to shoo foreign spirits away with spirit-consuming tut-tut love taps developed to convert foreign devils into angelic playmates. Instead of a Theseus encountering a frightening Minotaur in his cave on Minoan Crete, the traveler is in this case is converted by a beautific she male darling into an improved transsexual harlot. Pilgrimages drawn in nebulae on the celestial sphere suggest opposing images similar to Theseus and the Minotaur (beneath Gemini) or Marriage to Satan (in Serpens Kaput).
Music[2]: I Get Around by The Beach Boys.

Not being had face to face for reasons of national origin might lead to our Goldmarie-Pechmarie Gif, until the fancy-meeting-you-here taker might be confronted with a topmost third hole as the favored Goldmarie pudding reciever with the center hole functioning as the orgasmic Pechmarie spout. The human genome might be set up to yield this result for males only, or for both males and females, possibly partly dependent on some surgical intervention like circumcision or castration. Why, perhaps this is one of those "rip you a new asshole" effects I've found out about, such as episiotomy, a fistula, or childbirth associated with Invasion of the Body, Snatch Yours. Jacobite philosophy may lead to this sort of transsexual restructuring sometimes, the body producing the transformation as a partly as a consequence of the mackeral mouth hostility feared by the Jacobites. The testicles might have been removed to obtain a no-pregnancy sex toy, as I suspect they are the sole source of haploid gametes in she males. Note that I could not quickly find more Mo's Cow type girls by means of Google searches.

She Male Proctology and The Scenario of Mythos
Ancient mariners were sometimes stuck with an "albatross" Owl-be-a-TroSS around their necks in their adventures abroad before translators and dictionaries made travel abroad somewhat less hazardous for "foreign" communicators who were not native sons but who could speak the local language. Slender she male Kates are associated to some degree with international communism's "communicators" and play a mythological role as new pets or new arrivals in "commoonism" and in starman's Winter Sky summit role as Turok, Son of Stone or as the Summer Sky star queen of the Eagle Nebula M16 or perhaps as its bearded king standing on an eruption of pussy cats.
Music[2]: Savoy Truffle from The Beatles White Album, House of Four Doors and Departure by the Moody Blues.

Functioning as a Fairy Godmother
Perhaps it is possible for a she male without testicles to sire a thundering herd of avenging children. We now have technique for producing induced pluripotent stem cells (iPS cells) from skin cells. Perhaps we also have or can readily develop the technique to produce haploid sperm cells from diploid pluripotent stem cells. It may also be possible to produce fertile haploid egg cells from pluripotent stem cells.

The Domain of Speculative Analysis
and World-Models of the Mad Hatter.

This entry is haunted by a Kookaburra sense of comedy, but I believe it contains valuable observations.
Kookaburra sits in the old gum tree,
Merry, merry king of the woods is he.
Laugh, Kookaburra, Laugh Kookaburra,
Gay your life must be.

First Mate Origins
Erotic Hots Study Guide
In the past, the transformation of transient "supplicants" hanging around "surrogate" portals into attractive dames was sometimes promoted find suitably indulgent personal friends with ladylike inclinations. Transformation has also been promoted to avoid losing control of territory to intruding races of different men, and in some places this is still going on. Island territories seem to have been viciously defended in some places. In some locations various classes of unwelcome new fool "guests" were somehow transferred to she male hot spots, perhaps initially as ordinary fellows finally filtered to separate the sheep from the goats. Some nations have used it to guarantee that their sons were suitably honored, rather than subjected to competition with strange visitors speaking an unfamiliar language or exhibiting a somewhat different racial phenotype uncharacteristic of their children, especially in cases in which guests were not well-heeled enough to escape with plenty of money to spare. Arrival with inadequate means could lead after a while to transferrence to an exciting whorehouse, rather than a dull prison, as a sympathetic gesture, even. Nationalists have intensely desired to be accompanied primarily by those they went to school with as youngsters, so that they are all familiar with fundamentals that apply to their culture. In other places, she males seem to have come into being because women were paid and utilized for childbirth to keep up the numbers of the national population, sometimes converting mothers into unattractive bears with independent means and dangerous as lovers by comparison with sterile she males for the sex play of existence. Other places decided to breed for the most formidable medieval warriors, systematically sacrificing weaker men in jousts of some type until they emerged as the ladies. Still other cultures thus sacrificed enemy warriors. This may be characteristic of relatively "uninhabitable" territory. At times, she males may have been required to substitute for women who died in childbirth, making "surrogate" mothers important for survival of the species. In fact, some cultures eventually reproduced exclusively though she males as their XY/YY chromosome ratios changed, spotwise until all were she males save intruding "malefactors" vectored into custody. See population sex karyotype analysis of tallyho nations. Transvestism was also used to obtain casting couch and financial leverage or legal tender obtained by tender favors. Intellectual capital from speculative investors involved in banking and proposal management has always been an alternative source, although the two could be blended. Male ability to morph into she males or bodybuilders is characteristic of the wide range of human adaptive capacity. Presidents and first ladies, kings and queens, dukes and dutchesses, earles and eye-popping beauties, gentlemen and darling dames, courtiers and courtesans, princes and princesses, and conquerors and concubines still enjoy swooning soulful moments worldwide, sometimes as prisoners of war transported to sites reminescent of Babylon, but more frequently as hot lips living soulful lives with spirited stallions who dare to fill bodies with their souls. Uncles and aunts, gays and homosexuals, sorcerers and witches, demons and dragon ladies, hogs and whores, louses and hands, bitches and bastards, are of course names for the less prized specimens of this type, also competing with nerds and nowhere men with the blues. Music: Hound Dog and Blue Suede Shoes by Elvis Presley.

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Turn On the Big Eye: This is the focus of Celestial Sphere Mythology: 'Morocco was a celestial dream come true.' We are the skions of a spinning rock.
Further Notes
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On Top

The Mount of Olives - Lubrication and Tinnitis - Vulcaneering and Julian Jaynes
A wig from my Los Angeles Safari to Caltec, Hollywood, and The Tournament of Roses in Pasadena, 1998. Taken at Halloween, 2001.
Green's Tournament of Roses Wig from 1998.

While in LA, Green worked out the Perihelion
Precession of Mercury via Unified Quantum Field
, and studied film making in Hollywood.
Shown 2001 underground at 1036 Murray Court,
showing a Halloween Christiaan Huygens alter ego.
Historically, the souls of angels (nowdays one envisions she male cocks) must have been lubricated with olive oil after preliminary kissing, smooching, petting, pre-douching and pre-dilation with a two finger swirl, presently with a dildo, or an application of a well-oiled 21st century vibrator with a soft rubber sleeve and a variable speed control, or even a loosening with new-fangled sex machine, although this can lead to ringing in lover's ears described as tinnitus and perhaps associated with heightened sensitivity resembling Coney Island radio or sound bouy signaling leading to percieved or real telecommunications via one's inner ear sometimes described as auditory hallucinations heard by sensitive souls or tinkerbelle recipients of hip wisdom. However, the ignition of sensitivity can begin the first time the inner soulmate defense communications system turns on with a noise (at a moment of intense orgasm) resembling a fuse blowing or a rifle firing overhead, which which may be somewhat worrisome and suggestive of bridges to inner silence with peace and quiet blown behind one, as in the opening sequences in the movie For Whom the Bell Tolls. Therein lies the secret meaning of being "trifled with". It might be termed the Big Bang of Squeeze-Boom Cosmology or the Kamchatka turn-on, in which your "nerves are shot". Be prepared. You might try Extra Virgin Olive Oil, which has a number of health benefits, or perhaps the antiviral Aldara or an Aldara equivalent.
It can seem like the backbone is polarized with a "dipole moment", leading to a butterfly antenna pattern allowing subvocal sounding bouy probes and mental broadcasting on the plane of etheral vibrations, functioning as a kind of soulmate defense system and providing a method for practical prayer allowing subvocal radio conversations to commune with a similarly sensitive god or goddess via subvocal ventriloquism. (Try not to cuss, but learn how to pray to God, gods and goddesses; the Centaurs may be vibe-deaf.) It is possible to employ ventriloquism from a 2nd-story window through a pane of window glass and stop a sensitive fellow in his tracks with a voice in his brain, which makes a fine experiment for angelic souls sitting on buttermill hill switched on with with vibrator technology. However, the typical use of it is to evesdrop on vibrations from questionable heads through annoying static noise, listening for friend or foe analysis. In some cases, sensitive souls can radio back and forth as if they both possessed walkie-talkies.
Pics 2012 Dec 31, 2013: Firey Furnace heating problems as we diet for Epiphany and warm up for Pentecost.(Today (Jan 7, 2013) I had a subvocal conversation with a lovely redhead standing about 5'9" in a local shopping center, Wal-Mart, that went back and forth in moderately witty sentences in English for perhaps 6 lines from each of us. It was a long time since I had attempted lengthy subvocal conversation, but subvocal speech radio-on conversationalists may be more common in her neighborhood, so the slender lady was more ready to com-mu-nic-ate via etheral vibrations than most Americans, who often forget to try it, or pare it down to just a few words. Feedback between observed posture and expression in person easily confirmed that the subvocal etheral conversation was really going on. It made me feel a bit like Batman and Robin equipped with secret transmitters and recievers. "Holy conversations" are also mentioned in classical documents such as Acts of the Apostles with regard to Pentecost (Music, Images). Ecstatic vibe communications can function as an aid to picking up foreign languages.) At vast distances, however, this mechanism can lead to strange "Hispanic panic" news reports resembling Orson Welle's radio broadcast The War of the Worlds and peculiar vibrational dreams or nightmares one learns to ignore or else suffer little cat fights with the voices of invisible presences characteristically heard by isolated, sensitive souls richly endowed with enthrallments of the spirit signified by diamond rings, pearl necklaces and other suggestive jewelry, including the mother-of-pearl white cameo neckband and diamond, or pearl, or hoop earrings. Much more rarely self-image can be broadcast or received like a promotional TV picture, entirely via transsexual vibrations communicating a more voluptuous version of "Help me, Obiwan Kenobe. You're my only hope". Background static vibrations and false long-distance ques can make one prefer to sleep like a baby, however, by turning on a fan to dispell vapid drops of vibe-focusing musk or playing music in both ears from headphones using a modern device. Eventually, sensitivity simmers down. I might add that soldierly men typically hoot down the soulful turn on when they are massed together, so that the privacy of a home or a swinging commune of kindred spirits is required for fanny-thrilling excitations resulting in the vibrational sensitivity associated with etheral transsexual communications. Musk-gathering long hair useful for signal coupling or communications for advice from whispering ghosts may also hooted down by men hoping for undistracted concentration on other business possibly requiring plenty of physical strength and doglike, rather than catlike, behavior. Linquistic relics of the topic: to knight us, tinnitus, tonight us. "No books, mind turns to jelly." - Professor Byron Tsongodas, KU, 1969. For a diplomatic study of the psychology of "auditory" hallucinations, see The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind by Julian Jaynes. Similar points are examined in When Self-Consciousness Breaks Alien Voices and Inserted Thoughts by G. Lynn Stephens and George Graham.

Go and Sin No More - Friction Leads to Infection: Don't Forget the Midnight Oil
The lubricating oil is a prescription we find in the New Testament for newlyweds that probably helped popularize the New Testament, although it does not explain all the reasons why oil should be used. Old Testament circumcision alone was unable to prevent some of the problems that we observed from time to time in attempting to enjoy soulful enthrallments originating from our human evolution from a reptilian lifeform that was always making out like the birds. A bedroom Internet system with a computer projector or big screen TV monitor allowing online viewing of topical movie galleries while making out can make sex more thrilling, interesting, and provide sex education from the world of sexual enterainment. The consequences of appealing, vivacious, fantastic sex without lots of slick personal lubrication include cell breakage from friction that can produce viral maladies from proviruses already integrated into the human genome including HPV, which can cause genital warts or even produce giant condylomas. Today we really should have antiviral personal lubricants widely and inexpensively available, including components like the interferons, as well as inexpensive and effective off-the-shelf aids to genital wart removal. Prophylactics provide additional protection against such cell breakage and viral infections including Herpes and HIV, and also against perils of fecal impaction, including perhaps blood diseases such as leukemia. Polio could be sexually transmitted as a viral disorder. The catalog of sexually transmitted bacterial pathogens that can be transferred via the love tap pathway is impressive. Today, the only antibiotic that Kansans can readily obtain without consulting experts is garlic, which also has anticancer properties, because it includes a telomerase inhibitor. Garlic is effective against very many bacterial and viral pathogens including the HIV virus that causes AIDS, but leaves human cells and yeasts undamaged. Colloidal silver is also available, but sometimes turns men blue (Bye, Bye Life). Circumcision was also intoduced in ancient times to cure or prevent infection of the foreskin and transmission of diseases, possibly predating prophylactics. Circumcision (popular in Emergency Medicine) can also reduce or prevent certain other maladies, including urinary tract infections and foreskin hang-ups.

Further Perils of the Greek Arts and Relevant Medicine
Adrenal fatigue may be an associated symptom or description stemming from concentration on the Greek arts. One thinks of Theseus in the Cave of the Minotaur on Minoan Crete, a legend which seems to be reflected in heavenly nebulae. I suspect adrenal fatigue takes a turn for the worse if overeating enters the picture with hyperinsulinemia, so that the victim is also eventually plagued with high C-reactive protein levels characteristic of low-grade systemic inflammation and obesity leading to diabetes. See Adrenal Failure. Note that bare bottom love taps of high amplitude can result in staghorn stones in the kidneys under certain conditions, and that the adrenal gland is perched atop the kidney. Therefore it is not surprising that transformations from the love tap pathway may be associated sometimes with adrenal disorders. Prophylactics can eliminate or reduce the incidence of many associated problems. Unlike the child-bearing women my she male grandmother Green characterized as the "bleeding-heart" type, she males usually have prostate glands. The blockage of the urinary tract due to prostate cancer [Wikipedia, LifeExtension, LibCong/prostate cancer] can be fatal. (Note that relatively harmless BPH (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia [Links, LifeExtension, LibCong]) can also cause temporary urinary tract blockage and a state of alarm.) See Urology [Wikipedia, Links, Books, LifeExtension, LibCong, Amazon]. Boswellia from Ayurvedic Medicine is one of the preventive medicines for prostate cancer and benign prostatic hyperplasia. Another she male problem is breast cancer [LibCong, LifeExtension,], probably preventable by treatment with telomere-lengthening astragalosides (telomerase activators) to prevent telomere fusion in breast epithelial tissue primarily responsible for carcinomas [LibCong/carcinomas, LifeExtension]. Alcohol (see carcinogens) tends to promote cell division beyond the M1 senescence checkpoint in breast epithelial cells, leading to telomere fusion and breast cancer, so advise your busty ones not to drink; woo them otherwise. One in 8 women suffers from breast cancer. Esophageal cancer [Links, LibCong, LifeExtension] can perhaps result from tissue rejection phenomenae associated with the flow of semen through the esophagus, and might be prevented by a glass of water or anticancer measures. Incidentally, colon cancer is typically caused by fat from a diet too rich in beef, which feeds a fat-feeding bacterium that produces a carcinogen. Colorectal cancer also arises as a typical transsexual medical problems from an HPV infection leading to colon polyps [Images] that may eventually become cancerous [Images]. Bare, unprotected sex may eventually result in some intestinal polyps or HPV-associated warts requiring expert attention, or classical STDS (VD). If HPV or other viral pathogens get loose in a woman's reproductive system, there is the possibility of cervical cancer or ovarian cancer, a motive for close-up inspections associated with lipstick and no-nonsense pantyhose. There seems to be an associated mechanism for unleashing some kinds of viral code already resident in the human genome that is connected to some kinds of sexual behaviors, rather than to mere infection, as with a bacterial pathogen. "Testicular" cancer [Images] is another problem sometimes seen, particularly in older specimens. New anticancer diets, drugs, and nutraceuticals now make testicular cancer less of a threat. Blood-type incompatibilities based on antibodies may exist. These can usually be prevented with flavored or lubricated prophylactics and perhaps also by using some very slippery oils, or antiviral or medicated personal lubricants (employing, say, antiviral interferon alpha activators) and by introducing hygenic maneuvers such as douching, application of attractive scents or taste-enhancing sprays and materials, scrubbing with soap and water, preloosening to reduce friction, or other measures. High estrogen levels from transsexual activity may be associated with heart flutters, heart throbs, or heart attacks, and are sometimes associated with the "change of heart" that may be spoken of in connection with transformation. Yet another transsexual problem is an aneurysm in the circle of Willis, which might result from overly vigorous intercourse associated with the sound of spats. Many associated problems are quite generally encountered in love and sexuality, including HPV (genital warts [LibCong]) and other STDs. Solutions to all of these problems are available from preventive medicine and Life Extension Medicine now, but are more difficult in cases involving existing prostate cancer or breast cancer.

History: The Shadow Knows
It is possible to make out until the world seems to be painted on black velvet, a fact alluded to by black eyeliner cosmetics seeming to represent a cosmic Eye of Horus. This can resemble a signal from the 5th dimension to prudently stop making out for the time being. Historically, world travelers have been more likely to blunder into traps leading to she male transformation than fellows who remained in their original neighborhoods, although polite "Suck Caught" lures may have been set in some areas to identify characters inclined to visit shady whorehouses, black humor confessionals, or "diabolical" jet black she male incubators for the purpose of sucking cocks off the walls for men inclined to introduce themselves as the local dicks to whores and "prostitutes" having a "horror" of showing their own peerless pestles in the same manner, but inclined to enjoy a some peachy moments with eager spirits. Boys far from home and their original set of relatives are more likely to be chosen for feminist activity, preferred or not. Invitations to travel abroad may lead to traveling as a broad. The she male issue has been connected to making "Whore on You", Babylonian captivity, and similar historical problems, as well as to Oceanic Unity, transports of ecstacy, and vanishment into "oblivion" as a surprisingly shapely new-fangled sex star. That is how she male transformation is sometimes associated with "Abyssinian" types or "Abyssinian slaves", "international people" or exile to the Abyss. Not speaking the language of the local people, and having to parley for goods and self-defense can sometimes lead to sexual behavior resulting in transformation. Perhaps that is why she males were sometimes tagged as "perverts" who could purr and whimper, but could not commune with local people in their language. Such cases are sometimes described as "divine atrocities". Hostile troops could cut your balls off. On the other hand, friendly troops could kindly remove your balls to prevent difficult pregnancies not to your liking to prevent testicular cancer, although DHEA or supplemental estrogen may be desirable to maintain muscle tissue integrity. Taller troops might regard smaller men as unsuitable for reproduction, so that the smaller fellows were more likely to change. Sex-starved troops could tempt prisoners or unwelcome guests to change into she male darlings, providing encouragement to lost souls receptive to close personal friendships. Escape from hazardous manuevers of empire builders like Peter the Great might render the she male state the most survivable and pleasant option in a cruel world kind only to voluptuous Anastasias and Barbarellas. Wars produce she males as a spin-off as some men molt into ladies to avoid hellish hazards. Ticklish business can seem to be preferable to clearly dangerous business. In other words, a hostile reception could Damn your Soul to a Fallen Angel state where you could prepare a memoir resembling a radiance from the Crater Tycho on the Moon or the Book of Proclus on the back of the God of the New Moon. Thus in the Full Moon we see Aristarchus rushing in to be shot down from crater Euler by Einstein, then falling out of the Bottom of Bessarion's curvacious rump to become Frau Mauro, a busty handmaiden of binding focusing her light at the Crater Tycho whilst tugging on her cock before displaying her work on her back as Proclus in first quarter of the New Moon like a resume or a sex movie surveyed by those that study hard. Finally the head of the moon dog seems to mature in the full moon with a grey beard, and to face the moon dog in a bearded state together with his black-bearded companion in the Sea of Storms like Marx accompanied by Engels or General Lee accompanied by General Grant looking back to the days of his youth. Resumes sometimes resemble stories of engineers functioning as tempting chambers of soulful mercy for pistons of big business intent on tallyho moments, youngster's experiments or woman's work that is never done. On other hand, you could arrive at a state of sexual excitement leading to she male transformation just for trying some smooching and soulful excitement with a beloved friend until you are fond mates. Hence the Captain's "first mate", for instance, who might be transfigured into a first lady as the Captain strains to harpoon Moby Dick. One might prefer she male sex to the dirty diapers, wailing and knashing of teeth, and so forth involved in rearing children...until she male pregnancy intervenes to cancel cherished illusions of invicible male sterility. Orphans find it relatively awkward to sire children when their parent's generation is completely gone. When there are no grandparents remaining for the children to visit, motivation to reproduce is reduced. Some associated common terms in human language seem to originate from dillemas of the primal hunter. "Ass O She Ate" itself describes one of them. Sexually performing characters are more likely to share breakfast with us. The homosexual campfire girl state of males comes about due to a wide variety of pressures and lures. Hopeless wars may scare troops out of their skins. Or Varangian dancing may look like more fun to men some neighborhoods than alternative entertainments. Sometimes men prefer to come on like beauty or science fiction princesses because it seems superior as adaptation to circumstance and allows them to better savor their soulful moments. Diminutive Princess Leia may not be heeded by Han Solo except as an attractive lady.

On the other hand, pressures for she male behavior could stem from widespread exeptional difficulties with women in a territory, such as widespread divorce, treachery, or murder. It may have been desirable to produce many offspring for national defense from paid women, leading to women grossly out of normal form from too much childbirth. This may lead to the times that try men's souls and she males who are clearly more desirable lovers than available women, who may resemble tanks, truck drivers, or Sumo wrestlers. It can also happen as a consequence of programmed breeding to produce taller fellows superior in medieval warfare or hand-to-hand combat, as smaller fellows drop out, pierced by life's jousts.

Star birds against the world: Birds of the four seasons as Orionid symbols of the sexual revolution.
Birds of the Revolution
Got Reamed
on their way through.

The Nazis seem to have used swastikas and bird symbols extensively to indicate that they were numerously from she male bottoms before World War II. The swastika is symbolic of the anus, the four seasons, the corresponding winged migration of birds reproducing exclusively via anal intercourse, connotes a machine ready to roll, and is suggestive of the rise of the Wing-Robe of Orion, which finally more resembles a butterfly in the Spring, reminding us of transformation. Next the tillerman of Bootes equiped with the cock Corona Borelis rides the handle of the Big Dipper down into Summer like the Star Queen of the Eagle Nebula going to a meeting with her pitcher above the galactic force hook of Scorpius for a Midsummer Night's Dream. Reproduction from she males may have happened to secure German hold on native territory after losing World War I, at a time and place when regular women were rare and recovery from reproduction was very much in demand. The Nazi trinity of red flags with swastikas in a circle of white may have symbolized the maximum number of pregnancies typically endured by reproducing ladies prior to bloody births.

Press for KU Fan.I am reminded of the red-crested KU Jayhawk trailed by three little Jayhawks following behind. My grandparents had two (Green) or three (Mayfield) children, and may have settled in "Wichita" Kansas to clue their kids in on where they came from internally.

Reasons for not changing are easy to find, too. Hair-raising language and persecutions of witches give many men pause, and the topic is often taboo in one's environment. The associated identity crisis may involve name changes leading to insecure hold on property and fortune. On the other hand, one's good name may be so ruined that one desires to jump out of one's skin into a fresh identity.

Pursuit of Eternal Life and Soul-to-Heaven Mythos as an Angelside Spirit on High
James "Anton" Green III ("detoured" or "dee turd") of Wichita, Kansas at the "Supreme" Summit of Relativistic Cosmology.
Soul-to-Heaven's Pilgrimage to the Cornerstone. Press for The Rock of the Dome of the Rock, a source of images for ancient fairy tales, children's stories, and buddy bear associations.
Above: S.Monocerotis in Monoceros (Siding Spring Observatory).
Mount Moriah with Arc of the Covenant as Relativity Rock:
Return to the Anvil of Squeeze-Boom Cosmology's Big Bounce.
"Morocco was a celestial dream come true." - Timothy Leary.
Mythologically, it seems like Jim Green returns to his Magic
Mountain of Bull for further work on his education by proxy,
displaying a glowing, voluptuous bottom with empty hip pocket
in the chin-hairs of his WUF resume Profile, perhaps on his
way the Ablah Library at WSU for more astragaloside research
to soothe his age 61 nerves concerning his afterlife at model age 39, moving like Theseus in the Cave of the Minotaur. Perhaps the rock also alludes to my work on covering for "asteroids" threatening the Earth by means of nuclear weapons, and to my Best Bull highlights.
The rock also reminds me of the Viking lander's Big Jo on Mars,
and to the big black Cornejo tombstone near Kellogg and Hillside.
The Black Monolith. Divination and elevation in the bosom of love.
The Steamiest Part of the Milky Way.
Above: Summer Eagle Nebula M16 (Eagle's Phallus) Star Queen Nebula.
The Long-Haired "Jackie" Boy in the Winter and Summer Skies
Summer Mythology of Dante and Beatrice, Merlin and King Arthur;
Soul-to-Heaven Mythos near the Galactic Hub of the Milky Way.

Angelside Visions in the celestial Scenario of Mythos.
On the left we find an image of a fellow resembling me flying my EE Cummings style WUF-balloon resume but with long hair elevated to the summit of S. Monocerotis, with its spectacular Cone Nebula down below in a long vertical nebular tapestry parallel to Orion and just beneath the fireaxe resume of Gemini (the spirit who can cut it). It reminds me of a Jack Benny engineer negotiating with Rochester at age 39, Jack's perpetual age, which is now my model age on my theoretical charts. The summer sky Eagle Nebula (M16) Star Queen seems to feature me again, but with long hair negotiating as an engineering soulmate (Beatrice) with a piston of big business (Dante) in the Star Queen Nebula inside the Eagle nebula complex just where the Eagle nebula looks down at its hard-on. It both cases "Merry Christmas" seems central while Achmed sings "Jingle Bombs". I developed software for controlling asteroids with nuclear weapons years ago, and for analyzing potential damage done by an asteroid mass to the Earth, but hilariously most other scientists have concentrated on alternative methods.
Both images show encounter between a moving pilgrim and a towering establishment, mirroring harmoniously opposing Migrant & Local forces.
Music[2]: The Brand New Tennessee Waltz by Joan Baez, Pin Ball Wizard by The Who, and
Queen of Love by the Incredible String Band.
The Cremation of Sam McGee by Robert W. Service.

Press for This Island Earth.
The "Slay Death" acrostic version of
the poster for This Island Earth, showing
Dr. Cal Meacham as the visionary scientist
in profile inside a gem-like green prism.

New World Notes

Pregnant Boys: Green Discovers the Facts of Life at 61
[Links/Male Pregnancy, Wikipedia, Blog Spots, Images, Papers, Books, Amazon].
George Washington in M100. Press for WeatherVisions 2 with George Washington in the sky on July 4. He also appears in the clouds on George Washington's birthday and on Presidents Day.
George Washington in M100,
Facing Ponderosa Spirits
Above an American Bonanza
Resembling a Rump and a Pregnancy.

It's George's face on the money,
the M-One Hundred Cent piece.
Dollars & "Cents" got "Whirled"
Revolution by the Yin-Yang.
Note that male pregnancy [Wikipedia; Images/Ectopic Pregnancy, Images/Pregnant Lady, Pregnant Lady Cross-Section, Lady Pregnant with 6 babies, Amazon] would usually be received as an astonishing reversal of fortune by randy young men. Today, perhaps it can be engineered [Images]. See drugs for sexual restructuring and transformation technique medicine, above. Indeed, the revelation that anal sex can eventually make either men or women pregnant seems startling and may be hard to verify with readily available material. There may exist drugs contributing to the induction of male pregnancy and drugs for inducing male pregnancies with multiplets, which might involve an enlarged uterus. The she male condition is also often a surprise among people with certain establised folkways. Of course, it must have gotten to be a topic not to be "dis-cussed", because some of us are married to them as aunts and uncles, and we don't like to upset our friends or she male sorority sisters. Consciousness of she male existence [Images] was recently promoted by Internet and presentations from adult showcases including magazine and DVD presentations, elsewhere by "Comsomol" gatherings and so forth. This year, however, I met a lady I thought probably was a she male with a tip-off encoded name and she surprised me and the rest of the audience by exhibiting pregnancy [Images]. Until then, I assumed randy males were safe from pregnancy, although I had seen lovely boys cavorting on Internet video like some of the most curvaceous women in town. Now I wonder how it is done or avoided, as Internet searches seem to show pregnant men here and there, possibly transgendered females, however. Perhaps something must be unusually inserted or pre-enlarged as a signal to restructure things for pregnancy internally. Must be the Mystery of Christmas revealing itself as a Sherlock Holmes detective story. However, human male pregnancy is not extensively described on Google with medical imaging support [Images] and anatomical diagrams [Images], although it is supported somewhat by photos of pregnant male-looking characters mostly not showing the penis, as frank Internet she males often do.
'Well, I let a few slip through.'  Press for Mad Hatter images.
"Well, I let a few slip through."
Male pregnancy (XY crossed with XY) would yield XX, XY, YX, and YY children in equal numbers, according to Mendelian genetic analysis, providing 3x as many boys as girls, on the average. YY crossed with XY or XX yields only boys. Perhaps male pregnancy explains Japanese Hari Kari suicide, too. C-section deliveries may be an advanced, controlled form of Hari Kari. There is something that has to come out. Of course, male psuedo-pregnancies [Images] due to liver disease [Images] or bladder [Images] or urinary tract problems [Images] are also observed, so that only surgical investigation could solve certain mysteries of demise. Was it a bad liver from too much Saki, a big bladder from overgreeking leading to Prostate Cancer, or fatal failed pregnancy [Images] originating from a procedure mysterious to the "uninitiated"? Only the surgeon and his audience would know for sure. Deaths due to abdominal swelling were a "Hitchcock" mystery. Surgery certainly had to advance from do-it-yourself practice and primitive record-keeping to enable C-section deliveries [Images, Video, Papers, Books, Amazon]. Of course, there may exist alternative methods.
Also, in some places, men could be hired to produce children as a service to their country, reasoning that they could better talk up the brain of an infant student to produce a superior specimen. Child psychology and developmental medicine may be favorite topics of advanced mothers and fathers proceeding with new techniques. See Jacquiline Kennedy Onassis and Lady Bird Johnson. See also The Placental Mammals, (Therians [Wikipedia/Theria], and Monotremes [Wikipedia/Monotreme]). The Evolution of Reproduction, The Anatomy of Male Pregnancy. I suspect that Ru486 can be used to terminate male pregnancies early, and could possibly be used as a morning after pill. However, other pills may be more suitable.
(XY) x (XY) yields 3/4 boys (XY, YX, and YY) and 1/4 girls (XX),
(YY) x (XY) yields all boys, 1/2 YY and 1/2 XY, and
(YY) x (YY) yields all boys, YY.
One wonders if boys could get pregnant without an X-chromosome. (Search)
What are the statistics of male pregnancy [Images]?

Vibrator Perils of Pauline
[Links/Vibrator Transformations, Blog Spots, Images, Papers, Books;
Links/Male Sexual Apparatus Invagination, Blog Spots, Images, Papers, Books;
Links/Invagination, Blog Spots, Images, Papers, Books;
Links/Vibrator Overdose Effects, Blog Spots, Images, Papers, Books].
Searches show that most customers of vibrators are richly satisfied with few objectionable side effects. However, from Internet she male sites, it seems possible from time to time for male sexual apparatus to invaginate and become female apparatus. Pairs of boys have made "after" pictures of themselves in which everything has invaginated on both partners and both were she males who became invaginated women-men. That is, there are some indications that your over-stroked ass could gobble up your cock and balls. Just exactly how this happens is somewhat uncertain. Recovery may be possible with male androgens such as testosterone and other therapy. The biology of human development (gonads) may furnish clues concerning hormonally induced sex tissue transformations that may lead to male pregnancy.

A pregnant male came to me in a dream and claimed that too much vibrator in the hole can cause male apparatus to invaginate, and if one creams at an intermediate stage, one's can get pregnant from one's own semen, by male self-insemination [Images]. Then the child comes out looking a lot like you. Delivery was C-section [Images, Video], according to my dream. Would this have been possible with the testicles removed? Prevention of male pregnancy may be a motive for testicle removal in some cases.

On the other hand, women can be transgendered, appear to be males, then become pregnant transgendered women and have children as transgendered specimens. See transgendered pregnancy. There may be drugs that promote male pregnancy, and drugs that promote multiplet pregnancies by promoting ovulation. (ovulation drugs include Clomid and Serophene.)

Are male pregnancies found exclusively in the invaginated, or is male pregnancy observed with male apparatus intact? By now it seems clear that male pregnancy is often observed with male sexual apparatus A-OK and all systems go.

Is it possible for boys with their testicles removed to become pregnant? In some male pregnancy photos, it looks like female apparatus may have developed internally from hormonal stimulation that is completely independent of pre-existing male apparatus. Has this been observed? Has no-exit male pregnancy been observed, so that the only possible exit is though a solid wall of pre-existing tissue? (Answer: The colon and anus are definitely tissue-wall-insulated from the placenta during male pregnancy.)

Your Internet blog spots contain more testimony, as everyone is writing more about it in blog spots with photos and so forth to ulitimately clarify everything.

Gay Birds
Do roosters sometimes lay eggs, when hopped by more domineering roosters?
See transgendered roosters and transsexual roosters.
Do roosters ever hobnob with each other to this degree?
Is homosexual behavior ever observed in birds?

Prophylactic Alternatives
Can male pregnancy be prevented by jacking cotton balls, soft dog food dipped in extra virgin olive oil, or creosote?
Do male diaphram, contraceptive anal plug, slick soft plastic egg, or absorbent anal pad techniques exist for preventing male pregnancy?
Are spermicidal personal lubricants available suitable for squelching male pregnancy?
Are spermicidal and antiviral personal lubricants available?
Of course flavored prophylactics can also prevent male pregnancy.

Male Pregnancy Recovery
Can a corset be used for figure recovery after C-section deliveries [Images] in male pregnancy?

Preparation of Haploid Sperm and Egg Cells from Diploid Cells
Perhaps a male minus his testicles could inseminate a female with specially transformed diploid cells such as skin cells become haploid sperm cells to obtain a female pregnant with his and her alleles in the diploid zygote. See inducing meiosis in diploid cells and meiosis [Images]. It is possible to transform skin cells into induced Pluripotent Stem Cells (iPS Cells) which might be specialized into haploid sperm cells or egg cells. This might enable a woman to obtain sperm from her own skin cells, then impregnate herself or her friends with her own sperm. Perhaps it is possible to transgender a male for female reproduction so that he could become pregnant with sperm obtained from his own skin cells or the from the skin cells of his friends.

Crossing Sex Karyotypes
In reality, I get the impression that XY crossed with XY may result in XYY-karyotype males (seen in 1 about 1000 USA births) with delivery from male pregnancy. XYY males are typically taller than normal XY males but carry an extra Y chromosome. Still carrying the X chromosome makes XYY more viable by including the X-linked molecule dyskerin which stabilizes telomerase. Thus XYY males are healthy with a full complement of genes. Perhaps they have chronically high testosterone, however. This may have led to castration in some cults of us, because high testosterone can lead to a short temper. This class of children seem to be she males, although methods are available to produce she male phenotype from ordinary XY males and also from uncastrated XYY males. Another motive for she male castration or a she male vasectomy has been to prevent she male wives from impregnating their husbands.

According to simple-minded analysis, male(XY) x female(XX) gives the Mendelian result:

XX x XY yields XX + XY + XX + XY, so that boys are as likely as girls
when XY-karyotype she males or regular XY-karyotype boys are crossed with women.


Note that XX x XX yields XX + XX + XX + XX according to Mendelian analysis, so that crossing an XX-woman with an XX-woman yields an XX-women (all girls).


On the other hand, YY x XX yields XY + XY + XY + XY (all regular XY boys)
when YY he-men are crossed with XX women.


Also, YY x XY yields XY + YY + XY + YY (all boys, 1/2 YY)
when YY he-men are crossed with XY boys.


XY x XY: Primal Genesis of the YY men.
3/4 boys, 1/4 girls; 1/4 YY males, 1/2 XY she males plain or fancy.
YY men can also seem to be she males.

Avalanche of the YY-men when YY men cross with YY men. Women given therapy to produce women with penises for enthallment coud probably not inseminate the XX-karyotype, since they produce eggs.

Sex Type x Sex TypeResults
XX Women x XX womenAll XX women
XY boys x XX women50% XY boys, 50% XX women
XY boys x XY boys75% boys, 25% YY, 25% XX
XY she males x XX women50% XY boy, 50% XX women
XY boys x YY "he-men"all boys, 50% YY "he-men"
YY "he-men" x XX womenAll XY boys
YY "he-men" x YY "he-men"All YY "he-men"
Perhaps we should call all ordinary boys XY "plain she males" voluptuous she males XY "fancy she males" and all YY boys "he men". Perhaps YY men view XY boys as the X-men.
However, if a YY boy should take black cohosh or diosgenin pretty regularly, can he resemble a fancy she male or breasted XX female with regard to his observable phenotype? Is the X chromosome essential for breast development? [Genes, the X-chromosome, developmental functions of the X-chromosome]. It seems once boys begin to breed with boys, we might finally wind up with YY studs and YY she males in a situation where women are rejected, or even all YY she males. In other words, we may have cultures on earth regionally at the present time that are entirely ladies and gentlemen of the YY type or entirely she males of the YY type. See [Links/Karyotype analysis, Images, Papers, Books; Links/Karyotype analysis software, Images; Index/Metaphase Spread; Links/Sex chromosome analysis, Images, Papers, Books; Wiki/Gregor Mendel].

Dyskerin and Dyskeratosis Congenita
Note that the gene for dyskerin is on the X-chromosome and contributes the stability of telomerase. Dyskeratosis congenita (DKC) is an associated disease that derives in some cases also from mutations in the dyskerin gene. Dyskeratosis Congenita is a rare disease associated with mutation in the X-chromosome that affects about 1 one million Americans. Defects due to dyskerin mutations may make it more difficult to maintain bone marrow in old age, and XYY-karyotype physiology in aging specimens, however, does not involve a lack of dyskerin. It may be that extra testosterone from the XYY karyotype condition prolongs life, since testosterone is a telomerase activator. Dyskeratosis Congentia is seen in typical XYY-specimens in only vary rarely in the USA. (Check). Music: Jesse by Carly Simon.

Ho Chi Men Green
Our Father which art in Heaven Timothy Leary in LSD blotter art, resembling Ho Chi Minh in profile. Incidentally, my father James A. Green Jr. had 4 boys by mother Ruth. The probability of 4 boys born is (1/2)(1/2)(1/2)(1/2) = 1/16. So my father might have been a YY from Missouri who was raised by another couple, since YY studs have all boys when YY x XX. That would have made father James A. Green Jr. the "Ho Chi Men" of the family, with friends like Wyman Warren and Sherman Lample. Is the moon made of green cheese? I note that Timothy Leary had all boys. What about Ho Chi Minh? On the other hand, Grandma Green might have been a boy. I remember when I was a child that Mom told me that Grandma Green struck me once. Mom said that I had asked her if she had a penis. However, I think that this was to plant a memory in my young mind, so that I would ask myself about it later. Mom probably knew that Grandma Green was a boy and wanted me to remember this. I have no memory of being struck by Grandma Green, who taught me to say "Gesundheit!" after I sneezed. Grandad Green was the President of Mesa Oil and Petroleum, so perhaps Grandma Green was its First Lady. I remember Grandmother Green telling me to beware of bleeding heart types, as if she herself had never been a bleeding womb. I didn't get it at the time that she might actually have been a feministic boy. Grandma and Granddad Green took me to see Peter Pan with "Mary Martin" on stage in New York City when I was young, and took me for a ride on a glass-bottom boat in Florida where we could look down between our legs and study the fishes. Dad spoke a lot about "to save my soul from Hell", which might have had something about how he was born. As for Grandmother Golda Mayfield, one of her favorite books was My Utmost for His Highest. However, she must have been XX karyotype, since my mother was XX. Sometimes Mayfield family men passed away at 49 on the nose in Wheatshocker land, perhaps to be buried in Flash Gordon mausoleums like Old Mission across from WSU. Perhaps after she males have children, they go to park in "Wichita", Kansas as a device for explaining to some children in awe concerning how from the "USSR" they were born and raised a nice, comfortable "USA" home.

Trinity Divinity: Visions of Male Pregnancy in the Clouds -
Haunting Hallucinations May Mirror Professorial Intellect

Ram Dass Rapture. Press for Weather Visions.Ram Dass shows his necklace. Press for Ram Dass website.
Ram Dass Rapture - Insemination with Psychedelic Wisdom -
Dr. Dass starts up like an MD with his medicine bag, his
white beard resembling a surgeon's mask. Note that
Angelside has seized a bead on his trademark necklace.
LSD by Richard Alpert and Sidney Cohen introduced me
to the Birth of a Psychedelic Culture back in the 1960s.
"USSR" action flourishes as "O" manifests above in the early
May of the USA, when the world is cooking with gas.
Alternate titles for the scene exist in different religions.
Today was the Winter Solstice of 2010, the shortest shadow-of-a-stick day. As I looked up into the sky in the West, I saw two lovers together high in the clouds, reclining side by side as if they were in bed. The one up front showed both a pregnant belly and a sizable erection beneath it pointed into the sky at angle of about 80 degrees. It was an impressive mythic image about 30 degrees wide and 15 degrees high in clouds about a mile away. Well, I have not seen a photo like it on Internet yet. It was a good example of how a nearby cloud pattern weather vision can seem to mirror something that I have been writing about, in this case male pregnancy. The image seemed to be the painterly product of a friendly ghost pleased to demonstrate his existence with a characteristic "I see you, Do you see me?" signal. Such a mystic scene may have predictive value. We may see something like it in an Internet photo soon. Of course, there are probably many women with plastic strap-on dildoes to display who could easily simulate the picture.

Music: Jokerman by Bob Dylan, Plastic Fantastic Lover by the Jefferson Airplane,
The Beat Goes On and I Got You, Babe by Sonny and Cher,
Hazy Shade of Winter and The Sound of Silence by Simon and Garfunkel.

She Male Sex, Multiplet Pregnancies, Delivery and Recovery (Exploratory Notes)
Corner Ball in the Side Pocket
Images from The Fires of Creation. Press for the vision of the earth's moon god as a young pup and (later) as an old man.
Mars: Moon Gods of the Worlds.
Man awakens to the mystery of his
"ancestral" origins.
Music: Sisters of Mercy by Leonard Cohen.
In the ancient Greek cult of Artemis [Images], statues of women were displayed who had a number of extra breasts plastered on, as at the Artemis Temple of Ephesus or at the Ampitheater of Lepsis Magna. Photos of women with 3, 4, and 6 breasts have been shown online. It seems elevated estrogen or progesterone levels can produce such effects in feminists to support multiplet pregnancies, for which two large breasts might be adequate with serial feeding. According to stories I've heard (and partly supported by photos I have seen), it seems to be possible to prevent the vanishment of the penis to make the placenta, by an anal sex method that preserves the she male penis she pulls on, but forces children to emerge (in bags) from her enlarged anal chamber padded with uterine material through the (pre-enlarged, pre-greased) anal orfice. Evidently one can roost on progressively larger dildoes to enlarge the hole (which must be greased), until one can put a child through the anus and even recieve it with both hands, although there is back pain that might be controlled somewhat with drugs like ibuprofen or perhaps more powerful pain medicine resembling morphine. General anesthesia or regional anesthesia (epidural or spinal) may be used.
"With a spinal, the medication is injected inside the dura, the tough coating surrounding the brain and spinal cord and located right next to the spine. During an epidural, medication is put inside the spinal column just outside the sac that surrounds the spinal cord. A spinal requires less medicine and works faster than an epidural; but, it is somewhat more likely to cause a headache or low blood pressure." - WebMD/Pregnancy-pain-relief
Special chairs and devices have been developed for she-male delivery assisted by midwives, or it may be possible to deliver the infant(s) with a bow at the waist into a basket, with arrangements to prevent accidentally dropping an infant from a height. I have heard that babies may be delivered into a basket when no assistance is available while firmly gripping a support, if the anus has been suitably pre-enlarged and lubricated, although this is dangerous. Assistance is usually valuable and reduces childbirth mortality, and in most cases assistance is probably absolutely required to extract the infant.

Abdominal Expulsion or Claw-Out (Enfant Terrible)
Press for associated blog.On the other hand, a child may come right out between the two vertical strips of frontal abdominal muscle like the "birth" scene in the movie Alien starring Sigourney Weaver, who also made Alien II and Alien Resurrection. A vertical scar there is usually interpreted as being due to a hernia, but it may also be due to childbirth, probably usually though an incision prepared by a surgeon. On the other hand, without special assistance or preparation, the child may be born in a way that kills the mother as the child emerges through the abdominal wall, as the movie Alien suggests. Furthermore, catastropic emergence of the infant might be experienced by a conventional female. Also, I note that the movie suggests oral insemination of the infant resulting in a species of ectopic pregnancy. Thus black she male incubators featuring confessional ports for introducing the phallus to sources of succor for their flesh might produce surprising pregnancies in sympathetic characters as a consequence of swallowing semen. Pregnancy pathways had better be understood. Obviously, if all boys can get pregnant, we might prefer to take a course on insemination alternatives and childbirth techniques in school than to face it in ignorance. Perhaps YY karyotype boys cannot get pregnant: I still don't know, but suspect that they can get pregnant. Bodybuilders have presented with a long vertical scar between abdominal muscles, and conventional males have been photographed as pregnant specimens. Passage through a relatively narrow hind channel might damage an infant's shoulders, explaining some Scandinavian genotype variants I have seen with narrow shoulders that may have evolved for the birth process from a male. This also might be useful for birth between vertical strips of abdominal muscle. Music: We've Got to Get Out of this Place if it's the last thing we ever do...

The emergence of a child through abdominal sidewall may be correllated with the onset of uterine contractions in she males, triggering a clawout with the fingers or toes. This may coincide with a failure of the infant to orient itself properly in the womb for emergence from the vulva. Then plans to it take out through the new vulva where the penis used to be or by some trick through the anus fail and both mother and child might perish. Thus C-section delivery will be timed to take place before the onset of uterine contractions.

Through the Hind
Perhaps delivery can occur in some cases as multiplets taken from an enlarged anus into baskets while the mother grips a vertical pole, and perhaps without damaging the abdominal wall. On the other hand, a mother may find herself pregnant with no exit available for the infant, so that surgery must prepare a way for the child through a solid of wall of tissue one way or another. An insectoid or reptilian insemination and childbirth technique may exist that is different from the conventional pregnancy in a typical placental mammal. The anal hole may be enlarged with progressively larger dildo implements for many months prior to actual insemination of a child, so that insemination typically takes place when the mother is confident she can really deliver. This might require exit through the wall of the large intestine in some cases and subsequent repair. The dildo size sequence reminds one of the progressive nesting of Russian wooden dolls inside each other. The largest dildo is a slick, phallus-shaped implement I have seen photographed that is immense, requiring quite a while to work up to. It is so large that it inspires confidence that delivery through the anus is indeed possible. I have seen photos of a smiling mother in good condition affectionately patting an immense slick black dildo with an air of self-congratulation as a slim, lovely lady.

KU Fan.
The scene is reminiscent of the S. Monocerotis encounter in NGC 2264 between a ladylike skywalker and a horsehead with sex on the brain. There are tribes of men in which all children are born from transsexual males including some American Indian tribes and perhaps the "Varangians". Abdominal muscles may be strengthened prior to delivery and others may assist with various manuevers. In some tribes, all of the original XX women have fled, died, or have been eliminated, and perhaps all ladies and gentlemen are YY in some outfits, which are sometimes exclusively she males. Good books, photos, videos, and notes on the associated delivery methods and procedures ought to become available on Internet and shelvable in medical libraries. It may be required to have a bag full of surgeon's rubber gloves on hand for delivery, in addition to forceps, painkillers, ice packs and astringents such as alum to stop bleeding, antibiotics, and perhaps sutures, sponges, and other tools of surgery, even in the countryside. (During pregnancy the lady defecates around the unborn children, which are the placenta attatched to a sidewall and delivered from the inside of her body, by C-section, through the vulva if one exists, through a pre-enlarged and lubricated anus, through a vertical slice between abdominal muscles, through the anal wall, by reaching inside, or by an unspecified method.) I hear that enourmous dildos are used to pre-enlarge the hole for a long time, and that the hips can be wider then. These take a lot of carving with special tools including drills and knives that must be made available beforehand to fashion smooth dildos. A passageway may open between the anus and the plancental chamber to allow laying human infant in a basket through the (pre-stretched, pre-lubricated) bottom like a bird laying an egg. They say it seems to tear through the abdominal wall. Normal placental delivery from a woman is usually quick by comparison. They say that in delivery from she males you have to slowly extract the child by the neck, that it can take a long time, and that if the child is broken up, it kills them both. Getting the shoulders through may be difficult. Afterwards, one may suck on sucrose in a paste for days to avoid eating until the bottom heals, rinsing to avoid cavities. The lady must have something to eat, even if she has to spit it out. It is whispered that afterwards the hole has to be caked up for days, left alone, and not entered into. Recently I seem to have seen a childbirth-enlongated she male anal hole sewn down vertically to reduce the anal size, leaving a scar above the new anal site. See surgery [Links, Images, Papers, Books, Amazon] and surgical equipment [Links, Images, Papers, Books, Amazon]. Why, perhaps Catherine of Aragon was the first medically recorded delivery of an infant from a she male. In some cases, I hear that the pregnant body takes the penis to make the vulva and the passageway for the infant while the mother is wondering how the hell the kid is going to make it out of there, since she seems to be pregnant with a cock up front and the large intestine seems to be a closed surface. If estrogen has not had time to restructure the hips (the whole skeleton is replaced every 10 years from the inside out) it may be necessary to cut some structures that prevent the hips from spreading, to allow passage of infant head, unless C-section is easier. A species of delivery through the abdominal wall may be required if estrogenic restructuring has not had time to broaden the hips. I am uncertain whether it is necessary in some cases to slice through a tissue wall isolating the large intestine from separate bag or bags full of children. Drugs (ovulation drugs such as Clomid and Serophene) may be taken to promote multiplet pregnancies, or other alternatives may exist to obtain them, such as prolonged sexual heat and consequently higher estrogen levels. The death rate from these pregnancies may be high when associated delivery technique is not well-developed or properly recorded. Afterwards, the mother may be cleaned out with a hose (or perhaps otherwise, with sponging, ect.) to remove finished or dead uterine material, according to vague stories. Sutures may be required. Disinfection manuevers are indicated. It is possible for a transsexual male to have a number of children in the pregnancy this way, and if everything is cleaned out, she can finally get back to she male or male normal, avoiding the swollen "meat ball" or "bear of the devil" look. Otherwise, she might be left in swollen form in a countryside shed out back by fathers who don't know how to clean her out, perhaps to eventually die of infection. This may happen more in rustic countryside settings. The cleanout must be done or the lady might eventually die from infections in eventually dead uterine material. I hear that the children must be removed from the bags and uterine appaturus with a sterilized knife or scalpel. She male heat multiplet pregnancies have provided a method of reproducing massively to recover from serious national setbacks like a village raid from Ghenghis Khan or Tamerlane in a Russian heartland region, or from not being sufficiently numerous as Ghenghis Khan or Tamerlane. High infant mortality in hostile climates has forced men to reproduce more than in temperate regions. Perhaps paying women paid by the child to reproduce under Peter the Great in Russia encouraged multiplet pregnancies and the development of the associated delivery technique. This may have led to an unusual population boom in heartland of the old Russian Empire. If a transsexual lady is going to attempt childbirth by any route, she will be more survivable if her abdominal muscles are stronger from systematic exercise. Removal of she male balls has been done in attempts to prevent such pregnancies (as balls are a source of haploid cells), so that the lady lives on as a plastic fantastic lover. However, dildo or vibrator anal chamber pre-enlargement, at least a lot of grease, and (most safely) prophylactics are recommended to prevent genital warts, which can form from friction, which somehow liberates wart proviral HPV code in your own genome. Dildo or vibrator pre-enlargement with grease might save displacing an eyeball, eliminating the perioptic lee eye effect. Pre-douching to avoid fecal impaction can prevent "leukemia", a T-cell blood cancer, although simulating fecal impaction with soft dog food dipped in extra virgin olive oil or similar packing may have contraceptive effect. Of course, flavored prophylactics prevent pregnancy, in addition to preventing HPV warts and other forms of VD, which also wards off NKVD problems. HPV genital warts should be removed or they may become colon polyps and eventually cancerous. Moderation and lay-off periods may help prevent sick side-effects accruing from prolonged over-indulgence. Inflammation can lead to DNA damage associated with cancer, so stroking inflammation should be avoided. Anti-inflammatory personal lubricants might be used, or applied in extra virgin olive oil or other suitable lubricants.

I might add that it is possible for men to get pregnant and resemble truck drivers or sumo wrestlers thoughout the entire process, which might be concieved of as a service to one's country paid for by the state in some places and times, when the policy is to elevate the birth rate or to provide a humane solution for pregnant mothers. The lady can seem to be a tough guy and the "father" of the children, perhaps by using estrogen-blocking with testosterone-boosting technique at some point. Also, in some places these matters are regarded as secret by nations determined to increase their numbers by "any" means with truckdriver types instead of suffering pretty girls to do it, as a program for covering the world with their racial variant of us. In former times, this may have been a program for spreading one's language, as well as one's genotype. Plots to obtain more troops by inseminating prisoners of war might have existed. Mothers were valuable for the human milk required, which contains more whey protein and less casein than cow's milk, but simulated human milk with extra whey and less casein could be prepared. Perhaps SimLac is such a beverage. Then sacrificial birth destroying the mother but preserving the infant(s) might have been attempted in some cultures at some times. Low hives of scum and villiany may have summarily executed the entire dillema from time to time. She male husbands may have been absolutely required to deliver the infant in some families in a hostile environment insisting on delivery from a conventional woman, a task which might require at least painkillers, a sterilized 4-inch blade from a pocketknife (scalpel), forceps, a rubber bite for the mouth, grips for the hands, a padded platform for designed for delivery, ice packs and astringents such as alum, sutures for sewing things up, sterile wadding, rubber gloves, and ideally apparatus and provisions for a blood transfusion, as quite a bit of blood might be lost, although this was clearly never available on the farm. Suicidal postures for delivery seem to have been discovered and recorded in sculpture.

Recently I heard a rumor that some dames have penises that invaginate after pregnancy induced by anal sex. After childbirth through the envaginated passageway, which is painful and difficult and may require surgical enlargement, it was rumored that the penis could finally pop back out again if the mother exercised, perhaps a size larger. On the other hand, without exercise, it might remain invaginated. This reminds me of a saying of one of my first wife's sorority sisters: "If men had babies through their penises, abortion would be sacred."

Bigger cocks, incidentally, help facilitate male pregnancy, which may also be implanted by the short-cocked by inserting semen way up high using some other device, including high hips to let semen run downhill. "A Fistful of Dollars" was a sophisticated popular movie. On the other hand, well-lubricated, low-friction copulation into soft dog food dipped in extra virgin olive oil with post-douching was an easy way to surrender pregnancy to the void in the era of flush toilets, a birth control technique applicable to both sexes allowing one to conveniently hit the jackpot, when pregnancy itself was more of a menace than a low number of troops. Longhorn boys may come from regions where males often gave birth to children to keep the birth rate high in spite of high mortality stemming from a hostile environment or losses in warfare. In such regions "CommuNisM" might be more popular than "Dim-mock-CR-ass-y" for its ability to provide a better margin of safety in numbers of troops restored by heroes and heroines of the state and the people.

Grandma Mayfield Returns in a Dream
I had a dream in which Grandma Mayfield came to me and smiled and whispered that she had fooled me. She, too, was a boy, like Grandmother Green was. However, she and her taller husband Harold Mayfield (6'1") had managed to acquire children from other sources and assemble them into a simulated American family. That way, she would have seem to be XX if she had a daughter like my mother Ruth. But actually she was YY or XY karyotype and never did get pregnant at any time. Everything was faked to plant a family in Wichita, and it was less painful than extracting the kids from her body, natch. She appears in a grad-cap photo with Harold because they believed in the best new books and materials, of course. All their children attended universities in and out of state. They managed to have a vacation every year, too. Perhaps it was just one of those dreams. I really don't believe it.

Martin H. Johnson, Essential Reproduction, 6th edition, Blackwell Publishing, 2007.
___[Links/Reproduction, Images, Video, Papers, Books, Amazon]. (WSU Bioscience)
James A. Green, Erotic Hots Study Guide.

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