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Richard Marx [Site] | Right Here Waiting for YouEntire, as an infinite loop. || Blue MoonEntire, as an infinite loop. || Linda Ronstadt [Site] | Blue BayouEntire, as an infinite loop. || Gary Wright [Site] | Dream WeaverEntire, as an infinite loop.
Andy Kim [Site] | Rock Me Gently (complete)Entire. | Rock Me Gently (intro with Andy Kim medley) | (MARS agency music select) | Moon Rock
Leonard Cohen [Site] movie: I'm Your Man | (Wikipedia article) | Judy Collins Sings Leonard Cohen || Frank Sinatra [Site] | Strangers in the NightEntire, as an infinite loop.
BW Stevenson [Album] [Site] | My MariaEntire. || Mamas & the Papas [Site] California Dreamin'Entire, as an infinite loop. || Jim Croce [Site] Time in a BottleEntire, as an infinite loop.
[Group] Proud MaryEntire. || Yanni [Site] TranquilEntire, as an infinite loop. || MP3 Time Machine || Hungry EyesEntire, as an infinite loop. || Blue EyesEntire songs, as infinite loops.Loops || Faith Hill | [Site] | This KissEntire, as an infinite loop.
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James Moody's formula color plots:
Lead artist - 4 colors as side light, 5 colors plus white for back light.
Bands - 4 colors for back washes and 3 for side light, plus 2 back specials, one warm and one cool,
"such as Lee filters #105 (orange) and #137 (special lavender)."
"A nice hot back light, while dousing the followspot on the singer, can be very effective."
"When I am able to get front specials into the design, I add a warm special and a cool
special to each solo player, plus at least two general front or top band washes." (p.34)
Layering: "You can layer in a color by hue variation and intensity [to establish perspective on the stage]."
"In video, the camera cannot show depth; lighting directors must accentuate depth
via backlight and intensity between foreground and background."

USITT Standards for Scene Design || Video Lighting (related topic) [Links, Books]
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Hungry Eyes | Proud Mary | American Pie | Kisses Sweeter Than Wine | Another You | Doctor, Doctor | If You're Going to San Francisco | Within You Without You
Where is the Love | Time After Time | Wondering Where the Lions Are | Greensleeves | Danny Boy | At the Zoo | Bicycle Built for Two | 2001 Trip | Barbara Allen
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Air Supply [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: Lost in Love
Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: A Taste of Honey | The Lonely Bull
America [Site, Videos, CDs]: You Can do Magic | Ventura Highway | Tin Man
The Animals [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: San Francisco Nights
Louis Armstrong [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: What a Wonderful World
The Association [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: Cherish | Never My Love | Windy | Along Comes Mary (Album Version).
Joan Baez [Site, Videos, Discography, CDs, DVDs]: Love Song for a Stranger | Blue Sky | Diamonds and Rust | Forever Young | The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down | Fountain of Sorrow | Winds of the Old Days | Its All Over Now Baby Blue | The Green, Green Grass of Home | Dida | Danny Boy | Hello in There
The Beach Boys [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: Fun, Fun, Fun | Help Me Rhonda | I Get Around
Beatles [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: Magical Mystery Tour | Get Back | Back in the USSR | I've Got a Feeling | Sgt Pepper's | A Day in the Life | White Album | Savoy Truffle | Dr. Robert | Tomorrow Never Knows | Revolution Number 9
Leonard Bernstein [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: Beethoven's Third Symphony | Beethoven's Ninth Symphony
James Bond [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: James Bond 007 Theme | You Only Live Twice | Diamonds Are Forever | For Your Eyes Only | Moonraker | Live and Let Die | Goldfinger
The Box Tops [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: The Letter
Sarah Brightman [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: Scarborough Fair | Scarborough Fair (Botanical) | The Harem World Tour
The Buckinghams [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: Kind of a Drag
Buffalo Springfield [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: For What Its Worth
The Byrds [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: Greatest Hits (1967) | Mr. Tambourine Man | Turn! Turn! Turn! | Eight Miles High | So You Want to be a Rock 'N' Roll Star | My Back Pages | Goin' Back
Glen Campbell: [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs] Wichita Lineman | Gentle on My Mind | ....Before He Was a Superstar | Galveston
Belinda Carlisle [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: Sun | Heaven is a Place on Earth | Circle in the Sand
Carpenters [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: Close to You | Yesterday Once More | ...Interplanetary Craft | Top of the World | We've Only Just Begun | Love Is Surrender | Superstar | There's a Kind of Hush
Johnny Cash [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: Ring of Fire | I Walk the Line | Greatest Hits
Chad and Jeremy [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: A Summer Song | Yesterday's Gone
Cher [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: Half-Breed | Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves | A Different Kind of Love Song | Walking in Memphis | If I Could Turn Back Time | Dark Lady; Pics | The Greatest Song I've Ever Heard.
Cher, Sonny and [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: | The Beat Goes On | I Got You, Babe
Christmas Carols [Links, Videos, Winter Sky: Religion]: Silent Night | O Holy Night | Joy to the World | Hark, the Herald Angels Sing | It Came Upon a Midnight Clear | We Three Kings of Orient Are | The First Noel | The 12 Days of Christmas | We Wish You a Merry Christmas | Have a Merry Christmas | God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
Christmas Carols 2 [Links, Videos, Winter Sky: Religion]: O Come All Ye Faithful | Santa Claus is Coming to Town | Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer | Good King Wencelaus [m51, m100, SIN] | Winter Wonderland | White Christmas | Frosty the Snowman | Silver Bells | Jingle Bells | Away in a Manger || A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens (Scrooge)
Jimmy Cliff [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: I Can See Clearly Now | The Lion Sleeps Tonight
Leonard Cohen [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: Suzanne [with Judy Collins] | Sisters of Mercy | Winter Lady
Bruce Cockburn [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: Wondering Where the Lions Are
Marc Cohn [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: Walking in Memphis | Silver Thunderbird
England Dan & John Ford Coley [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: I'd Really Love To See You Tonight | Nights are Forever Without You
Judy Collins [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: Someday Soon | Suzanne [w.Leonard Cohen] | Both Sides Now | That's No Way to Say Goodbye | Albatross | Anathea | Blizzard | Fires of Eden | Grandaddy | Kingdom Come | Ghost Riders
Perry Como [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs] Catch a Falling Star | Seattle
Bing Crosby [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: Swing on a Star | White Christmas | Old Man River
Christopher Cross [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs] Christopher Cross Hits | Sailing | Ride Like the Wind
Creedence Clearwater Revival [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: Proud Mary | Bad Moon Rising | I Heard It Through the Grapevine
Jim Croce [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs] Jim Croce Songs | Time in a Bottle | I'll Have to Say I Love You in a Song
The Cyrkle [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: Red Rubber Ball
John Denver: [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: Rocky Mountain High | Calypso | Take Me Home, Country Roads | Leaving on a Jet Plane
The Doors [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: 20th Century Fox | Light My Fire | The End
Neil Diamond [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: Holly Holy | Sweet Caroline | Cherry, Cherry | Solitary Man | Cracklin Rosie | Kentucky Woman | I'm A Believer | Play Me
The Fifth Dimension [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: Age of Aquarius | Up, Up and Away
Dion (Dick Holler, Links, Louisiana State University) [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: Abraham, Martin, & John (Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour Version - Dion) [Wikipedia] | The Good Die Young Version (Dick Holler) | Original "Good They Die Young" version 1968 | The Wanderer
Donovan [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: Sunshine Superman | Hurdy Gurdy Man | Epistle to Dippy | There is a Mountain | Season of the Witch
The Drifters [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: Under the Boardwalk
Bob Dylan [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: Like a Rolling Stone [1966] | Hurricane | Jokerman | I Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine | Lay Lady Lay | Knockin' on Heaven's Door | DR | Things Have Changed | She Belongs to Me | Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues
The Eagles [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: The Best of My Love | One of These Nights | Witchy Woman
Little Eva [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: Loco-Motion
The Fifth Dimension [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: Age of Aquarius | Up, Up and Away
Fleetwood Mac [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: Rhiannon | Dreams | Go Your Own Way | Little Lies | Say You Love Me | Over My Head | You Make Loving Fun
Tennessee Ernie Ford [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: 16 Tons
Art Garfunkel [Site, News, Favorites, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: | Watermark | Wishbone | Bright Eyes | All I Know | A Heart in New York | Can't Turn My Heart Away | Love is the Only Chain | If Love Takes You Away | Everything Waits to be Noticed [Wiki] | Saturday Suit | Crying in My Sleep | Perfect Moment | I Wonder Why
Simon and Garfunkel [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme (1966) | Concert in Central Park (1981) | The Sound of Silence | I am a Rock | Slip Sliding Away | April Come She Will | Scarborough Fair | Mrs.Robinson | Me & Julio | The Sound of Silence | Bookends | The Dangling Conversation
Judy Garland [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: Pack Up Your Troubles in Your Old Kit Bag | Somewhere Over the Rainbow
Gale Garnett [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: We'll Sing in the Sunshine
Bobbie Gentry [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: Ode to Billy Joe | Son of a Preacher Man
Jimmy Gilmer and the Fireballs [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: Sugar Shack | Bottle of Wine
Grass Roots [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: Live for Today | Let's Live for Today | Sooner or Later
Lorne Greene [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: Ringo | Ghost Riders in the Sky
Norman Greenbaum [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: Spirit in the Sky
Dobie Grey [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: Drift Away [Wiki/Drift Away]
The Guess Who [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: Star Baby
Halloween Music [Links, Video; Fall Sky] | Classical Halloween | Vintage Halloween | Halloween Party Music | Halloween Disco | Trick or Treat | Ride of the Valkries | Danse Macabre | Night on Bald Mountain | Walt Disney Fantasia | Monster Mash | White Rabbit | Season of the Witch
George Harrison: [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: My Sweet Lord | While My Guitar Gently Weeps | I've Got My Mind Set on You | Here Comes the Sun | Baby, You're a Rich Man | Crackerbox Palace
Heart [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs] Magic Man | These Dreams
Herman's Hermits [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs] There's a Kind of Hush
Bertie Higgins [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: Key Largo
Faith Hill: [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: This Kiss | You Give Me Love | Piece of My Heart | Red Umbrella | The Secret of Life
The Hollies [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: The Hollies - Greatest Hits
Incredible String Band [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: Queen of Love
Burl Ives [Videos, CDs, DVDs]: The Blue Tail Fly
Michael Jackson [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: YouTube/Michael Jackson
Jefferson Airplane [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: Surrealistic Pillow | Somebody to Love | Today | White Rabbit | Crown of Creation | Embryonic Journey | She Has Funny Cars
Billy Joel [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: Vienna | Only the Good Die Young | Just the Way You Are | Piano Man | Modern Woman
Elton John [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: Rocket Man | Crocodile Rock | The Bitch is Back | Saturday Night's Alright | Bennie & the Jets [2] | Levon | Pin Ball Wizard | Your Song | Philadelphia Freedom
Andy Kim [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: Rock Me Gently | Andy Kim Hits
Kingston Trio [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: They Call the Wind Miriah | Greenback Dollar | Where Have All the Flowers Gone | This Land is Your Land
Billy J. Kramer and the Dakotas [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: Bad to Me | Do You Want to Know a Secret
Cyndi Lauper [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: Time After Time
The Lemon Pipers [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: Green Tambourine
John Lennon [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: Ballad of John & Yoko | Instant Karma | All You Need is Love | Imagine | Come Together | Tomorrow Never Knows | Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds | Across the Universe | Beautiful Boy | Power to the People
Gary Lewis and the Playboys[Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: This Diamond Ring
Gordon Lightfoot [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs] [Gord's Gold(Album)]: Carefree Highway | Sundown | If You Could Read My Mind Love (2nd) | Don Quixote | Circle of Steel | Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald
Love (Forever Changes) [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs] Alone Again Or | Andmoreagain | A House is not a Motel | The Red Telephone | Old Man | The Daily Planet
Lovin' Spoonful [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs] Darling Be Home Soon
Lulu [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs] To Sir With Love
Fleetwood Mac [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: Rhiannon | Dreams | Go Your Own Way | Little Lies | Say You Love Me | Over My Head
Madonna [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: Madonna Hits | Lucky Star | Material Girl | Like a Virgin
Henry Mancini [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: Charade | Moon River | The Pink Panther | Peter Gunn | Arabesque | Breakfast at Tiffany's | The Windmills of Your Mind
Richard Marx [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: Right Here Waiting for You [Fantasy Version]
Peter, Paul, and Mary [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: Puff the Magic Dragon | Leaving on a Jet Plane | If I Had a Hammer | Peter Paul and Mary Hits | I Dig Rock and Roll Music
Dave Mason [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: We Just Disagree | All Along the Watchtower
Paul Mauriat [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: Love is Blue | Inch Allah
Paul McCartney [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: Magical Mystery Tour | US Tour | Maybe I'm Amazed | Mother Nature's Son | Back in the USSR | I'll Follow the Sun | Fine Line | Hope of Deliverance
Paul McCartney and Wings [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: Band on the Run
Paul Revere and the Raiders [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: Kicks, Hungry.
Barry McGuire [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: Eve of Destruction (1965) Congress passed the 26th Amendment in March 1971, lowering the voting age to 18, during the Viet Nam War. | Reason to Believe | Trippin' the Sixties
Scott McKenzie [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: If You're Going to San Francisco
Joni Mitchell [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: Big Yellow Taxi | Both Sides Now | Chelsea Morning | Free Man in Paris | Help Me | Urge for Going | River | Carey | The Circle Game
Mitch Miller [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: Sing Along With Mitch (4 of 4)
The Momas and the Papas [History, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: California Dreamin' | Monday Monday
Eddie Money [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: Walk on Water
The Monkees [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: I'm a Believer
Moody Blues [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: In Search of the Lost Chord | Your Wildest Dreams | Knights in White Satin | Tuesday Afternoon [2] | Voices in the Sky | Dr. Livingston | Legend of a Mind | The Actor | Om
The Music Explosion [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: Little Bit O' Soul
Willie Nelson [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: Willie Nelson Hits | Always on My Mind | Georgia on My Mind | Bright Lights Big City
The New Christy Minstrels [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: Green, Green | Michael Rowed the Boat Ashore | Julianne | Today
Juice Newton [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: Angel of the Morning
Olivia Newton-John [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: Olivia Newton-John's Greatest Hits | If You Love Me (Let Me Know) 1974
Stevie Nicks [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: Leather and Lace
Donny Osmond [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: Go Away Little Girl
Roy Orbison [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: Pretty Woman
Otis Redding [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: (Sittin' On) The Dock of the Bay
Robert Palmer [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: Doctor, Doctor | Addicted to Love
Mica Paris [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: Where is the Love
The Lemon Pipers [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: Green Tambourine
The Police [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: Every Breath You Take
Elvis Presley [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: Hound Dog | Blue Suede Shoes | All Shook Up
Otis Redding [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: Sittin On the Dock of the Bay
Helen Reddy [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: Delta Dawn
T. G. Sheppard [Links, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: There's Only One You (1981) Green Screen 3D, I Loved 'Em Every One.
Ringo Starr [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: Ringo Starr Hits | No No Song | You're Sixteen | It Don't Come Easy | Photograph | Octopus's Garden
Johnny Rivers [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: Secret Agent Man
Smokey Robinson and The Miracles [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: Tears of a Clown
Kenny Rogers [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: Just Dropped In | The Gambler | The Gambler (on stage) | Islands in the Stream | Buried Treasure | Love Will Turn You Around
Rolling Stones [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: Concert 2014 | Satisfaction | Jumping Jack Flash | Under My Thumb | She's a Rainbow | Get Off of My Cloud | Jumping Jack Flash on the Rio b-stage | Street Fighting Man | Sympathy for the Devil | Dandelion | Ruby Tuesday | Paint It Black | Brown Sugar
The Romantics [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: What I Like About You
Linda Ronstadt [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: Blue Bayou | Long Long Time
Johnny Russell [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs, Visionary Sky 85]: Rednecks, White Socks and Blue Ribbon Beer (1973), The Year of Elvis Prestley's Aloha Concert in Hawaii (Wiki 1973).
Seals and Crofts [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: Summer Breeze | Diamond Girl.
The Searchers [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: Love Potion Number 9.
Pete Seeger [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: Pete Seeger Hits | Where Have All the Flowers Gone | Turn, Turn, Turn | If I Had a Hammer
The Seekers [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: Another You
Carly Simon [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: You're So Vain | Coming Around Again | Do the Walls Come Down | No Secrets | The Right Thing to Do | Big Dumb Guy
Paul Simon: [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: Paul Simon Hits | Loves Me Like a Rock | Slip Sliding Away | Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard | Stranded in a Limousine
Simon and Garfunkel: [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme (1966) | Simon and Garfunkel Hits | Scarborough Fair Canticle | Flowers Never Bend with the Rainfall | The Dangling Conversation | 59th Street Bridge Song | The Sound of Silence
Frank Sinatra [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: Frank Sinatra Playlists | Old Man River | Fly Me to the Moon
Sonny and Cher [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: The Beat Goes On | I Got You, Babe
David Soul [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: Don't Give Up on Us, Baby
Bruce Springsteen [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: Dancing in the Dark | Glory Days | Born in the USA
Steppenwolf [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: Born to be Wild | Magic Carpet Ride
Steve Miller Band [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: Jet Airliner | Fly Like an Eagle | Rock N Me
Cat Stevens [Site, Videos]: Moon Shadow | Morning Has Broken
B.W.Stevenson [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: My Maria | Shambala
Craig Twister Steward [North 1967, Links, YouTube, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: JukeRoots Trio Demo 2012, Ruby White Band - Demo
Al Stewart [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: Year of the Cat
Sting [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: Fields of Gold
Strawberry Alarm Clock [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: Incense and Peppermint
The Surfaris [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: Wipe Out
The Supremes [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs] Back in My Arms Again
Blue Swede [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs] Hooked on a Feeling
James Taylor [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs] Handy Man
The Temptations [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: My Girl
The Tokens [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: The Lion Sleeps Tonight
Three Dog Night [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: Joy to the World | Shambala
Jethro Tull [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: Just trying to be | Teacher | Up the Pool | Inside | Bungle in the Jungle
The Troggs [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: Wild Thing
Tina Turner [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: What's Love Got to Do With It | Tina Turner Hits
Tommy James and the Shondells [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: Crimson and Clover
Bonnie Tyler [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: Total Eclipse of the Heart
The Velvet Underground and Nico [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: Velvet Underground & Nico Hits | Sunday Morning | Heroin | I'm Waiting for the Man | Femme Fatale | I'll Be Your Mirror
Jimmy Webb [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: Wichita Lineman | Galveston | By the Time I Get to Phoenix | All I Know
We Five [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: You Were On My Mind
The Who [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: I Can See for Miles | Pinball Wizard
Steve Winwood [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: Higher Love | Back in the High Life
Andy Williams [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: Can't Get Used to Losing You | Moon River | Days of Wine and Roses | Impossible Dream | Can't Take My Eyes Off of You
Mason Williams [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: Classical Gas
Gary Wright [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: Dream Weaver
Yardbirds [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: Heart full of Soul | For Your Love
Neil Young [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: Heart of Gold
Led Zeppelin [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: Stairway to Heaven

Local Stars
Lacey Cruse [Links, YouTube Videos, CDs, DVDs], Turn Me On.
Craig Twister Steward [Links, YouTube Videos, CDs, DVDs].
I Know You're Out There Somewhere
Julien Lafarge les meilleurs (Links, Wiktionary)
The Lord is Good to Me

America the Beautiful
The Star Spangled Banner
Off We Go, Into the Wild Blue Yonder (Air Force Song).
My Country Tis of Thee.
___High Flight (John Gillespie Magee, Jr.) See Wings Over Wichita at visionarysky89_(89.7).

The Rolling Stones

Rolling Stones Concert at Wichita State University, October 1, 2006
Rolling Stones [books, group history, timeline, songs] | Through the Past Darkly
Videos: Satisfaction | Jumping Jack Flash | Under My Thumb
Hot Rocks | the b-stage [article, Huge LED TV] | Links/fireworks | Pyrotechnics
Huge TV monitor | Mack 2K Profile | Atomic Strobes | Hungaroflash
Martin | software for show lighting design [2, Links] | Audio Visual Lighting
Stagecraft Directory [Wikipedia] | Stage Lighting [Wikipedia]
Books: Concert Lighting by James Moody | Concert Lighting (other books) | Rock & Roll Concert Lighting | Financing Rock & Roll | The Science of Musical Sound
Jumping Jack Flash From Hot Rocks (Standard).
Video: Jumping Jack Flash on the Rio b-stage.
Nebula NGC 2264 Flashes a Jumping Jack in a Great Stone Horsehead.
Buck Rogers in the 21st Century with 2000 Lightyears from Home.

Musical Genres: - Art Music - Popular Music - Traditional Music - Blues - Classic Rock - Chill Out - Funk - Soul - Motown - Country - Dance - Originals

Classical Music YouTube | Google [Wikipedia/Classical Music, Links, Images, Video, Books; Classical Music Composers by Era] | Music Genres | Wikipedia/Music
Playlist: The Best of Classical Music | Playlist: Classical Music for Relaxation
Johann Sebastian Bach: [Links/Johann Sebastian Bach, Video/Johann Sebastian Bach] The Well-Tempered Klavier | Brandenburg Concertos
Ludwig_van_Beethoven: [Links/Ludwig van Beethoven, Video/Ludwig van Beethoven] Symphony #3 part 1 | #3 part 2 | Symphony #9 part 1 | #9 part 2 | Für Elise
Johannes Brahms: [Links/Brahms, Video/Johannes Brahms]: Hungarian Dance No. 5 | Waltz | Lullaby
Georges Bizet: [Links/Georges Bizet, Video/Georges Bizet] L'Arlésienne-Suite - Farandole
Frederic Chopin: [Links/Frederic Chopin, Video/Frederic Chopin]: NOCTURNES complete
Claude Debussy: [Links/Claude Debussy, Video/Claude Debussy] (Impressionist Music, Video)
Antonin Dvorak: [Links/Antonin Dvorak, Video/Antonin Dvorak]: The New World Symphony
Edward Elgar: [Links/Edward Elgar, Video/Edward Elgar]: Pomp and Circumstance March No.1 | Nimrod | Salut d'Amour
George Frideric Handel: [Links/George Frideric Handel, Video/George Frideric Handel] The Messiah
Franz Josef Haydn: [Links/Franz Josef Haydn, Video/Franz Josef Haydn]: Trumpet concerto Es-Dur
George Gershwin: [Links/George Gershwin, Video/George Gershwin] An American in Paris | Rhapsody in Blue | Concerto in F
Edvard Grieg: [Links/Edvard Grieg, Video/Edvard Grieg] In the Hall of the Mountain King (Peer Gynt) | Wedding day at Troldhauge | Morning from Peer Grynt
Aram Khachaturian: [Links/Aram Khachaturian, Video/Aram Khachaturian]: Sabre Dance
Felix Mendelssohn: [Links/Felix Mendelssohn, Video/Felix Mendelssohn] War March of the Priests | The Hebrides (Fingal's Cave) - Overture
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: [Links/Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Video/Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart] A Little Night Music | Requiem
Amilcare Ponchielli: [Links/Amilcare Ponchielli, Video]: Dance of the Hours
Sergei Rachmaninoff: [Links/Sergei Rachmaninoff, Video/Sergei Rachmaninoff] Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini | Rachmaninov Piano Concerto 3 (1939)
Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov: [Links/Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov, Video/Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov] The Flight of the Bumblebee
Gioachino Rossini: [Links/Gioachino Rossini, Video/Gioachino Rossini] William Tell Overture
Johann Strauss II: [Links/Johann Strauss II, Video/Johnann Strauss II] The Blue Danube Walz | Voices of Spring Waltz
Richard Strauss: [Links/Richard Strauss, Video/Richard Strauss] Thus Spake Zarathustra [Links/Zarathustra] | Also Sprach Zarathustra (1/4)
Igor Stravinsky: [Links/Igor Stravinsky, Video/Igor Stravinsky] The Rite of Spring | Firebird Maria Mazo, piano | Pulcinella 1/5 | Agon (1957) | Petrushka
Pytor Ilyich Tchaikovsky: [Links/Pytor Ilyich Tchaikovsky, Video/Pytor Ilyich Tchaikovsky]: Fourth Symphony | Sleeping Beauty Waltz | Swan Lake Waltz
Giuseppe Verdi: [Links/Giuseppe Verdi, Video/Giuseppe Verdi]: La Traviata
Antonio Vivaldi: [Links/Antonio Vivaldi, Video] The 4 Seasons | Spring | Sonata in A Major (3rd mvmnt)
Richard Wagner: [Links/Richard Wagner, Video/Richard Wagner] Ride of the Valkries | Der Ring des Nibelungen [Wiki] | Faust [Wiki]

Lullaby [Links/Lullabies, YouTube/Lullabies]

Art Music
John Cage
Igor Stravinsky
Arnold Schoenberg

Indian Sitar Music
Ravi Shankar (1920-2012) [Wikipedia, Images, Videos].

Dave Brubeck (1920-2012) [Wikipedia, Images, Videos]: Take Five | Dave Brubeck Quartet [Wikipedia]: My Favorite Things

Broadway Musicals
All That Jazz - On Broadway | Take Off with Us | Bye, Bye Life | Everything Old is New Again
The King and I (1964)
H.M.S. Pinafore
Oklahoma!: Oh, What a Beautiful Mornin'

Chill Out Music [Links, Images, Videos].
___Chill Out Classics
___Vasily Nikitin - Chill Out Ambient Mixes
___Wonderful Chill Out Music
___Essential Guitar Lounge Vol 1_Amazing Acoustics Chill Out (2013)
Lounge Music

Sleep and Relaxation Music

Movie Music [Links, Images, Videos; Links/Movie Soundtracks, Images, Videos]
__All That Jazz (1979) - On Broadway | Take Off with Us | Bye, Bye Life | Everything Old is New Again
__Camelot (1967)
__Conan the Barbarian (1982) OST 1982 (full album)
__James Bond Themes | Top 10 (Opening) Bond Songs
__Exodus (1960) (Theme) | Exodus (Soundtrack)
__Fantasia (1940) (Walt Disney) || Fantasia (Disney) || The Sorcerer's Apprentice | The Night on Bald Mountain
__The Graduate (1967)
__H. M. S. Pinafore
__The King and I (1956)
__Paint Your Wagon (1969)
__Pumping Iron (1977) Theme - Everybody wants to live forever (Stereo).
__Oklahoma (1955)
Elders contemplate predictive crystal visions at the end of time. 
You must have been a beautiful baby, but baby, look at you now.
Press for Orion in celestial sphere context.
Although Superman did not always seem to have great business sense, he did show great largess.

Television Theme Music [Links, Images, Videos; Links/TV Theme Songs, Images, Videos]
____The Adventures of Superman
____The Buggs Bunny Show
____Have Gun, Will Travel
____Hawaii Five O Intro
____Merrie Melodies and Loony Tunes
____Peter Gunn
____Walt Disney

Science Fiction Movies: Science Fiction/Fantasy Movie Samples from Making Movies and TV Documentaries
Gravity (2013) | A Trip to the Moon (1902) | Destination Moon
Mean Green Mother from Outer Space from the musical Little Shop of Horrors | Zardoz (1974) | Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1974) | Superman (1978)
The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951)[Wiki] || This Island Earth (1955)[Wiki] | This Island Earth - Exeter, having released Cal and Ruth, crashes the saucer.
Twilight Zone | Outer Limits | Space Odyssey: Trip | All That Jazz (1979) | Forbidden Planet (1956)[Wiki] | Ray Harryhausen
Lorne Greene's Battlestar Galactica | Lorne Greene - Bonanza Theme | Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow
King Kong | 20 Million Miles to Earth | I Married a Monster from Outer Space | The Blob | 4D Man | The Angry Red Planet
Flash Gordon[Wiki], video/Deadline at Noon | Wiki/Flash Gordon 1954 TV Series | Flash Gordon Dollar DVDs
Flash Gordon VCD including Flash Gordon and the Planet of Death || 85 Years in 40 Seconds [with frame age]
Groucho Marx: You Bet Your Life | Wiley Coyote falls off a cliff | Road Runner
Sci-Fi Movie Collection | Lists of Science Fiction Movies
Dinosaurus! | The Time Machine (1960) | The Day of the Triffids (1961) | The Nutty Professor (1963) | 2001 A Space Oddysey (1968) | Barbarella (1968)
Planet of the Apes (1968) | The Valley of the Gwangi (1969) | Soylent Green (1973) | Westworld (1973) | The Fifth Element | Mars Attacks!
Rodan | Mothra | The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms || Psychedelic 60s || Cher Impersonators | El Vira Videos | Dame Edna | Ukranian Pole Dancing || Woody Woodpecker
Mr. Olympia | Bodybuilding | The Evolution of Bodybuilding || Rings

Psychedelic 60s
Ram Dass (WeatherVisions, LSD) [Site, Links, Videos, Ram Dass CDs, Ram Dass DVDs]: Ram Dass Hits
Timothy Leary (WeatherVisions, LSD, MP3, Audio) [Site Deoxy/Leary, Links, Pics, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: Leary Hits | Any Reality is an Opinion | Sayings
Allen Ginsberg (LSD) [Site, Links, Videos, Allen Ginsberg CDs, Allen Ginsburg DVDs]: Allen Ginsberg Tale of the Tribe
TFQA || Future Hi audio

Strawberry Fields Forever | Fool on the Hill | Baby, You're a Rich Man | Glass Onion | Across the Universe | While My Guitar Gently Weeps | Dear Prudence | Blackbird | Revolution 9 | A Day in the Life | Getting Better
Press for Weather Visions.

Erotic Hots Study Guide
Erotic Hots Study Guide

Music[2], Wishbone, Jumping Jack Flash, Teacher, Pinball Wizard, 2000 Light-Years from Home, Love is the Only Chain.
Halloween Approaches as the Ghost Spirit Flies from Winter for warmer days. Battle Hymn of the Republic.
At this time Orion crosses the Meridian early in the morning, showing his 3-star waistline. It's All Too Much.
After the Equinox: "Sun turn me around with graceful motion, we're setting off with soft explosion..."

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