Press for a video of Bikini Atoll Test B.The Mushroom Cloud of Bikini Atoll Test B. Press for a Gallery of US Nuclear Tests. Software on CD-rom
The Effects of Thermonuclear Weapons
5th edition, by James A. Green, Greenwood Research.
[ ] Hardback with software, ISBN-13: 978-1-890121-20-4 (ISBN 1-890121-20-7), 35.00 dollars.

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This book includes simple mathematical models for fireball, blastwave, and other effects with derivations and software. The application of nuclear weapons to asteroid destruction and asteroid path deviation, comet destruction, and impact effects is provided on the software CD-rom along with the nuclear effects analysis for any specified kilotonage. The upgraded and corrected 5th edition includes more performance measures, including resulting underground cavern size, crater dimensions, underwater burst wave heights, seismic effects, Richter magnitude, and many other details. The October 2001 update includes a report file generator for leisurely review of interactive results. Based on commonly available declassified data from the Department of Defense and the Department of Energy.

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1. Using the Nuclear Effects Program
2. Nuclear Armaments of the USA & USSR
3. Theory of the Fireball
4. Theory of the Blastwave
5. Other Effects of Nuclear Weapons
6. Bikini Atoll Test "B"
7. Results in Graphical Form
8. Supplemental Charts
9. Fallout

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[1] Childhood's End, from Bikini Atoll Test B.
[2] The Nose of the Sphinx, from Bikini Atoll Test B.
[3] Beyond the Arms of Hope, Bikini Atoll.
[4] The Tale of the Sphinx, Bikini Atoll.
[5] Normalized power and time in a nuclear burst.
[6] The optical signature of a nuclear weapon.
[7] The Mouth of Doom, Bikini Atoll.
[8] The Formation of a Mach Front.
[9] Interference of Shock Waves.
[10] Within the Jaws of the Nuclear Lion.
[11] The Brainchild of the Sphinx.
[12] Maximum Air and Surface Burst Diameters.
[13] The 5-psi blast wave radius.
[14] Pulse Width of Max Light and Time to Max Light.
[15] The Thousand Suns Radii.
[16] The X-Ray Fireball Temperature.
[17] Fireball Expansion Velocity.
[18] Temperature vs. Time, Nuclear Explosion.
[19] Variation of Overpressure with Distance.
[20] Peak Overpressures on the Ground.
[21] Fireball Radius as a Function of Time.
[22] Peak Overpressures on the Ground.
[23] Brick House after 1.7 psi Shock Wave.
[24] Brick House after 5.0 psi Shock Wave.
[25] Arrival Times of Ground Blast Wave.
[26] Late Arrival Times of Blast Wave on the Ground.
[27] Damage-Distance Relationships for Targets.
[28] Wood-frame Housing after 1.7 psi Overpressure.
[29] Wood-frame House after 5.0 psi Overpressure.
[30] Rate of Rise of Radioactive Cloud.
[31] Activity of Fission Products as a Function of Time.
[32] Fireball Power and Fraction of Thermal Energy.
[33] Dimensions of Surface Burst Crater.
[34] Crater Dimensions for Surface Bursts.
[35] Damage-Distance Relationships for Targets II.
[36] Ranges for 1st- and 2nd-degree Burns.
[37] Variation of Overpressure and Dynamic Pressure.
[38] Atmospheric Transmittance.
[39] Calories per Square Meter vs. Yield Energy.
[40] Burst Height and Fallout.
[41] Gamma-ray and neutron dose vs. range.
[42] Wave Height for Underwater Bursts.
[43] Thermal Energy Emission vs. Time.
[44] Fallout particles.
[45] Fallout dose rates as a function of time.
[46] Fallout dose rate for longer time.
[47] Fall times for particles of varying size.
[48] Total-dose contours in 15 mph wind.
[49] Total-dose contours for Test BRAVO.

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Nuclear.exe for Windows 98, Nuclear Effects.
(Press here to view a typical output report nuclear.txt for a 20 kiloton device.)
Aster3.exe for Windows 98, Asteroid Destruction, Asteroid Collision Effects.
Source Code Aster3.cpp Included
(Press here to view a typical output report aster3.txt for an asteroid collision.)
Orbit.exe for Windows 98, Asteroid Path Deviation Problem.
Source Code Orbit.cpp Included
(Executable modules on diskette.)
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