Having divised the unified quantum field theory, Jim Green seems to cut through from above mythologically with Gemini, The Hammer of Stars, amid a halo of starry mu-epsilon signs. Press for Astronomical Maps by James A. Green.
Winter - The Sky of Orion: A Scenario of Unitary Mythos. Taurus: The Chalice Orion Lifted to the Lip of His Goddess.
Emphasizes the usual μ- and ε- star brightness codes within constellations and the associated Legend of Light Speed
with με = 1/c2 involving The Force of Gravitation and the value of μ. NGC 2264 (with Cone Nebula above) includes S.Monocerotis.
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Notes on Mythic Imaging in the Celestial Sphere Mind-Mirror: A Saga at the Outer Limits
A story in which spoken treachery can replace the balls of the hero with his buns. Press for Starcrossed.
Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds & Cosmic Music
Seems to Materialize in Orion's Mythic Knee with a μ-Calx factor of 4 crystallizing like a diamond in the night with "true soul" underpinnings. The image angle is vertical in the Orion Nebula knee of Orion so that it seems to be right-side up. The knee reminds me of Rome in Italy's boot. Play Hungry Eyes or My Maria. (Orion Nebula, Anglo-Australian Telescope.)
The balding fellow to the upper right of my eyes seems to be Werner Heisenberg, unified field theorist. I was the last man in a long line to shake hands with him in 1971. "Guten Abend", I said.

The complex of 88 constellations is a cohesive mythic object that tells a story which is sub-illustrated by imaging nebula and imaging galaxies. I think of the story as a visionary version of The Sword in the Stone sometimes, although it seems to show me in the cosmic mind-mirror as a soul-to-heaven character, soaring in like Aristarchus or Orion to rise, before finally falling to the Horologium or Frau Mauro position. King Arthur pulled a sword from an iron stone; I computed the details of iron supernova cores and their soaring explosions after core implosion before Dr. Henry Unruh Jr. summoned me to lecture on the topic at the WSU Physics Graduate Seminar, after which I published Supernova Vignettes. He was a graduate of Brown University and hilariously reminded me of the horse's head in S. Monocerotis. It is very instructive in regard to the legendary character of the celestial sphere to examine books on astrophotography until one has identified the best photos of nebulae and galaxies for the purpose of bringing out their mythological characteristics. Constellation symbols seem to change their emphasis as they move across the sky in a way that seems ingeniously designed to communicate from above. The angular alignment of mythically imaging galaxies and imaging nebulae relative to nearby constellations is an important element in our evaluation of mythic cohesion in celestial sphere mythic imaging. You will observe that a long, vertical tapestry nebula NGC 2264 [the lower part being The Cone Nebula, the upper part being S. Monocerotis] exists that parallels the body of Orion. A rotation of this nebula would tend to reduce the impression that it is connected with the Orion story. See Wikipedia for an infrared photo of NGC 2264, now seeming to show a hooded Merlin accompanied by an angelic being equipped with a visionary crystal ball resembling the lens of an eye symbolizing unified vision. The Merlin figure is arisen above the smoker's tragedy below in the Cone Nebula to offer a view of the stars, holding one out in the palm of his glowing hand. There are many similar examples, such as the North American nebula NGC 7000, which functions as the head of constellation Cygnus, the Northern Cross, and the Veil Nebula, which shows someone in profile with a wig behind, leaving a kind of cosmic kiss floating in space at the position of the signature hand of Cygnus. Note that I sign documents with a bird resembling a soaring pelican in place of "the third" in my name James A. Green III, so that the Pelican nebula in the crown NGC 7000 of "Cygnus" seems to function as a reference to my "signature".
The Star Queen Nebula in M16 (The Eagle Nebula). Leaving it all behind. The Summer escape of Morgana DeKey.
Spirit Cry of the Eagle with Consciousness Faces Reality: The Merlin theme also reappears in the Star Queen Nebula in M16, in which I seem to appear as a summer Pilgrim of the Stars arisen to face Merlin to the left. The summer sky image in Serpens Caput above the galactic Force Hook of Scorpius is associated with the homeward-bound constellation Bootes, which descends on Virgo, or Ruth. In the summer sky I am pictured turned around, then more like a god or a mirror-symmetric goddess than like the deity or king Orion, my winter sky self. Alternatively, I appear here as Beatrice before Dante. Note the breasts in the red eye associated with the Star Queen's head. Kowabunga, Kemosabe. Thus Orion gets the boot and vanishes to Underworld Oblivion for Summer Shenanigans. Music: These Dreams, Heart; Free Man in Paris by Joni Mitchell; All Shook Up by Elvis Presley, Back in the USSR by the Beatles.
A feature that is commonly neglected is that star names are often linked to the cohesive mythic image presented by the celestial sphere, and often seem to communicate a little extra information about the story, as if observers had heard the stars whispering to them about the story line. There is also extra information in the Greek letter code associated with each constellation that names stars in the constellation in order by brightness. In particular, the ε- and μ- stars seem to spell out a "Legend of Light Speed", featuring the identity c2 = 1/εμ . There are several places where there is more than one μ-star in the constellation, in Grus and in Scorpius as if μ were a symmetry-breaking factor, as it is in the transition from General Relativity to Unified Quantum Field Theory. In particular, it occurs in the Force Hook of Scorpius, in which Scorpius appears to hook in the center of the Milky Way galaxy. So μ-stars are connected to the mythology of The Force of Gravitation in celestial mythology and to the transition from General Relativity to Unified Quantum Field Theory. In Maxwellian electrodynamics and my gravitation theory, and for the short-range nuclear forces, c2 = 1/εμ, but in classical General Relativity I find c2 = 4/εμ, where the characteristic magnetic coupling for each kind of field is μ (that is, μfield) and the static field coupling for that field is ε (equivalently, εfield). The hero or "protagonist", it seems, is myself, the cosmic computer and star man appearing in different episodes as Leo, Orion, Centaurus, Hercules, Aquarius, and as the booted leg in high heels Boötes falling backwards on my mother Virgo-Ruth. I also appear as Chamaeleon in the Southern Sky, and arguably as the heart-star of the Northern Cross, Cygnus. The star Mira is Tampa. The universe seems to have been designed to implement an unfolding mind-mirror of staggering proportions around the discoverer of its fundamental and ultimate equations, the author of its ultimate cosmological equations. So the hero goes through his engineering phase as Orion, works at home as Centaurus on his computer terminal Ara, produces resumes Lupus (the Wolf or WUF), Gemini (the successful fire-axe resume), and Draco (a dismal tale of Draconic justice on the job which falling Hercules, working from the top of the coffeepot Ophiuchus, slings around by its stirrup). The names of stars and constellations mirror ladies in my love-life and details of my story as communicated in my web pages. It seems to be my "Turn On, Tune In, and Drop Out" lifetime pictured on the celestial sphere.
Press for This Kiss by Faith Hill. The M51 scene corresponds to my 2nd coming to Tampa Bay in 1987, just after I quit smoking in 1986, hence I seem to be crossing over the smoking river Styx to join join my company, face the boss, and connect with a dancing girl. Mythically, the scene is correlated to the Rise of Orion, and the inner hook featuring Honeywell DCPD boss Mr. Kelly (hooked by my resume) is the hook of Aries.
Div & Curl: Susan's Cigar explodes, mirroring the cosmic crunch-bang, as Jim returns to Florida in 1987.
The End of Evolution: Eve and the Mystic Atom of Galactic Higher Intelligence in M51 | M100 | M101
Oh Susanna's Galaxy M51: Susan and Dianne left behind as I must depart for Orion's cosmic
of The Beyond Within, seated on a tortoise marked with a factor of 4.
| Aquarius SV
Play: Solitary Man | Dancing in the Dark | Tomorrow Never Knows | Jokerman | Spirit in the Sky
Music Left: Johnny Has Gone for a Soldier by James Taylor and Mark O'Conner from Liberty!.
Music Right: Heaven is a Place on Earth, Belinda Carlisle. Baby, You're a Rich Man, Free Man in Paris.
(Both Sides Now | Ode to Billy Jo: Galaxy M51: Kitt Peak. [Vortex 4] Like the Cone Nebula in NGC 2264,
it corresponds to the time I quit smoking in 1986.
) | Walking in Memphis | I've Got My Mind Set on You
In Free Masonry, The All-Seeing Eye belongs to The Great Architect. | Levon. | Eleanor RGB | Up the Pool
Magical Mystery Tour | Along Comes Mary | Swing on a Star | Ring of Fire | This Kiss | You Can Do Magic
White Rabbit | Wondering Where the Lions Are | Proud Mary | Jumpin' Jack Flash | 2000 LY from Home
Green Tambourine | Mr. Tambourine Man | Time After Time | Space Odyssey: Ultimate Trip | Music[2]
Ride My See Saw | They Call the Wind Mariah | Dr. Suess: Horton with Green Eggs and Ham.
Within You Without You | Tears of a Clown. The "Cut Hull Who" event mirrors the Cosmic Crunch-Bang.

Heaven. To enter, abandon the river Styx.
Dante and Beatrice
View Highest Heaven.

(The Divine Comedy.)
Music: Green Tambourine,
Mr. Tambourine Man.
Will you get the same vision? Pegasus - that was my first wife Susan, who sniffs at my hip pocket as I take a dive for Florida as the constellation Aquarius. Perseus-Pleiades-Aries - that was the smile of Andromeda - my favorite angel Jean - on my body as I rose in the form of Orion. As that super constellation moves across the sky it becomes her bottom, with the pulsing soul-star Algol, also termed "Lilith". In galaxy M51 you can see my first wife Susan behind me as I shove off for my second coming to Tampa Bay in 1987, twirling her "Simon LaGree" mustache. Its the mythology of gain the world and lose your soul, perhaps. So I seem to arrive at the focus of a "When the Sleeper Awakes" drama at the focus of a cosmic mythic mind-mirror that includes my triumph over General Relativity to become the Godfather of Unified Quantum Field Theory. You can find me above Einstein, both of us up above Mariner Valley, on Mars, facing Jean. You can watch Einstein hit against me [between 74 and 75 and right of Aristarchus 73] from the lunar crater Euler as I soar around the edge of the Moon as Aristarchus under a lunar image of the peninsula of Florida. Eventually, my cosmic victory will be visible to men not only in the form of my theorems and equations, but also as a projection from the cloud cover above me and the universe around me. The Force of the Orion saga and μ-Calx in Gemini will be with you always, friend. It is the story of Einstein and the Holy Grail, you might say, the Holy Grail of unified field theory culminating in the unified quantum field theory, the electroform model, framed in a cosmic lacework of imagery mirror-focused back to us on earth like a profound message from Higher Intelligence in the Universe as a drama of love, death, and resurrection, but including a Legend of Light Speed involving μ and the Force of Gravitation. The grav-magnetic constant μ is associated with a fundamental mirror symmetry (originating in local Lorentz invariance) in the forces of nature between the right-hand rule and left-hand rule forces, and I awoke at the crux of a cosmic mind-mirror system of imagery at the same time I settled on local gravitational symmetry mirroring the electromagnetic, after finally getting around to a review of the constellations and associated star maps. To get resurrected as an engineer in business, it helped to have a stellar fireaxe resume similar to constellation Gemini with supporting props including engineering drawings and proposals. It helps to be able to go home to Virgo-Ruth and start another round from there, by vaulting out like Leo, breaking over like Cancer, and bursting through like Orion. Note that extending our telomeres to approach physical immortality involves crashing through a cancer suppression mechanism barrier. Stumbling blocks exist that can cause one to fall down the river Eridanus, struck in one's own back by Fornacis in Fornax (for no axe), tumbling to the comedy of the Horologium backed by Dorado exhaling its Large Magellanic Cloud passions through the Reticulum. Finally one takes up the necktie Sculptor like Aquarius on his way back from a cosmic down. The grey old man with a beret on the moon next to the black beard in the Sea of Rains [moon map 2] looks back to his youth, when he was perched at Langrenus Crater [moon map 52] as a young pup with his new theories of the universe on his back, a corner of the book glistening like light from the Crater Proclus, having the form of a skull held by Hamlet.
Ham Lets: Erotic Hots Study Guide.
Press to branch to Jim Green's Home Page.
Press to email Jim Green at jim_green_himself@yahoo.com
- James A. Green, January 25, 2011. Music: Granddaddy by Judy Collins.

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[1] James A. Green, Astronomical Maps: The Structure of the Celestial Sphere, Greenwood Research.
[2] Richard Hinkley Allen, Star Names, Dover Publications. Also see Star Names on-line.
[3] James A. Green, Gravitation & the Electroform Model: From General Relativity to Unified Field Theory, Greenwood Research. Includes an associated theory of mythic imaging on the celestial sphere in an appendix on Unitary Mythos.
[4] James A. Green, Supernova Vignettes, Greenwood Research. This book computes the characteristics of supernova iron cores and supernova explosions resulting from core implosion with improved relativistic corrections.
[5] James A. Green, Thermonuclear Fusion in Stars, Greenwood Research. This book computed the minimum masses of supernova stars using a new procedure at 6.3 solar masses, about the same as the mass of Aldebaran, the red highlight star on the chalice or wineglass of Taurus, the Holy Grail Orion offers to his lover Andromeda, also seeming to be the tip of his tongue.

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The Be All End All
Creation myths and associated legends: galactic higher intelligence.
N63A Supernova Remnant in the Large Magellanic Cloud. Read Supernova Vignettes by James A. Green.
Play YouTube/Cosmic Pepper 4 and/or Levon by Elton John, Free Man in Paris by Joni Mitchell.
In photo processing, "vignettes" are dark areas near the edge of the scene,
according to Photoshop's Eleanor RGB.

Modern Visionary Mysticism and the Firmament of Heaven

President George Washington
faces Galaxy M100 Yin-Yang.

Music: Tommorrow Never Knows
Historically, constellations were groupings of stars that were believed to outline the shape of something, often with mythological significance. There are 88 recognized constellations, with their names tracing as far back as Mesopotamia, 5000 years ago, although they seem to have been mostly defined between 1300 BC and 1000 BC [Wikipedia], approximately between the Exodus and the Kingdom of David. Similarly, images on the face of the moon or associated with the phases of the moon were viewed with humor as having mythological meaning, and men have witnessed visionary signs and wonders in clouds, in mountainous cliff walls, in lichen-covered walls, in wooden panels, and in split rocks for millennia. The situation changed, however, with the introduction of photography, telescopes, microscopy, satellite photography, and the exploration of space. For the first time men were able to record and measure visionary imagery in nebulosities and on planetary surfaces so that they were not reduced to mere written stories about images seeming to radiate from the cloud tops like a message from Higher Intelligence in the Universe, or from the new moon like a peek at the soul of God. We had evidence that we could pick over at our leisure. Furthermore, we were able to synthesize similar images from fractal algorithms or nebular simulations, so that our insight into the origins of the images improved somewhat. Astrophotography has revealed imaging nebulosities in space such as M51 and M16 that convince us that something extraordinary is going on regarding long-range cosmic world order. Furthermore, we have realized that these scenes in imaging nebulae and imaging galaxies sub-illustrate themes defined by the constellations in which they appear, or themes defined by neighboring constellations, so that the celestial sphere is a cohesively mythic object. The star names and greek letter codes based on relative stellar intensity seem to contain more information with a haunting quality, sometimes involving physical laws of the universe, as in the μ-ε codes seeming to involve the identities με = 1/c2 and the strange μ&epsilon = 4/c2 emanating from General Relativity before the advent of unified quantum field theory.
Of course, we encounter individuals who seem hysterically blind to mythic imagery in nebulosities, people who seem mesmerized with the symbolism of speech communications processed by the left side of the brain. The pattern recognition skills associated with the right hemisphere of the brain are essential to visualizing the images we see in nebulosities, and we must boldly cross over the corpus callosum between cerebral hemispheres to describe them to the world in speech or writing. Hysterically blind people cannot do this initially, probably because of inexperience with a large ensemble of quality mythic images of a visionary nature. Half-wits seem to be cornered in the left hemisphere, afraid or unable to describe their visionary perceptions originating in right hemispheric pattern perception to their neighbors. The circumstance that the imaging mechanism itself is mysterious is part of the problem. Another difficulty is that perceptions vary, and furthermore, their survival value is often questionable to practical people, who would like to concentrate on essentials and avoid arguments. Still, to witnesses of the imagery visible from satellite imaging systems, the silence of commentators regarding visionary scenes in nebulosities may seem frightening, considering how impacting or significant they can seem to be. One sometimes feels as if one is in the clutches of the unconscious mind, a one-sided imperceptive mentality or an intellect bullied into silence, over the lack of cogent attention paid to such sights. Amazing scenes including people or mythic figures in the mists of space are routinely photographed, but what the brain sourcing the photo usually dares to record is the exposure time, the choice of film, filtering techniques employed, and so forth... probably to minimize conflicts of opinion. At other times the image is systematically rotated to spoil viewer perception, although the intuitively right-side-up picture associated with the most spectacular version of the nebular image is typically properly aligned in parallel with neighboring constellations defining the angular orientation of the scene, because the celestial sphere imaging seems to be controlled by virtual standing waves associated with spherical harmonics that govern its long-range property of symbolic cohesion. That the constellations Orion and Hercules both seem to stand and wave on opposite sides of the celestial sphere, Orion rising with Hercules falling to indicate wave opposites, is probably no accident. Similar observations apply to many other constellation pairs.
High altitude nebular or galactic images must change slowly, but closer to the earth's surface in the terrestrial cloud cover we find from weather satellite photographs that mythic images usually seem to mirror news events under the clouds. Thus we find images of the Rolling Stones in the cloud cover over Rolling Stones concerts in progress, images of presidential candidates or past presidents in the USA cloud cover during elections, and similarly, imaging "miracles" that mirror local events covered in the newspapers. Now that Internet is widely available with continuous monitoring of the cloud cover of the entire world, complete with extensive history files of cloud cover activity, the visionary consciousness of humanity is becoming more acute as the firmament of heaven comes more firmly into permanent focus. As we determine what to expect from experience, we are beginning to abstract rules, mathematics, and natural laws governing our visions, which at every height may seem to emanate from a heavenly father or divine spirit associated with mankind. It remains to be seen whether this trend in the perception of ourselves caught up in The Eternal will coincide with our emergence as a race of life-extended terrestrial immortals coming to the fore at the End of Evolution, now a well-funded goal of research in government laboratories in a number of countries. The Third Millennium may be Heaven's Gate, and certainly a time of high hopes. - Jim Green, June 25, 2007
Press for 'You're so Vain' by Carly Simon.
Orion rises high in the sky on October mornings, distinguished by his 3-star waistline,
as here mirrored in the USA cloud cover. Or is it Orion pursuing his angel Andromeda,
with her smile in Perseus, Pleiades, and Aries become her bottom as she rolls over,
with the horn of Aries shining like a highlight on her silk stockings? Star "revolutionaries"
will always be musing after Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Music[2]: Walking in Memphis, Silver Thunderbird by Marc Cohn, Across the Universe, John Lennon.

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