Papers on Unified Field Theory
by James A. Green, 3rd edition, Greenwood Research.
[ ] Small hardback, ISBN-13: 978-1-890121-01-3 (ISBN 1-890121-01-0), 51.00 dollars.

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Papers on GR non-self-consistency theorems, unification of field theory via generalization of the electroweak model, applications.

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List of Illustrations

1. Map of the Electroform Unified Field Theory.
2. System Inconsistency in General Relativity.
3. Derivation of the Electroform Field Equations.
4. The Transformation Properties of the Electroform Field Equations.
5. General Covariance and the Electroform Field Equations.
6. The Transformation of B and E in the Electroform Model.
7. The Electroform Metric and the Equations of Motion.
8. Derivation of the Equations of Motion from the Field Eqns.
9. Metric and Motion in Unified Field Theory.
10. Unified Field Theory and System Inconsistencies in GR.
11. On the Non-Self-Consistency of the Einstein Field Equations.
12. Light-Speed Metrical Field Equations for Gravitation.
13. Wave Equations and the Div-Curl Representation...
14. The Electroform Nuclear Force Model.
15. The Electroweak Interactions.
16. Non-Linear Feedback in Electroform Gravitation....
17. Cosmological Implications of the Electroform Model.
18. The Deceleration Parameter Q as a Function of C....
19. Early Stages of the Big Bang.
20. On the Mechanism of Galactic Jets.
21. Electroform Black Supermassive Rotators.
22. Radiation from Binary Systems in Electroform GR.
23. The Electroform Unified Field Theory and Geometric Theories...
24. The Rise of the Electroform Unified Field Theory...
25. Gravitation and the Electroform Model.
26. Unitary Mythos - Supplemental Maps.
27. On the Curvature of Light Around the Sun.
28. The 2nd Overthrow Theorem and Notes.
29. The Oblateness Precession of Mercury.

About the Author
Appendix A. Useful Identities of Vector Analysis.
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1. Stoke's Theorem diagrams for Maxwell's Displacement current.
2. Lift and compression forces in galactic jets.
3. Two charged parallel propagating rods.
4. Electromagnetic processes synchronizing with a light clock.
5. Sliding-bar arrangement for derivation of equation of motion.
6. Section from page 102 of Einstein's The Meaning of Relativity.
7. Mythic figure riding a tortoise emblazoned with a "4" beneath the galactic eye of M51.
8. Stoke's theorem diagrams for displacement current.
9. Transport of elements with inward-running field lines.
10. Deuteron binding at extreme angles.
11. Spin-Up-Spin-Down binding.
12. Gravitational displacement current.
13. Gravitational and electromagnetic radiation from an accelerated mass or charge.
14. Mean density and age of the universe as a function of the Hubble constant.
15. The lift and compression mechanisms associated with the accretion of material to a supermassive rotator's jet.
16. Lines of force of a gravitating rotator.
17. Forces on accretion disk gases at the equator.
18. Pulsar waveform sketch for PSR 1913+16.
19. Sliding bar arrangement for deriving the equation of motion.
20. Meson formation from broken lines of the gluon field.
21. Lift and compression mechanisms in galactic jets.
22. Supernova Progenitor.
25. The Gravitational Redshift experiment.
26. Constellations along the Milky Way - Encoded mythos.
27. Light Speed Mythos in Orion, Canis Major, and Lepus.
28. "Les Mysteres des Infinis" by Grandville, 1844.
29. Light Speed Mythos in the brow of speeding Leo.
30. Unitary Mythos - Supplemental Maps. Pole-to-pole charts.
31. Unitary Mythos - Microscopium as Christoffel Symbol with the Fall of Grus.
32. Heaven's Gate.
33. Einstein-Huygens Wavefront Deflection.
34. Computation of Deflection Normal to a Ray.
35. The Falling-Ray Deflection (Falling Photon).
36. Falling-Ray Deflection with C a constant.
37. Hercules tumbles from Ophiuchus.
38. Aquarius discovers Obliquity.
39. The Obliquity Precession of Mercury.
40. Mithra smiles on Orion Rising with the Hyades Chalice.

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