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Honeywell Defense Communications in the late 1980s. Press for PROFILE discussion of Honeywell DCPD.
Honeywell Defense Communications
Honeywell Defense Communications from the Mizar & Alcor expedition to Tampa in 1987.

Press for Thinking is the Best Way to Travel via YouTube.
My home office during this period.

Jim Green in 1988, from my University of South Florida Student ID. Press for Honeywell DCPD activity.
Fotomat in St. Petersburg. Press for a Google Map of the St. Petersburg Marina area.
Left: Jim Green (39) in 1988, from USF student ID. Center:Fotomat Building, Spring, 1989. Right: St.Pete Dock on Tampa Bay.

Linda, Angel No.6. Met her in a Tampa Bay disco (Chevys) in 1987. Press for Solitary Man by Niel Diamond. Jean, Angel Number 7. Met her at The Ocean Club disco in Tampa Bay in 1987. 
Press for Starcrossed.Paula: Angel Number 8. Press for Do the Walls Come Down by Carly Simon on YouTube.
Three Stars in Orion's Belt: Love in the late 1980s as a Crocodile Rock M51 Disco King:
Left: Linda. Center: Jean, resembling Hellen of Troy & the Golden Fleece. Right: Paula.
Pech Marie, Gold Marie, and Red Marie.
Nurse Jean: My "Andromeda"-woman, shown wearing my glasses.
(From 2nd Tampa expedition [7th engineering haven - Jean Genesis daughter])
About Christmas 2004 imagined that I found Jean as a spectacular exotic dancer in a studio photo,
as if friends had arranged this, slipping it into my purview, you might say, for my information.
We used to love dancing together at discos in the land of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
Holding hands together, we considered marriage in the cavern of the soul. Also see Cloud Visions 88 & L'il Abner.
Music[2]: Niel Diamond: Solitary Man, Chad & Jeremy: Summer Song, Art Garfunkel: Love is the Only Chain.

Jean and I were dating the summer in 1988 that I wrote a chapter on polytropic stars for
Thermonuclear Fusion in Stars. See Figure 88 in Colours of the Stars by Malin & Murdin.
We were like Reed Richards and The Invisible Girl of The Fantastic Four.

I remember dancing, dining, and driving in Tampa with Paula's long hair blowing in the breeze
romantically, and the swimming pool at her apartment complex, and day I took her picture.
Her knee is pointing to my graduate textbook in Satellite Communications Systems Design.

Then Jean appeared mysteriously on television in Paula's bedroom, weeping for me
after the conclusion of a distant journey she took, which seemed an amazing, inexplicable takeover of TV.
Jean and I reunited soon after. To this day I have her picture atop my TV set,
a momento from my days of Jason and the Argonauts as a Ulysses of engineering. Another You by the Seekers.

See also the Flash 5 movies Starcrossed and Visionary.

Meet Green's Red Limit
Press for A Day in the Life by Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band on YouTube.Press for Announcements
Your Funeral's a Wake: The Album Cover of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (YouTube)
seemed to contain an images of Linda & Jean next to George Harrison's Admiral Relativity green cockle-doodle-do hat feather, with a palm tree behind Jean. I met the girls in 1987, twenty years after the album's release in 1967, the year I graduated from North High. Now I have Sgt. Pepper's all over again on the back cover of Molecular Biology of the Cell, but now with MBoc4 on the grave instead of "Beatles". Today the grave scene reminds me of the stain glass window the chapel where my parents were married.

Corvus is The Door Into Summer

M51 Subillustrates the Mizar and Alcor Theme
Press for This Kiss by Faith Hill. The M51 scene corresponds to my 2nd coming to Tampa Bay in 1987, just after I quit smoking in 1986, hence I seem to be crossing over the smoking river Styx to join join my company, face the boss, and connect with a dancing girl. Mythically, the scene is correlated to the Rise of Orion, and the inner hook featuring Honeywell DCPD boss Mr. Kelly (hooked by my resume) is the hook of Aries. The dancing girl to the right of the central galactic eye was Angel number 5.
Div & Curl: Susan's Cigar explodes, mirroring the cosmic crunch-bang, as Jim returns to Florida in 1987.
The End of Evolution: Eve and the Mystic Atom of Galactic Higher Intelligence in M51 | M100 | M101
Oh Susanna's Galaxy M51: Susan and Dianne left behind as I must depart for Orion's cosmic
of The Beyond Within, seated on a tortoise marked with a factor of 4.
| Aquarius SV
Play: Solitary Man | Dancing in the Dark | Tomorrow Never Knows | Jokerman | Spirit in the Sky
Music Left: Johnny Has Gone for a Soldier by James Taylor and Mark O'Conner from Liberty!.
Music Right: Heaven is a Place on Earth, Belinda Carlisle. Baby, You're a Rich Man, Free Man in Paris.
Both Sides Now | Ode to Billy Jo: Galaxy M51: Kitt Peak. [Vortex 4] Like the Cone Nebula in NGC 2264,
it corresponds to the time I quit smoking in 1986.
| Walking in Memphis | I've Got My Mind Set on You
In Free Masonry, The All-Seeing Eye belongs to The Great Architect. | Levon. | Eleanor RGB | Up the Pool
Magical Mystery Tour | Along Comes Mary | Swing on a Star | Ring of Fire | This Kiss | You Can Do Magic
White Rabbit | Wondering Where the Lions Are | Proud Mary | Jumpin' Jack Flash | 2000 LY from Home
Green Tambourine | Mr. Tambourine Man | Time After Time | Space Odyssey: Ultimate Trip | Music[2]
Ride My See Saw | They Call the Wind Mariah | Dr. Suess: Horton with Green Eggs and Ham.
Within You Without You | Tears of a Clown. The "Cut Hull Who" event mirrors the Cosmic Crunch-Bang.
In some photos and magnified views, the tortoise shell in M51 seems to carry a "4" after Angel #4 or Einstein's 4x magnified μ-current-coupling factor, in others 44, after the Chandrasekhar Limit of 1.44 solar masses, and "64" in others. Your Wildest Dreams by the Moody Blues.

Living on tuna and grapefruit, I was slim enough
to be attractive and interesting in 1987 *.
Why, according to Yul Brynner's ghost, grapefruit
is almost as good for loosing weight as nothing at all,
and I had given up smoking forever.
I was on top intellectually and was physically tough,
able to do 52 handstand presses, 100 pull-ups.
I might have been more sociable with company men.
I was addicted to Prince Charming and Sleeping Beauty
awakenings, however, and pursued them.

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