Photos March 7-25, 2015
Press for deaging lines.
Left: March 11, 2015 - Winter paleface cannoneer Jim Green at Calendar Age: 65.76. Right: Calendar Age = 65.875 from
85 years in 40 seconds, frame sec 31. See Age Progressions.

Did a 100 pushups this morning, 110 several days ago. Hoping to beat my record of 130 this year.
Attempting to reduce platysmal banding using tissue shape training for neck rejuvenation.
I wonder if I'll have to grow a cowcatcher beard to cover for it.

March 25, 2015. New pushup record of 135 set last night.
Still learning to use the new camera.

Abraham Lincoln's Arable Land
A Long March home to Heaven's Gate between Spica and galaxy M83.
Rising sons make tracks, and keep trying angles that seem to be acute.
I finally wrote and published about as many books as there are points around the sun here.
One summer at North I worked in jackboots, loading a foundry blast furnace every morning.

A North High Tower "Indiana Jones" drives two oxen pulling the Kansas State Motto
"Ad Astra per Aspera" - To the Stars through Difficulties - Across the Sky.

Music[2]: You're in the Army Now; All Along the Watchtower.
I remember how my Aunt Betty taught me to sing You're in the Army Now:

You're In the Army now,
You're not behind the plow.
You son of a bitch,
Start digging a ditch,
You're in the army now.
* * *

On the celestial sphere, the plow is the Constellation Cetus,
which is topped by a Pentagon-like structure and distinguished
by the variable star Mira, which is in the position of Tampa, Florida
when Cetus the Plow is viewed as the peninsula of Florida.

The Soul of a New Machine
My Father had to drive a Lincoln Continental to make the right impression in Real Estate.
I recently examined a magazine review of Lincoln, which included
a picture of the funeral locomotive carrying his coffin, which featured
a dagguerreotype image of Lincoln on the front of the locomotive on the boiler
displaying his cowcatcher beard, which he often showed in his smokestack hat.
"I think I can, I think I can," said the steam locomotive, making its way up the hill,
really making a sound like that, a new kind of Deus ex machina like Zardoz in the Moon.

I acquired a new digital camera on March 7, a Vivitar Vivicam F126 [Images], along with 4 AAA 850 mAh DX2400 NiMH 1.2 V batteries that can be recharged 400 times and a NiMH battery charger. It now carries a 2 GB SD card. The camera is high-resolution, with a camera flash lamp and camcorder capabilities, and its three NiMH AAA batteries last a long time by comparison with some competitive models such as Polaroid. The North High Tower picture above was taken at North near 13th street and Waco using digital zoom, without a tripod, just holding the camera in my hand. Later this afternoon 03/07/2015 I found that there was coincidentally a big display at the Wichita Art Museum on the history of photography [Books], daguerreotype photos from the 1850s, and dageorotype photography technique, along with the evolution of camera technology [Books].

This February I continued to use Life Extension Skin Restoring Phytoceramides with Lipowheat (which also contains rice bran oil and rosemary extract) for glycolipids, phytoceramides, and glycosylceramides. This phytoceramides mix takes perhaps 6 weeks to mature as skin cells rise from deep epidermal layers covered with ceramides to cement the stratum corneum, improving skin elasticity (since the phytoceramides include elastase inhibitors that improve the maintenance of elastin), and also repairing skin hydration, wrinkles and blotchy spot hyperpigmentation so that the skin is more evenly colored and youthful looking, finally producing facial rejuvenation. By March 7, 2015, however, I came down with an infection that made my face swell up a bit, no doubt from a dental cavity, that won't be gone until after a few more days of antibiotic treatment. Therefore this month's photo is a rather bad picture.

For telomerase activation this month I relied primarily on HGH secretagogues (arginine, lysine, melatonin) and exercise, but added crushed garlic to expand chromatin with the garlic HDAC inhibitors from allicin, diallyl disulfide and allyl mercaptan. I learned to cover for the garlic smell with various agents. I also used L-carnitine, which is thought to have some HDAC inhibitor effect, promoting transcription of hTERT mRNA by chromatin acetylation. I kept glutathione high for effective telomerase activation with Milk Thistle Extract [List], about 10 grams/day, and also took plenty of vitamin C, which also promotes glutathione expression. In addition, I got about 5 days of NOW astragalus root powder at 33 grams/day and Hawthorn berries for 2 weeks, nutraceuticals which also have telomerase activation effect. I plan to return to lengthier astragalus root powder treatment phases later.

For my mitochondria I used acetyl L-carnitine and alpha lipoic acid, and took quite a few other supplements, including multiple vitamin pills, super B-vitamin pills, folic acid, calcium, magnesium, cinnamon, green tea, black tea, coffee, creatine monohydrate with carnosine and lipoic acid, and vitamin D3. For vitamin K2 I used Swiss cheese.

I ate salmon (for EPA, DHA, Taurine, and protein), vegetables such as corn (for lutein and zeaxanthin), onions, and peas with apples, but also got functional foods including soy milk, cranberry sauce, salmon, chicken, and steak. The beef was free, but not preferred. Salmon features better fatty acids (DHA, EPA) and taurine, rather than choke-your-heart triglycerides and carcinogens from pan-fried red meat, which can also lead to prostate cancer from high arachidonic acid levels that form isoketals to clog proteasomes in mature adults, inhibiting protein recycling.

For a beverage these days I take coffee with both green tea and black tea brewed in, with a non-nutrative sweetener and milk or cream.

85 years in 40 seconds
Frame secondAge (years)
Frame secondAge (years)

90 Years Old in Less Than 3 Minutes (3 yr old to 90 yr old)
My Father's Generation.
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