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The Dark Side (1967-1973) Too much too often not good.
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Johnny's in the Basement Mixing Up the Medicine
The initial exciting success of Sandoz d-lysergic acid diethylamide tartrate as a demonstration of consciousness-expanding effect in the range 50-200 micrograms in May of 1967 was followed by The Great LSD Famine of June 1967. To keep students from overusing powerful psychedelics, professionals provided little LSD, so that students were compelled to attempt the synthesis of LSD and other psychedelics, or the preparation of extracts from psychedelic plants, often with relatively inferior equipment and materials in order to have psychedelics in abundance. An experimenter would typically obtain LSD one guru-approved pill at a time, finally as poorly specified brands like Owsley Acid, White Lighting, and Orange Sunshine that obained the approbation of local LSD tasters, who seemed to go about in long-hair jester's caps, rather than as poker-faced officers in laboratory smocks with ties. Too late, the police came to the rescue with published quality analysis of the composition of each recognized brand. As time went on, it became difficult to control the quality of psychedelic pills, because they were no longer manufactured by a reputable firm like Sandoz, but offered with unspecified dosage and uncertain composition as liberty firewater or psychedelic bathtub gin by fellows hoping to turn on the world. After Sandoz LSD, I was always in the dark about the exact composition of the pill. In fact, I have suspected that psychedelic experts wanted to undercut student ability to write quality papers on psychedelics by making the dosage associated with an LSD pill mysterious, to reduce confidence in inexpert experimenters and in their published works. Not accurately knowing the true composition of their medicine, students often found themselves proving LSD not foolproof. Double-blind experiments with LSD tasters were insufficiently precise to satisfy the student experimenter's need to verify the effect of LSD at various dosages, or to allow the student to properly control results, as was possible with well-specified medicine from the drugstore. One needs to professionally assay street drugs before one can be qualitatively and quantitatively certain of their chemical contents. Amatuer experimenters with poorly specified psychedelics were sometimes hospitalized, and LSD became less popular. Low doses of LSD (25 - 100 micrograms) were consciousness-expanding and stimulating to bright, delighted conversations from formerly non-communicative patients (thus having some therapeutic value in psychotherapy), while high doses (250 micrograms or more, ala Albert Hofmann's pioneering bicycle trip) could temporarily delete one's psyche, leaving one speechless with awe at the center of an astounding sideshow of special effects that could become progressively more bewildering at higher dosages, until at 900 micrograms the subject didn't know any more what he had taken. Thus unmarked, unquantified street acid could somewhat simulate the Russian Roulette experience, since any practical dose of LSD can only be quantitatively measured using advanced technique, say from fluorescence spectroscopy. LSD became the ammunition of the Merry Pranksters under the direction of Ken Kesey, taken stirred, not shaken, as a beverage in The Electric Kool-Aide Acid Test by Tom Wolfe. I ceased my student experiments with psychedelics in 1973 because I felt it was unsafe to proceed with them, quitting before windowpane blotter LSD became available. Windowpane was credibly low-dosage in appearance, being just a dried spot on colorfully printed filter paper or small colorfully printed squares. On the other hand, no one knew how huge a wallop might slumber in a pioneer's LSD horsepill. Sometimes I felt I was taking a cross-section from the packing of an apparatus for column chromatography, from a separation column sliced like thick salami into tootsie-roll sized doses. Basically, street acid usually produced an exciting episode of consciousness-expanding psychedelic neuroacceleration that lived up to expectations, with consequently good effects for our artistic creativity, meditations, or sexual experience clarity and intensity, but weird trips were suffered, especially if they were solitary experiments done at night. Dr. Albert Hofmann observed that the maximum tolerable frequency of application at standard dosages was about once a week in LSD: My Problem Child. However, we independently determined that the available psychedelic pills (1969) taken every 4 days for 6 weeks could produce a nervous breakdown lasting for several weeks. Also, substituting morning glory seeds for LSD could lead to ergine poisoning or poisoning with cyanogenic glycosides with a consequent nervous breakdown lasting for six to eight weeks after a series of 4 or 5 Heavenly Blue morning glory seed experiments done within about a month, especially if the seed preparation technique was poor. One could attempt to remove the insecticides by boiling the seeds in water, then drain off the water purple with insecticides after 30 minutes of boiling, mash them up the seeds, wolf them down, and get quite tolerably high from lysergic acid amide (LSA), a cousin of LSD. However, this did not remove the cyanogenic glycosides producing cyanide poisoning in the hulls of the seeds, so that after several sessions within a month one would manifest symptoms similar to locoweed poisoning, as if neurotoxins had made it impossible to utter a complete sentence, paralyzing communications. This mental disturbance could hang on miserably for 2 whole months, and was frightening and uncomfortable. I have read that men had better luck with Hawaiian Baby Rosewood Seeds grown without insecticide, sliced into pieces, and left to soak in water overnight until the seed LSA had dissolved in the water. Then one could drink the LSA water after casting out the seed hulls containing the seed cyanogenic glycosides (that protect the plant from predators), avoiding severe cyanide poisoning. However, one does not then know the precise amount of LSA present, and the repeated-use side-effects of LSA may be somewhat different than repeated-use LSD side-effects. Furthermore, unmarked psychedelic pills of unknown composition might include very large doses of LSD, LSD mixed with other substances (such as methedrine), or a completely new tryptamine like " STP". Taking more than one of these for extra boost was hazardous and could more easily lead to a nervous breakdown. Psychedelic experimenting was a bit like surfing, but wipe-outs were not always just an exercise in overnight recovery from a "bad trip". Sometimes weeks were required to recover from a binge on psychedelic mystery pills of unspecified quality and composition. In fact, recovery might be to a condition leaving one more at risk for nervous breakdowns due to psychosocial stressors. Too much, too often was a problem with psychedelics. It could be dangerous and expensive to be a gourmand with a big appetite for the psychedelic experience. Finally, if one's threshold for suffering due to confusion and hospital costs was exceeded, a hand would come out of the toy box for the psychedelic experience, throw the switch to turn off the pill-taking complex, then swiftly retreat to inner safety. In other words, repeated hospitalization due to overuse could definitely kill your taste for the psychedelic risk. On the other hand, Harvard professor Dr. Timothy Leary [Links], following guide information from Sandoz Pharmaceuticals and expert sources, could take LSD once a week for 6 years without manifesting symptoms of severe confusion or nervous breakdown, according to him and many witnesses. Today it seems that quality psychedelics of well-specified dosage are perhaps as dangerous as skiing, and that their use should perhaps be limited to a psychedelic resort where expert help would be readily available in case of emergency. Or perhaps it would be adequate to supply quality psychedelics with a booklet advising the user not to attempt to operate heavy machinery while using LSD, reminding him that the safest course is not to take it, and so forth, bearing in mind that the trip itself is likely to be interesting and a memorable experience, especially if one is properly accompanied on a bright Spring day. In retrospect, perhaps psychedelics were popular as a means of avoiding the draft for the worrisome Viet Nam War, as their availability was associated with a simultaneous hippie movement for peace and love. A few knowledgable specialists were hoping to replace the student "Psyche" with an incarnation of "Aphrodite" or the goddess "Dianna" instead, massaging angelic chambers of the dark side of the soul with their sensitive spirit-soULs to save "Catholicism" from dreary battlefield destruction, since LSD could often intensify sexual experience, functioning as an orgasmic ecstacy amplifier with the potential to assist war-entrapped souls in discovering the transforming power of sexual liberation. Thus perhaps "Grace Slick" could replace "James Bombed" after proper application of "Delysid", another name for LSD, as it could improve sensitivity in sexual communion in a way that could possibly transfigure gods into goddesses, if desired to sidestep hazardous battlefield appearances. Transsexual medicines such as medroxy progesterone, black cohosh, diosgenin, shatavari, haritaki, strong estrogen bioactivty nutraceuticals, and ligands of the progesterone receptor were believed to lead to she male transformation, replacing one's Psyche with a busty incarnation of Dianna or Aphrodite, but are not associated with thrilling psychedelic neuroacceleration, sensitivity enhancements in gestalt perception, visionary hallucinations, or divine revelations. This was obscure to most of us youngsters, however, if not to the psychologically sophisticated "Castelia" Foundation. Timothy Leary liked to promote LSD as an aphrodisiac, although being suddenly surrounded by brilliant visions and equipped with great sensitivity does not make one horny unless this is an objective of one's mission, so that one is rubbing or carressing shining bodies in a way that leads to sublime passion, sweet love, or the transports of ecstacy. It was also true, if need be, that "marijuana" and hipster concentration on angelside passion could produce a bohemian Rosemary well-camouflaged as a slick chick living each day in a state of grace (1). When war came (2), our ranks included angelic types who had thought over alternatives in the "I'll be damned" department. The "ready for duty" oblivion as lovely models pictured in nose art on the side of many a WWII B17 bomber shows sexy lust for life enthusiasm as possible preparation for survivalist surrender. Deliciously lovely prisoners may be some of the best kept, even when they initially only speak the language of love. Still, I think most of us were primarily interested in LSD for consciousness-expansion, heightened sensitivity, and divine revelation angles useful to writers, rather than in escape from our tragic situation in wartime as transfigured angels of mercy who were no longer the boys they wanted for battle. One was perhaps repellent enough to military conscription as a creative Rock-and-Roll acid head with a medical history of LSD use without submitting oneself as Fletcher Christiaan's finest transsexual darling, a startling mermaid flipper. In May 1967 when I first took LSD, however, I did not believe that it was going to have much to do with sex, but viewed it instead as a general amplifier for the sensorium of consciousness.
Music: Savoy Truffle, from the Beatles White Album, and Sisters of Mercy by Leonard Cohen.

Part II: High Times and Strange Days. Summer 1967 - Spring 1973. | Part I.

HOWL: Christ for the White Light Beam and the Dazzling Projection
Avatars of Great Light
Sunshine Superman
by Donovan (video)

The wolfman episode above reminds me of a later LSD trip in 1969 in which Dr. Timothy Leary [*, Links, Deoxy/Leary audio: Tale of the Tribe, by Alan Ginsberg, with other selections by Dr. Timothy Leary, [Yo!] seemed to turn on an ethereal projector in response to a cry to heaven that bathed the visual scene in a brilliant white light comparable to the flash bulb used by the mad scientist and the wolfman (myself) in the A Hard Days Night pre-featurette to dazzle and blind the audience. Years later, I produced a "WUF" resume, apparently by coincidence, which seems to be mirrored in NGC 2264, where I seem to be shown approaching an "ass-id head", possibly a Ram Dass "Ashram" in Heaven or on Internet. The nebula with its sky walker and black horse head appears to cross the meridian in the night sky on Dr. Albert Hofmann's birthday January 11, just before Martin Luther King Day on January 16.
Mythologically, it seems my 1969 cry to heaven was answered by My Father Which Art in Heaven Dr. Timothy Leary, who turned on the diamond-glittering White Light of his ethereal projector when he tuned in on the opening bars of Like a Rolling Stone by Bob Dylan, which I started up after my return from the Campus Bell Tower campanile. I had responded to an internal voice prompting "Cry your soul to Heaven", perhaps because I had recently read Leary's Psychedelic Prayers in addition to High Priest. I seem to recall the shadow of an axe falling just before the cry, a "peril-axe" suggesting the "parallax" of nearby stars or the first edge of the New Moon before it becomes a smiling pair of buns associated with "g's-us Christ", "Muhammad-Mohammad", Commoonism, or the grin of Chesshire Cat on a branch.

Press for The Fox Fur Nebula parallel to Orion.
Music[2]: 20th Century Fox,
Like a Rolling Stone: to Orion On.
The Future Mirrored in a Poster Past.
"George Pal" at the Focus of The Time Machine.
I became Captain Be EE F-Heart,
who sired a patent showing an "F" on it
and later worked on The Berthold Magic System.

"This is The End, beautiful friend, The End..."
"Now the redest red I've always said is the
Sunset going down..."
I was framed in the film running through Tim's "reel-Father" projector, my head being positioned in the center of its lens, caught in an intensely surreal moment. I seemed to have attracted the White Light of the eye of a cosmic machine. It was a translucent virtual film projector or movie camera, featuring turning wheels in its radiant motion picture apparatus. In those days such apparatus strained to catch ejaculations of soul enraptured by sexual ecstacies, rather than infant crys, so perhaps I supplied Tim's vigilant machine with the sights not longed for. Perhaps Avatars of Great Light can cut through like this, like a beam from the fifth dimension, to their students in other cases. I am reminded of Crater Proclus on the moon, which seems to be a highlight on the corner of the moon-dog's back-pack book (18). It is clear now that mythic leaders can cut through the cloud tops in intensely mythic mystic visions with startling signs and wonders.

"In the beginning was the TURN ON. The flash, the illumination. The electric trip. The sudden bolt of energy that starts the new system. The TURN ON was God. All things were made from the TURN ON and without Him was not anything made. In this TURN ON was life and the life was the light of men." - Timothy Leary, High Priest

Thus Timothy Leary could seem to appear after a prayer-cry as the Light of Ascension, a radiant head in command of a translucent projector, with myself in its lens, in a moment which reminds me somewhat of the opening frames of a movie news reel that had yet to be filmed. The wheels of the translucent projector were full of white light, and my visual screen was flooded with it. After perhaps 15 minutes while Like a Rolling Stone was playing (The Big Picture featured an image of the Earth spinning on its axis), the White Light Highlight was over. Initially, the movie in my mind was void and diamond light.

"O nobly-born, when thy body and mind were separating, thou must have experienced a glimpse of the Pure Truth, subtle, sparkling, bright, dazzling, glorious, and radiantly awesome..." - The Tibetan Book of the Dead.

I might add that at the time I was working as a projectionist in the KU Campus Film Service, while old photos show that Leary was doing private experiments with a movie camera in 1969. The glorious xenon-like white radiance stayed on for perhaps 15 minutes, showing Tim's high forehead (*) like the brow of a concerned medical doctor checking in to see what had gone wrong with his reader-Son. Was I Christ in the Desert? (Matthew 4) Had I taken the Savoy Truffle? If I had to go to the hospital, it would not make Dr. Timothy Leary look any better, because he promoted psychedelic experiments, and tried to make them turn out well. (Audio: LearyGuide, MP3 Hits) A major gripe from my real father might help land him in jail. My father became champion at cussing psychedelics after I sickened on morning glory seeds in the summer of 1967 (although he acquired a big "LTD" sedan when LSD became a fad) and later threw my 1968 copy of High Priest (Leary dust jacket photo) into the trash after breaking its spine.

Press for Timothy Leary photo gallery.
Timothy (48) and Rosemary Leary in 1968 on the cover of
The Politics of Ecstacy in an archetype of The Covenant.
Here Rosemary appears in a M16 Star Queen Nebula role
in which Leary's head appears in profile as a foundation.
I note that today Internet features many Timothy Leary video interviews and solitaire pieces by Timothy Leary that can be viewed until Leary seems to turn on inside you for a while like an electric presence from the parallel universe of his world line in this. So perhaps the motion picture camera can be viewed as a key part of the Timothy Leary method of achieving immortality in The Light Everlasting. I remember a scene from a movie starring Humphrey Bogart featuring a tidal wave in the Pacific stirred up by a fierce volcanic eruption. Just before the total wipe-out, the hero utters one fine immortal line as he consciously views the giant wave converging on the end of his life in the final frames. Leary was a prolific author, and I had read his High Priest and Psychedelic Prayers, in addition to The Psychedelic Experience, which he coauthored. We may conceive of the Light of Christ as the radiance or voice of the written word, and Christ's books as a projection of his mind. An archeologist discovers the Light of Christ in old writing that suddendly begins to speak in the mind like the voice of a familiar pal. However, Leary was one of the first men in The Future History Series of terrestrial intellectuals to be in videos and movies in abundance as a professorial movie star. In some cases readers and witnesses may evidently get the beam from an associated heavenly projector showing his head in bathed in billiant white light in a way that reminds us of the Ascension as described in The Acts of the Apostles, Chapter 1. Then we could recognize his special mythic role as our radiant guide coming on from a plane of diamond-precious light. At the time I saw him in such a light, Tim was fond of dressing in white clothes. Psychology teaches us that human children respond most favorably to adults dressed in white.

The Buddha Blink and Tim's Big Energy Out of Space
I was usually neglecting Tim's set and setting doctrine, dispensing with the guide, and taking my enthralling pill alone in a dingy little apartment, and sometimes at night, when lonely trips get weird. Still, I kept experimenting with LSD or other psychedelics posing as LSD, and on my next trip on a Friday afternoon in 1969 a visor came down over my eyes as I was going down a set of stairs, taking a second or two to close and coming down like a machine or like the visor of Gort's helmet in The Day the Earth Stood Still. I felt an "Oh, No!" sensation as it unstoppably shut. Then, just as quickly it came up, Photo: Tim 'C's the world through Green's eyes.but I seemed to powered from above by Dr. Leary, who taken me over from space and who seemed to be walking along in my body with me like a copilot. "Steady, boy." came out of him, as if he were the captain of a jet plane. I had been temporarily Blinded by the Light. My body seemed to have become a perfect plastic machine connected by ghostly tendrils to enormous energies above, in which I could sense ghostly spirits united by filamentary spokes radiating from a hub at a distant height. There was an invitation to join them above after we had walked together for a few miles, but it involved giving up my eyesight to rise to some other domain of consciousness. I begged off, since I was only 19, and did not want to go through any drastic change.

"Well, all right." chuckled Tim, and took off into the blue like Superman jumping out of a window, subtracting his Big Energy ghost from my form. Then I was alone again and back to normal, and pleased to be returned to the world. Wow! Tim projected a sympathetic energy for the elevation of his students that could really pick you up like an escalator! Perhaps it was the energy of the Tau that Tim sometimes wrote of, something from the tantric electricity of spirits longing to rescue and encounter distant souls and transport them to heaven for the love that makes the world go round. On the other hand, he seemed to be a bit more like the captain of a flying saucer... I should not call into question the purity of his motives. But then Timothy Leary headed up the Castalia Foundation in Millbrook, New York, for psychedelic research after leaving Harvard, and that was pronounced "Cas-steal-yah". In retrospect, I think perhaps Leary took over as my supervisor from space because I was walking around in public high on LSD, contrary to his protocol for LSD use, justifying the imposition of his guidance from above to defend his attentive student against his own carelessness. Furthermore, it was dangerous to Leary himself, who I had been reading, to leave the meditation center or comfortable apartment for "out of our minds" adventures in the external world while high on LSD.

Night Trip: Consuming a Crystallized Viewpoint from a Tea like a Cow's Eye Highball
Press for Fusion Anomaly: Reality is What You Can Get Away With.Still, I did not have enough sense to stop taking LSD or whatever those tryptamines were. Later, I took a very peculiar 1969 night trip in which I made up some tea. I used a big helping of large tea leaves from a colorful tin kept in a bulging bookcase (perhaps it was Lipton's Loose Tea, or ChEYEna Black) boiled openly in hot water with a pan over an electric heater, then poured through a strainer into a cup. I may have used the tea leaves to prepare beverage several times, adding tea leaves to the used brew until I felt it was time to pour the whole mess into the toilet and start over again. It was my relativity tea, I thought to myself, sensing that the trip might foreshadow something far in the future, strung on a spider-like web of electric higher intelligence breathing "you know..." that I could somehow sense. Then, an eyeball seemed to gel in the leftover thick mixture of tea leaves and water, by a magical process, but seeming perhaps to obey the conservation of mass. There were prior psychedelic visions I had seen on previous trips of eyes seeming to swirl and flourish from the shadows like the eyes in a peacock's plume, perhaps eyes of Vishnu attracted by my bookcase. One of them seemed to have lodged in my tea. Some agency advised me to consume the eye like a piece of beef. I did so, extracting the eyeball from the cooled, lukewarm tea leaf and water mixture with my fingers, somewhat aghast, thinking that this would become a third eye within me, perhaps the eye of unified field theory. It tasted quite a bit like steak. The trip seemed to satirize "Eye-in-stein's relative-a-tea" as a cannibalistic Oedipal event, the eye materializing by a process of transubstantiation reminiscent of the sacrament of the Eucharist:

"...Ye shall know that I am in my Father, and ye in me, and 'Eye' in you."
Press for Timothy Leary Neurocomics.Press for Timothy Leary Neurocomics.

Perhaps it was a test of whether a sight for sore eyes could "catch a ball" (for 'me'). However, I was ashamed of the moment. We brew up some "tea" to crystallize a viewpoint, then sally forth with "I say, I say" in our mouths. Now a sight for sore eyes can socialize with some tea leaves. Our book of "tea leaves" can catch an eyeball. Flash! We get the big eye. (Of course, an independent observer might have seen me pluck some dripping tea leaves from a pot and swallow them down, swearing they smacked of steak.) Perhaps that is what the trip satirized in its ZAP Comix way. (These days I take stuffed olives instead of eyeballs [76], as anti-aging medicine pills.) This night trip, with its novel, highly organized 3D psychedelic hallucination, was too much like something horrid out of the "D-Leary-ium trimmins" of Robert Crumb (*), rather than a transparent moment on a fine LSD high or a sublime mathematical insight during a derivation when you feel Richard Feynman just tuned in to appreciate it. When I finally arrived at my solution for the unified quantum field theory of forces decades later, I was proud of that, but it took a while to specify experiments. Perhaps this trip had something to do with having read Shouted From the Housetops by Joyce James from Psychedelic Review Vol. I, No. 4, 1964 before I ever took LSD. She wrote of the Force of Purest Light, and by the time I finished the primary part of the unified quantum field theory in 1993 I found my life mirrored above on the plane of the stars, including "relative-a-tee" bull together with my WUF resume at the summit of NGC 2264. I found the Joyce James piece at The Pied Piper bookstore near WSU in 1967 as I recall, in fair condition, along with The Joyous Cosmology by Alan Watts, which includes some beautiful passages sometimes seeming to parallel a scene from my life.

But here the depth of light and structure in a bursting bud go on forever. There is time to see them, time for the whole intricacy of veins and capillaries to develop in consciousness, time to see down and down into the shape of greenness, which is not green at all, but a whole spectrum generalizing itself as green - purple, gold, the sunlit turquoise of the ocean, the intense luminescence of the emerald. I cannot decide where shape ends and color begins. The bud has opened and the fresh leaves fan out and curve back with a gesture which is unmistakably communicative but does not say anything except, "Thus!"
Press for Timothy Leary Neurocomics.Press for Timothy Leary Neurocomics.

Temporary Breakdown at KU
I continued to do solitary experiments with psychedelic pills and suffered a nervous breakdown in the spring of 1969 that went on for 3 or 4 weeks. One afternoon I hallucinated and saw The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse riding through the wall of my apartment. They trotted through in a slow, ghostly, prancing motion, perfect figures about the size of small dogs. (I saw them later on in a perfectly sane state from a weather satellite over Internet about the time my mother died [see photos 2 and 3], riding towards the Arizona hospital where she lay paralyzed from a stroke at 4:35 PM EST on November 12, 2004.) I took a walk through the KU campus about the time I saw the 4 horsemen ride through my apartment wall, on which I seemed to turn to stone as punishment for all this foolishness, which was horrifying to my parents and my three brothers. Soon thereafter a good friend of mine at the campus film service checked me into the KU campus hospital. It took a while to recover from the associated dreadful confusion, and before I left I was holding my 4F Selective Service discharge papers. Perhaps in this way LSD saved my life...from death on the battlefield in Viet Nam, at the cost of experiencing simulated death and severe confusion for a time, however. It was my 2nd hospitalization.

Heavenly Blue Psychedelic Episodes and Morning Glory Seed Poisoning
My first hospitalization was for taking morning glory seeds repeatedly in the Summer of 1967, to recapture the Sandoz LSD high I had experienced in May of 1967. The first few morning glory seed trips were like fairly decent weak LSD, and I happily grooved on Surrealistic Pillow (lyrics) numbers while watching the walls crawl with vivid phantasmagoria. When I closed my eyes, I saw fantastic scenes soar past, full of psychedelic detail. One time on a walk I saw realistic lips start to form in doorways and windows, as if to signal that this was really a pretty friendly neighborhood. But a Mr. Natural mystery tramp I passed on a later morning glory trip seemed to sense that it was no good by reading my mind, and when I stared at his face, I could see he was projecting NO DEAL, with a little audible cussing thrown in, as if he imagined that I was propositioning him.
Press for The Teachings of Don Juan, audio or video. I experienced psychic disturbances in which the crow seemed to appear as a spirit messenger.Later, after perhaps 5 Heavenly Blue morning glory seed trips, the morning glory poisoning symptoms included inability to complete a sentence and dreadful confusion lasting for weeks. I remember going for a walk outside and finding a dead crow with a diamond in its beak. I picked up the crow, and as I gazed at it, I was horrified to witness that the diamond turned into a little lump of coal. (Perhaps this ill omen foreshadowed my later career at Mycro-Tek, the first period of which ended about the time my first wife Susan divorced me for overworking.) This little episode reminds me of a crow appearing as a spirit messenger on the cover of a book by Carlos Castaneda. My father gave up trying to speak with me about my poisoning problem, as I could not reply in a complete sentence, and so he had me taken to the hospital for treatment.
I might add that after recovering from the morning glory poisoning problem [1, 2, 3, FAQ, 4], which might have been due to insufficient boiling to remove insecticides or inability to separate cyanogenic glycoside cyanide compounds from the surfaces of the seeds, I still believed it would be all right to do solitary experiments with LSD, a pure and well-understood substance from advanced research. On my first and best LSD trip, however, I had a guide to talk with. I knew things could go wrong, I had read LSD by Sidney Cohen and Richard Alpert (now Ram Dass), but I was an optimist.

"Now the rainman gave me two cures,
Then he said, 'Jump right in.'
The one was Texas medicine,
The other was just railroad gin.
An' like a fool I mixed them
An' it strangled up my mind,
An' now people just get uglier
An' I have no sense of time."

- from Stuck Inside a Mobile
with the Memphis Blues Again
by Bob Dylan

"Paul, an apostle of Jesus Christ by the will of God, and Timotheus, our brother..." - Colossians 1:1. As the White Light came ON: Like a Rolling Stone; Mr. Tambourine Man.
Lens-in and Leary's Ethereal Camera or Projector: 20th Century Fox by the Doors.
Education by proxy: Kissing the Blarney Stone endows the kisser with the gift of the gab.
Now I study at WSU from a widescreen "blackstone" DELL VOSTRO XPS Windows 7 Terminal (Stanley KU-brick, Intel Inside: CORE i3) that draws students like the Kaaba in Mecca draws pilgrims at Hajj. I carry data to it in a PNY 8 Gb flash drive.
Classically, shit is on the other side of the door of the body of Christ: Fixing a Hole.
"Morocco was a celestial dream come true." - Timothy Leary, Jail Notes.
Drift Away - Dobie Grey.
"Classical General Relativity shatters on this rock." - Jim Green from the 5th Dimension.

"Bard-oh! Bard. Sing to him who passes now
quietly slipped from mooring of his clay....
The world of dream was loosed from sleep, and the world of dream was real!"

Timothy Leary and the Face in the Doorway of the Fiery Furnace || Visionary
I seemed to be unusually hungry for acid, and took more than one psychedelic pill shortly after my return to campus in the Fall of 1968 as a student, obtaining several of them from a local experimenter at KU who was set up in a sensitive artist's studio, in an environment programmed rather like Timothy Leary recommended in Psychedelic Prayers I-4. Each "pill" seemed to have been sliced out of a column of material extracted from an apparatus for chromatography. I remember walking around campus at night rather tipsy on an overdose of LSD that time, seeming to receive a revelation that I was not going to die, reminding me now of Corona Australis, The Crown of Eternal Life in the Summer Sky near Sagittarius pouring its starry galactic semen-load into the hooked tail of Scorpius. The ear-shaped Corona Australis seems to hark back to the orgasmic amplification of telepathic hearing sensitivity and to Auriga, Orion's engineering cap, which together with Gemini was no doubt a starry progenitor of the Two Tablets of the Law propounded by Moses.

In the Tao Te Ching we find ... (Chapter 52)... That to return from the bright light (kuang) to the dim light (ming) is "not to expose one's body to peril", but to "practice the eternal" (ch'ang). - From "Is there a Doctrine of Physical Immortality in the Tao Te Ching?" by Ellen Marie Chen.

I remember walking over to The Fiery Furnace (*) on the top of the Hill like a moth to the flame for a "Bardo encounter". It was a campus night spot associated with the basement of an old fraternity building on the summit of Mount Oread. I seemed to see Timothy Leary's face in the doorway of The Fiery Furnace (see Daniel, Links, band, kids story) as I approached, and it alarmed me. Recently, I have verified that Dr. Leary may have been on campus about this time, to sign copies of The Psychedelic Experience that I saw for sale in the Kansas Union bookstore. I looked past his face to the interior and thought I saw stoned, frightened eyes zooming in on me, perhaps because it seemed that the WUF was at the door. I was too zonked after my 3 psychedelic pills to enter for this. (Less LSD was often better than more.) I knew I would not be good company, but after the sight of Leary in the doorway, I backed out. (Timothy Leary Audio from Deoxy/Leary: Beyond Life.)

"Timothy Leary's dead
No,no, he's outside....looking in.
You'll fly his astral plane
Take his trips around the bay,
Brings you back the same day,
Timothy Leary, Timothy Leary."

- Legend of a Mind by the Moody Blues from In Search of the Lost Chord (MP3) [Video].
(Timothy Leary's name is probably derived from the moth-like form of Orion, which rises under the smile or leer of Andromeda in Perseus-Pleiades-Aries. To my mind, it suggests the name of a book-writer or binder whose works are smiled on, and the constellation connection suggests literary immortality, with his similar sons looking in from the outside at his old work. I am also reminded of the moon god dog, with his butterfly book on his back, one corner gleaming at the crater Proclus like a skull in the grip of Hamlet.)

Then I wandered for some time on top of the hill through the dark campus streets until I came into a building with a spiral staircase going down. As I followed it down, it seemed to me that I was going down the DNA Spiral Staircase of Life. At the bottom were mirrors. I was surrounded by mirrors, like Sean Connery in a scene from Zardoz. Was it an echo from the end of time when I would be suffering from old age and up against limits imposed by my genetic DNA "telomeres"? Somehow I made it back to my apartment from the mirror-end of the staircase, and was all right the next day. In fact, I made good grades that semester.

"Take me to a simple place
Where I can easily see my face
baby, baby I can see that you're fine.
Know I love you baby, yes I do."
- 3/5 of a Mile in Ten Seconds (lyrics)

A Subsequent Late-Night Death Trip regarding the Devil or Timothy Leary
Great Whirled Storms of Revolution in the Spiral Galaxies may have love and sexuality at the focus or in the wake.
Rump between a dark face and
a light face in galaxy M100,

soUL vs SOul in Revolution, or
Darkly Bearded vs. Bright and Gay,
Greek Theme Centaurs vs. the Gods,
like Dale Arden between Dr. Zarkov
and Flash Gordon as George Washington,

Mirroring Mythology of the Moon in
Soulmate Swivel of Galactic Encounter
at The Center of the Cyclone.
Manichean Themes in Visionary Revelation
and the Hallucinatory Mythic Image:
The Godhead on the Money
Lays Down on Board, Surrenders to the Void,

His files behind to speak for him
in the Revolution of the Eternal our God.

Still, although some trips were strange, I still thought LSD would be a good investment, and on my next LSD trip, which I took in my little apartment, I seemed to "die". [Play Instant Karma by John Lennon.] "All right, boy! Which will it be? The Devil or Timothy Leary?" sounded in my inner ear like a question from a cosmic judge. (Audio/Deoxy/Leary: Any Reality is an Opinion.) The room was divided between Darkness and Light. "Tim!" I said, turning toward the Light and forgetting that I had recently seen him as a face in the doorway of The Fiery Furnace.)

"The Line it is Drawn, the Curse it is Cast.
The Slow One now will Later be Fast,
As the Present now will Later be Past..."

- The Times They Are A Changing, Bob Dylan (YouTube video).

I was grateful to be in the Light. But what was the Darkness, anyway? I leaned cautiously towards it, as I was going to be the judge of it, but I could not stand to look directly into it, turning away from Timothy's light to face the Devil full bore. [Play Jokerman by Bob Dylan.] I sensed that what was there was The End of Evolution. I was sort of ticking back and forth between the Darkness and the Light when a closed, undulating loop of film panes associated with DNA rolled out of the darkness, casting shadows of tanks and tools on the walls, with shadows of soldiers, like something out of a song by Donovan, Hurdy-Gurdy Man (audio MP3| Video)

Weather Visions 35 & Visionary Man.
They Are Leaning Out for Love, and
They Will Lean that way Forever....

"Histories of ages past
Unenlightened shadows cast
Down through all eternity
The crying of humanity

'Tis then when the hurdy gurdy man
Comes singing songs of love
Then when the hurdy gurdy man
Comes singing songs of love.
When the truth gets buried deep
Beneath a thousand years asleep
Time demands a turnaround
And once again, the truth is found

Hurdy gurdy, hurdy gurdy..."

Press for Erowid LSD Blotter Art Gallery.
Timothy Leary
as Ho Chi Minh
in Profile
on LSD blotter.

A circle of heavenly agencies above my head found me on the right side, and buzzed me with a thrillingly pleasurable pulse of spiritual approval. Suddenly, I knew the difference! I was excited. Finally I laid out on the bed, seeming to see my spirit light soar away like a plane into endless azure blue, as I fell asleep. Dr. Timothy Leary and Dr. Richard Alpert (Ram Dass) had authored and co-authored many papers on LSD I had read and also coauthored the Introduction to The Joyous Cosmology by Allan Watts, resembling God and the Devil or Flash Gordon and Dr. Zarkov. At the moment of decision, I had hoped towards the Flash Gordon side like Dale Arden in Darkness at Noon as Dr. Zarkov started up his Time Machine. [In retrospect, I would say that perhaps Timothy Leary, the bearded Devil (Ram Dass or Richard Alpert), and I were like Flash Gordon, Dr. Zarkov, and moon maid "alter ego" Dale Arden in the moon-mirroring Flash Gordon movie Deadline at Noon (video) at that time. Dale Arden follows Flash Gordon rather than the dark, bearded Dr. Zarkov because she is attracted to powerful beings of light with radiant faces, a circumstance which makes her feel more secure. Sober, she can maybe take them both. While on LSD "ale" or "delysid" {Erowid/delysid}, Dale at first jumps toward Flash, but wavers between the two for the sake of judgement. In cosmic mythology Dale corresponds to the busty fallen angel and laboratory lady Frau Mauro binding books at Tycho on the moon, perhaps writing the book for a student of The Erotic Hots Study Guide, or a for student of her work on the rich soil theoretical physics spoken of by Einstein, to be studied by a student of the Book of Proclus or read aloud like a script for the Sermon on the Mount. Cool and sober, Dale may more resemble robust Flash Gordon or masculine greybeard Marx/Santa_Claus about to do business with blackbeard Engels darkly manifesting himself in The Sea of Storms and looking like my Honeywell Technician Steve Friedman.] I had been rather Devil-May-Care about the Viet Nam War, not volunteering to enlist, preferring to do experiments with consciousness-expanding psychedelics, even. I was not enthused about following in the footsteps of French imperialism, which Ho Chi Minh's forces had defeated at Dien Ben Phu in 1954, rather like George Washington driving out the British in the American Revolution. The colonist party men were columnists who inspired similar nomenclature, too. (They'd have called themselves "communicators", but then it would have been "Kiss Me, Kate, and we shall be married on Sunday!" Besides, they liked to write and convert foolscap into smart documents.) I did not fancy a role as something like a French foreign legionnaire amid the Vietnamese women in Saigon. My soul was in those days was hefty, long, pointed and strong, less of a swooning chamber of soulful passions for pistons of big business, and I suppose you could say that the spirited gentleman Devil Jim Green was really more pleased to go to college at KU, where The Communist Manifesto was required reading in Western Civilization, and where they first treated me to The Devil in Miss Jones about this time in the KU Student Union, which mildly surprised me. I rather fancied Harry Reems' role in the matter, actually did, stirring a lovely European type like Georgina Spelvin, gloriously endowed with a deep rump that was soft on Nism-Dism. I touched up reams of material hairy with type as an EE with an MS, and later dated Jean, who was a getting a divorce from George. I learned my lessons well, coming on to Tampa like Orion, the King of Angels, cutting through with my fire-axe resume Gemini and brandishing my engineer's cap Auriga to thrive beneath the Perseus-Pleiades-Aries smile of Andromeda, the angel of my 2nd trip to the Tampa Bay area, coming on strong. Her smile is echoed in Capricornus above the scene where the eye of Piscis Austrinus studies the Christoffel symbol of Microscopium above the double-μ constellation Grus, floating above the fallen factor-of-4 constellation Indus (connect δ and β). I worked on my hobby science project Thermonuclear Fusion on Stars a little about that time, reading Hong Yee Chiu's Stellar Physics on the beach at St. Pete beside Jean near the Breckenridge Hotel, where a one-man band played expertly beneath the nuclear stars. Chiu = C-hi-you. Follow him and the age of the Sun will come out right on your computer printout. To get my Tampa job [photos] with permission to do engineering, I had to show a resume, present serious engineering drawings of circuit cards, pass an interview, and chase after my necktie like a specter stalking his-rope.

Further Psychedelic Explorations at KU
I was in the same room on the top of the hill next to Gus DiZerga's room. Gus was a writer and a campus radical with a fine library. (Gus DiZerga = Zorro dies diddled, but his books live on.) I got the impression LSD was irritation to him, not a nectar of the gods to be savored and written about. I was reading more books like The Politics of Ecstasy by Timothy Leary, trying to find out more about the salutary properties of this important investment in psychedelic wisdom and Rock Chalk Cafe LSD trips, some of which were wonderful experiences, others of which were relatively horrid, especially the last closely-spaced ones before they led me mumbling to my hospital bed. I remember gazing through exquisite bio-organic forms quivering before me like formerly invisible structures in my brain, listening to Surrealistic Pillow numbers like Coming Back to Me. You have probably seen them too, as computer graphics simulates some of the impressive structural things we used to see on LSD when music is played using Windows Media Player, or when you play an old Timothy Leary hit like How to Operate Your Brain from Deoxy/Leary. I also listened with great pleasure to the Beatles White Album, especially to songs like Revolution Number 9 and Mother Nature's Son, laughing at Why Don't We Do It in the Road, listening enraptured to While My Guitar Gently Weeps, and savoring other hippie favorites like Baby, You're A Rich Man while high in pleasurable acid reveries. One time, I even gave LSD to my older girl friend, free for nothing, not taking any myself so that I could better guide her through her first LSD trip. She loved it. It made me feel like a rich man, anyway. Perhaps I, Jim Green, was on my way to becoming another Timothy Francis Leary, psychedelic guide extraordinaire. Perhaps someday I would be able to turn on your projector, flooding your view with an incredible sparkling white light, or swoop in from space like The Big Energy to buck you up, leaving you alone at your request with a friendly air of "Well, all right" and a chuckle. And it would be nice to have magical chemical keys to your elevation in the icebox, assuming I could scrounge enough extra money to buy more than one or two. But I never became a distributor or a professional psychologist. However, I did manage to read the textbook for Psychology 101 with introductions by Isaac Asimov, a book on Physiological Psychology, Dr. Leary's professional classic Interpersonal Diagnosis of Personality, with its fascinating "spiderman" Leary-Sullivan Diagrams displaying opposing reflex personality variables in polar coordinates, Maps of the Mind, and many other such books.

LSD Mushrooms and The Grateful Dead Bones Effect
LSD Skeleton blotter art: The Grateful Dead. At one time at KU in the 1970s it was possible to obtain "magic mushrooms" that perfectly resembled ordinary steak mushrooms, and I believe they were really regular mushrooms from the grocery painted with LSD, obtainable from a fellow standing about a half a foot taller than I. The only medicinal mushrooms obtainable at the grocery store are "shiitake" mushrooms. Foolishly, I took a whole mushroom of the LSD-painted type of steak mushroom, probably not a conventional psychedelic mushroom, instead of cutting it into pieces and taking a smaller dose, then wandered into a student apartment building off campus studying DNA movies of my bones like a giant gazing into a space that had somehow changed its proportions. It was rather an overdose, perhaps 10 threshold doses, and it may be that the bones trip is a portent of impending doom. The bone images were tremendously detailed, seemed to be directly derived from cellular information, and were visualized as overlaying the usual scene with a transparency. Finally, I came down enough to find my way back to my student apartment, and woke up the next morning OK. The desire to get more for bang for the buck led to packing multiple psychedelic doses into one package, so a careful fellow would always begin by cutting the piece into halves or quarters. On the other hand, a novice would soon figure out that a piece was really typically too much to take as a unit, and would begin to cut his material. It is really best to know exactly how much LSD one is taking to the microgram. Otherwise we seem to be more like the victims of a practical joke or fools who do not know what we are doing, so that our records concerning our experiment are of relatively minor value in literature, resembling the exhalations of impetuous youth or a chronicle of The Three Stooges.

- Adult White Rabbit {10},
from Surrealistic Pillow: [Video]
"When men on the chessboard
Get up and tell you where to go
And you've just had some kind of mushroom
And your mind is moving low
Go ask Alice
I think she'll know.
When logic and proportion
Have fallen stoney dead
And the White Knight is running backwards
And the Red Queen's on her head
Remember what the doorman said:
'Feed your head
Feed your head
Feed your head' "
After the psychedelics come the entheogens,
which not only intensify sensory experience,
but also project us On High in the image of God.

With the May heat on, we're cooking with gas
and Spring welcomes Rapture to the Holy of Holies
as Leo pursues Orion over the horizon.

Part III: Psychedelic Rememberance, Reflections, and Prospective Analysis.

Halting My LSD Experiments in 1973
In 1973 I decided to stop experimenting with unmarked, double-blind LSD, and was always able to decline mystery-microgram tryptamines subsequently as if addiction were not a factor, concentrating instead on PhD and the rise of physics and engineering. I had discovered that using unmarked street LSD every 4 days for 6 weeks could make me sick as a dog for 3 weeks, taking mysterious psychedelic preparations a total of 55 times. Too much, too fast, as with ham sandwiches or iron supplements, produces undesirable effects, and one bitter pill too many can cause us to abstain for decades. When the guru rolls you one, just take one. Prior to this, in the summer of 1967, I had discovered that Heavenly Blue morning glory seeds [*] boiled to strip their insecticide, if taken three or four times in a month as a substitute for Sandoz LSD, could also make one sick for weeks. I did not mash the seeds, steep them in water overnight, filter out solids, and drink the filtered solution with its psychedelic component LSA, but merely consumed the boiled seeds, fishing them out of a hot solution purple with insecticide. This subjected me to the cyanogenic glycosides in the morning glory seed shells, which causes cyanide poisoning, and I got my psychedelic high from the LSA portion that was not separated into solution. Furthermore, I did not do insecticide stripping by planting insecticide-coated seeds and later harvesting the fresh, clean ones. For more sophisticated methods of morning glory seed preparation, see [1, 2, 3, LSA FAQ, Erowid on LSA, Morning Glory FAQ, psychedelic seed links, Shulgin remarks, Google links, poisoning links, cyanogenic glycoside poisoning links, ergot poisoning links, ergine poisoning links]. Finally, a too-powerful and sickening 1973 psychedelic mystery pill (perhaps the Savoy Truffle) convinced me that one needs well-specified pure materials such as LSD-25 or psilocybin, hopefully from a reputable firm like Sandoz Phamaceuticals, to pursue psychedelic experiments, so I swore off doing them. This decision typically reduces psychedelic experimenters to cannabis, which may be obtained through marijuana or as a purified prescription cannabis such as marinol. There were rumors that strychnine or something similar had been added to that last batch of KU psychedelic material, which might have been a new tryptamine. Third time's the charm. Prayerfully, on my hospital bed for the 3rd time, I decided maybe psychedelics were not for me, after all. Maybe they were...a Micky Finn [*], a "which is witch" joke, or a smart pill joke with a punch line like "Now you're gettin' smart, boy" as you spit out a rabbit turd. Instead, I decided to pursue graduate work in engineering, having gotten an undergraduate degree in physics and math. My brother Rick praised the decision to quit psychedelics as the smartest move I ever made, laughing and slapping my back.

A Psychedelic Wonder Drug LSD to be Taken
According to the Instructions of the Manufacturers

I have been afraid to touch powerful psychedelics myself, since those days, although it is clear that the well-specified, patented Sandoz LSD-25 (a specific number of micrograms of pure D-Lysergic Acid Diethylamide [mechanism] embedded in a neutral matrix coated to preserve the material and clearly labeled) is a wonder drug and the sacrament of the League for Spiritual Discovery [psychedelic liberty], the "frightening sacrament that works" as Timothy Leary described it long ago. Literary sacraments we merely read are safer, but most of us as young wild-fire ponies would rather take LSD to witness its real-thing immediacy with consciousness-expanding effects and amplification of our sensorium of sensations, and neglect to climb a sheer rock cliff, jump several Greyhound Buses on a motorcycle, do a back flip on skis, or other things that daredevils are routinely allowed to do. LSD, allowing access to new modes of consciousness and perception, is more of a thrill intellectually than a simple sports stunt, being associated with some educational value, especially to students of gestalt psychology with its ink-blot tests or psychopharmacology. More recently, I heard that LSD just twice a year is safe enough, and seems to work out with no problems, and blotter acid [*] of credible purity and 50 microgram dosage became available. Experimenters [*] may have better luck with pure and well-specified D-lysergic acid diethylamide and quality psychedelics in the future than I did with unmarked pills, relatively poisonous seeds, and my first super-retinal-circus demonstration dose of professionally marked and precisely specified Sandoz LSD-25 in 1967. Incidentally, Dr. Albert Hoffman [100th birthday January 11, 2006, hard cover, audio] reported that the maximum tolerable frequency of LSD-25 usage was weekly, but some other scholar claimed that LSD still worked after 4 days, so that it could be used even more often. Trying bathtub gin tryptamines that way as a psychedelic guinea pig cost me some time dinged out in a hospital, and now I seem to prefer anti-aging medicine, coffee, and acetyl l-carnitine with alpha lipoic acid. The safest course is not to take unmarked materials, and hazards seem to be roughly proportional to the frequency of application times the dosage, or perhaps more accurately, as if one were summing after-effects over shifted and exponentially decaying tails. Yet any single LSD trip is likely to seem worthwhile and interesting. Death trip? Well, it would be a simulated death, something frightening, but you would get over it, and be reborn, also in a brain-simulated way. The best of LSD was memorable enough that I still enjoy thinking about it some (see Psychedelic Review, say the article by Joyce James [*]). I don't regard LSD as a political plus at hiring time because many of my countrymen believe that psychedelics unacceptably increase our risks in this, especially if we find them in drivers of heavy machinery such as automobiles. A history of psychedelic befuddlement does not improve investor confidence. On the other hand, psychedelics inspired a tremendous amount of fresh research by chemists [*] such as Dr. Alexander Shulgin [*], spontaneous "peyote" writing and literary activity, and work by MAPS, Dr. Hofmann [*], and Alan Watts [*, paperback] demonstrates that LSD, suitably managed, is promotable. LSD taken with moderate frequency and dosage usually harmlessly stimulates sensory amplification and alternative modes of perception in a scene in which a stabilizing guide can function as a control tower. On the other hand, a solitary LSD gourmand using LSD frequently is relatively at risk for hospitalization. Since LSD makes the patient want to communicate to describe his experiences, LSD may be applied with positive therapeutic effect on communicational fluency, improving bonding to the guide. Sexual stimuli [*] may be amplified along with other sense impressions, as may be easily verified under LSD by merely pulling over photos of attractive models. Some experimenters contend that sex is what psychedelics are for, although mere base pleasure may be interrupted by revelations or visions, and of course psychedelics have also inspired numerous contributions to literature, music, [*] and art [*]. Experiments with radio-isotope labeled LSD-25 show that it is swiftly eliminated from the nervous system entirely after inducing an excitation, so that it is inherently one of the safest of the psychedelics when taken at reasonable dosage. On the other hand, psychedelics prepared from plants such as morning glory seeds may contain poisons that are difficult to eliminate from the nervous system quickly.

The Wisdom of W-is-dom: Psychedelics and Oracles of Delphi.
Press for 'Back in the USSR' by the Beatles.
The Hospital Where I was Born.
"Where was then Wisdom,
the mirrored shield?"

Psychedelic intensification of sexuality sensations as part of a life-extension strategy centered on she-male transformation as a "shagedelic" ploy or "Hitchcock mystery" may now be less secretively managed than formerly, because she-males now star more frequently in erotic arts productions , and the legal environment is more supportive of transsexual rights. It has been and "for eternity" will continue to be a popular strategy for vanishing into "oblivion". On the other hand, unless suitably planned, the identity crisis of ego death by she-male transformation, or "dying for your sins" may relatively worrisome, or even associated with white slavery or primal conflict between "commuNisM" and "freedom", between "Russians" and "Soviets", between ladies and gentlemen, between "oligarchy" and "democracy". The voluntary nature of such transformations is usually the real issue here, as most men fight for sexual freedom between consenting adults. ([2] She smiled because I did not understand. Then she held out some marijuana, ho, ho, she said it was the best in all the land. And I said no, no, no, I don't smoke it no more, I'm tired of waking up on the floor, no thank you please, it only makes me sneeze, then it makes it hard to find the door.)

On High Beyond Life (audio)
Perhaps the marvelous haunting from On High by psychedelic visionaries such as Dr. Leary [*, audio, Wikipedia/Timothy Leary, new Leary Home Page] and Ram Dass [Ram Dass Home Page, Wikipedia/Ram Dass, Erowid/Ram Dass, book, works] is an LSD side-effect, although they appear in the cloud tops above along with American Presidents and other leaders writ large in the news, including myself and Albert Einstein, whose portrait appears above Mariner Valley on Mars and in the Crater Euler on the moon (between 75 and the line 74 to the beard of Galileo in the crater Copernicus).

A Classical Experiment in Psychopharmacology
LSD on Albert Hofmann's 100th Birthday. Press for MAPS.Whether or not it is primarily for psychedelic daredevils, LSD-25 experiments at low and intermediate dosages are dramatic, entertaining, and classical in psychopharmacology, and should probably be repeated from time to time like a classical experiment in nuclear physics. The LSD-25 experiment should be done with suitable discipline, including a programmed environment, a sitter, lover, or guide, a dated laboratory notebook for recordings of dosage and notations concerning the effects, measurements, and impressions. Treated as a science experiment, LSD-25 may be educational; it has been considered useful by artists, musicians, and scientists as well as by prophets and visionaries. In any case, most experimenters will prefer psychedelic experiments done with materials like LSD-25 and psilocybin that do not induce nausea, as opposed to impure or even poisoned materials like peyote (photos) and Ololiuhqui seeds (photo) which make the experimenter sick to his or her stomach. Psychedelics should be available in purified form for devoted daredevils with well-specified dosage and composition, suitable for variable dosage, and including suitable warnings on the bottles, which should be sold in packages with instructional brochures, warnings, and a guidebook. On the other hand, perhaps The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test approach featuring LSD as the most spectacular technicolor liberty firewater now available for would-be Indians of the Native American Church or hippies from high-technology merry pranksters should be avoided, because of the problems we then have associated with mysterious dosages and unlogged frequencies finally leading to hospitalization and strange ailments. If we introduce something more like the attention to detail associated with journals of exploration and discovery or chemistry lab reports, there will be fewer accidents and more pride than shame concerning any results achieved, including literary, artistic, and scientific results. I also get the impression that LSD at a specific low dose may be used like a sacramental tablet for special memorial gatherings or holiday banquets of LSD enthusiasts, as described in The Joyous Cosmology by Alan Watts; again, history shows better results were obtained when the environment was not solitary. Such affairs are apt, however, to be special private events, as most parents will insist on healthy food at festive dinners, period. Absorb This in Memory of Me may be applied for certain purposes at adult bacchanals to memorialize Albert Hofmann, Timothy Leary, and the Enlightened Ones of Future Hi, the "Amitabha Avatars" of the Limits of Light. (Perhaps LSD should be taken annually on June 6, D-day, near the Summer Solstice on June 20 or June 21, to promote a cheerful, bright day trip experience, or on January 11, Albert Hofmann's birthday.) This reminds us of the Star Queen Nebula in M16 (The Eagle Nebula) in connection with my first "ultimate trip" in May of 1967, which seems to show Lynn and I standing on top of Timothy Leary's head in profile, Lynn on the forehead and I on the hindbrain, all perched on the bonnet of an orthodox priest kissing a pilgrim on his way up. It seems to picture me (in an evening wig reminiscent of the summit of NGC 2264) as a model "psychosis" chatting with my analyst in the spirit and accepting tokens from his heart in exchange for the show and for the love of God. However, in the future I suppose for safety I should limit myself to reading statements of remembrance [*, audio] or the Ram Dass Report [Be Here Now by Ram Dass, Site] on the matter, decline myself to ingest daredevil visionary chemicals again, and minimize stress to head off any possible destabilization and expensive visit to yonder hospital. (Play Savoy Truffle [video]).
"The mirror on the wall casts an image dark and small, but I'm not sure at all it's my reflection..." - Flowers Never Bend with the Rainfall.
Press for 'I Know Your Out There Somewhere' by the Moody Blues.
Timothy Leary over Cuba pulling for Rosemary and looking through a South Carolina
Heart, while above Green Shows Himself a Sucker for stiff Equation-Lakes Medicine.

"And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was on the face of the deep.
And the spirit of God moved on the face of the waters."
Timothy Leary: 'In the Beginning was the Turn On.'  By the Hound of Hades and the Moon of Menalarkis, I understand this. For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first: Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord.
The associated joke is that now the machine you are prepared to operate is Leary's spirit. By now I have taken so much LSD I see Timothy Leary in spots before my eyes. Dr. Leary wrote me a letter back in 1987 when I sent him one myself after discovering his address, and in the letter he named where several objects were in my rooms at the time, which I thought was quite an impressive magic trick. I wanted to pick up his Mind Mirror program, too, but had to wait until later. Finally, I found his web pages, and on May Day one year in the 1990s I seemed to see him around me in the sky quite a bit, as he was seemingly projecting images of himself from the cloudtops via some divine agency, displaying the white beard he had grown to cover his recently wrinkled face. In the most amazing cloud top scene he was holding a dancing girl in his hand, who was being blown around by undulatory winds in a dancing pattern, as if he were a May Day genie in Heaven in charge of the dancing girl supply. Actually, at the time he was the editor of Puritan Magazine, which had its share of them. The girly dancing image in his hand resembled a gif on his web page shown above featuring smoke rising from a marijuana cigarette, but the dancing gal was a lot sexier and more appealing. Leary continues to haunt me. After flipping to this page after installing Robert Crumb's YouTube videos in The Erotic Hots Study Guide, a large moth with a big crumb wired to one leg with a stand of spider web flew over my computer keyboard and landed on the keys, walking all over them. I knew it was "tie-mothy-leary". Then the moth flew to the top of the computer tower and sunned itself under the lamp there, pleased to have shown itself.

LSD - A Touch of Painless Venom without Upset Stomach: The "VNam" Era Venom.
Press for White Rabbit by The Jefferson Airplane.
Alice in Wonderland
A lethal dose of LSD is about 12,000 micrograms, or 12 mg, so that LSD might be described as a "painless deadly neurotoxin", although a typical dose is 100 micrograms, 4x the threshold dose of 25 micrograms and 1/120 the lethal dose of 12,000 micrograms. At 900 micrograms, one usually does not know what was taken, so LSD must be used with "appropriate caution", as Timothy Leary used to say. As a poison, the spectacular LSD is one of the most deadly, stronger than scorpion venom, rattlesnake venom, cobra venom, black widow spider venom, copperhead venom, stonefish venom, strychnine rat poison, and hydrogen cyanide, one of the most poisonous of the cyanides. Of course, hallucinations are often associated with poisons such as Ergots of rye, although this material has furnished many medicinal chemicals. The most poisonous scorpion I could find, the Iranian scorpion, takes about 17.23 mg to poison a 200 pound man to death. The black widow spider takes 81.63 mg, the bee sting 544.22 mg, and wasp sting purified toxin takes 226.76 mg. Admittedly, these figures are derived from measurements done on mice, rats, and rabbits. Of all the snakes I tested, only the Congo Water Cobra had a venom more powerful than LSD as a poison, requiring just 10.88 mg to bring down 200 pounds of mammals, as compared to LSD's 12 mg. Perhaps the "death trips", hallucinations, alerts, enhanced perceptual sensitivity, and alarms characteristic of LSD are to some degree characteristic of other powerful poisons, and symptomatic of an attempt by the body to warn the mind of danger. This may be why spiritual trips characteristic of the near-death experience or death and rebirth trips are common with LSD. One dies of respiratory failure from a > 12 mg overdose of the "breathtaking" psychedelic LSD, which puts the mind on Red Alert at doses of over 25 micrograms. (There's nothing like just a tiny trace of the psychedelic venom LSD to put your circuits on Red Alert, sharpen up your sensitivity, and tune up perceptual reception.) Incidentally, rattlesnake and cobra venoms feature phospholipases that hydrolyze phospholipids in red blood cell membranes, bursting red blood cells to interfere with transport from breathing. Doses of LSD close to the fatal dose are never used because the working dosage is about 1/120 of the lethal dose. LSD as conventionally dosed features no nausea or pain, making it an exciting substance as Tim's "psychedelic neuroaccelerator" (a "delic" or painless poison with impressive psychic side-effects) by comparison with primitive preparations causing nausea such as peyote or morning glory seed concoctions. Life itself might be viewed as a slow-poisoned piece on a limited trip with impressive side-effects. The sensory amplifier application of LSD to sexual passion, of course, might be associated with the transformation of an archetype of Psyche into a manifestation of the goddess Aphrodite or Dianna, giving rise to its "psychedelic" brand name "Delysid". See Neurotoxins, Snake Venoms, Lethal dose for cyanides, Lethal dose for venoms, Lethal dose for neurotoxins, and Wikipedia/Median lethal dose for interesting examples of powerful poisons.

Lethal Doses of Venoms and Toxins for 200 pounds of Mammals
Lyseric Acid Diethylamide Tartrate (LSD)12 mg
Mescaline (Peyote extract)19,232 mg
Psilocybin (Magic Mushroom extract)25,401 mg
THC (Cannabis)115,212 mg
Broadbanded copperhead snake1,814 mg
Northern copperhead snake24.49 mg
Water Moccasin362.810 mg
Western Cottonmouth185.40 mg
Lowland copperhead snake45.352 mg
Congo Water Cobra10.88 mg
Night Adder793.66 mg
Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake149.66 mg
Western Diamondback Rattlesnake246.71 mg
Mexican West-Coast Rattlesnake254.072 mg
Desert Speckled Rattlesnake27.211 mg
Desert Cobra43.54 mg
Black Widow Spider81.63 mg
Bee Sting544.224 mg
Wasp Sting226.76 mg
Iranian Scorpion17.23 mg
Fat Tail Scorpion29 mg
Most Poisonous Stonefish18.14 mg
Hydrogen Cyanide (deadliest cyanide)99.77 mg
Potassium Cyanide453.52 mg to 907.04 mg
Arsenic69219 mg
Strychnine1451 mg
VX (nerve agent)0.2084 mg
Batrachotoxin (poison dart frog)0.63509 mg
Botulinium toxin (Botox)0.00009072 mg

Post-Psychedelic Problems
To summarize, I usually enjoyed psychedelic sessions (which were stimulating and quite remarkable), but had 3 nervous breakdowns over 6 years of use since 1967. The first nervous breakdown was due to cyanide poisoning from morning glory seeds (taken several times in a month) lasting 2 months, and that was considerably worse than the two times I overdid it on frequency times dosage with LSD, taking probably more than 100 micrograms every 4 days for 6 weeks in 1969. They brought me my 4F deferment from military service at the hospital before I was released in 1969, possibly reasoning that this might prevent further episodes. However, my motivation superficially resembled Timothy Leary's: I liked the LSD high, with its "psychedelic neuroacceleration", and thought it might be safe enough to use. The street acid available was not well-specified to customers, but simply sold as LSD for five dollars, sometimes with a brand name like "Orange Sunshine", "White Lightning" or "Owsley Acid". However, LSD was rarely combined with sex in my case, although I was often enjoying the affections of student women and reflections over Playboy. At the time I was quite unaware that she male ladies existed as "hippie chicks" (although perhaps both of my grandmothers probably were "Wichita" she males that put my parents through with surgical assistance, along with a couple of family aunts and a number of High School classmates). Women were women, according to me. I had heard of eunuchs, but did not envision them as attractive "Grace Slick" types. I was after a brightly stimulating high when I used LSD, although one can feel sexual sensations with better clarity if one cares to turn on with LSD before stiffening up for the general erection or suffering a case of the hypo. Many experimenters felt that love and sexual communion were the best applications of LSD. However, such episodes might be interrupted by distracting divine revelations impinging from above that could change the theme. I did not concieve of the "psychedelic" experience as "The First Lady experience" or the shagadelic experience, but was unfamiliar with the mythologies of Psyche, Aphrodite, Dianna, and Minerva springing from the forehead of Zeus. I made good grades in physics and mathematics while I was using it once or twice a month, finally tallying 55 LSD trips, my "speed limit". The morning glory seed poisoning [Papers, Books] may be properly classified as ergine poisoning. My street acid LSD experiments led to 2 separate episodes in 1969 and 1973 of confusion and disorientation lasting about 3 weeks that were not as severe as with repeated use of morning glory seeds. After the 3rd hospital admission in 1973, I swore off LSD internally and never did buy it again, using a "third times the charm" logic process. I speculate that if LSD had been used more conservatively, so that I was always aware of the dosage and composition, and if I had used it less frequently, that I would have avoided hospital admission. However, "Oops, this could be dangerous" seemed to dominate my decisions, so that I never bought it again after 1973. It has not been seriously offered to me since 1985. This happened because old LSD experimenters [Video] like to chit-chat about their experiences. The precise composition of street LSD was never available, and I only took Sandoz LSD [Images], featuring a pill stamped with the company logo, once in May 1967. That was an accompanied classical LSD trip that was wonderous and philosophically stimulating. Perhaps twice street acid seemed to be "poisoned LSD" that was disposed of when my vendor and I felt it might be a bad issue of material. Steet LSD seemed excellent at least half the time, especially later according to other witnesses, when it was provided on blotter paper [Images] rather than in pills or tablets. Once in a while it seemed to be an overdose greater than 400 micrograms, which makes me tipsy, so that such sessions were like combining a drunken state with a psychedelic high. This happened when I was given a steak mushroom dipped in LSD solution (as a jest) that was promoted as a "magic mushroom", but was a different species of mushroom than the Mexican psychedelic mushrooms [Images], which I have since seen photographed.

Subsequently I seemed to have mild nervous breakdowns every 2 years on the dot, perhaps missing a few of them, as if a biorythmn had been established them, seemingly triggered by psychosocial stressors, but possibly due in part to improper use of morning glory seeds and poorly specified LSD in the distant past. I may have taken experimental psychedelics several times prepared by investigators like Dr. Alexander Shulgin [Books] without knowing excactly what the composition of the psychedelic drug actually was. One time I took a psychedelic pill (promoted as STP) that kept me high for several days instead of for the usual 8 hours typical of LSD. Another time I took a pill promoted as mescaline, the psychedelic substance found in Peyote [Ref, Images, Papers, Patents, Books]. Several times I took more than one LSD tablet, when the guru was recommending one. "Minkowski" methods in psychedelic research may finally produce the equivalent of a sking accident. A mini-breakdown could result in staying at home for a week or two until the confusion and disorientation wore off. During such an episode I sometimes saw mild phantasmagoria in patterns over surfaces, as in an LSD trip. I was hospitalized a few more times since 1973, but not for every breakdown. They seemed to hit quite regularly every 2 years with lessening intensity, having a strength pattern like a decaying sinusoid with an exponential envelope and lasting one or two weeks. I could stay home for it and avoid hospitalization about 2/3 of the time that this happened. I had my last episode of breakdown under stress requiring hospitalizaion in 1988, requiring a two-week stay in a hospital in Tampa, Florida. In other words, there were 15 years of lingering after-effects that usually hit every two years for a week or two with diminishing intensity as time went on. Since 1991 I have avoided high stress, and have learned to use cortisol inhibitors like ashwagandha to keep cortisol low. I have had no further episodes of nervous breakdown for 20 years, perhaps at the cost of taking it easy and avoiding psychosocial stressors. I was able to concentrate splendidly at home and at libraries on advanced projects during this period, including books on engineering and physics themes requiring advanced mathematics and on medical studies in life extension technique requiring a command of molecular biology, which I gradually acquired since the year 2000. I seem to have finally gotten over the ill effects of careless use of psychedelics, although to satellite vision I seem to be gently haunted from the cloud tops. - Jim Green, March 2011. Music: Daisy, Daisy, Space Odyssey: Trip

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"To return to the source is to discover the eternal law of seed.
He who returns to this eternal law is enlightened
Being enlightened he is serene
Being serene he is open-hearted
Being open-hearted he is beyond social games
Being beyond social games he is in tune with seed
Being in tune with seed he endures
Until the end of his life he is not in peril."
- Timothy Leary, Psychedelic Prayers (regarding DNA) - Jokerman .