Green's resume PROFILE as a sash in the north stain glass window of the main sactuary.
Green's Profile
in the Ascension Window
of The First Presbyterian Church
Mirrors Aristarchus on the Moon.
Here "Profile" is mirrored as a
green sash. Visionary Green with
US Presidents above the Clouds.

From the Chapel to the Family. Press for Family Photo Album.

The First Presbyterian Church, Wichita, KS - Mom & Dad Marriage Site (Chapel)
The Ascension Window
On the other side of the street, The Commodore Hotel resembles a box with buttons on it.

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Green and the Great Religions - Saying Grace | King James Bible - Books, Dates

Presbyterian Church | Covenant Presbyterian Church | Presbyterian Creeds and Confessions
My Favorite Presbyterian: James Clerk Maxwell, Discoverer of the Electromagnetic Field Equations and the Electromagnetic Theory of Light, who liked to say that he had "no nose for heresy". See Physics, Chemistry, Engineering, Medicine, Profession, Ablah Library, WSU.

References | Yahoo | Google | Alta Vista || The Year | of Our Lord (Liturgical) | Saints Calendar

1) See Great Religions of the World from the National Geographic Society for a review of religions including Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Islam, and Christianity. See BeliefNet.
2) Hinduism - The Bagahvad Gita - stories of Krishna and Arjuna, the Upanishads, ect.
___Hindu Holidays, Hindu Folkways, Temples, Hindu Greetings, Salutations, Prayers, Stories.
3) Buddhism - The Dhammapada (The Sayings of the Buddha), Thomas Byrom translation [Angelfire version], Tibetan Book of the Dead.
The Dhammapada: The Sayings of the Buddha - On-Line, Translation by Thomas Byrom, as witnessed in the Visionary Cloud Signs, Buddhist Holidays, Buddhist Folkways, Temples, Buddhist Greetings, Buddhist Salutations, Buddhist Prayers, Buddhist Stories.
4) Judaism - the Torah, the Haggadah, Judaism 101, Jewish Holidays, Folkways, Temples,
Jewish Greetings, Jewish Salutations, Jewish Prayers, Jewish Stories.
5) Islam - the Koran, Islamic studies, Islam 101, Islamic Holidays, Islamic Folkways, Mosques,
Islamic Greetings, Islamic Salutations, Ismalic Prayers, Islamic Stories.
6) Christianity - History, doctrine, faith: Old and New Testaments, King James Bible, Liturgy,
Ordinary Time code green, (Wikipedia) following Epiphany and Pentecost. (Google links), the
Liturgical Year (Wikipedia). (Google links), Easter Chapel, Wikipedia/Presbyterianism, FPC,
Eucharist/Communion, Christian Theology, Creed, Nicene Creed, Wikipedia/Church History.
___Christian Holidays, Christian Folkways, Christian Greetings, Salutations, Prayers, Churches.
Presbyterian Book of Order [PC USA version] and associated Google links.
History of Christian Doctrine [Books, Christian Doctrine(Shirley C. Guthrie, Jr.)]. The Star
of Bethlehem seems to be the red highlight supernova progenitor Aldebaran in The Hyades wineglass or wishbone of The Orion Mythic System starring Orion as The King of Angels,
mirrored in many Christmas Carols.
7) Archaic Egyptian - The Egyptian Book of the Dead (Papyrus of Ani).
8) Scientology - L.Ron Hubbard - Scientology & Dianetics.
9) Christian Science, based on the teachings of Mary Baker Eddy. My maternal grandparents were Christian Scientists, although Mom and Dad were married at First Presbyterian Church, where I was baptized and my Father became an Eagle Scout in the 1930s. (See Fam2).
9b) Shintoism, Shinto Temples in Japan, Shinto Holidays, Shinto Folkways, Shinto Greetings.

The Visionary Universe

10) Weather Satellite Visions: See Weather Visions: The Mystic Mind-Mirror, I and II.
11) Visionary Moons and Worlds:
___a) The Full Moon. b) Mars [Images]. c) Miranda, a moon of Uranus.
12) See The Lincoln Zone Casebook for more samples of the kind of spirit-in-the-sky phenomenae that must have been behind certain ancient legends of a God in Heaven.
(Orion Sky, Visionary.)
13) See Egypt's Mount Sinai [Links, Images, Videos, Books, Amazon, Peak1] for a spectacular "magic mountain" festival of mythic imaging in sandstone, featuring "tabernacle" and chin-up wisdom chisled into the rock by the winds of time. Mt. Sinai makes a great Magical Mystery Tour. However, the most visionary photos associated with it seem to be hidden in books. I could find angels, a portrait of "Amen-Re", and similar things. At another site in this region I found a portrait of a seated Anubis being confronted by a happy dog similarly chisled by winds into the rock on the other side of a ravine. Egyptians and the Isralites may have abstracted mythologies of the gods from portraits of them chiseled into sandstone by natural forces in The Wilderness of Sin. We can find similar imagery on Mars and on the Moon, and in photographs of mythically imaging nebulae and galaxies. In fact, I seem to detect galaxy M51 mythology in Mt. Sinai and its surroundings.
Visionary Galaxy M51. Press for Orion Sky.
Visionary Galaxy M51 in Canes Venatici near Mizar and Alcor in Ursa Major's Big Dipper.
The departure of men is associated with constellations Virgo and Leo
and associated galaxies such as The Mice. Music: Ride My See-Saw by The Moody Blues.

The perception of visionary mythic sights in scenes like Mt. Sinai is enhanced by psychedelics like LSD, which allow one to see alternative 3D patterns or gestalts in images incorporating a good deal of structural variety, such as in shifting leaves on a green tree on a May day. However, you can probably find quite a few mythic sights with a hallucinogenic quality to them at Mt. Sinai or in galaxy M51 without using controversial methods.
Music: A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall by Bob Dyan.

The Rock of the Dome of the Rock
[Links, Images, Wikipedia/The Dome of the Rock, Wiki image, Full Resolution 2,750 4,011 pixels, file size: 3.13 MB] at the summit of Mount Moriah in Jerusalem seems to be highly charged with spiritual energies mobilized by the wind and the rain. It seems to be the reason that The Temple of David is there, since the Rock of Mount Moriah is miraculous like Mount Sinai, full of spiritually charged images carved by the elements. You can see it on-line now and in DVDs on Jerusalem such as Jerusalem: Center of the World. However, when filmed for a children's audience, there is an angle from which a Mosaic bearded face can be seen in the rock with two eye sockets that remind you of The Story of Isaac. To me, it looks like an old Jew with a White Beard when viewed from that angle, and I believe this is the face associated with mythically associated with Abraham. Furthermore, if you study this face in the rock, it seems you tune in to the spiritual presence of God or Abraham, who seems to whisper in your inner ear like a cheerful senior citizen. It made me think of the Isaac Asimov title Enjoy Still Felt. The Rock can seem to be a radio for talking with God, to borrow a phrase from Raiders of the Lost Arc. Viewed from above, however, one can see below a more adult story. I saw the visage of a bear with his tongue hanging out, positioned beneath another bear in profile, showing one eye open like a cheerful dog's in profile, displaying 4 teeth seeming to come down on a fellow in the dog's mouth who has a hard-on, which he is holding in his hand. It reminded me of the saying, "Man does not live by bread alone, but by every word which proceedeth out of the mouth of God". The man holding his phallus in the dog's mouth (that was the eye of the bear) might have been the origin of the expression "the apple of his eye". The tongue of the bear hanging out suggests that the phallus might be taken like honeyed candy by the bear, which might show some connection to circumcision, the Covenant of Abraham and Sarah. Search The Bears of Jerusalem, and discover The United Buddy Bears of Jerusalem. There are many other figures in the weathered limestone of the Rock that are quite interesting to students of visionary miracles, which are more visible these days in astrophotography, including astrophotos of the surfaces of Mars and the Moon.
Perhaps the eye of the whale or fish about to devour the 2nd buddy bear behind the forefront buddy bear in The Rock is the original "hol-"e" of holies" as this eye-hole goes down into a chamber called The Well of Souls, a chamber large enough to contain a group of people. It seems to have been the origin of stories like Jonah and the Whale.
Leadership and Forever Heads. 
Mr. Tamborine Man takes you for a trip upon his magic swirling ship...
A Man of 2 Companions, shown like a Trio from The Rock of Mount Moriah.
Trinity Divinity School: Green's Church of the Temple of Radiant White,
focused around a V-shaped Book of Higher Intelligence in the Universe,
appearing in Supernova Remnant LMC N63A, with birdie sex action in gold.

Summer Heat Trinitarian Scene above the Steam of Sagittarius
emptying Itself into the hook of Scorpius, high in the July sky,
"when the moon is in the 7th House, and Jupiter aligns with Mars..."

The spirit of Sagittarius pours for the soul of Scorpius at the Milky Way core
in the Summer Sky's Star Queen Nebula inside M16's Eagle.
The Black Stone of the Kaaba
[Links/The Kaaba, Wikipedia/Black Stone, Images/Black Stone] The black stone of the Kaaba in Mecca, a miraculous relic, is also photographed and on-line. In this case, a mythic image appears in what is probably a piece of black obsidian cast out as fused silica from the impact crater created by a meteorite impact 6000 years ago at a nearby site in Arabia. In this case, one sees a father and mother couple with a peculiar dog in front of them which a child may examine as he views the stone. The dog can seem to image itself with several alternate expressions on its face. From other angles, one sees a mother and child nativity scene. The message seems to be "Come and be my son, and play with and know god." It reminds me of the dog in the first phases of the New Moon. It seems to be another incarnation of "the god particle", in this case the result of an early investigation of mythic imaging in the debris of high-energy collisions.
Theseus in the Cave of the Minotaur, which could become Whores vs Horse for The Horsecock Experience as one's psyche was deleted and one became an incarnation of Aphrodite or the goddess Dianna.
The Summit of S. Monocerotis beneath the constellation Gemini with Shinola Man & Tonto.
The Rock may Represent the trip stop Orion hit before tumbling down the River Eridanus, or
Hayflick & Moorhead at the dawn of physical immortality in the flesh of the gods,
in which I seem to collide with the residue fulcrum μ on which General Relativity shatters,
but high on acid rock, like a rock and roll star at the anvil of the Big Bang.
It's higher education by proxy at our advanced university and public libraries,
where you can now go to meet your own best bull like "Republican" meets Democrat.
Perhaps it signifies a Monster Mash of library residues elevating the Holy of Holies,

while our Skywalker in the Bosom of Light may seem to display a poker chip in his fingers.
Music[2]: MT Man = Mr. Tambourine Man, Jokerman, Knocking on Heaven's Door,
Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again, When You Wish Upon a Star,
Jumping Jack Flash, Crocodile Rock, Rocket Man.
To me, the Rock seems to signify The Meaning of Relativity by Einstein, which led to
my overthrow theorems for classical GR and the associated unified quautum field theory.
Mirror symmetry in the new field equations seems to be associated with my appearance in the cosmic mind-mirror.

"The vast interplanetary and interstellar regions will no longer be regarded as waste places in the universe, which the Creator has not seen fit to fill with the symbols of the manifold order of his kingdom." - James Clerk Maxwell.
Free Thermonuclear Fusion in Stars from Greenwood Research.

Psychedelics and Acid Rock Spirituality
Experimental SacramentsPsychedelic Library: Dr. Albert Hofmann, Allan Watts | Caution1 | Caution2
60s Recollections | LSD Links & Recollections 1967-1973 | Ram Dass
Commemorating Dr. Albert Hofmann's 100th Birthday on Feb.11, 2006.
Obtained from Ergots of Rye as Black as Obsidian by Sandoz Scientist Albert Hofmann,
sometimes LSD seemed to transport us into the Big Picture via mystic synchronization.
"Turn On, Tune In, and Drop Out" was mirrored as Our Life in the Constellations,
witnessed as our star signs rose, crossed the meridian, and vanished over the horizon.
Timothy Leary thus spoke to us as if he were addressing the stars, long before I awoke in the
1990s to view the constellation sideshow as my own astral plane mythology and life story
I seem to have clarified the laws of the universe [6,7,8] until I became mythically focal in it.

Atheism [Links] - "Where the roof is strong, there is shelter." - Buddha.
NOT to have a "religion"! At WSU we have everything in our library that the revolutionaries including Marx and Lenin wrote in their lives, but not one religious book, theoretically. We are scientists, historians, and cautious critics of the mind of man trying to unify on everything outside old traditions, it seems. Instead of Christmas or New Year's Day, see The Winter Solstice, the solstices, and Milankovich cycles. Instead of Easter, see The Spring Equinox and the equinoxes. The radius of the Earth was first determined by the length of the shadow of a stick at two widely separated sites, and the distance to the sun was determined by Vasco da Gamma at the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa from its parallax compared to its angle in the sky viewed from London, England. Atheism seems to concentrate on details not connected with miraculous visions in the sky or in the clouds that are invisible to men inside under a roof, but to contemplations, studies, laboratory investigations, and patient plans formulated on the inside pivotal to our perceptions concerning what to do and how to go about it.

Constellation Consciousness Coordinating the Mythic Vision of Revolution
Revolution seems to focus on new evolutionary departures. On the astral plane of the All Stars, I associate these evolutionary departures with the constellation Aries, resembling a Horn of "Shofar" including the book- or letter-star "Mesarthim". It is a component of the superconstellation Perseus-Pleiades-Aries, forming the smile of Orion's girlfriend, the goddess Andromeda. The Perseus side smiles to actually see her hero Orion coming, but Aries gleams like Orion's skyhook as it becomes a highlight on her hose after 44 degrees or so of revolution from the Eastern horizon. As it approaches the Zenith, it seems Orion's "Horn of Shofar" message (we're victoriously horny) was to win this mission, hence the terms like "missionAries" and "RevolutionAries". Note that American Revolutionary George Washington appears in galaxy M100, and that the circle of stars in the original American flag was inspired by the Winter Crescent around Orion. Also see Agnosticism, gnosticism. Perhaps the "agnostics" were the stick-gnawing smokers of history stuck on the River Styx, over which we have been ferried for giving it up. This seems to fit with celestial sphere imagery in M51 and the Cone Nebula. On the other hand, gnosticism may be connected with the urge to succor the spirit, and be connected with religion via circumcision or other fertility-related themes. It seems we have opposites like revolution in Orion and rebellion in Bootes that are inherent in the nature of things, like Yin and Yang. The polar mapping of opposing reflexes was developed by Dr. Timothy Leary in his treatise The Interpersonal Diagnosis of Personality and in his Mind Mirror software, and reminds us of opposites we can find in the ornamental and wave mechanical symmetries associated with the images made by the constellations and the imaging nebulae and galaxies on the celestial sphere, as well as of the stuggle of opposites studied by historians of revolution as a historical process.
The long-range cosmic world order associated with the constellation and lunar imagery has been aluded to in many ancient terrestrial religions since ancient Egypt. Mohammed taught that we should swear by the constellations, which were quite dramatically visible in Arabia. In modern times, we have found astonishing astrophotos of nebulae and galaxies that seem to sub-illustrate themes defined by neighboring constellations, as if long-range thematic coherence were somehow determined by spherical harmonics associated with the overall constellation drama symmetries.

Cornerstone Men on Either Side of the Brook of Cedron.
The "cornerstone star" of constellation Gemini is "μ-Calx" [1,2].

Here Green's belt shows like a green gem applied to obtain a narrow Orion-like waist.
The scene is on the north wall west of the Ascension Window,
reminding us of The Star Queen Nebula in The Eagle Nebula M16.

Press for First Presbyterian Church web page.
At first, in 1910, the First Presbyterian Church
looked like a giant web spider.

City Founder in the Ascension Window: James R. Mead
ZARDOZ: The original shootist of the wild, wild West.The year 1910 was the year Presbyterian James R. Mead, Wichita city founder, Republican, hunter, real estate man, banker, railroad man, business expert, and amateur ethnologist, died and was buried at Maple Grove Cemetery across the street from Highland Cemetery on Hillside, where many other Wichita pioneers are buried. His Egyptian-like tomb with a myth-of-Orion winged sun above its entrance includes the graves of other members of his family, including his son "Bunnie", James Lucas Mead. He was the author of Hunting and Trading on the Great Plains 1859-1875, a fascinating old book available from the Wichita Public Library. The Ascension Window in the main sactuary of the First Presbyterian Church in Wichita is dedicated in his name. From him I learned the secret of Green Lantern's Light:
"The strong scent of the skunk comes from a volatile oil contained in two sacs near the tail, and which will burn with a green light, blazing as readily as kerosene oil." pg.76.
"Before reaching the camp I succeeded in killing another big bull...The meat that I brought in proved to be sweet, tender, delicious. And we retired to our blankets to dream of fairyland." pg.53.
"On looking for our evening's camp on the creek we found it entirely dry, and the ground frozen hard. But I found a place where wolves had been scratching in the sandy creek, and with an ax I sharpened a hard wood stake, and drove it down into the ground through the frozen crust, breaking it out in big chunks. Directly I found an abundance of pure living water..." pg.120.
In the summer of 1868 I took a claim on the Wichita site. It was bounded by what is now Lawrence [Broadway], Central, Washington, and Douglas Avenues. It was a piece of wild, unoccupied prairie." pg.232.
- James R. Mead 1836-1910, from Hunting and Trading on the Great Plains 1859-1875, [4].

Press for Jim Green's Home Page.
God Speed: Web Spider Man Holds Wichita, Kansas like a small dog in a pouch.
The forelimbs of the web spider man seem to encircle a small dog or a man with a mustache resembling Wichita city founder James R. Mead. The bearded head of the spider man somewhat resembles the great flying stone head of Zardoz [Zardoz video], which I suppose represented the man in the moon in the movie as its top greybeard. (Mouth 5 [Mare Vaporum], Beret 6) The writing in the eyes of the top greybeard in the moon seems to read: "92 goose", where the goose is shown in hieroglyphic form and followed by an "apostrophe", beneath which we find a small dog reading a book. I first developed the foundations of my unified quantum field theory of forces on Christmas Eve, 1992, when I was living at home like a pet after many adventures as an engineer in the field. Like Rudolf the red nose reindeer, the main greybeard in the moon has a very shiny nose, Crater Manilus (48). The first volumes I prepared on the problem were hardbacks bound in manila. The "92 goose apostrophe" line seems to be written on the wing of a bird of peace flying in the face of the blackbeard, whose eyes contain a dagger for its heart. The wing reminds me of the Wing-Robe of Orion, which resembles the horizontal wing of a proud phoenix on late August mornings. The mouth of God as Mare Vaporum would suit a God who speaks in signs through the vapors.
Music My Maria [original lyrics]

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Orion's narrow 3-star waistline is mirrored in the early morning October sky, after Orion is risen.
See Weathervisions and Visionary Sky for the continuing Saga.