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IC Manufacturers
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Actel || Products & Services | FPGAs | Processors | Design Software | Design Hardware || Downloads
Advanced Linear Devices. Low power precision linear integrated circuits and board level products.
Allied Electronics Catalog | Index
Altera || FPGAs | Quartus II Design Software | IP Products | Literature | Design Software | Software Downloads
Altium | Electronic System Development Products
AMCC | Embedded Processors, Packet Processors, Storage Processors | Transport: Physical Layer Devices, Framers & Mappers, Switch Fabrics
AMD - Advanced Micro Devices | Processors | Embedded Solutions | ATI Solutions: Gaming, Home, Business | ATI Products & Technologies
Analog Devices | Design Center | Solutions & Applications
AMI Semiconductor || Products | Mixed Signal | Digital | Transceivers | Microstepping Motor Drivers | DSP | Analog Arrays | High Voltage
Analogic Tech. Analog and power semiconductors, such as power MOSFETs and power management ICs
Apex Microtechnology Power Analog | Power Amps | Motor Control | Piezo Drives
ARC | Configurable Processor Technology: Products & Solutions | VRaptor Multicore Technology | Configurable Media Subsystems
ARM | 32-bit embedded RISC microprocessors: Markets | Products & Solutions | I/O Libraries
Atmel | Diverse Products | Microcontrollers and DSP | Memory | ASICs | Programmable Logic | Analog ICs | Communication ICs | Security & Smart Card ICs | Automotive & Industrial | Multimedia & Imaging | Military & Aerospace | Network Storage | Foundry
AustriaMicroSystems | High Performance Analog Solutions
BI Technologies
BOURNS. Reliable Electronic Solutions.
Broadcom | Consumer Broadband | Mobile & Wireless | Business Networks
CADENCE Soc IC design (45 nm process technology), RF SiP design for Wireless Apps, Digital IC design, PC Board design, Custom Mixed-Signal IC Design.
Calypto Design Systems, Inc. | System Level and Power-Optimized RTL for SoC designs.
Cambridge Consultants | Consulting EE Engineers, chip designers, IP design, system designers, UK & US.
Cast IP cores and Soc Kernel IP platforms, > 100 μP cores, for implementation in custom or structured ASICs or in FPGAs.
Catalyst Semiconductor
Cavium Networks: Innovation for Intelligent Networks | OCTEON™ MIPS64® Based Multi-Core Processors, Broadband Communication Processors, NITROX® Security Processors, Accelerator Boards.
CEL California Eastern Laboratories. RF, wireless, optoelectronic and fiber optic semiconductor products.
Central Semiconductor: Discrete Semiconductors, SMPs.
Cirrus Logic | Industrial A/D Converters | Audio A/D Converters | Power Meter | Portable Audio Converters | D/A Converters | CODECs | Interface Products | Communications Audio DSPs | Industrial Amplifiers | ARM Processors | Volume Control
ClearSpeed Scalable acceleration technology from desktops to TeraFLOPS. CSX600 coprocessors, boards, scientific apps.
Cradle Technologies DSP solutions.
Cyan Technology Flash Microcontroller technology.
Cybernetic Micro Systems - Special Purpose Control ICs | USB/RAM | P51 8051 | Stepper Motor | Comm | LED Controllers
Cypress | Mixed-Signal Arrays, Clocks/Timers, USB Controllers, RF/Wireless, Peripheral Controllers, Optical Sensors, || SRAMs, MultiPort Memories, Non Volatile Memories, Physical Layer Devices, Professional Video, Image Sensors,
DATA I/O (chip programmers) | Products
Digi | Cellular Gateways | Wi-Fi Device Servers | Video/Sensors | Zero-Clients | USB | Console Servers | Serial Servers | Serial Cards | Embedded Solutions | ZigBee® and RF Products
DigiKey Catalog [Manufacturers]
Diodes Incorporated. Discrete semiconductor devices, including small signal transistors, transient voltage suppressers, zeners, schottkys, diodes, ect.
EG&G Electro-Optics, a division of URS, formerly offered products to the public domain, now sells services to US Gov.
EM microelectronic | Product List | RF Identification | Voltage MCU Supervisor | Microcontroller | Contact Smart Card | Standard Analog | Timing Product | Analog & Digital Gate Arrays | Full Custom Design | Opto Electronics | LCD Controllers / Drivers | LCD and Modules
EPSON | Electronic Components : Products
Exar | High-performance, analog and mixed-signal silicon solutions for a variety of markets including networking, serial communications, clock and timing, and storage.
FAIRCHILD Semiconductor - Wide range of analog and digital semiconductor components and discrete devices.
Freescale Semiconductor | Products | 8-bit Microcontrollers | 16-bit Microcontrollers | 32-bit Microcontrollers and Processors | Analog and Mixed Signal | ASIC | Cellular Platforms | CodeWarrior™ Development Tools | Game Development Tools | Digital Signal Processors and Controllers | Memory (MRAM) | Power Management | RF | Sensors
Fujitsu | Biometric Sensors | WiMAX Microcontroller | Graphic Display Controller | 10Gbps Ethernet Switch | & More
Grayhill | Rotary Switches | Optical Encoders | Mechanical Encoders | Keypads | DIP Switches | Tact Switches | Toggle Switches | Rocker Switches | Joystick | ect.
Hamilton-Hallmark AVNET | Technologies & Manufacturers | AVNET Linecard
HARRIS[Products] | Government Communications | RF | Broadcast Communications
Hewlett-Packard | Sells more developed solutions to business, less emphasis on semi devices.
Hitachi | Hitachi Components & Materials: | Renesas Microcontrollers | Opnext Laser Diodes
Honeywell Sensing and Control
Honeywell Solid State Electronics
Hyperstone Gmbh Fabless | Products | Microcontroller, microprocessor, communication controller and network processor chips | Flash Memory Controllers
IBM Technology
IDT | PC Audio Solutions | PCI Express | Switches | Data Path Acceleration | IP Co-Processors | Flow-Control Management | Int. Comm. Processors | Telecommunication ICs | FIFO Products | Multi-Port Products | Timing Solutions | Memory Interface | Products SAW | Filter Products | Digital Video | Interface Products | Traffic Manager | Digital Logic Products | SRAMs | Ethernet
Infineon Technologies | Chip Card + Security ICs | Consumer Electronic ICs | Fiber Optics | IP Core Licensing | Microcontrollers | Power Semiconductors for Automotive | Power Semiconductors | DRAM Memory (now Qimonda) | Sensors | Small Signal Discretes
Intel | Processor Technologies | Processors | Motherboards | Chipsets | Desktops | Laptops | Server & Workstation
IntellaSys | Processor Technologies | Multicore Processors | Secure Content Processors
Intersil | Amplifiers/Buffers | Automotive ICs | Communications ICs | Data Converters | Digital Potentiometers | Digital ICs | Display ICs | Interface ICs | Military/Space | Optical Storage | Power Management | Special Analog | Switches/MUXes/Crosspoints | Timing Circuits | Video ICs | Voltage Ref
Intrinsity Fast14 Technology, 2.5 GHz FastMATH microprocessors
International Rectifier
IPextreme - Intellectual property for SOC - Systems on a Chip: Automotive | Consumer | Processors | Subsystems | Commercialization Program
IPFlex - DAPDNA-IMS processor for image processing. Dynamically reconfigurable.
ISSI - Integrated Silicon Solutions. Memory, microcontroller, and bluetooth interface ICs.
IXYS - Power Management and Mixed Signal
JACO - Semiconductors, capacitors, resistors, electromechanical devices, TFT and LCD display products.
KEMET - Products include surface-mount capacitors in aluminum, ceramic and tantalum and leaded capacitors in ceramic and tantalum, and KEMET SPICE circuit simulation software.
KENET. FemtoCharge technology yields an ultra-low power CMOS analog-to- digital converter (ADC) in an extremely small die area.
Keystone Electronics - Interconnect components and hardware.
Lattice Semiconductor - FPGAs. The latest 90nm Flash-based LatticeXP2 FPGA allows you to develop highly integrated programmable systems that are secure and have a small footprint.
Linear Technology - Products include data conversion, signal conditioning, power management, interface, high frequency, optical, and special functions.
Luminary Micro - 32-bit microcontrollers and mixed-signal microcontrollers.
Marshall Electronics (Distributor) See also Marshall-USA for broadcast multimedia, optical systems, cable & connectors, and audio.
Marvell Technology Group - Products include Cellular & Handheld Solutions, Digital Entertainment, Media Vault, PC Connectivity, Power Management, Storage, Switching, System Controllers, Transceivers, VoIP Solutions, and WiFi.
MATHSTAR. high performance programmable logic solutions for image and digital signal processing.
Maxim - Diverse IC solutions.
MEARS Technologies - Develops CMOS solutions.
Mentor Graphics - Products for electronic systems design.
Micrel - Products include Power Management ICs, Linear ICs, Bus Device ICs, System Management ICs, Precision Edge ICs, High-Speed Communications ICs, Fiber Optic ICs, Ethernet ICs, and RF Wireless ICs.
Microchip Technology - Products include MCU & DSC, 8-bit PIC® Microcontrollers, 16-bit PIC® MCUs & dsPIC® DSCs, Analog & Interface Products, Serial EEPROMS, Pb-Free Information, Battery Management, Radio Frequency Devices, and KEELOQ® Authentication Products.
Micron MOS Data - Products include memory and CMOS image sensors.
MicroMo Electronics, Inc. - Minature DC motor drives.
Mill-Max - Connectors and Sockets.
MIPS Technologies - High-performance IP processor cores and simulation technology.
Mitsubishi Electric Semiconductor - Optical, high-frequency, and power devices.
Moog Components - Motion Technology: Motors, Drives, Slip Rings, Fiber Optic Rotary Joints, Resolvers/Synchros, Actuators, Integrated Mechanisms, Fiber Optic Switches. Electronic Systems: Avionics Instruments, Fiber Optic Modems.
Motorola Semiconductors/Developers
MuRata - Capacitors Resistors, Thermistors Coils(Inductors), Delay Lines, Resonators, Noise Suppression Products, EMI Suppression Filters, Spherical Speaker Products, Sound Components, Filters, Components, Modules for Audio Visual Equipment Modules for Communication Equipment, Sensors, Power Supplies, Optical Products.
National Semiconductor - A wide range of analog and digital ICs with extensive application notes.
NEC - Products include semiconductor components
Newark Catalog - Many Newark manufacturers.
NVIDA - Programmable graphics processor technologies. Products.
NXP (Philips) - Analog/Linear [3] Audio, Automotive, Connectivity, Data/Media/Video processing, Discretes, Displays, Interface and control, Logic, Microcontrollers, Nexperia, Power and power management, RF, Sensors, Storage/DVD.
OKI Semiconductor - Products
Omron Electronics
Orbit Semiconductor [recently acquired by Dill group.]
Parallax. Robotic technology chips and solutions.
Paremics - Image & Video Processor Intellectual Property - Real Time Video & Image Analysis.
Pericom. PCI Express Solutions, clock ICs, crystals & oscillators, Digital Switch, Analog Switch.
Pico Electronics - Transformers, inductors, DC-DC converters, AC-DC converters.
PLX Technology
PMC-Sierra -Broadband communications and storage semiconductors for metro, access, fiber to the home, wireless infrastructure, storage, laser printers and customer premises equipment. - ICs / FIRMWARE / APPLICATION SOFTWARE, Servers & Storage, Wireline Infrastructure, Wireless Infrastructure, FTTH/PON, Digital Home, Laser Printers, Microprocessors, SERDES.
PMD - Motion Control ICs, cards, systems.
Power Integrations. High voltage analog integrated circuits for power conversion.
Qimonda - Computing RAM, Graphics RAM, Consumer DRAM, Mobile-RAM, CellularRAM.
Qualcomm - Wireless Technologies.
Quiklogic - Solutions supporting portable electronics, industrial electronics, Military & Aerospace, Gateway Communications.
Rabbit Semiconductor - Microprocessors and Development Tools for Embedded Control, Communications, and Connectivity.
Raltron - Clock Oscillators, Crystals, Crystal Filters, Bandpass Filters / Duplexers, OCXOs, Programmable Clocks, Resonators, SAW Devices, Synchronization Modules, TCXOs, PLL Synthesizers, VCXOs.
Ramtron - 8051 MCUs, nonvolatile memory, nonvolatile state saver.
Rectron. Bridge rectifiers, schottky rectifiers, surface mount diodes, fast recovery rectifiers, transient voltage suppressor, zener diodes, ect.
Renesas Technology Corporation - Microcontrollers
Rohm Electronics - Products include integrated circuits (ICs), modules, optoelectronics, discretes and passives.
Rockwell International - Diverse line of motor controllers and ICs.
Samsung Semiconductor - Samsung Product Summary.
Samtec - I/O connectors, Connectors.
Semtech - Products include Power Management ICs, Protection devices, advanced communication, test and measurement, wireless & sensing, power discretes.
Sharp Microelectronics [an EDN no-link, an opt-out, perhaps]
Silicon Labs - Products include High-performance mixed-signal ICs.
SST - Silicon Storage Technology - Parallel Flash, Serial Flash, Combination Memory, Embedded Controllers, NANDrive™ All-in-One Memory, Communications, ICsWireless, and AudioSmart Card ICs.
Simtek (nvRams) - Nonvolatile SRAM products.
SMC. Semiconductor solutions to distribute video, sound, photos & data in the home, automobile, office and factory.
SONY Semiconductor - Semiconductor ICs, CCD Image Sensors, Laser Diode ICs, High-Speed Synchronous SRAMs, Mixed Signal System ICs, Optical Communications ICs, TV / Multimedia ICs, Wireless Communications ICs, Lithium Ion Batteries.
SPI - Stream Processors, Inc. - A family of four C-programmable DSPs and associated development tools.
SST Silicon Storage Technology. Parallel Flash, Serial Flash, Combination Memory, Embedded Controllers and Communications ICs.
STMicroelectronics - Amplifiers & Linear, Analog & Mixed Signal ICs, Diodes, EMI Filtering & Conditioning, Logic, Signal Switch, Memories, Microcontrollers, Power Management, Power Modules, Protection Devices, Sensors, Smartcard ICs, Thyristors & ACSwitches, Transistors.
Stretch - Software Configurable Processors Faster Than Your Fastest DSP.
Supertex. High voltage analog and mixed signal semiconductor components; LED Driver ICs, High Voltage Interface ICs, Ultrasound ICs.
Synopsis - IC Design Platforms.
Taiwan Semiconductor. World's largest dedicated semiconductor foundry.
Tensilica, Inc. - Features two main product lines of 32-bit processor cores for SOC design: the Diamond Standard processors and the configurable Xtensa processors.
Texas Instruments [Products] | TI/analog
Transmeta - Transmeta develops and licenses efficient computing technologies that improve performance, enhance yield, and reduce power consumption in semiconductor devices.
Tycho circuit protection solutions.
Ubicom - Ubicom's wireless network processors deliver the highest performance in their price class. They are optimized for packet processing, and designed specifically for real-time tasks and low latency.
Vectron International - Frequency Control, Sensor, and Hybrid Product Solutions.
Via Technologies - A total silicon platform provider.
VIcor - Power Supply modules, Mil spec DC-DC, AC-DC converters.
Vishay - Discrete semiconductors and passive components.
Vitesse - Products for Ethernet, transport physical layer, transport processing, storage, and data interconnect.
WIN Systems - Single Board Computers & STD Bus Products.
Xilinx - FPGAs, Intellectual Property, Application Notes.
ZETEX Semiconductors. Bipolar transistors, MOSFETs, Diodes. Applications ICs: Lighting, broadcast by satellite, Motor control, power management ICs.
Zilog - 8-bit MCU Solutions, 16-bit MCU Solutions, IR Solutions, Classic Solutions.

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