nucmixflag = 1
gamma = 4/3, n=3, Sirius_A
In units of L_star Sirius_A. This was done with Aller 1961 C&N x 1.75.
This means if we use 1.75 times as much carbon and nitrogen in Sirius A as Aller finds in the Sun, we get the right nuclear luminosity for the star Sirius, using screened carbon cycle fusion from Hubert Reeves and the screened p-p fusion chain from Donald D. Clayton. Helium burning is negligible in Sirius A.
   [M/Msun]**4 = Max[L/Lstar] = 1.793003e+00,[Upper bound].
Computed observed     L/Lstar = 1.000000e+00,[from distance & m]*.
   [M/Msun]**3 = Min[L/Lstar] = 6.675899e-01,[Lower bound.]
P-P chain luminosity  L/Lstar = 3.445844e-02,[Clayton,scrnd&normd]
P-P chain luminosity  L/Lstar = 2.449386e-01,[Clayton,unscreened.]
P-P chain luminosity  L/Lstar = 4.215239e-01,[Clayton,screened.]
P-P chain luminosity  L/Lstar = 3.585059e-01,[Chiu,screened.]
P-P chain luminosity  L/Lstar = 2.341963e-01,[Chiu,unscreened.]
P-P chain luminosity  L/Lstar = 3.445844e-02,[Chiu,scrnd & normd]
P-P chain luminosity  L/Lstar = 1.423106e-01,[M. Scharzschild, unscr.]
P-P fusion luminosity L/Lstar = 1.569365e-01,[A.C.Phillips, unscr.]
Carbon cycle only L_CNO/Lstar = 3.372299e-01,[CNO cycle, M.Schw.,unscr.]
Carbon cycle only L_CNO/Lstar = 5.828030e-01,[CNO cycle, Reeves,unscr.]
Carbon cycle only L_CNO/Lstar = 6.041029e-01,[CNO cycle, Reeves,scr.]
Triple-Alpha cyc.  L_He/Lstar = 1.870931e-80,[Helium burning,unscr.]
Total H-burning  L_Htot/Lstar = 7.587538e-01,[H-burning, PP(Clayton,scr)+CNO(Schw,unscr.).]
Total H-burning  L_Htot/Lstar = 1.025627e+00,[H-burning, PP(Clayton,scr)+CNO(Reeves,scr).]
Total nuclear L:  L_tot/Lstar = 7.587538e-01,[Total, PP(Clayton,scr)+CNO(Schw)+He.]
Total nuclear L:  L_tot/Lstar = 1.025627e+00,[Total, PP(Clayton,scr)+CNO(Reeves,scr)+He.]

In solar luminosity units.
   [M/Msun]**4 = Max[L/Lsun] = 5.203380e+01,[Upper bound].
Computed observed     L/Lsun = 2.902047e+01,[from distance & m]*.
   [M/Msun]**3 = Min[L/Lsun] = 1.937377e+01,[Lower bound.]
P-P chain luminosity  L/Lsun = 1.000000e+00,[Clayton,scrnd&normd]
P-P chain luminosity  L/Lsun = 7.108231e+00,[Clayton,unscreened.]
P-P chain luminosity  L/Lsun = 1.223282e+01,[Clayton,screened.]
P-P chain luminosity  L/Lsun = 1.040401e+01,[Chiu,screened.]
P-P chain luminosity  L/Lsun = 6.796487e+00,[Chiu,unscreened.]
P-P chain luminosity  L/Lsun = 1.000000e+00,[Chiu,scrnd & normd]
P-P chain luminosity  L/Lsun = 4.129920e+00,[M. Scharzschild, unscr.]
P-P fusion luminosity L/Lsun = 4.554371e+00,[A.C.Phillips, unscr.]
Carbon cycle only L_CNO/Lsun = 9.786568e+00,[CNO cycle, M.Schw.,unscr.]
Carbon cycle only L_CNO/Lsun = 1.691322e+01,[CNO cycle, Reeves,unscr.]
Carbon cycle only L_CNO/Lsun = 1.753135e+01,[CNO cycle, Reeves,scr.]
Triple-Alpha cyc.  L_He/Lsun = 5.429530e-79,[Helium burning,unscr.]
Total H-burning  L_Htot/Lsun = 2.201939e+01,[H-burning, PP + CNO.]
Total H-burning  L_Htot/Lsun = 2.976417e+01,[H-burning, PP+CNO(Reeves,scr).]
Total nuclear L:  L_tot/Lsun = 2.201939e+01,[Total, PP+CNO(Sch)+He.]
Total nuclear L:  L_tot/Lsun = 2.976417e+01,[Total, PP+CNO(Reeves,scr)+He.]


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