Noisy old visionary has been tucked away,
leaving this perculiar old relic.
-- Jim Green, September 25, 2013.

A "Stonehenge" scene crosses the meridian at the Winter Solstice.
It is located beneath the constellation Gemini and parallel to Orion.
The image seems to refer to "General Relativity shatters on this rock...."
from the summary for distribution for Gravitation and the Electroform Model,
which defines the foundation for the unified quantum field theory of forces.
The primary observable difference is the strength of its gravitational waves,
which are 1/4 the amplitude and 1/16 the energy density of classical GR waves.
This is from Einstein's 4x too-large coupling constant mu for grav-magnetic coupling.
However, its mirror-symmetric generalized Maxwell's Equations seemly leave me
at the center of a cosmic mythic mind-mirror as an Avatar of the universe.
I turn on as the Wing-Robe of Orion on the horizon, tune in as Orion, and
drop out showing the monolith of Gemini at the center of The Arc of the Lord
on the Western Horizon in a rainbow of stars with an All Hail salute.

The "mule" became extinct, but we are about to become The Eternal.
After the parental generation vanishes: memorial days of Turok, Son of Stone.
Press for Green & the Great Relions
Green in the Ascension Window
of the Church Where His Parents
were Married,
where he seems to kneel with
Christ above the clouds,

and a thousand years in thy sight
is but as yesterday.
"Go melt back in the night,
Everything inside is made of stone.."

James A. Green III Rocket Man.
Green's WUF-Balloon supported
by the Charlton Heston Effect
and The Rolling Stones
at the WSU Ablah Library.
Green and the Great Religions.
It's the Monster Mash.
S.Monocerotis is a Wolf-Rayet O7
supernova progenitor with an
estimated main sequence lifetime
of 6.2 million years located
in Monoceros just beneath Gemini.
Bull Anvil Update: 02/07/2012.
The Christmas Empyrean and the Rock of Charon in NGC 2264's S. Monocerotis:
Relative-A-Tee and Cosmic Consciousness linked to Personal Mythic Vision On High.
Green computes the properties of iron supernova cores at the Outer Limits.
(For the Benefit of Mr. Kite, Like a Rolling Stone, Jumping Jack Flash, The Road to Morocco).


Visionary.swf: A boy and his Horsehead Nebula at the summit of NGC 22 "sex tea for". NGC 2264 reminds us of Avogadro's number 60.22 x 1022 atoms/mole, or atoms per 12 grams of carbon-12. Note that the Sun is thought to evolve ultimately into a white carbon dwarf, so that the skywalker image at the summit of NGC 2264 in the S. Monocerotis region seems to be a signal about the End of Evolution, which may remind us of "Hayflick and Moorhead's" revolutionary 1961 work on telomeres and aging, or perhaps "JG Gall meets Elizabeth Blackburn". On the other hand, I seem to see myself my way to Jumping Jack Flash at the recent 2007 Rolling Stones Concert at WSU. It might show me on my way to meet Jack Szostak to discuss how life began [The Best Way to Travel]. The horsehead also reminds me of the professor for my graduate course in solid state physics, Dr. Henry Unruh from Brown University, inviting me to lecture to the WSU graduate seminar on supernovae in the early 1990s, the first lecture I gave before my graduate seminar presentations on general relativity and unified field theory. Some free associations: "Astragalus", a herb with telomere-reconstructing extracts which may play a role in rejuvenating man for physical immortality via the telomere position effect, once his mastery of molecular biology has got the better of aging and death. Note that remodeling our chromosomal telomeres to approach physical immortality involves crashing through a cancer suppression mechanism barrier, perhaps mirrored in Leo passing through Cancer to become Orion. Putting the DNA repair enzyme telomerase on human cells such as fibroblasts in culture made them immortal, and now we are using astragalus extracts and other small-molecule telomerase activators to make mitotic human cells and stem cells immortal in vivo in a controlled way. That the masters of chemistry, biology, and physics became arisen, immortal gods at the end of the evolution of chemistry and physics may the gist of this signal floating above the pen-point of the Cone Nebula below. Then mind over matter will have made death obsolete. On the other hand, if you have varicose veins, perhaps the cure for what ails you is Horse Chestnut or three pair of ladies support hose worn 24 hours a day. We may also be reminded of the meeting of Sir Robert Moray with Elias Ashmole, the founders of the Royal Society, to found the Masons at the Goose and Gridiron. The masonic association between "Hiram Abiff" and his son Solomon also comes to mind, as does the final coming of Christ, when "the wolf shall live with the lamb" (Isaiah 11:6). Our highly advertised scholar encounters blackbody radiation in the Big Bang while formulating squeeze-boom cosmology. "Liturgy". Shinola Man meets Jack with an ear for the Liturgical Year, which begins at Advent 4 weeks before Christmas. The usual New Year begins roughly when NGC 2264 crosses the meridian at midnight, soon after the Winter Solstice on December 22, when the Sun has been cornered at an extreme. Psalms 22, Psalms 118:22: Star of David projections from 1000 BC, first phonetic alphabet communications 1700 BC, first Hebrew alephbet writing 1000 BC; first hieroglyphics about 3000 BC. Iron was being used in Greece about 1000 BC, when King David mentioned an iron rod as a weapon in Psalms 2. (See A History of Writing.) I seem to appear in NGC 2264's S. Monocerotis Nebula above with my wolf-balloon resume as the true avatar of relativity (relative-a-tee) and seem to be shown as the soul of some heavy bull, although the talking rock head or Crocodile Rock also resembles iron and glowing coals - "Orion". I communicated with advanced teachers through books and writing, that is, by "proxy", writing a first astrophysics book on the energetics of supernovae with collapsing iron cores, Supernova Vignettes, and another book, Thermonuclear Fusion in Stars, in which I computed a supernova mass threshold of approximately 6.3 solar masses, which I seem to recall was the mass of Aldebaran, the red highlight star on the chalice of Taurus the Bull sometimes associated with the Star of Bethlehem. Indeed, the image may suggest I produce Taurus the Bull (Orion's Tongue and Wishbone sign to his Andromeda Woman) as "heavy bullshit" of eternal witness. "You can't start a fire, you can't start a fire without a spark....". The star shown at the throat of the talking rock nebula shown above may have developed an iron core, so that it is preparing to exhibit a supernova event, accompanied by visionary signs to herald it, a process we have witnessed before in SN1987 A in the Large Magellanic Cloud. It so happens I left my supernova forecast for the star Antares on-line, and that the nebular rock in S. Monocerotis above seems to symbolically telegraph "Antares", which appears as a rump near Ro Ophiuchi in The House of Mars in Scorpius. The unification of field theory centered on problems involving the grav-magnetic coupling μ - the stone the builders rejected. Here I may be shown hatching the finest Einsteinian relativity material in the universe, as Orion breaking through between worlds with an engineer's WUF-balloon resume. Here the twin wolves seem to represent the constellations Auriga (Jim's books - the hat) and Gemini, my resume PROFILE. [See EE Cummings]. "Classical General Relativity shatters on this rock...", is a line from my introduction to the theorems leading from classical General Relativity to unified quantum field theory, seemingly shown here as a scene in the stardust. The rock is an Anvil for me, the Hammer... Gemini-Orion, the Hammer of Stars. It also seems that Green dropped the pre-supernova rock star from his rear like bull from his literary soul, symbolized by the Wolf-headed WUF nebula above it, as if the Son of God was a talking rock Jesus Christ Superstar. Is it about Jack Benny and Rochester or how James A. Green III pulls it out of his resume in Wichita, Kansas? Mythological parallels: The Wheat & the Tares; Jesus & Charon; Return to Cinder, a Cinderella story; Krishna from Kanya (Virgo-Ruth of the Wheat Fields) in Heaven, charging as Leo through Cancer into Orion, a factor of μ at his brow or the crest of his cap Auriga. Also see starcrossed.swf about the quest for marriage for "the 3rd time" to Jean. In this connection I am also reminded of the eternal life problem: The NGC 2264 number is suggestive of the human life span record of Jean Calment - 122 years, 164 days. Perhaps in the 6th millennium since writing began and the 4th since the voice of the writer became written bull, man has solved the problem of indefinite life extension and become the ultimate master of space and time at the End of Evolution. The end of evolution model idea here is also supported by other astrophysical models featuring collapse or return to an anvil of reflection or to a bounce from a cosmic cornerstone. These include pre-supernova collapse to an iron core, pre-planetary nebula explosion collapse to a degenerate white dwarf core, and squeeze-boom cosmologies in which the whole universe collapses to an anvil of explosion before expansion, satisfying fundamental conservation laws in the most credible manner. Other associations include Bouddica and Colchester, and Mohammed vs. the Idols of Mecca in 622 AD, which might also have suggested the number 2264. Both of these were cornerstone extremes in the theater of events.
The lower part of NGC 2264 seems to show my first wife Susan and Dianne on the left side of the Cone Nebula Summit, below an image of myself as an ape sliding down the side beneath the Eagles and far beneath the above "Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind" scene at the top in the S.Monocerotis section of the nebula. (See Time-Life Books, Between the Stars, for a good photo of this. Also see photos in Stars from the same series.) The rock seems to be Big Jo, corresponding to my 2nd wife Jo at the time of my first coming to Tampa Bay in 1983. She was sterile, so it's NGC "2200-sex-tea-for" tallyho visually coded "Hot to Trot". My second coming to Tampa Bay in 1987 shows me as Orion rising beneath Jean's smile in Perseus-Pleiades-Aries, which becomes her Algol/Lilith soulside as Orion pursues her over the horizon, when Taurus becomes a wine glass toast to her with the red highlight star Aldebaran, which I later computed to be right on the threshold of the lower supernova mass limit. So the scene there projects "on threshold of a dream". Otherwise, I note that the genetic engineer's favorite bacterium "E. Coli" reproduces every 22 minutes, so that more than a billion cells with usefully programmed DNA plasmids may be produced in just 11 hours. E. Coli may really be the key to generating peptide chains, proteins and enzymes that will keep us up as the new Human Race of the Eternals. Humans have 22 pairs of autologous chromosomes in their karyotype, plus 2 "sex-tea-for" chromosomes X and Y, plus the mitochondrial genome, which is inherited from the mother. I note that I keep two dumbells in the fireplace at my apartment, featuring black iron plates emblazoned in white with "Jack LaLanne" that remind me of the jumping jack on the S. Monocerotis horsehead's cheek. Thus when exercising I can feel like a star that threw the elements out into space. Also, the TV image associated with the S. Monocerotis skywalker reminds me of the most fundamental Rishon particles T, V, and their antiparticles according to Harari & Shupe. Thus we often picture TV and anti-TV types, including happy couples, as shining stars vs. black hats. In the Rishon triplets that define colored quarks and white leptons, particle and antiparticle states do not mix, and quarks and leptons contain all Rishons or all anti-Rishons. Finally, the entire universe is made up of equal numbers of Rishons and anti-Rishons, explaining its net electrical neutrality. I also think of how James Watt determined that a horse could raise 150 pounds 4 feet in one second, defining the unit of horsepower for his steam engines until the horse itself became extinct as a prime mover in the world of transport and industry, replaced by power from coal. The NGC 2264 vision was photographed and exhibited in the Age of Horsepower. Also, I note that the horsehead resembles an asteroid, and that I extensively computed asteroid-earth collision disaster details and asteroid destruction problems in my little book and its software on the effects of thermonuclear weapons. My other save-the-world calculations for physical immortality with rejuvenation included implemented primarily via telomere remodeling with cyclic telomerase activation using astragalus extract may be mirrored in the way the S. Monocerotis skywalker seems to signal "Astra-gal-us" or "Ass straggle us" in the mythic scene. In addition, I have proposed that scene may signal "astragalus extract with chitosan", "astragalus extract with sodium deoxycholate" or "piracetam with choline", prescriptions that issue from my essay on longevity. The scene may suggest "molecule" as "Moll lay Qule": the essay pictures the most prevalent molecule for telomerase activation as Astragaloside IV, first identified by Geron Corporation in that role. The skywalker is then the "Moll" and the Horsehead is of course the "Qule".
My earliest memories of education are of walking along "Edgemoor" Street with a Big Chief tablet to a first grade meeting where the first word I picked up from the blackboard was "jump". Finally I worked on Optimal "Edge" Detection for my MSEE thesis, which reminds me of the cutting edge of my resume, which appears as the line between Castor and Pollux in the battleaxe constellation Gemini. The Optimal Edge Detection theorems involving prolate spheroidal wavefunctions seemed to be mythically connected to a cosmic Edge of Forever.

Grateful acknowledgement is made for permission to use
1) Audio snippets from Somebody to Love from Surrealistic Pillow by The Jefferson Airplane.
2) An astrophoto from nebula NGC 2264 of nebular section S.Monocerotis in Monoceros near the Wolf-Rayet star S.Mons or S.Monocerotis from Colours of the Stars by David Malin and Paul Murdin, page 123. S.Monocerotis in NGC 2264 is located well above the summit of the Cone Nebula roughly between Procyon in the Winter Crescent and the Orion shoulder-star Betelgeuse, above the Rosette Nebula. It may show supernova-triggered star formation. Subsequent astrophotographic investigations have imaged a werewolf on a throne above the WUF-resume or WUF-resume scene. On the other hand, it may show the greatest piece of star-studded horse manure ever to fall from the soul of a living writer, signifying "Centaurus". In my own mythology, Centaurus is my homeward-bound state near Virgo-Ruth over my computer Ara, in which I am shown rejoicing over my resume Lupus (the Wolf) and beneath my great discovery of the difference the grav-magnetic coupling μ makes in the theory of the force of gravitation, as drawn in the force-hook of Scorpius (photo) with its two μ-stars, filled by the relativity teapot of Sagittarius.
3) The photo of myself in a 1998 Hollywood wig was taken in 2001, and is not symptomatic of Wolf-Hirshhorn syndrome.

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BeoWUF: NeuroComic Green as Christiaan Huygens on Halloween, 2001, wigged like Aristarchus on the Moon, a soul in the lap of luxury. Press for NeuroComics.
BeoWUF: NeuroComic Jim Green
as Christiaan Huygens on Halloween, 2001,
wigged like Aristarchus on the Moon.
Here I somewhat resemble my 2nd wife Jo.
The Humor of SteppenWUF:
Cosmic Consciousness is both Mythic & Mathematical
The acrostic:
Wichita State University
WUF = University of Kansas
Friedrich Wilhelms Universität
The WUF acrostic concerning my educational background shows up around the Wolf-Rayet star S.Mons in S.Monocerotis as Wolf's heads! A highly advertised boy! I am reminded of the Anglo-Saxon legend of Beowulf. Also see the full moon to appreciate the association of this figure in S.Monocerotis near Orion with the mythic image around crater Aristarchus on the moon. It seems the mythic soul Orion-Aristarchus [also Jesus Christ, Krishna, ect. in various world religions] is found also on Mars and other illustrated worlds such as Miranda and Oberon. This is the form in which the hero, starting as a young New Moon pup or "moon god" bearing a book or identifying marks, crosses over as Aristarchus-Orion in the Full Moon to Floridian peninsula, but sinks to the Frau Mauro or Horologium level before rising again like a phoenix in the form of an older man with a beret and a beard, but with his tail no longer parked at Langrenus Crater, judging from the full moon's image.

Later, in bearded-man format, like Marx or Hemingway, he is able to speak with his dark-bearded companion (in my case engineering technician Steve Friedman at Honeywell DCPD in Tampa in 1987), appearing in the Sea of Storms [also the Sea of Rains], but not as the moon dog that comes around as Aristarchus-Orion, who is hit by Einstein from the crater Euler. I came as a clean-shaven man to the engineering department at Honeywell DCPD in Florida as a Principal Design Engineer, when the department was moving toward bearded-man sartorial preference. See Cherrington, Observing the Moon with Binoculars and Small Telescopes for the best photographs of the moon showing mythic humor, and Sanford's Observing the Constellations for the best mythic-humor maps of the constellations. The New Moon dog-god with a book on his back reminds us of "The Doxology" in Presbyterian celebrations, and of Anubis in Egyptian mythology. For supplemental asterisms and more mythic detail, see James A. Green, Astronomical Maps: The Structure of the Celestial Sphere. In my mind's eye the entire celestial sphere seemed to become a mythic mind-mirror of my life story about the time I discovered my unified quantum field theory in 1993, now available in a 2001 edition. (Press IV.) The image in S.Monocerotis seems to be the Nebula Award I get for being at the summit of insight into the Warp and WUF of space-time geometry in the unified quantum field theory replacing classical GR, based on the circumstance that I am an "MSEE" that has shown the WUF acrostic in his resume (used for crossing over between worlds) for decades. The celestial sphere ornamental symmetries show virtual standing waves seeming to surround me with a penumbra of astonishing stellar glory, for instance in the way Orion stands and waves his breakthrough-axe Gemini like a cutting-edge resume. But the element of overweening pride in cosmic grandeur is softened by the divine comedy featuring love (Orion-Andromeda) and sexuality (M16 StarQueen Nebula, or Boötes falling on Virgo) as primary themes. Thus the visionary cosmic grandeur is tempered by the humor of something like A MidSummer Night's Dream or As You Like It by Shakespeare. Christiaan Huygens, by the way, was also the inventor of The Magic Lantern.

The Magic Swirling Ship of Galaxy M51. Press for M51 details with As-Far-As-the-Eye-Can-See Calculations.
Third Eye Man's Adventures Drawn in The Magic Swirling Ship of Galaxy M51. [audio],
"I was born in a cross by Her-Cain, and I howled at the thought of the drivin' rain..." {13}
Mr. Tambourine Man comes to Tampa Bay for the 2nd Time Around in 1987 as The Eternal.
"When he prepared the heavens, I was there: when he set a compass upon the face of the depth:
When he established the clouds above: when he strengthened the fountains of the deep:"

- Proverbs 8:27 | Div: Jim Green IV - eternal life transition - LeafOn/Levon.

The Mythic Image of Cosmic Higher Intelligence is Back-Focused on its Explorer
Galaxy M51 near the handle of the Big Dipper seems to be the story of my 2nd coming to Tampa, Florida in 1987, with Susan and Dianne Green visible in NGC 5195, the elliptical galaxy to the left of the main spiral NGC 5194. On better prints of this scene, the hero is seen riding across the gap between the two galaxies on a turtle with a "4" painted on its shell. (See Timothy Ferris, Galaxies, Sierra Club.) It reminds me of the time I drove away from Susan's place with Angel #4 Tricia at the wheel of the car, somewhat before leaving for Tampa a few months later. Also, Angel #5, the first girl I picked up in a Tampa disco after my arrival, is shown on the right side of the central galactic eye. I recognize her face. Galaxies M51 and M101 both flank the handle of the Big Dipper, M101 containing the scene corresponding to my 1st coming to Tampa in 1983, while M51 shows the image corresponding to my 2nd coming in 1987. (See the large image of M101 in Burnham's Celestial Handbook, showing me facing a woman and child on the left side of the image from whom I slide down into a whirlpool, like a screaming skull given the flush, before arising reincarnated and new on the right side of the galaxy, larger than ever.) I note that M51 is proximate to the handle star Benetnash, but corresponds to the 2nd episode corresponding to doublet Mizar and Alcor. I note that I quit smoking in 1986, the year before the 1987 2nd coming scene, while my first wife Susan was still smoking in 1987. As I recall, she was smoking small cigars when I left for my 2nd coming to Tampa Bay in 1987, so that leaving and quiting smoking at the same time was like crossing over the River Styx. This also shows in the Cone Nebula/S.Monocerotis scene, in which I seem to have risen above the Cone Nebula cigarette tip, which seems to burn the heart and lungs out of a fellow hanging from it to the right like a climber on a sheer cliff. Thus The Eternal arose above death. Choices. You can do whatever you please...Do you always...the world's waiting to be seized...want to re-learn? [She Has Funny Cars].
From here the entire celestial sphere as a whole makes sense to me in terms of specific adventures of mine since Susan popped her divorce suit in 1981, like the upside-down flying mule Pegasus falling on the hip pocket of Aquarius. Many nebulae seem to be sub-illustrations for specific episodes, and even the star names themselves seem to be directly connected to my adventures, as if by a miracle. For instance, I married my 2nd wife Jo in 1983, so galaxy M83 in the rump of Hydra at Heaven's Gate shows a picture of a big gorilla getting away with his new mate, bottom under his arm. I can even find associated nebular sub-illustrations inside distant galaxies. Why me? With Green, you see through clearly, and are not blinded by his light. That I worked on the cyclic crunch-bang universe equations, galaxy formation equations, and unified quantum field theory equations intensively probably has something to do with it. I was the grandson of a son of the American Revolution; therefore George Washington appears pregnant at the core of Galaxy M100 (100 cents/dollar), and I am sometimes accompanied by the spirits of Lincoln and Washington in the clouds around my home town Wichita, Kansas.
There are many similar examples. For instance, it turns out that I sign my name with bird at the end of it, because I am James A. Green III. So it turns out that the constellation "Cygnus" features a grinning skull next to its head facing a pelican (the Pelican Nebula) resembling my signature bird. Furthermore, the signature hand of Cygnus has the Veil Nebula next to it, which shows me in profile with my big wig off and hanging well behind me, supported from beneath by the bearded technician at Honeywell who supported my hiring there for my 2nd coming in 1987, Steve Friedman. (See Burnham's Celestial Handbook for the best images of the Veil Nebula.) Here we have close encounters of the bird kind, and in NGC 2264's S. Monocerotis close encounters of the turd kind, and in my resume hovering over the S. Monocerotis rock close encounters of the toured kind, all signifying James A. Green "the third". Perhaps another title for scene could be Green encounters the Third International. I arise Phoenix-like each year in the local cosmic mind-mirror as Orion because mine is the light of understanding, featuring unified relativistic field theory based on mirror symmetry. There is a Christoffel-symbol constellation Microscopium near a two-μ constellation Grus, and a nearby factor-of-four constellation Indus laying at its feet beneath it to symbolize the transition from GR to the new unified model. The transition to unified field theory from General Relativity was accompanied by a step up to the Overmind where such events are mythically celebrated in the constellations and in the nebular and galactic stardust of eternity. Similarly, the relativity teapot of Sagittarius fills the two-μ force hook of Scorpius positioned over its gravitational lode-stone, the core of the Milky Way galaxy. There was some heartbreak and separation in my life, too, which is shown in the starburst of the globular cluster M13 (I was born May 13) at the heart position in the torso of the constellation Hercules, who stumbles off the coffee pot constellation Ophiuchus to fall as Boötes on his mother Ruth (Virgo) below.
Later, I promoted my cosmology and world views like a "Sirius" dog in Canis Major perched on a Puppis throne steering a literary Opus and seriously pursuing his runner Lepus across the sky. Lepus seems to bear the legend of Orion across heaven like a charging Jack Rabbit, his hands and feet associated with μ and ε stars. Higher Intelligence in the Universe sub-illustrates Canis Major with two colliding galaxies in the form of extremely serious, Hungry Eyes, galaxies NGC 2207 and NGC 2163, about 6 degrees southwest of the dog's head Sirius.

The Psychedelic Connection: In the Beginning was the TURN ON.

Tangerine-colored flowers near my residence. Press for Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.
Back in the Back with
Your Head in the Clouds
and You're Gone...

Beamed by Timothy Leary's White Light, 
Jim Green cuts through as the Light of the Universe, mythologically, from Heaven Above.
Jim Green invents interactive graphics workstations,
discovers unified quantum field theory,
obtains phase-transformation theory of galaxy formation,
derives squeeze-boom cosmology, specifies easy-to-obtain
rejuvenation and physical immortality pills,
becomes one with signs of higher intelligence in the universe.

On the other hand, there may be some connection to Dr. Timothy Leary, LSD and my psychedelic period (1967-1973). (links) Not quite understanding what I was doing, and following whispered instructions in my inner ear, I cried "like soul to heaven" [*] one day in 1969 high on LSD, after which Dr. Leary tuned in with a revolving reel in an intense white light holding me within its lens as Dr. Leary's High Priest lifetime theme of eviction from academia was echoed in Like a Rolling Stone by Bob Dylan, which I happened to have playing on my phonograph. Perhaps the is-reel illumination functioned like the synchronization of two light-clocks in relativity. On a subsequent trip I was briefly taken over from space by Dr. Leary cutting through like the Almighty, closing a visor over my visual screen before opening it again with my body seemingly powered from above and synchronized to high ghostly forces and accompanied by Tim, who carried me with him with the aura of the pilot of a passenger jet. Perhaps he was taking me for a new "ass-soul". It seems I was only apparently released from the mythic synchronization achieved at that time to all that is. My subsequent life-time experience played out in sync with celestial sphere mythic imaging, starting at the zero hour of time in 1981, when our daughter was born and my wife filed for divorce. Discouraged from further reproduction by a payment plan, I then landed in high heavenly paradise in Tampa, Florida, where I fell in love with Big Jo. For more detail on the gently haunting mythic vision soaring through eternity, see Astronomical Maps: The Structure of the Celestial Sphere. As for LSD, I put it on hold and quit in 1973, since our control of the quality and quantity of material in each dose became unacceptable after the men of Sandoz Pharmaceuticals stopped providing it in marked tablets. In my opinion, this circumstance led to some unnecessary hospitalization. Too many psychedelic mystery pills were provided as "Oh, what have I done?" jokes during the Vietnam period, often resulting in hospital stays, social deletion, and 4-F deferments. Other psychedelic traps abounded: in my case, substituting morning glory seeds for LSD one summer led to rather nasty cyanide poisoning after several experiments in close succession and subsequent hospitalization for a time. I note that the scene in S.Monocerotis above might stand for LSD: d-lysergic acid diethylamide...tartrate. In which El Green, flashing curvacious hippie "S" Ethyl tale along with his resume above meets a big bull "D" like Theseus meeting his opposite number in the Cave of the Minotaur.

Disclaimer: The safest course with LSD, as in skiing, is not to take it. The danger level is similar. Einstein say: "Minkowski"! Every 4 days for 6 weeks with psychedelic mystery pills and off to the hospital with you, poor boy. However, the illegality involved may be largely related to the desire to avoid LSD-intoxicated drivers. The maximum LSD usage frequency in psychotherapy according to Dr. Albert Hofmann was once per week, but today mature experimenters often prefer twice a year. The usual result at 50 to 100 μg is a pleasantly electrified magic carpet ride. (See my autobiographical psychedelic humor section [LSD 1967-1973] celebrating the 100th Birthday of Dr. Albert Hofmann, recently described at Erowid and MAPS and the subject of the 2006 LSD Symposium in Basel, Switzerland.)

Grand Visionary Mythic Projection covers the Celestial Sphere with Cohesive Mythic Signals
 'Lynn Stephens PhD as Summer's King of Outer Space. Press for Jim Green's Free Stellar Structure Downloads.
The generous heart of the Deity, a scene from
the Star Queen section of M16, the Eagle Nebula.
This fellow resembles my best friend in High School,
Lynn Stephens, PhD, who kindly functioned as
my guide on my first LSD trip in May of 1967
after I abruptly turned up and explained that
I had just taken some Sandoz LSD-25.

After working out the transition between general relativity and the likely correct unified quantum field theory of forces, I developed some new equations for physical cosmology [1-8, red limit, He abundance calculations, ect.] and, after a study of the celestial sphere, realized that it was mythically projecting my own mythic drama in constellation symbols sub-illustrated by imaging nebulae and imaging galaxies. The imaging nebulae and galaxies would contain faces of characters associated with an episode from my life drawn in a neighboring constellation. In NGC 2264's S.Monocerotis nebula above, for instance, we have a mythic skywalker equipped with a WUF-balloon resume like my own, featuring an eruption upwards of books from the brow of the lower Wolf in the image. In my vision, I identify with the mythic figure we associate with Orion, who is prefigured in the S.Monocerotis nebula above the Cone Nebula in NGC 2264 by the skywalker. Note that the constellations Gemini and Auriga are prefigured by the two wolves in the WUF-balloon our hero uses to levitate between worlds like something out of a poem by E.E.Cummings. The little goat-footed balloonMan floats far and wee.... In addition to actual pictures drawn in the stardust in which I recognize myself and associates from my adventures, the star names themselves are the names of places or girlfriends I was with, apparently by charmed coincidence. Finally, the Greek letters associated with the brightness sequences within a constellation turned out to display parallels to core theorems in the mathematical GR-to-unified transition theory in the μ- and ε- codes related to εμ = 1/c2, and the overall pattern of constellations displayed virtual standing-wave symmetries behind the obvious ornamental symmetries. What seems to have been staged is a when the sleeper awakes drama (see B33 on Orion's Belt, in which NGC 2023 is the sleeper.) in which the hero works out the ultimate equations controlling long-range cosmic world order on the nose, then awakens within a universe in which his story is strangely mirrored at cosmic distances. It is in this way that man's mind, working on the foundations of astrophysics, awoke at the central chrysalis of vision as a cosmic visionary spirit. Cosmic consciousness signals to itself from above in order to awaken, sometimes flashing a crying need for sex in the universe. (This one, NGC 6164-65, seems to come from the Wolf-Rayet star HD 148937 in the armpit of another version of The Eagle Nebula (NGC 6188) located in the PC constellation Ara.) The theme of "profound" discovery we find in the Eagle Nebula is also repeated in the nebula around μ-Cepheus, Cepheus mythically representing the letters I hurled to the world concerning the grav-magnetic coupling factor μ.
The mirroring mechanisms may be associated with mathematical theorems such as the residue theorem from complex variable theory, according to which the residue of an analytic function of a complex variable with a single pole computed from a small circle around that pole is determined by the values of the same function any distance away from the pole on a much larger circle.
A major theme in the long vertical strip of the NGC 2264 with the Cone Nebula and S.Monocerotis is Ape-to-Angel, pictured as ascent and glory from feeding on crumbs in a cliff-hanger below and pulling as an ape for a lover in the clutches of a rival, while still further down a former mate gloats and her child looks bleakly away. In my vision, the former mate is my ex-wife Susan Hull, the child is my daughter Diane, and the ape is myself on the Mount of Purgatory prior to arising in the form of the skywalker. You can also find us on opposite sides of the Lagoon Nebula in good high-resolution astrophotos. (See Lagoon Nebula photos in Colours of the Stars by David Malin and Paul Murdin.) The skywalker scene above in the NGC 2264 S.Monocerotis summit reminds me of the ascent of the soul to heaven according to the ancient Egyptian Papyrus of Ani: Soul to Heaven, Body to Earth. From Mohammedanism, we are reminded of the black loam from which man was supposedly formed, and perhaps of the black stone enshrined in the Kaaba in Mecca. From Christianity, I think of a line from chapter 17 of John: Father, the hour is come...Glorify thy Son, that thy Son may also glorify thee. In my story, Mecca was Tampa, Florida, corresponding to Mira in Cetus. Also, the stone piece at the doorway of the soul in the nebular image resembles the KU Jayhawk, the mascot of my physics Alma Mater....shown with a tee in it's tail, become the idol of Relativity, and an Ashram. Perhaps the summit clarifies the final predicament and impasse of the arisen soul. What is useful work around these parts acceptable to the arisen spirit? The idol seems to be the piston of an engine that levitates the enlightened avatar of relativity like a passenger in a hot air balloon.
I might add that the nebular stone head in S. Monocerotis reminds me also of Dr.Unruh, a PhD from Brown University who I was with for a graduate course in solid state physics at WSU, and who was kind enough to summon me to lecture on supernova theory to the WSU graduate seminar in physics when he found out I was working on the topic. My researches were also supported by Dr.Alexander, who kindly made computing facilities available for writing the first version of CHANDRA in C, and also by Dr. S.Chandrasekhar himself, who corresponded with me and supplied references on equations of state for white dwarfs, supernova cores, and neutron stars.

Dr Strecker as the Foal Coal
The S. Monocerotis scene also reminds me of the "Foldy-Wouthuysen" transformation of the Dirac equation that Dr. Joseph Strecker lectured on to our class in Quantum Mechanics II (PHYS 812) at WSU in the Spring of 1977. The foal "dy" woos the sin seems to come out of its name, resembling "The foal coal woos the Sin". I had studied it earlier from an advanced textbook, and was one of the few who was in on it before the lecture. Dr. Strecker was about 6'8" tall, perhaps, corresponding to the huge size of the stone head in S. Monocerotis. He listened and participated in discussion of my lectures in general relativity and unified field theory, and was the first to suggest in 1975 that perhaps the actual way to the unification of forces would be though classical vector boson field theory, explaining that the electroweak theory of the weak interaction might be generalized to include other forces. However, this remained for me to work out gradually over the years from 1975-2001. By 1993 I felt I had the right set of generalized Maxwell's equations for the fields, and by 1998 I published how to derive the perihelion precession of Mercury, the curvature of light around the sun, and other GR effects from the new theory. However, gravitational waves in Einstein's theory would contain 16 times as much energy per unit volume as the waves we now expect to observe. Otherwise, Dr. Strecker doubted the validity of Einstein's field equations of gravitation and pointed out that the radial curvature of the space-time metric could not be convincingly derived from thought experiments. In the model I presented, the radial part of the space time metric is flat, as Dr. Strecker suggested it ought to be, although I derived the observed relativistic 2nd-order effects from the new model. The application to cosmology was also given in my book. I also computed many known characteristics of the strong nuclear force from the generalized Maxwell's equations, which was very clarifying. I had evolved an electrostrong model for nuclear forces acting through the meson field which I felt would be conceptually useful.
- James A. Green (movie).
Music: Heaven is a Place on Earth || Rocket Man & Crocodile Rock Elton John | This Kiss Faith Hill,
I Wonder Why by Kenny Rankin and Art Garfunkle.

Advanced Astrophysics by James A. Green from Greenwood Research.
[1] Gravitation and the Electroform Model, 11th edition, 2002. || Summary.
(3000 BC: Menes unifies Upper and Lower Egypt, and a new capital is erected at Memphis.)
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[7] Cosmology: From General Relativistic to Electroform Cosmology
[8] Galaxy Formation via the He++ to He+ phase transition in the cooling Big Bang fireball.
[9] Astronomical Maps: The Structure of the Celestial Sphere || OrionSky
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More red limit observations with Galaxy 51.

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This black-jacketed edition features a Centaur engraved in white on the cover with a drawn bow, suggesting "Star Wars", and is one of my first astrophysics favorites. I have read it several times, a circumstance which thematically synchronizes with the NGC 2264 S.Monocerotis image shown above, in which a figure flying my WUF-resume encounters a black "Centaur". The Centaur head looks like it might weigh a ton, synchronizing with "Clayton" and with my possible first American ancestor, Aderton Greene.
[18] Bowers & Deeming, Astrophysics I: the Stars.
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How many loved your moments of glad grace,
And loved your beauty with love false or true,
But one man loved the pilgrim Soul in you,
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And paced upon the mountains overhead
And hid his face amid a crowd of stars."
- When You Are Old - William Butler Yeats || Greensleeves
Spirits Slip Away in NGC 4676 in Coma Berenices just above Virgo.

Lessons of the S. Monocerotis Nebula in NGC 2264
What happens when an irresistible Force meets an immovable object?
The irresistible Force bounces its ass on the immovable object.

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