Visionary Sky 75
Mystic Signals and Visionary Humor

FLASH GORDON and The POT1 News: A Spring High Impinges
Smile, boy, Smile..
(75.1) The Orthogonal Approach: A Marijuana Cigarette over Kansas,
Relished by a Dinosaur Head nested inside a Lion's Mouth.

However, these days one would use an evaporative inhaler to dodge carcinogens in marijuana smoke.
By February 2014, Wichita is considering reducing punishment for marijuana to a $50 fine,
since it has become legal in neighboring Colorado. I have not tasted of it for decades, myself.

I got an invitation to join a church in the mail recently, and wondered about whether or not to show up. They offer services in Spanish, as well as in English. I think perhaps this sign means that they smoke. The head is orthogonal (90 degrees), which respect to the usual presentation, which reminds me of a symbol featured by the church resembling a 4-feathered arrow, which suggests to me Orion's bow. Yesterday I saw the science fiction movie Dune, which seems perhaps to feature Russian action over Iraq, in which there is a good deal of trade over "The Spice". The Spice "expands consciousness".

Chong on TRF1 Images Above as I Specify Tankyrase 1 therapy for TRF1 removal
Rockefeller University Bioscience Lab Head Titia de Lange.
Bioscientist Titia de Lange,
TRF1, Tankyrase, and Shelterin expert,
PhD (1985) from Amsterdam.

Perhaps the above image refers to Chong on TRF1 as I specify tankyrase 1 therapy for TRF1 removal to open telomere t-loops while browsing papers and patents by Titia de Lange and other bioscientists. See Chong, et al, (1995), Science, 270:1663-1667. TRF1 was first isolated by Chong and his group as a double-stranded telomere repeat binding protein. Since then, we have realized that we can phosphorylate tankyrase 1 with insulin from insulin-boosting medicines (such as Gymnema Sylvestre, 4-hydroxyisoleucine, or Fenugreek extract) to poly(ADP-ribosylate) TRF1 using a NAD+ substrate for TRF1 removal from the telomere, which opens the telomere t-loop for access by telomerase. We can boost the reaction by supplying nicotinamide (niacinamide) to improve the expression of tankyrase 1 and construct the NAD+ substrate, or we may also take NAD supplements to boost NAD+ substrate availability and promote the removal of TRF1 and consequent telomere growth subsequent to TRF1 stripping to open the telomere loop. Thus the visionary image in the cloud cover may refer to news involving Chong's group, discoverers of TRF1, the stripping of which from telomere t-loops promotes access by telomerase to the telomere for reconstructive anti-aging therapy.

The "POT1" News Story Theory
Perhaps this vision was meant to tip me off to a "POT1" news story: Ye, J. Z.-S., Hockemeyer, D., Krutchinsky, A. N., Loayza, D., Hooper, S. M., Chait, B. T., de Lange, T. (2004). POT1-interacting protein PIP1: a telomere length regulator that recruits POT1 to the TIN2/TRF1 complex. Genes and Development 18: 1649-1654. I recently noticed that "POT1" papers might have some impact in telomere treatment methodologies. Shakirov, E. V., Surovtseva, Y. V., Osbun, N., Shippen, D. E. (2005). The Arabidopsis Pot1 and Pot2 Proteins Function in Telomere Length Homeostasis and Chromosome End Protection, Molecular and Cellular Biology, 25: 7725-7733. Opresko, P. L., Mason, P. A., Podell, E. R., Lei, M., Hickson, I. D., Cech, T. R., Bohr, V. A. (2005). POT1 Stimulates RecQ Helicases WRN and BLM to Unwind Telomeric DNA Substrates, Journal of Biological Chemistry 280: 32069-32080. Kendellen, M. F., Barrientos, K. S., Counter, C. M. (2009), POT1 Association with TRF2 Regulates Telomere Length. Mol. Cell. Biol. 29: 5611-5619.

(75.2) Indian with Feet in New Mexico Meets an Elephant over Kansas
with the Brow of Alexander Solzhenitsyn, whose literate nose collects an Indian kiss
as his beard flows down over Wichita, Kansas.

(75.3) By the end of the session, it is time to feed the cat, an "indian"
shown here with her teeth over Colorado.

(75.4) Warm Spring Weather leads to a Cornhusker "Call for a FC = FortuneCity" to
a reclining figure below from an Easter-Bunny-eared figure. Note how a line between the
tongue of the duck and the heart of the reclining figure runs through Wichita, Kansas,
where I guard the heartbeat of men in longevity.html.
About this time I announced via email that the 1967 North High Class Reunion News has been relocated. In addition, I announced it in the 40th Class Reunion Guestbook, in an entry marked by a green emoticon with its tongue hanging out.

Mid-April. A conch shell goddess appeared in cloud near the zenith at sunset, showing her bottom
in the ear of the conch shell where one listens for the roar of the ocean. Her face was
lovely and seemed to look directly at me from above.

(75.5) A rooster with feathered tail fins appears with his head over Kansas
facing a western demon as I publish on "Fenugreek"
seeds and extract for telomerase activation and telomere loop control.
It looks like a Foghorn Leghorn in Louisiana-style ruby slippers from The Wizard of Oz. Coincidentally, I had placed Somewhere Over the Rainbow from that movie in longevitychangelog.html. The next day I entered a big piece on "Forskolin", and the corresponding weather pattern was a Foghorn Leghorn pooping in the wide-open mouth of a following duck, as if forcing in coal. "Forskolin" reminded me of the NGC 2264 scene beneath Gemini in which the nebular skywalker corresponding to Orion apparently uses horsehead nebula coal to fill his resume balloon Gemini with hot air for lift. Note that the rooster seems to show a carpenter's hand saw behind his tail feather fins, perhaps to signify "sodomy", as shown in Weather Visions (1.4).

(75.6) An Imperial Head of Mathematics Missing Math-Sci Green, peaking over "Lake Hue-R-On",
and showing his head over Canadian equation-lakes displays His Chin-Hairs
to a long-hair Wichita WUF-man of Engineered Negligible Senescence in Profile.
By now I suspect that this is My Father Which Art in Heaven tuning in with some concerns about my Fenugreek analysis. I suspect he is upset that I seem to depart from high mathematical physics for a life sciences detour, although concentration on engineering negligible senescence now seems essential to long-term survival.

Changing Seasons at the Focus of the Mythic Universe
The Summer Star Queen faces the radiance of the galactic higher intelligence at its hub after cool Orion has vanished over the horizon in his giant arc of Winter Crescent stars.
This is The End, beautiful friend, The End...
Perhaps it is the cry of my sober, cool, Lincolnesque, Winter Orionid Superself dispairing of changing into my light-gathering Newtonian Summer Star Queen self, who might hobnob with bearded numbers befriended for Summer adventures as we turn on our obit to face the core of the galaxy in the summer sky. The Star Queen is too differently haired to trot out in that style for classes in the Fall, playing versus Dante-Merlin as Beatrice-Author, an entirely different in-heat actress-as-Christiaan-Huygens alter ego. As May heats up, the WUF-man may materialize for the Summer haired as Cinderella in "Now we're cooking with gas" weather visions before diving for the necktie of Sculptor as Aquarius in the Fall to re-apply for his winter duty as cool Orion with his bow, hunting to drink a toast to his love Andromeda with her smile in Perseus-Plieades-Aries, the highlight on the wineglass sparkling as the red star Aldebaran. As Orion sinks into the horizon beneath his Winter Circle of stars, Bootes rides the Big Dipper down with Corona Borealis in the image of a fellow "going the other way" for in-heat festivities and stage performances in Shakespearean Comedies. At the focus of the cosmic mind-mirror, a personality may be caught up in rhythmic oscillations mirroring the standing-wave mythology of the celestial sphere and the change of the seasons, so that he has become One with the Universe as a god in Chrysalis at the focus of the starshine of the cosmos. Thus the rise, culmination, and fall of the constellations may mirror a "Turn On, Tune In, and Drop Out" psychedelic experience sort of life. To maintain an illusion of normal constant invariance, one publicly goes in "Wichita" as a manikin, hence "Anakin Skywalker" claims he is an "engineer", although he usually functions as a piston of big business. That way he can still enjoy his claim to be one of the boys and go about with the good name assigned to him by his parents without showing piston-ring earrings, long lovely hair seductively hanging down, and feminist war-paint entitling him to be rechristened as a goddess. Thus one continues to enjoy one's prior claim to property and fortune where the deer and the antelope play without getting involved in escrow accounting and lawyerly maneuvers where clean-shaven gods, busty godesses, and bearded centaurs frolic and rock like cousins on The Parthenon in Athens. Why do some peoples not celebrate May Day, with its refreshing return of summer warmth and rapture? Because then they loose their cool, evidently. Besides, you must inseminate in a cool September to be born on a warm May Day, and birth is laboriously difficult.
Music: Only the Good Die Young by Billy Joel.

(75.7) "Sad to loose you to low brow style, Green."
"Surely you see the wisdom of retaining some empire for yourself".
"Thanks, Dad. I was heating up and thought I'd be swivel
with men this season and take a broad view

Green makes mention of Ronnie Coleman.
Beneath constellation "Gemini", mirroring progress
powered by a resume getting Horsepower and Lift
from altars of academic coal like MSEE and PhD theses.
Astrophoto after David Malin and Paul Murdin,
Colours of the Stars, p.123. From Jeanne Calment's
aging limit to 123...Infinity. Hayflick & Moorehead in Space.

It seems clear that this may amount to a warning not to try the Fenugreek Extract. On the other hand, it might have something to do with Cambodian communications, which were warming up at this time through the Vida Institute, which had reported telomere-lengthening effects of astragalus extracts working on NK cells that were more impressive than for leukocytes and granulocytes, a very interesting result. I may seem to be morphing into a democrat who thinks we can beam intelligence everywhere like the Sun shining in its strength, as Internet unites the world.
On the plane of the mind, we can communicate and share useful results between nations that are different in both phenotype and habits, with mutually useful results for Pen Pals, even when it is dangerous or impossible to get off the plane there. Lincoln represents the ideal of the Revolution to tall people: to be personally towering and encourage smaller people to morph into Liz Taylor sex star types, even taking them for the First Lady of the sideshow. I think Cambodians are usually small by comparison, and with different conditioning. So the clouds may be showing me as a captain of Cambodian communications by comparison with towering Lincoln. In other words, I may seem to Lincoln to be coming on like a Democrat to unite men by an appeal to a credo or party line, rather than like by devotion to the body and evolutionary objectives resembling stuggles between greater and lesser dinosaurs. I think everybody should be in better health, period. In fact, nationalist camps exist where internationalism can only reign like a Masters or a PhD thesis on a useful technical theme like encased in a black box, because people want to communicate exclusively with their own national phenotype or habit pattern complex for security reasons. Everyone needs electricity, so power = VI, however. "V" is that open book "I" witness that makes things technically possible to us. Key books resemble valuable energy-laden coal to futurists. It reminds me of the V-like heart symbol on Superman's chest, covered by an "S" that seems to resemble a wagging tongue, as the book talks in its small, still voice, making presentations in charts, diagrams, and photographs. Sometimes the consequences of our politics and policies take time to develop and provide realistic feedback for the mind regarding the actual merits and demerits of policies. On the other hand, one's personal freedoms and property may be threatened by the invasion of a hostile class, which may lead to bitter struggle over control of the things of the mind, including one's own person. Meanwhile our partner the horse is relieved by motorized vehicles as we evolve better limbs for travel via technical progress, as shown, for instance, at the summit of NGC 2264, seeming to show coal's horsepower for lift as the Big Energy of our time. I am reminded of Ronnie Coleman's 125 lb. dumbells.

Play Jokerman by Bob Dylan.
(75.8) Wichita Longevity Sciences feeds the Math/Physics/Engineering
"Admiral Relativity" side of my operation at lunchtime robed as a guardian of meal preparation.
However, this could also be a warning from above concerning the Fenugreek or "Torabolic" material. By this time I had acquired a sealed bottle of Fenugreek extract to obtain its telomerase activation benefits. The scene resembles Eve feeding Adam a special apple in The Garden of Eden, her bottom fallen squarely on KU in "Lawrence", Kansas as a ghost with a foot in Florida prays at "Maine". ("O nobly born, the body which thou hast now is called the thought-body of propensities..." - Bardo Thodol) I am also reminded of Shouted From the Housetops by Joyce James from Psychedelic Review. The conciousness movement will of course distinguish between psychedelics, feminizing medicines associated with she male longevity, and the poison hemlock familar from the story of Socrates.

The History and Future of Telomerase Activator Research
Press for TA-65.By the year 2000, progress in molecular biology was making the study of life extension medicine very tempting to older fellows, so that I wrote my first web page on longevity in June of 2000. However, I did not pursue the problem too seriously until 2004, when I actually began looking for telomerase activators that a man could buy and use, and also into telomerase inhibitors that could be used after treatment to squelch any ensuing cancer problems. Tricostatin A was announced in 2000, but it was inconvenient to use, and prior research had focused on lengthening telomeres using transfection of cells with hTERT plasmids or transfection of viral vectors like the adenovirus engineered to contain hTERT DNA accompanied by a suitable promoter in a plasmid. Bill Andrews of Sierra Sciences did some key work on plasmids for the application in the late 1990s, which was published in a primary 1998 paper on lengthening telomeres produced by leading lights of telomeres and telomere-lengthening telomerase (7) like Woodring E. Wright, Jerry W. Shay, Calvin B. Harley, and several other leading bioscientists. However, although work was proceeding on telomerase activators and papers were published as more of them were discovered, it was not until the Spring 2005 that Geron announced in 2 key patents that telomeres could be lengthened using astragalus extract-based products. Astragalus extract was for sale in local health food stores. However, I missed the initial Geron patent claims. I found out about them from TA Sciences in the Spring of 2007, when they announced that TA-65 was based on astragalus extract compounds, the astragalosides. About the same time, the Immortality Institute in Cambridge, England at Cambridge University led by Dr. Aubrey de Grey and other scientists published links to the Geron patents, which were available on-line. When I was 4 years old, James D. Watson, Francis Crick, and Rosalind Franklin discovered the structure of DNA at Cambridge University. The next 4 years after 2007 were fairly intensively devoted to understanding more details of telomerase activators [Index] and searching for orally bioavailable solutions. I believe I was the first to propose taking telomerase activators for two weeks and following this with telomerase inhibitor treatment for two weeks in a monthly push-pull program of cyclic treatment, which I think is more anticancer than the 3-month on, 3-month off Patton protocol used by TA Sciences with TA-65. Thus I became relatively expert in how to eat for telomere growth, and my knowledge in this domain is still expanding, as chronicled in longevity.html and my forever-changing update notes at indexchangelog and longevitychangelog.html. Therefore I am shown feeding my other half in the weather photo above a bit like a wife feeds a husband, because I became an expert in the care and feeding of elderly characters hoping for life extension, or even physical immortality in the flesh. The 123-year maximum age barrier established by aging record holder Jeanne Calment will be broken.
One, Two, Three,...Infinity: A Lucky Strike.At this time, it looks like we may really be able to become dramatically life-extended and pentrate to the 22nd century and beyond. However, we need to see more convincing results, and people take a long time to get old. Furthermore, it is expensive to measure all the relevant variables closely, and expensive to modify all the relevant factors with the available medicine. As improved DNA sequencing technology becomes available, we may be able to conveniently measure telomere lengths down to the last TTAGGG repeat. As time goes on and we collectively gain experience and insight, however, we look forward to being able to merely buy canned solutions for life extension available to everyone off the shelf and consume them to achieve the desired results. In the meantime, the struggle based on molecular biology and medicinal chemistry to understand how to place our bets in the matter and apply these medicines continues. Most recently, I have identified supplements that open telomere loops for access by telomerase based on their ability to phosphorylate tankyrase 1 (with insulin boosters), or to increase its expression by the genome (with niacinamide), and to provide the NAD+ substrate for the reaction. Tankyrase 1 opens the telomere t-loop by removing the telomere closure protein TRF1. We are hoping by advanced insight, based on advance from lab reports on Internet and books and papers in research libraries, to be able to more rapidly grow telomeres for rejuvenation and life extension in the near future. Thus I feel that I have contributed some worthwhile insights into methods supporting Engineered Negligible Senescence (the birth control of technology of the immortals). Therefore I am shown in the visionary sky photo (75.8) above awarding me The Sum Belle Prize. In The World of Tomorrow, birth may continue at the cost of settling on distant earth-like worlds orbiting nearby stars as the human race diffuses throughout the galaxy in fleets of nuclear-powered star ships like Lorne Greene in Battlestar Galactica. Soon giant orbiting telescopes will be able to see and analyze the reflected light from planets to which men may eventually migrate due to the finite lifetime of their Sun.

Timothy Leary's Ghost studies a Laurel and Hardy Tale of Two Sticks,
while a Harem Girl pricks up like Summer Heat in Tim's Mothra Butterfly Wings.

"Bully for You! Speak softly, but carry a big stick." - Theodore Roosevelt.
Timothy Leary looking into the heart of the matter off South Carolina
pulls for Succor-for-Equations Green in his candied-apple time Halloween wig,
who demonstates to the bullish world in writing like Leary's Catholic son,
while the noble bearded brute procedes massively forwards with four on the floor.

I was Leary's student who faithfully took lsd, but without knowing its dosage or composition,
which I needed to know to produce valuable papers on the topic and to have adequate control.
Although I stopping taking Edge-of-Forever lsd in 1973, it sometimes still haunted me from the sky
in revelatory, hallucinatory visions like this one, taken while my life story seemed to
Turn On, Turn In and Drop Out above in constellation visions subillustrated by imaging nebulae.
"Looking through the bent back two lips, to see how the other half lives, looking through a Glass Onion."
Press for Weather Visions.
Press for More Time and Engineering Negligible Senescence.
Red Sunsets,
Light My Fire,
Greatest Song I Ever Heard.

"0 nobly-born, when thy body and mind were separating, thou must have experienced a glimpse Of the Pure Truth, subtle, sparkling, bright dazzling, glorious, and radiantly awesome, in appearance like a mirage moving across a landscape in spring-time in one continuous stream of vibrations. Be not daunted thereby, nor terrified, nor awed. That is the radiance of thine own true nature. Recognize it."
- from The Bardo Thodol, a classic of Tibetan Buddhism analyzed by psychologists C. G. Jung and Timothy Leary.

Music: Departure from In Search of The Lost Chord by The Moody Blues[Videos].

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