Visionary Sky 88
Mystic Signals and Visionary Humor

(88.1) Salt Lake City is the Crown Jewel of our Wichita Heart's Flying Beardo.
Here crowned flying beardo (also viewable as Puff the Magic Dragon) with its heart over busty Wichita shows Salt Lake City as its crown jewel. If only I had two transsexual wives, when I was out to work, they could make out with each other and not suffer melancholy loneliness. It's God's plan for wives with happier sex lives.

A Soviet Godhead with his mind on a V-shaped book,
while two transsexual wives enjoy primal passion fires
in a Large Magellanic Cloud supernova remnant.

It's a Holy Trinity Plan for a Hot Time in Old Town Tonight.
Erotic Hots Study Guide
Erotic Hots Study Guide
Heart [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs] Magic Man | These Dreams

Press for Patricia Laffan and Peter Ustinov's Crown of Fire in QUO VADIS.
(88.2) An hour and a half later, the Crown of Fire with the Salt Lake Crown Jewel
has endowed the Wichita Heart with enormous heavy breasts treasuring a dildo
in a strapless evening gown and begun to blown away its beard. A similar strapless evening gown
Godlight surrounds the Son in the Fox Fur Nebula above the Cone Nebula in NGC 2264.

By this time, the breast of Constellation Casseopia is once again visible in the late evening sky.
Faith Hill: [Site, Videos, CDs, DVDs]: Piece of My Heart | This Kiss | You Give Me Love | The Secret of Life
Real-Time MRI heartbeat. Press for real-time heartbeat videos.
Above: Real-time MRI Heartbeat.

(88.3) Old Kansas Dog in Profile faces The Military Mouse Report.
An old Kansas dog faces a mouse with a halo in Montana carrying a gun over his shoulder pointed at a MicroSoft snoot in Seattle, with the rifle butt positioned over the Kansas dog's nose. The body of the mouse resembles a shouting cowboy facing the dog. Perhaps MicroSoft coined the term "cloud computing", which is here done using satellite photos and smoke signal decoding using mythic imaging theory. The MicroSoft figure seems to have a flying saucer for a helmet and is standing at attention. Perhaps this means I have got MicroSoft's attention, and should check in there. Otherwise, last night I watched a PBS special on General and President Ulysses S. Grant, which addressed themes from the Civil War Period. According to the Military Mouse, I should want to shoot them for not being able to easily write application packages in a higher level language (perhaps a C variant) to produce interactive products using a standard-issue MicroSoft environment. "We want you to work for us, not for them" is their argument for the circumstance that the development system environment for such packages is not available at once to everyone. However, there are also environment security issues involved. Incidentally, the dog seems to represent the Moon Dog with a book on his back, perhaps his resume, his story which helps him jaunt between worlds.

(88.3) Old Kansas Dog with Tail-Fin Ears and High Rump
observes Crocodilian Laugh in the Great NorthWest.

The laugh reminds me of Patricia Laffan in Devil Girl on Mars as currently postered at the bottom of my Erotic Hots Study Guide.

(88.4) A Colorado Ghost picks a Witch's Hat Tip in Kansas and exhibits it to Frankenstein.
Lately, I have noticed that the tip of the Harvey D. Grace Chapel where I was married to Susan in 1975
seems bent, as if it had taken a lightening bolt powerful enough to warp it at the top.

When the rain beats against my windowpane, I'll think of summer days again, and dream of you...
The Harvey D. Grace Chapel at WSU, where Susan and I
were married
in the Summer of 1975, equipped with a
Rodney Dangerfield Cone Nebula Lightning Rod spire,
reminiscent of a bud on the Mandelbrot Set and of Krell Lab
doorways of Dr. Edward Morbius in Forbidden Planet,
resembling the educational Krell Machine 3D Viewer
through which Dr. Morbius inspected his daughter Altera.

A cloudy KU Jayhawk seems to look down from above on tip lightening damage. (8/10/13)

(88.5) A Devil Girl with one foot in Louisiana kicks Kansas Cat in the Mouth with a Ruby Slipper,
after which it turns into a Dog in a Sombrero kissing her foot. Note that she has angel wings.

This seems to be a response to my recent Devil Girl from Mars notes,
which reminded me of my 2nd wife Josephine, who was a lot of fun.
Note that Devil Girl from Mars appears in a footer.

(88.6) Colorado Bearded Man Checks Dog's Foot, responding to "footer", above, while Dog shafts self.
The dog seems to be wearing an Admiral Relativity cap, or perhaps a Napoleon's hat, to go with the recent reference above to Josephine. The world can become addicted to a cliff-handing serial thriller, and the visionary sky presents us with one every day. There is also the monthly Age Transformation serial thriller. This month it is "Will Green survive his Star Queen case of the July hots satisfactions? I am now narrowing my waist and cooling out for the astral "Sees-Her Augustus" roaming-empire Orion-Rising star show, in which the Wing-Robe of Orion appears on the horizon and by and by the Dog star Sirius appears to close the giant flying saucer arc of stars around Orion: Sirius, Procyon, Pollux, Castor, Menkalinan, and Capella (the Winter Crescent). In the Spring, this becomes a rainbow of stars around Orion at the position of the setting sun, with Gemini held high in All Hail position as the Big Dipper, drawn by Leo, seems to water the earth with Orion's beer from Charles Wain. The Dog Days of August begin when Sirius in Canis Major appears on the Eastern horizon in mid-August. The weather scene also refers to my recent story culminating in Every Breath You Take by the Police. Note that the moon dog on the moon (the moon god as a young pup) gets shafted on his travels as his hosts study his resume Profile marked with the crater Proclus. Also, on the day you become depressed with engineering, you might roll up your resume, grease it, and ease it up your behind, just to be sure that you've got it all behind you. Don't do that. It's hard to dig it out of there: the paper sticks to the interior surface and extraction can be quite worrisome. The pet moon dog is perhaps shown extracting his resume from his bottom to apply it as the constellation Gemini, with the whole legend of Orion carried by the runner Lepus, who the dog speeds along with a bark. Of course, the Napoleonic dog wants more "empire" for himself, more happiNeSS, more celebration and making out with smiling favorites, and he's "Sirius" about it. Engineers may hope to be adopted as suitable reliable-worker pets, and listen up at interviews after submitting their papers to be closely examined as smart cracks in a back pack. On the other hand cheerful fellows with no work history to evaluate and a brilliant cracks on their lips are shot down, although they may have good luck with the girls as the Lord. Music: Crackerbox Palace by George Harrison.

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