The Visionary Sky Contents
The Spring 2011 to Summer 2014 Sky Visions Series

(75) March 3, 2011.

(75.1) Big Cigar over Kansas, or Joint Tip over Wichita.

(75.2) Indian with Feet in New Mexico Meets an Elephant over Kansas with the Brow of Alexander Solzhenitsyn.

(75.3) By the end of the session, it is time to feed the cat, an "indian".

(75.4) Warm Spring Weather leads to a Cornhusker "Call for a FC = FortuneCity" to
a reclining figure below. About this time I announced via email that
the 1967 North High Class Reunion News has been relocated.
In addition, I announced it in the 40th Class Reunion Guestbook,
in an entry marked by a green emoticon with its tongue hanging out.

(75.5) A rooster with feathered tail fins appears with his head over Kansas facing a western demon
as I publish on "Fenugreek" seeds and extract for telomerase activation and telomere loop control.

(75.6) An Imperial Head of Mathematics Missing Math-Sci Green, peaking over "Lake Hue-R-On",
and showing his head over Canadian equation-lakes displays His Chin-Hairs
to a Wichita WUF-man of Engineered Negligible Senescence in Profile.

(75.7) "Sad to loose you to low brow style, Green."
"Surely you see the wisdom of retaining some empire for yourself".
"Thanks, Dad. I was heating up and thought I'd be swivel with men this season."

(75.8) Wichita Longevity Sciences feeds the Math/Physics/Engineering
"Admiral Relativity" side of my operation at lunchtime robed as a guardian of meal preparation.

(76) May 2, 2011.

(76.1) After the Osama Bin Laden Execution by Special Forces
Outside of Islamabad, the Cat's Head falls off a slipper past my place.

(76.2) Grape-tasting dog's ghost examines a Kansas point from On High
after honerable mention in pics2011MayDay.html.

(76.3) Breast development over "Idaho" eyed from central Canada above Lake Winnipeg
as big breasts displayed over "Kentucky" and "Indiana" as I write on breast development
in my index_to_longevity Fenugreek entry.

(76.4) Big Bird grins in the Great Northwest as
a "Minnisota" spirit eyes the anvil of Lousiana, while a lovely woman
swishes through The Door into Summer out over the Atlantic.

(76.5) The Center of the Cyclone as a Wichita Terminal Screen observed from the OK State Line.
Gort shows his bottom in Missouri.

(76.6) The Penis-Headed Snake that Ate Wichita, closely studied by a pet below examining his mouth.

(76.7) 21st Century Fox: Big Hat of the "Dakotas" shows her fluffy fur coat.

(76.8) A Kansan brings in the Chicken.

(77) July 8, 2011.

(77.1) A Mermaid Pelican butt-belly gets rinsed out by a Wichita Turkey Baster instrument
as an East Coast rabbit's behind shows itself over Florida and Cuba.

(77.2) Cat Almighty hated it if her head was patted, her tail pull-stroked, or when she was fed dog food, a story which made all the cats in Tennessee and Georgia laugh in a catlick miracle.

(77.3) Kali (in a Sombrero, with teeth in KC) views Wichita as a primitive Dumbo.

(77.4) Pot-bellied Montana baldy wins Idaho bottom.

(77.5) Scottish Skunk faces European Jaws as St. Petersburg head looks on.

(77.6) Mohammed Sends a Sword of Allah held by a bearded man in a fez and greatcoat.

(77.7) A Cat Chef in Profile with a Chef or Bandleader's hat features
_______a KU Jayhawk Dino on its back, and must face Cat Principles for breakfast.

(78) Late August, 2011.

(78.1) A Spaceman on his Knee shows his beard in Wyoming and Idaho,
his Knee at the Mexican border, and seems to inspect a calculator above Utah
and Nevada, while sitting on his heel in Louisiana.

(78.2) A nailed foot in Montana seems to line up with Ruby Slippers
over Kansas and Nebraska, while another foot shows its heel in Missouri.

(78.3) An old boy in profile showing an Admiral Relativity head and hat in Wyoming
high-tails it across the Midwest displaying his rump in Colorado,
identified by the Great Spirit of the East as an Anguished Oldie in Profile
as a Great Turkey of the Atlantic shoots his load.

(78.4) A Western Crowned Head with an eye in Colorado faces a small animal,
showing a crown topknot in Washington State and George Washington hairs in Arizona.
The hat reminds one of the constellation Auriga, Orion's cap.

(78.5) A Fox with his nose in Kansas has a conference with Missouri Cattle
about the cold nights while a buzzard in a pirate hat looks on from Utah.

(78.6) A Pointy Head over Wichita, Kansas inspected by a Powerful Colorado spirit.

(78.7) A Midwest Bird watches his computer tablet screen.

(78.8) George Washington in Profile over the Midwest follows a bird,
while an oriental figure with a beard watches off the East coast.

(79) October, 2011.

(79.1) As 700 protesters blocking the Brooklyn Bridge are arrested in a demonstation against
Wall Street, Puff the Magic Dragon appears over New York with a mustached man under his chin.

(79.2) A "Claw of Nature" forms over Wichita, Kansas.

(79.3) After the Earthquake: A Devil in Profile to Daze the Brain.

(79.4) A Cat in a Hat shows her neck over Wichita.

(79.5) An Eagle with his eyes in South Dakota and his knee in Mexico is shown
with a Block of Wood in His Hand and a Handsaw over Wichita
connected to his balls in Texas and New Mexico as part of a Saw-Dough-Me symbol.

(79.6) A dog's neck tresses pass through Wichita, Kansas as he noses the Great Lakes.

(79.7) Praying Hands appear over the Colorado-Kansas border, elbow in Texas,
together with a bearded gent in shown profile in Colorado, over Wichita bread.

(80) January, 2012.

(80.1) A taste of Wichita.

(80.2) Mole Man Types on PC near Mississippi River in Missouri with His Nose.

(80.3) Big Chief shows Necktie Running Through Wichita.

(80.4) Einstein Goat views Paper on a Computer Tablet Screen from Above.

(80.5) A Trumpet Nose appears over Wichita from a figure in Profile facing West.

(80.6) The Day After Groundhog Day: an Indiana Jones special.

(80.7) Kansas Poodle on a Skateboard with a Computer Panel Profile Faces Ram Dass.

(81) February 17, 2012.

(81.1) Wichita Hair Dye Information Dog propels luxury bathtub in Profile.

(81.2) Sunday the "Son of Puff the Magic Dragon" shows himself over Wichita.

(81.3) Green, Shown as a dog over Wichita barfing a Long Document, Explains to Dr. Johnson.

(81.4) A Panda shows up in Profile eyeing Wichita, cradeled in a Hand of God to the East.

(81.5) Green Suggests Exercise-Induced Telomerase Activators with medicinal boosters
and Endogenous Telomerase Activators for Life Extension.

(81.6) The "I-Awe-Tole-Yah" Green shows himself as a snake's head emerging from a Horse's Mouth
with its tongue hanging out collecting spats from a man with his buns in Tennessee. Both wave.

(82) June, 2012 (2), then October 2012.

(82.1) Hermes of Kansas searches Washington State for Help from X9 Web Hosting.

(82.2) In Days of Old, When Knights Were Bold, And Feathered Headdresses much in Use, They Rode their Steeds to Serve their Needs, And Prepared a Heavy Goose.

(82.3) Woodstock of a Gunstock runs through Wichita; Alberta confronts British Coloumbia.

(82.4) New Mexico Lady Shows Buns in New Mexico, Boots in Texas, Long Hair in Kansas.

(82.5) The Hooked Nose of the FEZ-beaked Eagle appears over Kansas
as I put the November 6 election ballot together with search keys in Wichita.

(82.6) A Lion of the Northwest Inspects the Plume of Kansas
and a blindfolded candidate pursued by his fan club at Secret Ballot election time.

(82.7) Two Fingers make a "Too close to Call" sign over Florida,
where votes are still being counted in a close contest between Obama and Romney.

(82.8) West Coast Dog Meets an Old Hat Captain beneath a Good Buns Action Flag Waving.

(83) June, 2012 (2), then October 2012 to November 14, 2012.

(83.1) Bowler Hat Man with Elbow pointing to Wichita Explains to Tearful Einstein in Profile.

(83.2) Portrait of an "Alaskan".

(83.3) An Alaskan (somewhat resembling a Lion)
Whispers to a Bearded Spirit USA Witness (in a Phallus headdress),
who is inspecting the mainland of the USA as a High Priest.

(83.4) Old Mariner Kansan Looks Up to Mustached Face.

(83.5) A Chinese Ghost Bottom over Asia with PegLeg footprint in Mecca.

(83.6) Out of Mexico, a Bird with a Hat for Bird Behinds Appears Over Wichita.

(83.7) As the scene dissolves, the ghost flies the US flag over "Minnesota" and Wisconsin.

(84) Nov 20, 2012.

(84.1) Iraq Shows a November 20 bottom.

(84.2) Left: The Scoop Bird is a Chef. Green shows Thanksgiving Dinner on Home Page.
Right: The Scoop Bird Man has a kiss on his shoulder over Wichita.

(84.2b) Earlier Cloud pattern for Turkey Sacrifices just prior to Thanksgiving.

(84.3) A widebrim hat puts its foot down near Wichita.

(84.4) After Suzanne Somer's Email Letter and a Study of her Blog and Video.
In the vision, she shows an Indian headdress or a flag along with her tongue,
whereas I seem to show a bell-shaped hat or spaceman's helmet as we face each other over Montana,
perhaps a bit like Gracy Allen and George Burns.

(84.5) The Kansas Profile Duck listens to his neighborhood dimo-cat dim-O-c-rat beside him.

(84.6) A Bearded Furnace Repairman Appears in Profile Facing Kansas, Haunting (84.5).

(85) Feb 3, 2013.

(85.1) Alligator in a Hat shows a long tail-tongue over Wichita, Kansas as I make allegations,
while East Coast Lady shows the Gator her breasts, gesturing like "Namaste", perhaps.

(85.2) "There's no place that I'd rather be than right here,
with my Red Neck, White Socks and Blue Ribbon Beer."

(85.3) Kansas Man Shows Teeth Over Wichita.

(85.4) Jim Green Reborn After the Blizzard, returns to Wichita State University.

(85.5) Green Goes Home from WSU, shown headed back into the crack from which he came.

(86) March 1, 2013.

(86.1) A bewigged Spanish Head discovers a Hard-On off the Coast of Morocco.

(86.2) March 15, 2013 - A Happy Spring Day in Kansas, warm weather.

(86.3) Woodpecker Alarm Clock of Springtime.
Kansas City Woodpecker Alarms Wichitan, who rushes to tell West Coast Millionaire.

(86.4) An East Coast Trepanned Yoda Bird-Dogs Wichita,
while the Wichita Bird-Dog Barks at a Long John Silver Border Pirate.

(86.5) A Kansan head seems to catch an arrow in his teeth. (Woodpecker alarm clock?)

(86.6) The Early Bird Gets the Worm is dramatized over the Midwest.

(86.7) Puff the Magic Dragon Gets the Wichita Worm.

(86.8) The Sex Scene Changes over Colorado as Godzilla Puffs on a Big Wichita Cigar.

(87) May 7, 2013.

(87.1) Green Lectures in Profile at near 64 from the Midwest on cervicomental angle,
chatting with a sceptical reader to the left with a worse jawline.

(87.2) Kansas Kitty with Houston Hips and eyeball over Garden City
shows the hat of a medieval Dodge near Dodge City and inspects
Colorado and New Mexico bottom imagery as May verges into June.

(87.3) Texas Goat with Crowbar Horns Crowbars Kansas.

(87.4) Web-footed "Duck" Figure in Garter Belt and Hose positions bottom over a marker stone
pointed to Wichita, Kansas, while another witness animal noses around this marker stone,
which reminds us Corvus and Heinlein's title The Door Into Summer.

(87.5) The Great Spirit of the East (head over the Great Lakes) develops a grip on Wichita.

(87.6) "Yucatan" Head views bewigged head over Wichita and the Midwest as The Center of Cyclone.

(87.7) The Fox Fur Breakthrough. The Fox is Finger-Lickin' Good.

(88) August 8, 2013.

(88.1) Salt Lake City is the Crown Jewel of our Wichita Heart's Flying Beardo.

(88.2) An hour and a half later, the Crown of Fire with the Salt Lake Crown Jewel
has endowed the Wichita Heart with enormous heavy breasts treasuring a dildo
in a strapless evening gown and begun to blown away its beard.

(88.3) Old Kansas Dog with Tail-Fin Ears and High Rump
observes Crocodilian Laugh in the Great NorthWest.

(88.4) A Colorado Ghost picks a Witch's Hat Tip and exhibits it to Frankenstein.

(88.5) A Devil Girl with one foot in Louisiana kicks Kansas Cat in the Mouth with a Ruby Slipper,
after which it turns into a Dog in a Sombrero kissing her foot. Note that she has angel wings.

(88.6) Colorado Bearded Man Checks Dog's Foot, responding to "footer", above, while Dog shafts self.

(89) August 19, 2013.

(89.1) A Wichita Computer Spook showing a Hooded Look has a handle on hack work.

(89.2) A Toady Kansan with his eye on KU Haunted by Hostile Youth.

(89.3) A Dog Materializes in the Sky during the Dog Days of August, nose at Lake Superior,
during the last 15 or so days of the month in which Sirius in Canis Major is finally visible.

(89.4) The Aquarian Water Bearer Bird Shows Salt Lake City on His Back.

(89.5) An Eagle Perches on the Belly of a Phoenix with his neck running through Wichita.

(89.6) The Hunchback of Notre Dame carries a Cornhusker State Cob in his Tail
passing through Wichita, headed for Sea Monster Knight Moves off the Mexican Coast.

(89.7) Found immediately after I put High Flight into music.html: Wings over Wichita.

(89.8) A Mighty Hand Hovers Over The Grinch who carried a boquet of flowers to Wichita.

(90) October 16, 2013.

(90.1) A Letter from Victor Tichy is Mirrored in the Cloud Cover.

(90.2) Wichita Shows a Winged Boot of Mercury, annoying a bitter nearby witness
showing a squint and a frown in Texas with ears rising into Colorado.

(90.3) A Wormhole from Wichita to New York City's American Museum of Natural History.
The wormhole involves a childhood story involving a mummy in New York.

(91) November 25, 2013.

(91.1) A Midwest Laurel Wreath Crown on the Head of a Kansas in Profile
finds a reader from above and a lady reader with her nose up in Missouri.

(91.2) Midwestern Lady Kissing a Colorado Lady Bird with a Bow in Her Hair.

(91.3) Next in Colorado an old mouth opens wide to display pointy teeth and a tongue,
showing an eye at the Great Salt Lake, as the head in Kansas
seems now to be ejected as Micky Mouse from buns above.

(91.4) A Knowledge Monster with his nose running beneath the Great Salt Lake in Utah
pours a drink for a Kansan in Profile eyeing Wichita.
He seems to be equipped with a long scarf and long hair.

(91.5) Wichita Dragon Heart: A dragon's head appears over Wichita,
being discussed by a frog-headed keeper and a camel-headed figure above Iowa.

(91.6) Colorado Cow Girl rides a Dragon with its head over Wichita

(91.7) A Holy Ghost Trumpet Butt floats beneath the OK Panhandle near Shattuck, Oklahoma.
It looks like the Christmas Spirit is bringing close personal friends home for the holidays.
At WSU, Christmas break starts today at 3 PM.
It's the Last Trump near the Winter Solstice before Christmas and the New Year.
The rump of the Earth's elliptical orbit around the Sun is traced out during this time.

(91.8) Foghorn Leghorn in profile studies a broomstick near Wichita, KS.

(92) January 30, 2014.

(92.1) A Flying Nose of Wichita Collides with a figure to the East.

(92.2) Kansan in the doldrums searching for a Valentine after the Ground Hog Day snow-in.

(92.3) Midwesterner Sucker for a Cap (from the Grinch?).

(92.4) WSU mascot Wheat Shocker with Forehead at Wichita now seems to show a goatee.
Coincidentally, more managers at Dillons food market stores in Wichita now wear goatees.

(92.5) Freezing Rain in Wichita causes Silent Spring of Frosted Birds.

(92.6) The Sombrero Bird of the Midwest keeping a somber eye on Wichita is now a rare bird.
Here the sombrero of the rare bird touches the Lake Superior in the Great Lakes.
All Wichita birds were suddenly Silent Spring birds after the freezing rain and snow.

(92.7) A rattlesnake eyes Wichita KS from the Mexican border
while a Griffin with a nose like a claw views Wichita from the Northwest,
a "Kali vision" materializing during an exchange of letters!

(92.8) The Chin Hairs of the astonished Griffin become a thumb and forefinger pinching Wichita,
shown like calipers measuring indicating a focal zone of interest around the city.

(93) March 26, 2014 - April 7, 2014.

(93.1) Big Bird in Kansas Faces A Squeeking Mouse in New Mexico.

(93.2) A Genuflecting Figure over the Midwest Sucks Rhino Horn, a Slenderizing Nutrient.

(93.3) The MGM Lion looks on from Idaho as Big Bird gapes over Wichita.
After a few hours, the Rhino and "Bender" have materialized as The MGM Lion and Big Bird.

(93.4) Ducat Duckling over Wichita faces Fritz the Cat of the Great Northwest.

(93.5) "Magic Dragon" Eyes Wichita while nosing up to Mexico for Frolic.

(93.6) A Leo-like figure with his head over The Great Lakes leaps over Wichita,
mirroring the constellation Leo bounding overhead in night sky, dragging the Big Dipper
along to dump its load of rains and wet down the world with April Showers.

(93.7) Wichitan in Profile with a Great Lakes Brain Looks Through A Screen towards Colorado,
where horned Wyoming cattle glimpse his eyes through a chink in a barricade.

(94) April 15, 2014.

(94.1) The Peace Pipe lower jaw of a visitor from space resembles Bluto from Popeye and Bluto,
being a fellow I described in a letter to a foreign correspondent on the same day.

(94.2) April Fool sucks cock, admires breasts and bottom.

(94.3) Big Sombrero Wichita Man in Profile.

(94.4) Today I Bird-Brainedly had Popcorn for Lunch at Wichita where the Bird's Jaw Hinges.

(94.5) The Anteater Bird digs over the Midwest.

(94.6) Wichita between a Leopard Skin Pill Box Boot and a Bearded Man in a Hood, or
I Get No Kick from Champagne (I Get a Kick Out of You) - Sign of Yin-Yang Revolution.

(95) May 15, 2014.

(95.1) Wichita Looks Up to the Winged East, as I look up like a skull from below,
perhaps regarding the nose of my companion as a computer printout.

(95.2) Forty-five minutes later, the face looking up from Wichita seems to offer
Jim Green's web pages as a Pot of Gold at the end of the East Coast Nose.

(95.3) A Big Sombrero snaps down Wichita, as a Ghost watches off the coast of South Carolina.

(95.4) Admiral Relativity's Hat is Bumped Off of the Old Squirrel
as X9 Web Hosting (British based) suspends services.

(95.5) Wichita in Her Life Science Laurels Gets the Finger for a Joke in Bad Taste.

(95.6) Laughing Midwest Sage's Mind goes at it Hammer and Tongs, smile near Wichita,
and with a Happy Heart smiling like the Eye of Sunshine in Nebraska.

(96) June 6, 2014.

(96.1) Cornhusker Duck examines sexy bottom on the Kansas-Nebraska State Line,
uttered of by an elderly Missouri-eye Ghost showing itself over Kansas in profile.

(96.2) Houston is Horny.

(96.3) The Turkey at Wichita is Restored.

(96.4) Two Fingers at the Kansas/Oklahoma Border signal "I am, too" to Colorado Witness.

(96.5) Colorado Ghost Rider Trots Past Wichita Spirit with the Moon on His Shoulder.

(96.6) The Rain of the Big Tit.

(96.7) Summer Heat Hits: A Leggy Wind-Up Cardinal about Transsexual Issues.
The Creature Walks Among Us.

(96.8) Summer Heat Hits: The Creature Walks Among Us (As the Almighty Doll-R),
or I Married a Monster from Outer Space (1958).

(97) June 29, 2014.

(97.1) Green's Nose in Kansas After a gmail Reply to a Letter from President Barack Obama.
My Google gmail reply to President Obama's "Write Me A Letter" was friendly.

(97.2) Midwest MGM Lion Noses Around Wichita, Studies Transsexual Texas.

(97.3) Midwest MGM Lion Roars behind Transsexual Texas.

(97.4) Midwest MGM Lion Roars behind Transsexual Texas, Opening Wider.

(97.5) Midwest MGM Lion Roars behind Transsexual Texas, the name of "Oak-Law-Home-A" forming in his mouth.

(97.6) The Lion's Feat: Tell-Tale Snake-Like Footprints in Kansas and Arkansas,
with the Lion in Canada and his mate in the Dakotas and Southern Canada.

(97.7) A bearded philospher with his head touched by equation lakes above
chats with a Wichita Moon Hound in a Wig, pretending to be a Lion.

(98) July 11, 2014.

(98.1) Snoopy (in Profile over Nebraska and Iowa, with scarf over Wichita) Brown-noses the Red Baron Duck.

(98.2) The Greenwood Research "Hue-R-On" Longevity Digging Machine buries it's head
in a book at Lake Huron while flashing its heavy digging and excavation gear
over Tennessee and simultaneously shaking a scooper leg of it over Wichita, Kansas.

98.3) The Greenwood Research "Hue-R-On" Longevity Digging Machine moves the good grader
docked in Wichita to Colorado to give a Colorado Devil with horns in Wyoming a check-up.

(99) July 15, 2014.

(99.1) Wichita Man Shows Summer Head in "Montana", narrower waist at Wichita.

(99.2) A Catholic Coloradan with a Long Straw Defended by a Texas Devil with Horns
in Montana Against an African blockade in the East and a California Baboon to the West.

(99.3) Colorado Artist Animal in a Beret critiques Snoopy, who shows a foot in Wichita
and a 10 Gallon Hat over the Buns of a giant Florida Rabbit peering back from the East Coast.

(99.4) Sex-Starved Hound Dog considers Busty Chick-a-Dee Perched at Tampa Bay Interesting.

(100) August 6, 2014.

(100.1) Grad Cap Bird about to loose his cap shows ankles at Wichita,
spreads wings across the country. Grad cap bird seems to be in heat,
dancing through Wichita with his grad cap running through the Canadian "equation lakes".

(100.2) Crown Bird in August Heat shows Headdress above Minnesota.

(100.3) Puff the Magic Dragon (looking a bit like a Scotty Dog) goes Back to School,
studying the Canadian "equation lakes" with his neck
over the Great Lakes and his chest in Missouri, showing a paw over Texas.

(100.4) A Serious Pooch heralds the early morning rise of Sirius in Canis Major
as a Wolf assumes a "Howling at the Moon" posture in Kansas.

(100.5) A Rockies Beatnik meets The Hammer of Wichita.

(100.6) Mexican youth penetrates to the WSU foreign youth hostel,
and is taken by the Jaws of Hell to be devoured like a frankfurter.

(101) September 21, 2014.

(101.1) Owl-Bert Wolf-Wig joins hands, pulling behind a Thanksgiving Turkey.

(101.2) Duckling Faces Predator, Feels like Carry Grant about to run from an airplane
in North by Northwest starring Carry Grant and James Mason.

(101.3) Necktie Pathway signs appear as Aquarius dives for Sculptor and Phoenix on the Celestial Sphere.

(102) September 28, 2014.

(102.1) Coastal Differences between West and East Coast Procreation.

(102.2) Coastal Differences between West and East Coast Procreation, Evolved Detail.

(102.3) Large Mane Idaho Fox is succor for Great Salt Lake of Moments.

(103) September 30, 2014.

(103.1) Canadian Dog Catchers dive for Sleeping Houston Dog,
who wakes up bigger with a shark fin helmet on the top of his head.

(103.2) Houston Hips Sex Star gets 20 lashes from a wet Kansas Tongue.

(103.3) Wichita Cradled up near George Washington's Nose by Indian Hands around the City.

(103.4) A Hand Slaps Down on Wichita in front of a Colorado Indian nose in Profile.

(103.5) A Canadian Finger from a Mailed Fist over Wichita drops in Like a Shark with a Big-Butt Parachute, into a "Crook" arrangement or Catcher's Mitt set to rake him back upstairs (after the Election?)

(103.6) Fozzy Bear from the Muppets
(equipped with a Cock-Nose and smiling in Tennessee and Kentucky)
appears beneath the Great Lakes and prepares to Share his Candied Apple
with Kansas, whilst a Nebraska spirit dives for it.

(103.7) Fox's Ass at the Great Salt Lake, Fox's Ears at New York City.

(103.8) Enraptured Pilgrim returns to Kiss Salt Lake City, Lee Duck Toe tail in New York.

(103.9) Wichita Nose Indian looks up to X9 Systems in Washington State,
which is showing a Ninja Turtle look with its head in Canada.
(As site comes down with X9 systems.)

(104) October 13, 2014.

(104.1) His Forhead at the Canadian Equation Lakes, James Madison or John Adams.

(104.2) X9 Head points to the Great Salt Lakes and displays a cascade of Bottoms
to James Madison or John Adams with his waist near Wichita, Kansas and his Hand on Houston.

(104.3) James Madison Succored.

(104.4) A Midwestern Hog with a head in South Dakota
Pulled Off the Driver's Job by a Canadian Bottom Controller
with Bottom Crack in British Columbia and Hose Control Running through
X9 Web Hosting in Washington showing a Grimace in Idaho, seizing a Hog Collar
at the Nebraska-South Dakota Border.

(104.5) Scotty Dog House Man Surfs the Web Once More, as a Bell rings over a Bird's
Head in Saskatchewan and a Belle Shows Her All in British Columbia,
whilst an Angel Plays the Bagpipes on the Eastern Seaboard.

(104.6) X9 Systems down again, bringing down Wichita's

(105) October 28, 2014.

(105.1) The greenwood tongue of Wichita is accepted West of Kansas, and is shown
mightily rooted, reminiscent of the Tree-Of-Life Snake in the Garden of Eden,
feeding the Spirit in New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Arizona, and Utah.

(105.2) Horror Reaction: "I'll be damned! It's feeding me its tongue!"
The friendly indian ghost backs off, showing fangs of horror in Colorado,
while the greenwood tongue turns into a dawg's head kicking up its heels.

(105.3) Further Horror Reaction: Mouth Open Wide in Colorado, Eyes Wide in Wyoming.

(105.4) Howl Goose Sucks Boner.
A Dog Howls to the Sky over Wichita next to the Big Bill of the Goose.

(105.5) Green over Wichita as the Headless Horseman Chicken under the vertical horse's jaw,
while to the West of Wichita, "From the Horses Mouth" Mythos looms.

(105.6) Santa Claus in Ball Cap Sez: "Shit, Folks, All I Know Is What I Read in the Papers".
"I guess I'll let fly on the Wichita bird (Ass in Tennessee)."

(106) November 5, 2014.

(106.1) Out of Memory at, according to X9 Web Hosting.

(106.2) Out of Memory at, showing a ghost of Comedy descending from Alberta.

(106.3) Out of Memory, Continued. Animal Kingdom of Be Written vs. the Highbrow Computenix.
A Canadian Badger with an Ear in Alberta and a Glowing Eye at the Montana-Canada border
stretches his paws towards a hole in the head of the High Priest with his mouth in Mexico and
eyes in New Mexico, as if the badger had dropped a stone through it, in Hot Lips vs. the Badgers.

(106.4) Out of Memory conclusion: X9 systems comes up now and passes inspection. Thus
Andrew Ahachinsky in British Columbia can see my online "note" on Nictotinamide riboside
and the NMN molecule mirrored in Wyoming. Behind me an FDR-like ghost
with his mouth open in Iowa cautions me against entanglements with foreign agents.

(106.5) A KU Jayhawk with an Eye in Alberta will have a cheeseburger,
but a Canadian snake will have a General Erection to French.
A burger's a burger, but a good General Erection is an exciting candied apple to pop.
"Everyone's talking about the General Erection." - John Lennon, In His Own Write.
A smart bird's burger is a smart bird's burger, but the New Deal's a great
Mississippi River and Missouri desert for a snake to succeed in politics.

(107) November 5, 2014.

(107.1) Canada seems to open a book above me to see Heaven Open,
as I seem to gaze on my lovely bunny through a Stork Vision computer screen.

(107.2) A Bearded man seems to shed a tear as The Great Salt Lake,
showing a square hole in his grad cap. Perhaps the area now prefers lovely brunette dames,
or redheads actually of Indian extraction. Wam-O.

(107.3) "I'm Afraid You (the Bearded Man) were not our sect, Comrade," says a Canadian sect head.
"We wore no beards because the Indians wore none."
The sect head puts the calipers to the jawline, showing me between its blades,
facing my old friend in Tampa Bay, who says:
"I'm afraid I'm looking less like you and more like a cat these days, old friend".

(107.4) Java Tooth runs under the calipers and into Louisiana, pursued by a bearded man
out to pull a tooth, as the kitty cracks a laugh and her pot lid turns into a sainted halo.

(107.5) East Coast Computer Bird meditates over Cell Phone Internet display
as Midwest shows Highlight on Hose at Wichita, being the Aries of the Revolutionaries.

(108) November 22, 2014.

(108.1) My Thanksgiving Hat features a turkey head decoration at Wichita.

(108.2) An old white-headed officer and a gentleman in a white mustache with epaulets
on his shoulders stands teetering on the butt of the Rio Grande,
with his belt in the Midwest near Wichita, looking back at photo-positive figures
in the sky behind him in the Wing of Winter.

(108.3) Thumbs Down from the East Coast KU-George Washington bird over Resembling Aubrey de Grey,
and he is not thrilled by Anubis, either. May also refer to vetoing a job offer from Washington State.

(108.4) Wishbone seized from the Kansas driver's seat above a Mexican sombrero.

(108.5) I Married a Monster from Outer Space.

(108.6) My bright, beautiful correspondent and engineering colleague in Boise, Idaho
seems to show a black eye near Boise and a tear in the form of the Great Salt Lake,
suggesting "You Don't Want to Talk About It", showing her high heels slipping into the Pacific.

(108) November 22, 2014.

(108.7) As a cat I seem to pull Sarah up by her ears like a rabbit extracted from a hat.

(109) January 18, 2015.

(109.1) The Dog Star (Sirius) Crosses the Meridian, chasing a hat.

(109.2) Jim Green suggests Bill Gates might try phytoceramides in an email to Bill Gates
at at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

(109.3) Mexico examines The Talk of Texas, looking up to The Talk of Texas Tongue above.

(109.4) Mexicans, eager to serve, come up with a Werewolf's Head on a Silver Platter,
a new MacDonald's treat in 2015, perhaps.

(109.5) East Coast Reaction to West Coast Invasion.
"They are Monkeys from Hell, and they are invading my State of the Union."

(109.6) Kansas Midwest Marches towards Spring, Rifle on Its Back, under a Tunnel Hut.
This reminds us of the Minuteman on the insignia of the Kansas National Guard.

(109.7) The turned-up nose shows Wichita communicates, as witnessed by a horse with a pretty mane.
The ghostly filly Leo to the East seems to detect a knowledge start-up at Wichita.

(110) January 18, 2015.

(110.1) The Arkansas KU Jayhawk on a Louisiana cushion smacks a Kansas WSU Wheat Shocker
with a peck on the lip while an East Coast Dog views him with interest from Kentucky.

(110.2) Bearded Northwestern Spirit Inspects Wichita Raconteur, Tail and All.

(110.3) A Phoenix, perhaps, examines Wichita from above with a sharp eye,
While a monkey makes its way to an interview in the Great Northwest,
where a friendly panting dog shows its mouth open in Idaho.

(110.4) As Spring Converges Towards Valentine's Day in Wyoming: It's Horny Time!
A Bullish Wyoming spirit checks his wrist watch, horns showing in Montana and North Dakota.

(110.5) Now I seem to have won the CAT SOCS Lottery, with the image
showing my face in Wyoming and my Cher Headdress in Montana, with my knees
in New Mexico, and the "spoken for" of the piece in Oklahoma. Got a notice today.

(110.6) Montana Hammer Hits Wyoming Dog on Head,
Dog's Head Sinks to Colorado with a Gator grin,
Dog's Ass is shown elevated in Iowa. It's the Gong show!

(111) February 25, 2015.

(111.1) Bearded Shakespearean Montana V-man with his beard piercing Wyoming
opens the Book of Spring with its spine in Colorado at The End of Winter.

(111.2) A Ghost of Iceland with his nose on Iceland at Winter's End
flashes teeth and frozen tears, showing a white mane crossing Europe.

(111.3) An American Watchdog Examines the Ghost of Iceland.
The Foxheart of the Icelandic Holy Ghost considers Spain.

(111.4) Absolutely Peckered puts a STOP to it.
My computer access codes fail at WSU.

(111.5) The Beard Shield Law Report, studied from Above. A bald head with a beard appears in the shield.

(111.6) Booty Beauty Fishing. A ghost in the Atlantic seems to pull on the cape
of a beauty with kitty-kat ears in a way that made her ears swipe through Wichita
as she pulled up a man from Texas with her arm, also tilting a boot above her
with its heel in Quebec. A Frankenstein behind her shows himself in Arkansas.

(111.7) Ghosts and Spirits of April 7, 2015. Light My Fire, 20th Century Fox.

(111.8) Monty Python's Hot Lips Ass Kisses Texas at Big Spring, Mounts Old South
like Tuscaloosa closing in on Birmingham, Alabama.

(112) April 20, 2015.

(112.1) Visiting Racoon shows himself ready for dinner, recieved with fish and bread.

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