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"And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was on the face of the deep.
And the spirit of God moved on the face of the waters." Genesis 1:2.
Back in the back with your head in the clouds and you're gone.

Press for a Ghost Rider Computer Seat.
This Kiss Time for the girl next door. What knockers!!! (YouTube) I still remember the 1955 radio announcement of the death of Einstein at 76.096 and asking Mom who he was. "He was a real smart man," she said, with an air of utmost gravity. Later, after studying General Relativity, I found some theorems showing it must be mistaken, and developed a unified quantum field theory of forces. See how a Starcrossed Angel over Tampa Bay gnashes her teeth on the East Coast. Also see some of Green's research work on Fractal Knockers.
Themes: Magical Mystery Tour, Paul McCartney, Watermark, Saturday Suit, Art Garfunkel.

San Francisco's Hand of God and Its Misty-Mane Pets:
On Mexican Immigration to the Great Northwest & the Chicago Attitude
of the Hidden Pecker of the Great Lakes.

Formerly available wav: My God...WOOF! Press for Visionary.
My Heart Lies South - After a letter with STARCAL results to Dr. Donald D. Clayton at Clemson University in northwestern South Carolina, showing my secret Newtonian big wig, which I use occasionally to recapture that sex hound in the lap of luxury feeling.

Play 'Ride My See-Saw' by the Moody Blues.
Maneless "Death Valley Days". April Sodomy in Florida: Kowabunga, Kemosabe.
It seems the "saw dummy" process goes beneath the Panhandle, cartooned here with a carpenter's saw.
Higher: The Heaven's Gate of Galactic Intelligence at M83 in the rump of Hydra.

The Spirits of Ram Dass and Timothy Leary Appear in the Vasty Deep near my Ghost.
Orion leaves the Winter Sky to be replaced by Boötes in Summer heat. || Spin the Moon
May 8 & Spring's Purple Fire: Now you're cooking with gas! Universal Symbolism in the Sky -> Erotic Hots Study Guide.
Press for Big Mars and its mythic surface.
The Moon God of Mars:
Somebody to Love
The Savoy Truffle cometh. Great Balls of Gas! Green derives GM/R stellar theorems and results, living within a visionary Meet the Best Bull Mythology out of Meetings with Remarkable Men. Free-dom loving mo-rat moc-rats and the d-mocrats meet as Republicans and Democrats, body and soUL. Freddy and Fanny May, gurus of May 8th, when we're cooking with gas. At 6:45, the tongue is pointed like a 45 towards "San Diego". Mexican immigration is coming with marijuana and magic mushrooms for the soul of May. It's the Louisiana Purchase! Note flag waved over the rump. Toro! Twenty-first century beards, beads & fur-lined boots may replace twentieth century ties. The factor of 4 in my relativity theorems makes me think of Chapter 4 in The Dhammapada with forward by Ram Dass and Werner Heisenberg's Shritte Uber Grenzen. I was working on stellar fusion and cosmic abundances at this time. See also Satellite Visions 6. Music[2]: The Lusty Month of May, from Camelot. May's "phantom" visions haunt 21st century heights.

See Albert Hofmann's ascent into the anima mundi.Baba Ram Dass, 1966, author of THE ONLY DANCE THERE IS, BE HERE NOW, GRIST FOR THE MILL, and STILL HERE. He also wrote the preface to the Thomas Byrom translation of THE DHAMMAPADA: The Sayings of the Buddha. || As Dr.Dick Alpert he was coauthor with Dr.Timothy Leary of THE PSYCHEDELIC EXPERIENCE, and also with Dr.Timothy Leary of the preface to THE JOYOUS COSMOLOGY by Dr.Alan Watts.
Winter Sky's Ram Dass Rapture: "To meet the Lord in the air..." as Aquarius. Psychologist and SpiritWalk Teacher Ram Dass, Phd, in a GM/R scene, up from Mexico with a doctor's medicine bag. Note the "eerie" cloudy arc through "Arkansas", the bead string, and also the spring-up from the top of the skull through Wichita to "Leering,Tim". LSD guru Dr. Timothy Leary (audio, slogan,,, who started his High Priest psychedelic explorations with Mexican magic mushrooms, also appears in the clouds. Twenty-first century fur-lined boots may get them by the rosary bead score counter. Play Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. Recently Ram Dass coauthored Birth of a Psychedelic Culture. See also and

What did you see, my blue-eyed son? What did you see, my darling young one? I've stumbled on the side of twelve misty mountains...
What might the Still Here image mean? Note the doctor's bag to porpoise purse transformation. According to law, Dr. Dass still cannot deliver psychedelic medicine from Mexico. And, according to Green, his ass desires "shes" rather more than "hes". Two cloud masses over the body suggest The Force = -GMm/R**2 or the potential = -Gm/R. Mind Mirror Meaning: As Leo pursued Orion over the horizon I was reviewing forces in locally mirror-symmetric quantum field theory. Play Bob Dylan's Jokerman (Album [Infidels]). Movie: Satellite Baby ending from 2001: A Space Odyssey.

The Orion Nebula in Orion's dancing knee. Press for Orion Sky.
Orion-Green appears under Andromeda-Jean and beside Werner Heisenberg, beneath my diamond-bright factor of 4 theorems leading to unified quantum field theory, which Heisenburg was working on when I shook hands with him in 1971. A scene from the Orion Nebula prepared with unsharp masking technique by David Malin from Colours of the Stars by David Malin and Paul Murdin, Figure 88. My MSEE Thesis on Optimal Edge Detection lifts edges out of noise a bit like unsharp masking does, resembling an Edge of Forever chapter from Cosmos by Carl Sagan.
Jean and I were on the beach at St. Pete while I was reading Stellar Physics by Hong Yee-Chiu (C-High-You), which I determined had the best formulae for seeing through the stars, as my stellar structure computer modeling then got both the age and luminosity of the Sun just right. I could see star-fire in my mind's eye at the time. Music: Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.

"The mirror on the wall casts an image dark and small, but I'm not sure at all it's my reflection..."
- Flowers Never Bend with the Rainfall.
"Looking through the bent back two lips, to see how the other half lives, looking through a Glass Onion."
Pegasus and Aquarius collide. Press for White Rabbit by the Jefferson Airplane.Press for longevity.
Timothy Leary smiles on Green's Catholic Tendencies as he Faces the Mexican Juggernaut.
Later, Timothy Leary's [Tim] butterfly spirit materializes over Cuba, showing his Mothy Wings and looking into the heart of the matter while I show myself as physicist-engineer succor for the spirit of Equation Lakes (come hell or high water) beating the chin hairs of the world with a stick, while high in the constellations above I seem to turn on, tune in, and drop out with Ruth (Virgo), Susan (Pegasus, Lyre), Jo (Heavens Gate at M83 in Hydra), and Jean (Andromeda, Perseus, Aries, the Pleiades, Aquila, Corvus), showing myself as (Leo, Cancer, Orion, Canis Major, Hercules, Bootes, Cygnus, Centaurus, Aquarius and Chamaeleon), with Gemini (my resume), Capella in Auriga (my engineer's hat), Cepheus (my well-aimed letter), Ursa Major (my career trajectory), Coma Berenices (my Last Trump girl friend), ect., like an eternal Abbot of Shangri-La in Lost Horizon at the mirror focus of his universe of laws, 2 mu-stars in Scorpius and in Grus concerning the gravitational magnetic coupling mu in General Relativity (Christoffel symbol in Microscopium, being inspected by the eye of Pices Austrinus) vs. electromagnetic-like mu in electroform unified field theory (top), and finally forced to consider a multitude of other things like life extension from the viewpoint of a href="springsky.html">Chamaeleon.

Press for Weather Visions.
Galveston Lady with a Kansas-Oklahoma Angel Bust
in a Louisiana Corset Showing a Hard On between
Corpus Christie and Victoria beneath a Bridal Boquet Fancies Montana Covenant Cocks.

Holy Ghost Lady with an impressive bust over Kansas & Oklahoma,
showing her Lousiana skirts blown up and displaying cleavage up to her chin,
puckering her kisser at the Minnesota-South Dakota border with her tresses
over the Great Lakes and heelstone erect beneath a boquet over the Texas coastline,
in a Louisiana corset inspecting a torso over Montana with pectorals in Canada.

"All your life you've never seen a woman
Taken by the wind
Would you stay if she promised you Heaven?
Will you ever win? Will you ever win?
- Rhiannon

"Thunder only happens when it's raining
Players only love you when they're playing
They say, women, they will come and they will go
When the rain washes you clean, you'll know
You'll know

- Dreams

It's the holy ghost, it's the spirit of God, it's its the real thing!
It's a scientological ectoplasm, it's the will-O-the-wisp, it's the divine wind!
It's mirroring miracles, it's the chimera of the visionaries, it's...the paranormal!
It's Our Father Which Art in Heaven signaling from the mists of space,
from Orion's Bow-rock Moon and from the haunted stones of
the Man of the Mountain at Mount Olympus, Mount Moriah, and Mount Sinai. Its
Mariah, Mariah, they call the wind...Mariah...
Why, it's Press for the movie site ABOUT SCHMIDT. as the Joker.

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Cloudy Crystal-Ball Mythic Imaging:
The Be-All End-All Mind-Mirror at The Edge of Forever

The appearance of certain constellations in the sky is sometimes mirrored by cloud images visible from the ground or visible in weather satellite photos. For instance, when Canis Major appears with Sirius in the Dog Days of August, I have noted more images of dogs in the clouds. We see a similar phenomenon above as Boötes with Corona Borealis replaces Orion, when his Winter quest for the soul of Andromeda at Algol or Lilith in Perseus, the Plieades and Aries becomes a summer comedy involving his own soul, as mirrored in M16's Star Queen Nebula. Boöte's rise and Orion's fall reminds us of the ancient Egyptian phase "Soul to heaven, body to earth." from The Papyrus of Ani. Similarly, the appearance of the constellation Leo is sometimes correlated with the appearance of charging lions in the clouds.

I note that the mythic imaging phenomenon in the clouds overhead seems to mirror my doings on and off, usually as a function of whether what I am doing at the time is impacting in science and engineering. When I did nothing much, it showed hardly any echoes in the cloud tops. But if I mailed out a new theorem impacting a science theme, the clouds would show news-report echoes of the event. Romance could also have some impact. I note that the reporter-cloud images could be stimulated by feeding sea gulls at the beach if that was the most newsworthy thing going on. I have seen the sky full of walrus images over a walrus breeding island (in National Geographic Magazine), too, and twice I saw an image of a cocker spaniel with a dong in its mouth form over the same house in Lawton, Oklahoma. There on Sunday mornings one could see images of heavenly quires in the sky, the sort of thing man must have spoken of with reverence in ages past. At that time the heavenly reporter function was noting local Sunday meetings for its casual witnesses and church on Sunday was extremely popular there. When I was about to leave Lawton for Tampa Bay in 1990, the clouds formed a photo-realistic image of an Old Man of the Sea facing a skeletal bride in a wedding gown carrying a bouquet of flowers...
Another time I came up with a correction to a result impacting the performance of jet planes and sent my theorem to a prominent aeronautical engineer. Gods of War appeared in the clouds with shields and swords like something out of Greek history as I walked home after mailing it to the professor who wrote the textbook I was analyzing, towering in front of me like shades of the Peloponnesian Wars or the Colossus of Rhodes. Another time I devoted a few days to reading a mathematical treatise on aircraft performance and sky filled up with images of men falling from heaven cursing, the soles of the their feet turned upwards as they plunged to earth. I thought EE work fared rather better in the theatre of heavenly imaging. Perhaps an information theory plus fractal analysis plus a theory of image formation in nebulosities will help us to understand how an information-intensive event can be surrounded by a penumbra of imaging reporter-effects in the nebulosities above us, although it often seems that the best description might feature a Father Which Art in Heaven, or a Spirit in the Sky. An inspection of the constellations and their thematically cohesive, sub-illustrating nebulae and galaxies shows that the personal mind-mirror effect can seem to include the entire sky. I think perhaps the recitation of prayers from the Great Religions can also induce these effects, and I note that the spirit may appear above like a genie full of advice when a course of events requires migration, as in the exodus of the isrealites from Egypt. When I move, watch the clouds from above! I expect my moves may be associated with perils and stimulate the ghostly reporter if my mathematical and algorithmic pen has not altogether sputtered to a halt.
- James A.Green, revised March 7, 2006.

From Acts of the Apostles:
"7 And he said unto them, It is not for you to know the times or the seasons, which the Father hath put in his own power.
8 But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you: and ye shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem, and in all Judaea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth.
9 And when he had spoken these things, while they beheld, he was taken up; and a cloud received him out of their sight."

Romans 8:18: "For I reckon that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us." - St. Paul

"Then we which are alive and remain
shall be caught up together with them in the clouds,
to meet the Lord in the air:
and so shall we ever be with the Lord.
" - Thessalonians/4-17.

Mythology describing "the spirit of God moving across the face of the waters" and describing "the firmament of Heaven" has been with us in phonetic form, like the voice of the Lord bearing witness, since Genesis. Earlier generations of men including the ancient Egyptians and Greeks recognized heavenly symbolism in the constellations. Photographs of such things, however, did not begin until the invention of photography. Many impacting visions in the clouds were photographed, such as the mushroom cloud of Bikini Atoll Test B (Baker). But in weather satellite photography we seem to have moved to a higher plane from which symbolic images in the clouds are dramatic and more frequently visible than in former times, and at about the same time powerful telescopes have revealed mythic imagery in the nebulae that seems to sub-illustrate the symbolism in the constellations so vividly meaningful and important to Mohammed.

After the Equinox:
"Sun turn me around with graceful motion, we're setting off with soft explosion...".
Press for If Love Takes You Away.
Music[2], Jumping Jack Flash, Teacher, Pinball Wizard, Wishbone, Love is the Only Chain.
Halloween Approaches as the Ghost Spirit Flies from Winter for warmer days.
Orion crosses the Meridian early in the morning, showing his 3-star waistline.
This might also be Orion viewing Perseus, the Pleiades, and Aries flying away as the rump of Andromeda, when the smile of Andromeda becomes her bottom as Orion rises, featuring the Pleiades and Aries as the highlights on her stockings and the pulsing star Algol as the pit of her soul. Orion sees her smile on his face, then her bottom fleeing away as he decides to give chase.
He has a big "Idaho" hat (Auriga), and shows his forehead above Canadian "equation lakes".
Ghost Riders; Wind Beneath my Wings, from Sanity and Grace by Judy Collins.

Music[2]: Walking in Memphis and Silver Thunderbird, by Marc Cohn,
Your Wildest Dreams, The Moody Blues, Across the Universe by John Lennon,
Both Sides Now, sung by Judy Collins, This Kiss by Faith Hill,
Miriah, folk song, A Day in the Life, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
OR Baby, You're a Rich Man - from The Beatles on YouTube, or
Puff the Magic Dragon by Peter, Paul & Mary.
Take Off with Us from All That Jazz (1979).

Faster Than Light if You Want To: Thinking is the Best Way to Travel Faster Than Light if You Want to: Thinking is the Best Way to Travel

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