Terminal Culture in the USA: Ride My See-Saw
Terminal Culture in the USA: At the library, a new hand will come for your seat... Departure

Musical Theme: The Best Way to Travel, Moody Blues,
from In Search of the Lost Chord.
"Light flashing by on the screen,
And there's you and I on the beam....
Speeding through the Universe
Thinking is the best way to travel.
And you can fly
High as a kite if you want to...
Faster than light if you want to...
Speeding through the Universe
Thinking is the best way to travel."

Faster Than Light if You Want To
The effective velocity of travel in the pilot frame of reference in a speeding spaceship in special relativity is
V_effective = v/[1 - (v2/c2)]1/2,

where v is the pilot's ship velocity in the stationary frame K, say the frame associated with the center of the galaxy. That is, due to Lorentz contraction of the external stationary system of coordinates K, the pilot not only sees a coordinate velocity of magnitude v in his system of coordinates K', but an effective velocity of travel V_effective that is amplified by the apparent shrinking of the external stationary system of coordinates K. That is why Einstein sometimes remarked that c plays the role of an infinite velocity in special relativity.

As v goes to c, V_effective goes to infinity.

The distance traveled according to the pilot within the external stationary system of coordinates is the integral of V_effective*dt', where dt' is the time on the pilot clock. That is, the STAR WARS images of travel through "hyperspace" are not just completely far-fetched. With sufficiently powerful engines and the right architecture, travel to the stars should be possible using an approach which maintains an acceleration of 1G from the start of the trip to its midpoint, with reverse braking at 1G from the midpoint to the endpoint. However, the Twin Paradox results in simultaneous time travel into the future, with no realistic possibility of time travel into the past. I have software over here to compute interstellar and intergalactic travel times using the above acceleration scheme.
- James A.Green, Oct.14,2002.

Lincoln Appears on Election Day
Abraham Lincoln appears on Election Day, chin in Kansas.

George Washington Appears on the 4th of July.
George Washington Appears on the 4th of July, chin in Kansas, gazing toward Washington State.
Washington also appears in the clouds on George Washington's Birthday and on President's Day.

George Washington in the Dome of the Capitol in DC.
George Washington in Heaven, from the Capitol Dome in Washington, D.C.,
with Books and Music. President Washington most frequently appears in the clouds
on the 4th of July, President's Day, and on George Washington's birthday. I have personally
seen images of Washingon precipitate in them overhead on those days.

George Washington in Galaxy M100.
George Washington in galaxy m100.
M100 is in Southern
Coma Berenices (Spring Sky). Press for
galactic context view
. M100 is in the

Tears of Ariadne, or Ariadne's Hair.
Music[2]: Grandaddy by Judy Collins,
Delta Dawn by Helen Reddy.
See Green's Fantastic 4 in the transition from Classical General Relativity to Unified Quantum field Theory, in the Cornerstone of Galaxy M51, and in a real-time MRI heartbeat. Thinking is the Best Way to Travel...

Thermonuclear Fusion in Stars
Press for Free Astrophysics downloads.
Left: NASA Space Telescope - George Washington appears in Galaxy M100,
like an illustration for a dollar note, and as the Father of His Country.

Right: Green coming on like the President and his Cabinet,
over his calculations on Thermonuclear Fusion in Stars.

The cloud cover seemed to respond to these notes with an eagle in profile crying over Kansas.

Halloween Web Pages.
Halloween Web Pages with New Mardi Gras Background image get a "Kid and Magician" Response.
We may see to the East a Wizard in a Quebec turban, with a wrapping waving over the Atlantic.
I think the figure on the West Coast may be my "Correspondent A" from LifexLabs, who sent telomere results.

When the above weather vision swam into view, I was using a background image featuring fishnet stockings meant to suggest "Internet" at Halloween 2010, which corresponds to Mardi Gras in many countries. Observe the shocked response of the mouse witness in Wyoming versus the cool response of The Good Witch of the East, whose witch's hat appears over French Quebec. One of the eyes of the Witch seems to be an island in Lake Huron associated with "Manitoulin" and "Georgian Bay". The nose of the Good Witch of the East seems to run through Wisconsin. The smaller fellow seems to be shocked. The witch kindly explains: "The way I see it, it is merely a colorful Georgian farce, and man, he's toolin'." Alternatively, the eye of the Eastern figure is midway between Manitoulin and Big Lake Huron above. Then the Witch seems to become The Wizard of Oz in a turban with a beard on. Perhaps it is this effect that astonishes the smaller Wyoming fellow, who is also dressed up with an oversize hat. At Halloween Dillons Food Store is full of wigs, fishnet stockings, and hilariously opposed lovely princess and ugly goblin masks. Meanwhile, Daylight Savings Time will change back to normal astranomical time at midnight on a Sunday near Halloween, seeming to shift our attention to the starry nights and securing more sunlight for driving to work in the morning.
I have been picking up continental cloud-cover scale mythic imaging (weather visions apparently synchronized to my activities beneath the cloud cover) since about 2002, and have noticed apparent lifetime mythic synchronization to the constellation drama since about 1996. In general, the cloud cover seems to mythically mirror news going on at the time, whether it concerns me or some figure like the Presidents of the United States of America, past and present. Sadam Hussein was prominently in the cloud cover the day he was captured, as he starred in a major US news story.

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Musical Theme: Ride My See-Saw, from In Search of the Lost Chord, by The Moody Blues.

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