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Jim Green [James A. Green III],
P.O.Box 12102
Wichita, KS 67277-2102
TEL: Jim Green (316) 494-2978 (formerly Virgin Mobile Kyocera cell phone, model Kyocera 2119b, images/2119b)
backup: (316) 209-8932 (New Dillons cell phone model (LG model LG145PR). Voice mail on.

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Elementary School
Steve Townsend

Junior High School
Mike Skeels

High School
Wichita High School North
_____Wichita High School North Class of 1967 Reunion in 2007 web site.
_____The North High Class of 1967 Reunion Newsletter
Class Contacts
G.Lynn Stephens Class of 1967 | Dr. Stephens's Office: 205-934-8798 | Email:
____Lynn and I went to powerlifting meets together in high school.
Liga Valdmanis, Thespians.
Dave Kenagy, 264-9011, 820 N. Porter Ave., Wichita, KS,
Janice Rittenhour, Thespians.
Barbara Pelley, Thespians.
Laura Platt.

Jane Pike, now attends 1st Presbyterian Church.
Rich Fagg, Thespians.
Darwin Corwin, Thespians. Rumored to have moved to Chicago.
Eddie Raymond
Jim North, (316) 265-2066, 1022 Perry, Wichita, KS 67203.
Rob Baily, perhaps moved to Seattle.
Dave Baily (316) 529-8594, 1301 Alturas 67216.
Mike Kelly
Danny Ambler

Wichita High School West I attended in 1965-1966.
Carla Nelson, Thespians.
Robin Breath.

First Presbyterian Church
FPC Web Site
525 Broadway, Wichita, KS. (316) 263-0248.
Sam and Mary Knecht, Sam Knecht's Home Page, 1634 N. Athenian, Wichita, KS. TEL: (316) 942-8068.
Forrest Weirick, 2434 Coolidge, Wichita, KS. 67204 TEL:(316) 838-1191

Covenant Presbyterian Church

Green Family
Green/Mayfield Family Photo Album
Ruth Green, mother - Tucson, Arizona.
Rick Green, brother - Tucson, Arizona.
David Green, brother - Los Angeles area, California.
Tom Green, brother - Emerson & Green Hotel, Stone Town, Zanzibar, Tanzania.
Susan Green (Susan Hull) 1st wife. Topeka, KS.
Dyan Green (daughter, University of Illinois at Carbondale, graduate Art Student.)
Jo Green (Josephine Nucifora) 2nd wife. Tampa Bay area. Includes Joseph & Christina, step-children.

Mayfield Family
Green/Mayfield Family Photo Album
Cheryl Spangler
Maggie Pollen, formerly Maggie Mayfield - Deceased in 2007, she was the last surviving member of my parent's generation.
____Maggie's Funeral was held in the Old Mission Mausoleum across from the WSU football stadium. See Graves.
Kathleen Mayfield - Houston, TX.

Wichita State University - Memories | WSU Website

Department of Electrical Engineering
Dr. Fred Dickey - EE Prof, taught the Lasers course in which I made an A.
Developed the continuous-domain optimal edge-detection filter theory.
Dr. Sam Shanmugam - Thesis advisor, optimal edge detection in image processing.
Co-author of the original continuous-domain paper of Dicke and Shanmugam.
Dr. Everitt Johnson - Taught my first course in microprocessor applications.
Dr. Robert Shrag - Taught my first course in electric machinery.
Dr. Lal - Taught my graduate course in control systems theory.
Dr. Elmer Hoyer - Taught my courses in logic and minicomputer technique.
Dr. Roy Norris - Taught my courses in integrated electronics and pulse electronics.
Dr. Mark Jong - Taught my course in Digital Signal Processing.
Dr. Thoman - Managed the wind energy research project I worked on.

Department of Physics
Dr. Donald Foster, formerly chairman of the department, about to retire.
Dr. David Alexander, professor of astronommy and astrophysics.
He helped me lasso the equipment I used to write the first version of CHANDRA.
Dr. Joseph Strecker, who followed my General Relativity lectures for two semesters and contributed several valuable suggestions.
Dr. Henry Unruh - Taught my course on solid state physics. Later, Henry
invited me to give my supernova paper to the WSU Graduate Seminar.

The University of Kansas - Memories

Dr. Richard Kay - Professor of History
Dr. Richard Ring - Professor of History
Dr. Byron Tsongodas - Professor of History
Dr. Daniel Ling - Professor of Physics
Dr. Prosser - Physics Prof., taught my graduate course in nuclear physics.
Dr. Paul Goldhammer - taught my undergraduate course in modern physics.
Dr. Bierce - Taught my senior course in mechanics.

Friends and Acquaintances
Bill and Trudy Rumple
Jim Richards - Landlord (316) 683-6556, 3018 East 8th Street, Wichita, KS 67214
____Beeper, 2nd number (316) 683-6558. Died of COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease).
Susan Green (Susan Hull) 1st wife. Topeka, KS.
Dyan Green (daughter, University of Illinois at Carbondale, graduate Art Student.)
Jo Green (Josephine Nucifora) 2nd wife. Tampa Bay area.
Jean Owens, 1987-1989, fiancee dept.
Linda Hill, 1987.
Craig Bunck, now a Bell Helicopter aeronautical engineer in the Dallas area.

Stan Brannan
Larry Runyan
Steve Markel
Dean Mehler
Don Blecha
Don Gehley
Trisha Jester

Dr. Peter Krumhaur, Director of R&D.
Tom Taylor
Bob Kosta
Charlie Hayak
Bill Alber

Honeywell Defense Communications
The firm was subsequently renamed Group Technologies, then Sypris.
Steve Friedmann
Jerry Strehl
Jim Cerny
Ed Bailey
Bruce Boyette
James Card
Mitch Cope
Dr.Roger Davis
Gary Fitzgerald
Carl Hansen
Dan Heaney
Susan Kittrell
Walt Lassa
James Melton
Steve Popham
Mark Spoon
Doug Trubey
Kent Ulrich
Manny Gonzales, Test Engineer.

Press for Beatles MIDIs.Press for Announcements
Your Funeral's a Wake: The Album Cover of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
seemed to contain an images of Linda & Jean next to George Harrison's
Admiral Relativity green cockle-doodle-do hat feather, with a palm tree behind Jean. I met the girls in 1987, twenty years after the album's release in 1967.
Audio: [1] "It was 20 years ago today, Sgt. Pepper taught the band to play..."
[2] Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds | [3] Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite | [4] Fixing A Hole

James A. Green Jr, Dear Old Dad - 1983, in Wichita, KS, just after I moved to Tampa, Bay.
James A. Green Sr, Dear Old Grandad - 1973, just as I graduated from KU.
Grandma Mary Green, vanished to an old folks home in Farr, Texas.
John W. Mayfield, Uncle John - 1997?
Greg Mayfield, cousin, Uncle Chuck's son, in 1995?
Charles Mayfield, uncle, d. 1973
Grandma Golda Mayfield, maternal grandmother, d. 1987?
Grandad Harold Mayfield, maternal grandfather, d. 1950?
Aunt Maggie Mayfield, d. 2007, in Houston, buried at Old Mission Mausoleum across from WSU.
Uncle Wilbur Nuckolls, paternal uncle, 1980s?
Aunt Betty, paternal aunt, 1980s?.

Dr. Daniel Ling, my landlord, and professor for Electromagnetics at KU.

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Useful Phone Numbers
Wichita Public Library, 223 South Main, Wichita, KS. (316) 261-8500.
Comotara Branch Library, Dillons at Rock Road & 21st, (316) 688-9350.
Westlink Branch Library, (316) 337-9456.
Wichita State University Ablah Library, Info, 1845 Fairmount, (316) 978-3481.
Weather and Time information: (316) 838-2222.

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